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Ken Adachi: TV both Watches & Warps

September 23, 2013


In "1984" (1949) George Orwell
foresaw a time when TV both programmed the viewer and served as a camera. Has that time come?

(Editor's Note: Except for link within, I cannot verify Adachi's claim re. monitoring.)

(This was sent as a comment in response to "Help! My Wife is a TV Addict!")

by Ken Adachi

We stopped watching broadcast TV when they turned off the analog transmitters in 2009 and we haven't missed the moronic garbage being offered on VHF stations and slightly miss the more intelligent programs offered on  public TV and UHF stations.

Of course, there were many brain washing  "documentaries" from propaganda outlets like WGBH in Boston or Nova that would infuriate me, but there were also many good shows on Nature, science, history, archeology, or medicine that were enjoyable and educational.

Anyone now watching broadcast "digital" TV is directly connected to the NSA and who knows how many military and government computers. All modern plasma and flat screen TVs are embedded with microphones and cameras (in the screen) which are recording everything seen and heard in the room where the TV is located and is transmitting that information out of your home on the same carriers used to bring the digital signal into your spiffy looking, high definition, wide screen, flat panel TV set.

The only way to be free of this surveillance is to NOT have  a digital TV "conversion" box in your home if you are using an older TV set, and to NOT have cable TV brought into your home.  Older CRT screen TVs made before perhaps 1995 do have have the embedded cameras and microphones, but the conversion box is bugged.

We mostly watch video tapes of Japanese TV shows that are sent from Japan. Japanese TV shows are far more decent, moral and respectable than the unbelievable garbage and immoral swill being shown to American audiences. There is no comparison.

The Illuminati is making inroads into degrading the quality of Japanese TV shows by the steady and increasing diet of flamboyant, homosexual TV personalities, transgender types (called "new halfs" in Japan),  and the start up of the  FOX TV Immorality Channel in Tokyo last year; but overall, Japanese TV is closer to the decency we had in American television  in the 1950s and 60s.

There are tons of video recordings in the library of high quality series made in the 1970s and 1980s that can replace the mindless and decadent trash offered on American TV.  YouTube is another expanding source of good video material and since anyone can make a video (or film) and post it to YouTube, I expect to see a growth industry in YouTube-presented documentaries,  dramas, comedies, etc., that could lead the way towards a new era of decency and morally uplifting entertainment. 

 If the Pajama People would only STOP watching the trash and stop patronizing the sponsors on American Garbage TV, the Garbage shows would stop going down the American Love Boat canal and TV producers would be forced to give the public the quality and DECENCY  of programming that they want for themselves and their family.

Ken Adachi's website is educate

Here are links to some articles I posted in 2008 and 2009 that talked about the switch over to digital TV and the references to embedded microphones and cameras.
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The Sound of Silence: The Antithesis of Freedom by A. True Ott, PhD, ND (Dec 12, 2008)
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Makow Comment - Thanks Ken. And you didn't even mention commercials which insult our intelligence and contain many social messages.
When I watch football, I can't believe how many times they repeat the same commercial. Corporations like GM and Nissan act like they can't afford more than one!
Other shows make the viewer sit through 4-5 minutes of ads. The way of the future is to watch YouTube or Netflix on TV. There you you can be selective and watch commercial-free. 

First Comment from Tim

Edward Snowden was hiding his face while computing, from his room in Hong Kong, while the reporter from the Guardian was there.  He explained, with the facial recognition capability the NSA has, they would find his IP instantly, if he showed his face to his screen unmasked. He is certainly in a  position to know.  So, that's one more thing we should all understand.

As to the modern televisions, I questioned several engineers and computer experts on this over the past few months (online).  What they ALL told me was, yes.  The modern televisions have camera and mikes, but not all of them, and not all of them work very well.  What they do, they unplug the cable box from the wall.  It cuts the link.  Just because the tv is off does not mean the surveillance is off.  It remains on.  So, at the minimum, unplug the cable box from the wall, when it is not in use.

