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A Palestinian Exposes Egyptian Players

August 21, 2013

greaterisrael1.jpg(left. The "Promised Land"?)

Orchestrated Chaos: Conflict between the Zionist puppet MB and the Zionist puppet Egyptian Military ultimately serves to weaken Egypt and could be a prelude to the gradual disintegration of the modern Egyptian State.

BD is a Sunni Palestinian residing in the Middle East.  He works in financial reporting and analysis.

by BD

The current crisis in Egypt appears to be Illuminati orchestrated chaos designed to destabilize and degrade Muslims and the Middle East.
First, both the Egyptian Military and the Muslim Brotherhood are puppets of the Zionist USA.  The Egyptian Military's record speaks for itself. However, the Muslim Brotherhood's (MB) short time in power was characterized by an apparent willingness and even enthusiasm to serve the strategic interests of the Zionist USA & its allies, including the repressive, primitive, backwards and medieval monarchy of Saudi Arabia.
Mohammed Morsi was more effective than ex-dictator Hosni Mubarak in shutting down the smuggling tunnels upon which the impoverished Gaza Strip depends.  He also cut all ties with Syria and called for a 'Jihad' in Syria while being cheered on by his fanatical followers. The irony is that Morsi, a so-called Islamist, maintained diplomatic relations with Israel, yet cut them with a fraternal Arab and Muslim majority state!
quatar.jpg(Quatar is a Zionist fiefdom. Why Al Jazireh employs Illuminati Jews) )

The MB has been at the front-lines of the manufactured revolution in Syria. It was heavily supported by the little Zionist Gulf State of Qatar - whose Al-Jazeera TV station and puppet Muslim scholar Yusuf Qaradawi have boosted the manufactured Arab Spring revolutions. Qatar, which is one of several Arab states with open diplomatic relations with Israel, hosts a large US airbase on its territory.  In the Syrian War the MB fights on the same side as some of the worst Islamic fanatics and extremists who happen to be funded and supported by Saudi Arabia, an age-old US client state.
There was a concerted media and political effort to propel the MB into positions of power in the Middle East. I believe one of the primary tactical objectives was to escalate the war in Syria and to heavily involve the Islamist puppets. Their followers are motivated by fanaticism and sectarianism These fanatics have simplified the Syrian conflict into one between the oppressed Sunni masses in Syria versus the heretical Alawite sect (and to a lesser extent the Christian and other minorities. I never bought this ignorant simplified narrative and justification of the Syrian war unlike most people around me.


Because of the failure of the armed mercenary gangs in Syria, it seems that within the short space of several months, the carpet is being pulled from under the MB.  Perhaps this signals a tactical retreat or a change in policy, but the chain of events has included the Emir of Qatar resigning and placing his son in power, protests in Turkey - which serves as a very important launching area and base for the training & arming of these mercenaries - against President Erdogan, and the toppling of Mohammed Morsi, the MB President of Egypt.
Saudi Arabia seems to have taken an active role against the MB in Egypt, while in the Syria war they seem to be fighting on the same side as the MB.  This is an interesting anomaly, but what's even more interesting is how deluded and ignorant the masses of Arabs seem to be with respect to the ongoing Syrian conflict.  Let me explain.
In early 2011, Hosni Mubarak was toppled after 18 days of protests and the deaths of 840 people, mostly protestors, in what appeared to be more or less unarmed protests. 

chaos.jpgRecently, hundreds of people have been killed by the Egyptian military during the MB supporters' protests.  Yet there are no calls to arm the Egyptian opposition to fight the government similar to Syria in early 2011!

In Syria ,in March 2011, three or four protestors were 'allegedly' shot and killed by security forces in cold blood. The Syrian government claimed it was firing at armed infiltrators.) By April 2011 several members of Syrian security forces died in gun battles with armed gunmen; by the summer of 2011 almost 300 Syrian security forces were killed by armed gunmen!  Yet, the Zionist Arab media claimed that the Syrian protests were peaceful and that the Syrian government was 'massacring' it's people!
Obviously everyone commits crimes during conflicts & war, but the narrative of a one-sided massacre by the Syrian Government was deliberately misleading and meant to prepare the Arab & Muslim people for the idea of an armed intervention in Syria - an armed intervention which is financed and supported by Turkey, Jordan, certain elements in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, USA, France, Britain, etc...

An armed intervention is consistent with the Zionist USA's agenda in the Middle East, which is to weaken and/or breakup countries that represent a semblance of a long-term threat to Israel.  Syria of course is no match conventionally & directly against Israel's military might, yet they have managed to pressure Israel via their strong alliances with Iran and support for Hezbollah.  Syria also possesses a significant arsenal of missiles and chemical weapons, and has a high-degree of agricultural and industrial self-sufficiency, free social services to its population, etc... and for this reason I believe it's been on the Zionist USA's hit list.
B326.jpgThe current situation is not very promising for the Middle East, and I'm not sure if an armed intervention is being planned in Egypt as it is for Syria because it was quite clear from the protests that toppled Morsi in Egypt that many people not only despise the MB but believe that they are the ones provoking attacks by the military. 

