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Compulsory "Education" - Hidden Face of Tyranny

August 9, 2013

Indoctrination.jpg"I feel very strongly that even children should be allowed to make choices about their lives, especially when being forced into school is going to determine what happens to them for, at least, the next 14 or so years. In submitting to 'the System', children eventually harden themselves and lose touch with their pain because they have no one to advocate for their interests. "   - Victoria Malcolm Story

"State-enforced schooling is tyranny, plain and simple."

by  Victoria Malcolm Story


(Victoria Malcolm Story is a Toronto mother of three.)

According to John Taylor Gatto, an award winning teacher who quit his job so as 'to not harm any more children',when compulsory schooling was introduced in America in the 1850's, nearly 80% of parents were opposed to it and many backed up their opposition with guns. 

(An Underground History of American Education)

The introduction of compulsory schooling (done for children's 'own good') undermined the family unit, or, more correctly, overruled it, by force.

sexed.jpgHowever, through the power of the State, eventually everyone submitted to its 'authority' to the point where now, most parents put their children in school completely unthinkingly and often with a sense of relief that someone else is going to carry the burden of 'educating' their offspring.  That their impressionable children are ripe pickings for indoctrination by an unethical elite doesn't occur to most of them because they have been deliberately 'educated' to find the very idea laughable that there could be such a wide-ranging, eons-long conspiracy to enslave humanity, they and their children included. 

Once in the system, children are forced to comply with the rules and to keep their mouths shut; to fit into the group; to curry favor with authority; to do as they are told and to fill their heads with ideas that often fly in the face of common sense and their parents' teachings. 

They soon learn that any challenge to the authority of teachers and school officials leads to humiliation, punishment and isolation. 

Corporal punishment has been eradicated. Shaming does the job equally well, so that most people leave high school with a negative attitude towards learning and try to keep as low a profile as possible around authority.

No wonder people are afraid to stand out from the herd. To submit to outside authority is what they have been trained to do from increasingly earlier ages. 


Whereas in the beginning, children entered school at age 7 with their basic character already formed, there are now moves afoot to get them into full-time school at the age of 3 or younger.  Have we forgotten the well-known Jesuit saying, 'Give me a child to the age of 7 and I'll show you the man'

Once indoctrinated, it is difficult to change a mind.  As former slave, turned social reformer, Frederick Douglass, said in the 19th century, "it is easier to build strong children than it is to repair broken men".

The very young children who resist 'schooling' are, by their heart-felt defiance, trying their utmost to teach the rest of us that State-enforced schooling is tyranny, plain and simple.  Forced, for their 'own good' to go against their instincts, the only indelible lessons this abuse teaches the defiant young are, that 'might is right', and that physical safety lies in submitting to authority's edicts and not drawing attention to oneself.  To challenge The State is dangerous. 

Need we wonder why our society is under imminent threat of becoming a long-planned, police state? 

The soulless, materialistic, pyramidal power structure is the same at any age and in any situation.  Children, through lack of adult allies, have been forced to accept this abuse for generations.  Now, the reality of adult abuse is upon us unless we rise up and refuse to allow the State the right, by force, to usurp parental authority over our children.

Many notables such as Picasso, George Bernard Shaw, Noel Coward, Robert Frost, etc. had issues around official 'schooling'.  However, they were fortunate enough to be raised at a time when the nanny state had not evolved to the point it is at today and when parents still had more say over what happened to their children (which, in my opinion, is as it should be).  Against public education - Quotes

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First Comment by Dan:

The most dangerous place people are required to leave their children in other's care are the public schools.   The business of public schools really is indoctrination. 

Traditional forms of instruction in America before compulsory education (1918) had three purposes:

    To make good people
    To make good citizens
    And to make each student find some particular talents to develop to the maximum.

In other words the goal was to help children mature quickly to become self-reliant individuals. 

But by the turn of the century the goals changed to production of 'worker / consumers'.  The 3rd purpose was done away with.  When you were in school, didn't it seem like they took far longer to teach things than necessary? 
A 30 year veteran teacher explained that the system is designed to arrest natural development , not to help it.   We are born with natural curiosity and naturally form into groups to explore and solve problems. Natural leaders come to the fore.  All these things are stopped as soon as the parents drop the child off on their first day of grade school.   I remember it well.

