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Traditional Catholic Laments Church in Ruins

September 7, 2013

ruins.jpg"The whole organization is so poisoned by homosexuals,
 pedophiles,  Freemasons, Communists to name a few
 that I personally cannot see any way back."

John writes: I am a 50 year old Irishman living in the north of Ireland. I have been Catholic from birth. I had been away from the Catholic church for over 20 years; I came back after much soul searching and flirting with atheism for a while. I came back to the church around five years ago after becoming interested in the old Latin mass. I then attended my first Latin mass as an adult and my life began to change before the mass was over.

by John

Your article on the Catholic church brought to mind the many reasons why I left this cult posing as the "Catholic church."  

This group may have control of the buildings and the money - but they left the true church behind long ago. The liberal reader may try to tell me that what we have now is a natural result of many years of reform and modernization of an old church.

I was told these things too, that the church was stuck in the past, ignoring  problems caused by our way of life, that we needed a new church and the old one was past its sell-by date.

The truth is that the Vatican-controlled church has given away any right to call itself "Catholic" by its abandonment of the original church of Christ.

 The hardest thing I have found is to get people to realize that by attending mass etc at these churches you are partaking in a protestant ceremony; there is absolutely nothing Catholic there at all.

I have found traditionalist Catholic friends of mine getting caught up in trying to "reform the reform" but they can't see that these people calling themselves the church leaders are so far removed from Catholicism that there is nothing left to reform or repair.

sermon-%28R%29.jpgThe so-called reforms of Vatican 2 threw away the true catholic liturgy and adopted a Protestantized liturgy. The priests ordained from 1969 are ordained with an invalid rite, and most other rites have been rendered invalid too.

Does no one remember that Fr. Gabriele Amorth (probably the most famous living exorcist) complained that when the "church" revised the rite of exorcism, it was rendered virtually useless? He is quoted in Wikipedia as saying - the new rite of exorcism is "a farce. An incredible obstacle that is likely to prevent us from acting against the demon." 

Lets see how far he would get with the new  "kumbaya" version. He still uses the old version...

The whole organization is so poisoned by homosexuals, pedophiles, Freemasons, Communists to name a few that I personally cannot see any way back. The power-hungry pervs will never let go of what remains. There has been a total loss of control of parishes, nuns, priests and the lower echelons of the church that it should come as no surprise to anyone that homosexuality, divorce, contraception and the like are actively promoted by "clergy."

Who among us has not come across an effeminate priest in their time? there seem to be so many of them about these days that a person could be forgiven for thinking it was a prerequisite for the Vatican 2 priesthood.   


However, there is some good news, the real Catholic church still exists in the western world - but only in small groups such as the SSPX, SSPV and other independent priests and their churches.

People need to remember that the Latin Rite may be the largest part of the Catholic church but it is not the only one. The eastern Catholic church still survives in the Greek and the Ukrainian Catholic Rites (and a few other small rites.)

These people will go on without the Vatican and we could find one day that the center of the True Catholic church is in the east not the west. I don't say things will be easy but I have no doubt that the Catholic church will survive.

I plan to move east (Europe) when I retire so I will have access to a valid church .

As Jesus said - "...I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it." (Matt. 16:18b)


John adds: "In case you want to post a link regarding traditional Catholicism , this is the one I recommend -

I am not saying they are perfect or that I agree with every opinion they hold, but they are very thorough in researching the history of the Catholic church. Their debates on YouTube are worth watching (even for non-Catholics) I enjoy watching the modernists squirm when confronted with the facts. "

First Comment from Mac:

I am a "cradle Catholic" as well - born in an observant Catholic family in the late '30s. I have also been a victim of the Crisis of Authority afflicting the Church, even at one time leaving for a period of 6 years some months starting 1985. However, I was blessed with a hunger for the Eucharist which I can only get in the Church and is the source of daily grace to me. So, I have been down John's path like many others.

John needs to read Matt. 13:24-30 and understand that this is not the first time things have been so bad in the institution nor that the institution was ever "pure" and has stopped being so. Its the wheat field it has always been. We Catholics, on the other hand, have been bumps on a log, waiting for someone to come along to show us what to do. Pope Francis is terrifying in this respect because he is doing it.