I'm not saying this is true, but opponents of the MB seem to be of the opinion that the MB and its supporters had it coming.  It's quite sad really because this conflict between the Zionist puppet MB and the Zionist puppet Egyptian Military ultimately serves to weaken Egypt and could be a prelude to the gradual disintegration of the modern Egyptian State; which again is consistent with the Zionist USA's Middle Eastern project. 

Interesting times ahead, and only the future will reveal what the ultimate outcome from all of this orchestrated chaos is going to be.

Al Jazeera Targets America - Another Illuminati Voice
Quatar Helping Israel Expand from Nile to Euphrates

Pipeline Politics (by BD)

In response to [commenter] Marti's reference to natural resources:  One of the reasons Qatar sought regime change in Syria was to avoid having to use Syria as a transit country for a natural gas pipeline that would reach  the EU (thus reducing EU's reliance on Russian gas).  Other sources suggest that President Assad of Syria - a longtime Russian ally - rejected this proposal, although I haven't been able to confirm this.
And yet again, in a contradiction, it was reported by Al-Jazeera that in fact, Iran-Iraq-Syria planned to build a pipeline which would transport Iranian gas and possibly bypass Turkey and go straight to Europe (interestingly, reducing reliance both on Russia as a source and Turkey as a transit country).
With all the chaos in Syria now, any plans to use it as a transit country have been scrapped.
In the context of the above, it's also interesting to note that Bandar bin-Sultan, Director of Saudi intelligence and alleged to be one of the main organizers/backers of the fanatical Al-Qaeda extremists fighting in Syria, made a trip to Russia recently where he met directly with President Putin.  Bandar was Saudi ambassador to the USA from 1983-2005, and apparently he has cultivated close ties with the USA and CIA.  In his meeting with Putin, Bandar reportedly offered Putin $15 billion in arms contract purchases, significant investments in Russia, increased Russian influence in the Middle East and he also claimed that any post-Assad regime in Syria will be controlled by Saudi Arabia and he promised that no natural gas pipeline from Syria to Europe will be built! Putin wisely rejected the offer.
As another commentator suggested, it is indeed difficult to make sense of all the chaos and contradictory reports and events!

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Comments for "A Palestinian Exposes Egyptian Players "

Mike said (August 22, 2013):

The phrase 'pipeline politics' cuts to the essence of what is going on, i think. The US history is a perfect example, as everything the country ever did or was involved in had to do with Commerce. It involves control of trade lanes, control of resources and control of trade agreements.

MS said (August 22, 2013):

I think it is high noon for the greedy, insane NWO powers to wake up & realize
that they are not in power, for there is a much bigger enemy looming to devour
whole humanity. It is clearly a most horrid alien race that has invaded this planet
& wants to take it over by using & abusing these dumb egomaniac like power
hungry idiots to do their work for them.
I can't hardly believe how stupid these rich people are. I know most of them are
these Jews, who are convinced they are the chosen ones & got indoctrinated
by the stupid bible a few hundred years ago. They now working for over a few hundred
years on taking over the world, creating misery for everyone here.
I am also suspecting that these aliens can impersonate anyone at will, which makes
the games so much harder to decipher what is right for the human race & practically
impossible to UNITE. I am telling you all, United we stand - Divided we fall ...
That goes for the human race.
As a Human race, if united, those Aliens can go to hell, we can get them there, no
matter what idiotic technology they have or pretend they have, they are way BELOW
Humans, for we, the human race are in existence for trillions of years.


Dear MS

I pin the blame on the leadership. This kind of thinking leads to the murder of innocent people, like my own family.


Tim said (August 22, 2013):

Re: Egypt. During the first coup, that is, during the demonstrations, it seems America and the Egyptian military could not agree on a new dictator. So, the Americans put in the MB, and used that as negotiating leverage. Probably at this point the Americans and the Egyptian military have agreed on a dictator acceptable to both. So the MB can be pushed aside.......The simple explanation is usually right.

Marti said (August 22, 2013):

Hi Henry. All of this conflict in the ME has a globalist pattern. to it - the take over of the natural resources located there. They already have Iraq and Lybia and now they`re working on Syria, with Iran in the making. It`s obvious that Israel and western powers have helped instigate all of this since all of these countries are enemies of Israel.

With Iran, all of the condemnation about it`s nuclear program is pure bs! Look at the hostilities and fighting in Pakistan. They have nuclear weapons but nobody`s yelling about that.

Pakistan and Iran have a pipeline project going that will supply Pakistan with natural gas from Iran but DC doesn`t like that because it will help Iran.

Controlling the oil fields is a major step for the NWO. I`m sure that there is a lot more to this that will eventually come out but the NWO is the goal! Also watch for 'unrest' in South American countries that have oil reserves. Another sure sign is the 'order out of chaos' that was well pointed out in this article and that has been used for centuries. Thesis - anti thesis - synthesis. I`m thinking Russia might fall into this category.

JG said (August 21, 2013):

It has been said that the devil is the "author of confusion" and I still have yet to read a total coherent analysis of exactly what is going on in Egypt.

This article is better than most but there are things here that just don't make sense.

A scenario this complicated and brutal along with all the confusion that it holds had to be drafted by the NWO and sanctioned by their helpless conquered nations of the Middle East.

The dominos are continuing to fall all around Syria and the NWO is continuing it's motto of "conform or chaos".

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at