Secondly, in a hotel room, they place a sheet over the tv.  Not only can the NSA and Mossad watch you, computer literate Patels can rig it to watch you as well, and some do.  I stay in hotels several nights a week, and I can tell you, since I starting putting the sheet over the television, three times the Patels knocked on my door and were looking around, immediately after I did it.  The engineers are correct.  The Patels were watching.    These businessmen weren't doing so for normal reasons.  This is some kind of government requirement.  If the tv gets covered up, the requirement must be to come physically and look around the room.  That's what they did.     (I should explain, here in the States, a lot of televisions in the hotel rooms now cannot be unplugged.  The plug and wires and encased, and fit into the wall, and cannot be unplugged )

In short whether on a computer or a television, the link is 2 way when it is on.  They are watching.  When it is off, they are still watching, unless you unplug it.  And they can turn your computer on and off remotely.  If you want to cut the link on your laptop for sure, remove the battery.  Same for the cellphone.   A couple of engineers told me, they just pack it in an aluminum case.  It blocks the wifi snoops.

What a world.

Comment from Dan:

The only reason Television or movies were layered with a veneer of 'wholesome goodness' was due to a few wealthy tycoons and a large agricultural base population behind enforcement of The Motion Picture Production Code (aka Hays Code, 1930-1968) [1] , and The Code of Practices for Television Broadcasters (1951-1982). [2]

I grew up during the last decades of these codes, and was deeply corrupted by the so-called "wholesome" days of B&W television. The problem is when everybody grew up on television nobody sees what's it's doing to their minds, their judgement, ethics, morals, reasoning ability, attention span, and especially how it interferes with the normal trajectory of human activity.

40 years ago I met exchange students from places that didn't have television, and had never seen American television.  They were more shocked by looking the effects of television on Americans watching it, than the content of the programs.  One fellow told a roomful of us college students engrossed in a 'show', "you don't know what that's doing to your minds", and left.

Which is what all of you should do.  Get the set entirely out of the house, and if you're not ready for that, at least cancel the satellite or cable subscription and watch videos you've chosen yourself.   I challenge everyone to at least go entirely without broadcast television for ONE YEAR, then go watch a few hours of programming some night in a laundromat or public venue with lots of other people around.   You will see some slack-jacked, passive faces, no reaction to the absolutely demonic slime oozing out of the HDTV sets after dark.

If you're in the habit of  watching tv an hour or more a day you're desensitized to what it's doing your mind, body and soul.


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Comments for "Ken Adachi: TV both Watches & Warps "

Rosie said (September 24, 2013):

Someone bought an HDTV for me. But I will never get cable. Even though they send me deal after deal. Cable is more of the same and worse than what is on regular television. I have found Youtube and other sites that broadcast "Classic T.V," to be very pleasant to watch. I recently watched an hour and a half North Korean documentary on Youtube about American television and it was very eye opening.

Some of the 80's and 90's shows like, The Cosby Show, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and Seinfeld, are no longer enjoyable to me, because I can clearly see their plan for the young people and realized that it has worked so well. There was a time when "Latch Key Kid," meant that a child was being neglected at home alone.

We as women were tricked into longing for what "Clare Huxtable" appeared to have. Success in legal practice, a doting and understanding husband, and children that never really did anything worth mentioning. And if they did, it was all made right in a half hour. No one lives like that in reality.

The Fresh Prince was even worse. This loud mouth teen came to live with his African American aunt and her affluent family, in a predominantly white neighborhood and the racism was played down to an unrealistic tone. Then, this under achieving brat would make us laugh by making fun of his uncle to his face, corrupting the hard work he had put into his three snobbish children, and attending a rather obvious Masonic-like prep school. Where does that happen in reality. But now, our children have changed the order of things around. In the old days, the children were obedient and did not speak, until spoken to. Now it is the parents who coward in the background and are afraid to discipline their children, because the law goes against the bible.

This is indeed a sad Obamanation we are living in!

Bohdan said (September 24, 2013):

I don't know if they spy on us through HD TV flatscreens over here in Poland, but even if they do, I don't care because they already know me: there's never been a day without me throwing at them at least a 10-pack of four-letter words,
the best of what I had learned in Warsaw streets when psychopathic commies were running my country and had very innocent-looking snitches planted everywhere.

Now there is a change of guard, but looks only a change of the color of their fur. I, and others, call those ruling dirties 'dyed foxes disguised in sequins of democracy'.

Their "trainees" include so-called TV and radio
journalists who range over lies-to-half-truths-to-omissions - new ways to censor what the ruling dirties and media corporate dirties believe would expose and endanger their ass.

Even the satirists turn chicken.