Catholics have an obligation to ask, seek and find (acronym ASK) and rely on Christ, not the failing residents of the institution of which they are part.  The Church has always taught that it is the Body of Christ (recall Paul was accused by Christ of attacking Him when persecuting Christians - Acts 9: 3-4) so we can't really leave the body without leaving Life, "Anima" in Latin, from which we get the word, animation or life as we know it. If a cell divides, we say it is living. When it stops dividing, we say it is dead, no longer animated.

If the institutional Church has become a landfill, roses still can grow there. If they are fewer, they are no less fragrant and objects of beauty, which God has created. So I encourage John and anyone else wavering to hang in there. We go to Mass, and the Novus Ordo is as perfectly valid as the rite promoted by Pope St. Pius V, to receive our saving grace. The priest, even those of peccable character, are the sole ones ordained by a bishop, whose authority can be shown to descend directly from St. Peter, alone can confect the Eucharist as the Church teaches and has always so. The Didache, dating from the early 2nd, possibly the late 1st, century AD, shows that for them , Christians gathered every Sunday for the bishop to 'break bread', confect the Eucharist, because it is the source of our strength, not the priest offering the Sacrifice. Bad homilies are a plague upon us but it is the Eucharist, and that other saving sacrament, Penance, that saves us. There are good sources for learning about Scripture, Robert Sungenis' CASB series (see: being one and is very reliable, You can download pdf versions of his work less expensive than hard copies.

 John, hold your nose if the landfill odor offends you but don't separate yourself, become a schismatic, because the next step is to become a heritic - they are historically related.

Your brother in Christ,


"Those who live by the flesh experience Gods law as a burden, and indeed as a denial or at least a restriction of their own freedom."

- John Paul II

Prudenter replies to Mac

"the Novus Ordo is as perfectly valid as the rite promoted by Pope St. Pius V "   wow have been brainwashed or a NO Alien has abducted you...
*According to the Grand Master of Italian Freemasonry, John XXIII was initiated into a Masonic Lodge in Turkey before he became "pope."  John XXIII was a radical heretic who was suspected of Modernism as far back as 1926.  He was frequently seen fraternizing with Communists and other radicals who hate the Catholic Church.  He was the man who had the "inspiration" to call Vatican II and get the major part of the Great Apostasy rolling.  John XXIII has all the marks of a conspirator on him, and much evidence indicates that he was not the first to be elected in the 1958 conclave....  After his death, John XXIII was praised by Freemasons and Communists as a great liberal and a revolutionary who supported their ideals - the former even labeled his encyclical Pacem in Terris "a vigorous statement of Masonic doctrine."  John XXIII was a manifest heretic and a non-Catholic antipope.
The changing of the Sacraments...Invalid Consecration of Bishops....Priests are now Presbyters...
Mac...I am sure you are a great New Order Catholic ....The NO Mass...The Insults aka Indults..are not perfectly valid....Pope St Pius V knew what would lie ahead for the True Mass....and Catholics...
Mac please get a copy and read 
Pope St. Pius V - July 14, 1570

Comments for "Traditional Catholic Laments Church in Ruins "

Greg said (September 9, 2013):

John if you were a Traditional Catholic, you would understand that the holy church of sinners is prevailing against the evils of this world. Christ promised us that ‘
And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.’ Now that’s a pretty solid promise and it is in force today. Our holy church of sinners is just that... as hard as we try to destroy the church through our humanity, it prevails and will prevail until the end of time. There is so much good in the church it is sad to see people’s faith destroyed by the 5% of the church which is bad and seeks the destruction of the church. Look around and see the good people around you and embrace them!

Ludvik said (September 9, 2013):

Yes Henry you are right in the summary of the late Catholic Church. At the II Vatican council the Jewish 5th column took over the Church & all the changes started--- to really understand the insight of it , read the book “ The plot against the Church “ by Maurice Pinay. Not easy to get, but worth the effort !!