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Comments for "Compulsory "Education" - Hidden Face of Tyranny "

Frans said (August 9, 2013):

The LIE OF EVOLUTION is the reason for the PUBLIC SCHOOL!

My description of this youtube:

"To teach the lie of Evolution - which is the basis and FOUNDATION of the intended decline of present-day's society to form the NWO is the main reason for the founding of the Public School. Through the public schools the State could impose the lie of evolution and brainwash millions of kids - generations by now who lack all purpose for life, all value, all self - respect, all respect for life, and are easily manipulated by the State - which is the goal of the powers of money who control our treacherous governments, as the foundation that they could build all lies upon and ruin society, destroy all values and belief in absolutes, making man the measure of all things, and law as something the majority voted on, and justice as a circus - NO LONGER CAPABLE OF OBJECTIVE JUDGING BY AN ABSOLUE RULE GOD HAD GIVEN. Hence there is no justice but a circus to maintain the resemblance of justice.

Laws have no connection with the absolute law of God. Police can abuse their powers and the State has become the worst criminal, oppressive, tyrannical, abusive organization of the nation.

Most crimes in the Netherlands are now - statistically proven, committed by the government (officials) . The past century hundreds of millions have been murdered by the State! Abortion, euthanasia, genocide, homosexual and women's so called 'emancipation' intended and promoted by the banksters for the purpose of destroying marriage of one man to one woman, the family and the church, and a host of other vices and crimes could never have been done without the theory of evolution the kids are brainwashed with because the State - with the criminal 'justices and judges' members of the ancient Babylonian pagan priesthood!

Al Thompson said (August 9, 2013):

It is my opinion that schools as we know them are a complete waste of time and money. The separation of the child from their parents at an early age is an abomination. The child hears one set of morals at home; and then something completely different when they go to school. This adds to social confusion of the young child's mind. I grew up in the 50s and 60s and I didn't like having to plod off to school almost every day from September through June. I liked my home and I saw no need to leave it to go somewhere and learn nothing. It is an early-in-life slave system.

I learned very little with the exception of English. The rest of the crap I learned didn't apply to anything. And that's the purpose of a socialist education is to learn material that you can't use. The parents spend mountains of money on education that is completely useless and it hardly ever gives anyone skills that are marketable.

Going to college is rabid Karl Marx and Darwinism. One of the most useless experiences was going to college in anticipation that somehow these so-called degrees would improve my lot in life. I tried to be patient, but in the end, I left formal education and I learned what I needed to know.

If I wanted to learn how to fly an airplane, I went to a flight school. If I wanted to learn programming, then I bought a course in the subject and then learned it. If I wanted to learn music, then I went to a music school. My subsequent education was relevant to what I was interested in and not this garbage that they teach in public school. If I wanted to learn about sales and marketing, I would follow a sales representative and have him teach me the ropes. The skills pay the bills. The best thing to do with these schools is to flush them down the toilet and never allow them to rear their ugly heads again.

I wrote a book review of Aaron Clarey's book called “Worthless.” I wish I had read this book when I was in college, if for no other reason that it would have helped me to know that I wasn't crazy.

JG said (August 9, 2013):

I was really blessed to be brought up in the American Public School System of the late 50's and early 60's. American's had the highest academic rating in the world at that time and in 1971 the SAT scores had peaked.

The devil was let out of the bottle in late 60's, that's when the skirts went up and the drugs came in.

School back then was something you looked forward to not because of the academia but because of the people. We had foreign exchange students back then and not forced multiculturism. A lot of these foreign exchange students cried when they had to go back home.

Teachers loved their jobs and spent a lot of their own time without pay by heading school clubs or sporting curriculums. And also, parents didn't sue the school for disciplining their children.

Today this is not the case. The American Public School's ratings are now approaching 3rd World numbers and the winners of the National Spelling "B's" are often home schooled kids from India or Asia.

The fun is gone and now these schools are institutions of "political correctness " first and knowledge second.

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