About commercials: record-breaking are two
public, officially non-commercial, TV channels. They charge the licence fee from everyone and they also screen commercial "longplays" in series of 2 x 8- minute idiotic spots with a proprietary jingle in between - time enough to slowly make tea and/or coffee and/or have a quickie -
or all three of them before, for example, kick-off live. Makes me often wonder why those advertisers stupidly accept such a
waste of airtime.

They (the public TV channels) also draw from the central "culture" budget for "public mission" productions - mostly indigestible.
In spite of that, the inconceivable reports are that the "public-mission" TVP cannot make ends meet. Surprise or no surprise? Is not their staff
complement of doubtful competences three times over the top? It sure is.

There are relatives beneath relatives, all they way down the line to distant cousins.
To sum up: you are "having fun" in America, but we are also "having fun" in Poland. Brothers-in-"fun" we are indeed!

David said (September 24, 2013):

One of the worst lies that corporate owned networks promote is believing they can change society for the better through their programming. In my market, with the election of Obama, almost overnight the programming and especially the advertising started pushing the image of an intact black nuclear family as the norm in America.

For all my life (50+ years) black America has been mired in rampant illegitimacy, broken homes, crime, child abuse and the hell of "Section 8" subsidized public housing and assistance. And from where I sit the situation gets worse every year. But, if you were to gauge what life in America is really like based on what emanates from network programming, you would think a married black husband and wife with bright, attractive, endearing, funny offspring is what passes for "average" in America. Nothing could be further from the truth and reality of black America. It is one of the most obscene lies and baseless propaganda devices I've ever seen.

Martin Maloney said (September 24, 2013):

Either JG (below) didn't watch 1950's TV, or his memory is failing him.

For examples, in "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" and in "Father Knows Best," the husband/father was portrayed as an ineffectual doofus. "Life of Riley," starring Willian Bendix, was even worse. Riley would con his neighbor, Gillis, into joining him in some harebrained scheme, which always went kaput. The show ended with a closeup of Riley: "What a revoltin' development this is!"

I'd like to know how demeaning the husband/father promotes family values. I remember how my dad objected to such shows, for exactly that reason.

* * * * *

"Individuals have international duties which transcend the national obligations of obedience. therefore [individual citizens] have the duty to violate domestic laws to prevent crimes against peace and humanity from occurring."

--Nuremberg War Crime Tribunal, 1950

AT said (September 24, 2013):

Especially problematic for me, are the TV shows, movies and cartoons in which children are the wiser ones and the adults are the know nothings that have to be led down the right path. This is an all pervasive theme that is coming more and more dominant in children’s programming. I just caught one of these type of movies while at a family gathering when the kids where watching a movie. In this heart warming move, the family was in crisis and it was the children who took the leadership and did the problem solving instead of the parents who were despondent and resigned to the situation. What garbage to feed to children in the name of entertainment!

Robert said (September 23, 2013):

Men – why do you watch TV?

You are aware, you expect garbage and you receive garbage. Are you disappointed?

I do not watch TV at all. Sometimes I have to hear the the soundtrack. What I hear leads me to conclusion my decision was right.

"Shouldn't we build positive identity for people refusing to watch TV and read newspapers?"

JG said (September 23, 2013):

There was actually a time when TV was constructive.

Family values were promoted and script writers had imagination back then. And I don't mean "dirty imaginations".

We tend to think and blame the "Hollywood Jews" for the decadence of the television and movie industry when in fact they were always there. They created the whole industry to begin with.
The truth of the matter is that the Jews of Hollywood have changed like everybody else out there. And, they are the only ones that can get us out of this immoral spiral we are in because they are in control of it.

There was a time when the Jews did some real good work out there. Selznick, DeMille, Martin and so many others.

And, maybe we didn't thank or appreciated them enough for it.

JG said (September 23, 2013):

There was actually a time when TV was constructive.

Family values were promoted and script writers had imagination back then. And I don't mean "dirty imaginations".

We tend to think and blame the "Hollywood Jews" for the decadence of the television and movie industry when in fact they were always there. They created the whole industry to begin with.
The truth of the matter is that the Jews of Hollywood have changed like everybody else out there. And, they are the only ones that can get us out of this immoral spiral we are in because they are in control of it.

There was a time when the Jews did some real good work out there. Selznick, DeMille, Martin and so many others.

And, maybe we didn't thank or appreciated them enough for it.

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