Phil on South Africa said (September 8, 2013):

I grew up in an American Sectarian Protestant church. In my late 40's I realized that not was all right with this sect. I started a search for the true "Christian Church", and am glad I found it still alive and well in Eastern Orthodox churches. Please tell John that he should go back and study Christian history. There was only one Christian Church before 1054AD (CE) and the after the Bishop of Rome decided to separate the Roman Church from the 'true' church that year, the Roman Catholic Church has been slowly drifting away from it's original roots till it finds itself where it is today.

John, there are many 'flavors' of Easter Orthodoxy, but they are only different because of ethnic and national differences. All EO believe the same as we did after the 12 Apostles started the Church on that famous Pentecost day. Please investigate the EO or the Latin Rite Catholic churches, and you will immediately feel at home.

Richard said (September 8, 2013):

Though I frequently consider defecting to an Orthodox church down the road, I stick it out because this my parish, and I've come to know these people. Externals are tertiary to the "Imitation of Christ" which always returns "the ball to my court". I think they all would do well to print out and remember this paragraph from Fr. Dariusz Oko, of Krakow, in his paper, "Homoheresy".

"The Church is like the people who make it up, and that is why it is always sinful, but always holy as well. Among more then a billion of its members, there are thousands of people who commit vile and base acts, but there are also hundreds of millions of Catholic men and women who are honest and holy. More than half of them are women – persons who are particularly sensitive to the well-being of man, to the fate of children and youth, to pure love. There are hundreds of millions of people who take up the great effort of work, marriage, family, bearing and rearing children.".

George said (September 8, 2013):

Dear Henry.This is another one of your erudite post from the Irish man,John.The satanic,hidden practices of the Catholic church,since the introduction of Vatican II document can not be over emphasized.

For me,its not new and i have dissociated from this V2 church since December 2011.Please keep up the good works,and God bless you,and John too.

Elaine said (September 8, 2013):

The Catholic Church has been usurped and subverted just as our government and society has been, in fact, one could say the entire world, as you well know. The Lord is still in charge and will not leave His Church to be ravaged by the wolves and demons, forever. The Church must follow its Lord and Master on the road to Calvary, just as Jesus did, but He promised that the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it, in the end all will be cleansed and made Holy - He did not say how long that would be, nor did He say how small the Church would be when He would decisively act to clean and restore it to its' former holiness. One can only repent, pray and ask the Lord to intercede, post haste.

Greg said (September 8, 2013):

Since Vatican II the church has cremated the teachings of Jesus Christ in favor of flesh pleasing pagan doctrines.

The celebration of the Eucharist through mass even has contradictory prayers being said by the people at the mass. In one instance the priest, in the Eucharistic prayer, says "Do not consider what we truly deserve, but grant us Your forgiveness."

Then later on in the same mass the congregation recites the Lord’s Prayer and says “forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us...” So the mass is now filled with contradictions like this because the liberal Protestants and others have come into the church leadership and they have literally destroyed the doctrines of the faith with new, revised versions that are sinner friendly and not logical or reasonable any longer.

I am ashamed at the decades of abuse and classism our local parish and school gave out to people who were not from wealthy families, or who didn’t play sports and get the name of the Catholic schools in the local newspaper headlines. The idol worship is there in our face throughout the day, as even protestant employees had the fortitude to leave the Catholic schools instead of playing the games that the priests and local “supposed Catholics” were playing within the church institutions itself.

It is sad when the protestant staff members leave the employment of these institutions because they are fed up with the political games that the priests and leaders of the institutions partake in within the local community. Even non-Christians could see the classism within the Catholic church institutions and they often times spoke about it in public.

The modern Catholic church is lead by many heretics and hypocrites who do not represent the teachings and life of Jesus Christ. I have often said that I would gladly spend eternity in hell if the other choice was having to spend eternity in the kingdom of heaven with these apostate, classist members of the Catholic church who have failed to follow Jesus Christ in how they worship and live.

Hector said (September 8, 2013):

I don't know if my answer will be posted but here it goes:

Anna, Mac and rest who dare to say the current popes are still valid: First off the current popes would have been excommunicated a long time under any other circumstances. Freemasonry alone is an automatic cause for excommunication, let alone open heresy. For a time I used to be like you and adopt a "Resist to wrong popes" stance however if you are truly sincere, How can a supposed to be pope support the homo-movement and still be catholic?.

Every serious catholic knows that if you become a heretic (adopting heresies) YOU STOP BEING CATHOLIC. That's it. When St. Belarmine spoke about resisting popes when you read his book you realize that he was talking about evil popes, popes that were evil in their deeds (example the Borgia popes) but who were otherwise Catholic and not heretics. If you become a heretic, you are automatically excommunicated from the communion of the church. That's it.

Saint Belarmine and Cajetan texts DO NOT support the notion that a pope, while still retaining authority from Jesus Christ, can (for example) impose a sacrilegious, protestantized Mass on the whole Church, whose members can then “resist” him, while continuing to recognize him as a true pope.

Those are the facts whether you like them or not. Please repent, while you can.

Kate said (September 8, 2013):

Your site unfairly represents the RCC church and what is going on today within the church. Im tired of seeing protestant heretics MHFM and the SSPX represented as the last true catholics in a dying church. To explain the chaos simply.....beautiful wine in a filthy glass..... it would make me happy to see the following links attached to every article pertaining to catholicism on the site.

i could go on for months when it comes to my church and religion, but ill leave it at this, because all anyone really has to do to see the truth in the midst of all this is ask God for it....

Anna said (September 7, 2013):

I was called out of that false church a few years ago after a lifetime lost in it. It does not have God in it, it is the first beast of revelation, it is the Holy Roman Empire continued!!! I am now a Bible believer, that is how I learned the Truth.

BB said (September 7, 2013):

Excellent site which has really helped me to understand what is really happening in this world . I am also a Catholic living in Ireland and can confirm that the position in which the Church finds itself in is very tough . There are no more vocations and the elderly priests saying mass seem to be extremely afraid to offend anyone and stay away from issues that really need to be addressed . Nevertheless I find comfort in mass and continue to attend every week , even if the sermons are not particularly fervent . A part of me wishes the Catholic church resembled that of the Middle Ages , when the Pope was not afraid to call a Crusade if he saw grave and imminent peril threatening his flock .

JG said (September 7, 2013):

I don't believe we will be judged solely on the religion we choose whether it be Protestant, Catholic. Greek Orthodox, or any other legitimate denomination of the Church.

It's all about obeying God's commands and whatever religion helps bring you closer to that "mark" might be the religion for you.

All these different denominations of the "faith" were formed over non scriptural doctrines created by their clergy from within the Church.

The Parable of the Good Samaritan showed us who was worth their "salt" and who wasn't.

Your denomination is very often a small part of your salvation. You become more interested in who is more righteous in their doctrines than doing the will of God.

God is always on the side of the people who obey his commands regardless of their "religion". He "raised the Chaldeans" in the Old Testament because they were following his commands more than their oppressors were.

The same thing is going on today. In a lot of cases the Muslims are more protective of Christians than the Christian West countries like the US is today. Assad help stop the slaughter of Christians by US/Israeli supported rebel attacks in Syria. Our Churches and the Pope are still silent on this.

God will always be true.

Tony B said (September 7, 2013):

"John" is 100% on point in his lament of the (temporary, as Christ has said) Talmudic conquest of the Roman Catholic Church.

"Reinhard," [below] on the other hand, needs to do some honest study on the Protestant horrors, including "gibbets, racks and ripping knives," used on Catholics who refused to abandon their ancient religion during the so-called reformation. Although it is difficult to get any truth of the matter in the English language, he could start with "The Stripping of the Altars" by Eamon Duffy. Better yet and much closer to the time, he should read William Cobbett's "A History of the Protestant Reformation in England and Ireland," the only book by this Protestant but honest writer shoved down the memory hole by Protestant English language authorities.

Plus he needs an honest history of the Jesuits, not just the V2 farce.

History as written by the winners of wars is perhaps more important by what it refuses to write than by the lies it does record.

Reinhard said (September 7, 2013):

The pronunciation of Bergoglio about homosexuals
did not surprise me at all.

Jesuits are known from the very beginning to be
Sodomites, as well as the majority of the Roman
Catholic priests.

It seems to me that the R.C. Church is showing
again its true face, just as also their murderous
practices in times of the 16th century Reformation.

See their picture in Revelation 17.

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