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Jews Unable to Understand Anti-Semitism (Updated)

September 14, 2013

dnd.jpgDaniel Goldhagen is the author of "Hitler's Willing Executioners" which blames all Germans for the Holocaust. In his new book, he argues anti-Semitism is a "pathological prejudice that spans the centuries and therefore is a uniquely destructive force."

It would be easier to teach a wolf to sympathize with his prey, than expect Jews like Goldhagen to understand anti-Semitism.  Cabalist Judaism is satanic. The cause of anti Semitism is the age-old Cabalist mission to dominate and enslave mankind. 

The New World Order essentially is an Illuminati Jewish solipsism by definition dependent on suppressing and inverting Truth. Ordinary Jews are the first to be deceived.

In the WSJ review excerpted below, elite Jewish lawyer Anthony Julius writes, regretfully,
"The Devil That Never Dies"  is "so easily and justly dismissible," it weakens the Jewish cause.

Michael Hoffman Unable to Understand Protocols of Zion

hman.jpg(Michael Hoffman, left, is the world's leading authority on Judaism)

Below that, I post Michael Hoffman's comment on Goldhagen's book but take him to task for dismissing the Protocols of Zion as "cartoonish" and "lurid, probably faked." 
This is an astonishing lapse by Hoffman who seems to think that the Protocols are a clever ruse to distract us from the evils of the Talmud, as if the two were incompatible.

There is nothing "cartoonish," "lurid" or "faked" about the Protocols. If there were, the Illuminati would not have stigmatized them in the West or made possession punishable by death in the USSR.  They are a revelation of the true nature of our world and it is disturbing to see Michael Hoffman disparage them.

By Anthony Julius
(Book Review abridged by

jpgDaniel Jonah Goldhagen, left, wants us to believe that anti-Semitism is the devil as the devil is envisioned by revealed religion. That it has no parallel in the history of prejudice. That it has been at the core of Christian civilization for two millennia. That, inscribed in the Quran, it is the constituent feature of Arab and Islamic civilizations. Anti-Semitism, moreover, has had its reach vastly expanded by the new, anti-Israel, form it has taken--as well as by the fact that Jew-hating populaces have been migrating around the world, specifically from Arab and Islamic countries to Europe and elsewhere....

If the book delivered on its claims, it would be most welcome. But this is a bad book. It lacks balance and originality. It misrepresents or misreads several readily available texts. It is radically under-researched--the brief endnotes comprising mostly Web references to news items. (For example, though he criticizes Stéphane Hessel's 2010 book, "Time for Outrage!," the relevant endnote cites not the book itself but a New York Times story about it.) It is characterized throughout by overstatement and contains some truly ludicrous judgments. (John Chrysostom wasn't "the most significant theologian of the Catholic Church after Christianity became the religion of the Roman Empire.") Its tone is querulous, hectoring and self-important. (Apparently, we needed Mr. Goldhagen to point out the significance of English as a world language, a feature of the global era hitherto, he says, "virtually uncommented-upon.")....

I have written this review with reluctance. That there should be strife within the party to which Mr. Goldhagen and I both belong, the party of anti-anti-Semites, will only give satisfaction to the haters. But we must be the smart, truth-telling participants in this terrible struggle; we must be intelligent in our judgments, reliable in the claims we make. And for sure, while we must not minimize dangers, we shouldn't overstate them either. "The Devil That Never Dies" doesn't contribute to our existing understanding of anti-Semitism; it doesn't give anti-anti-Semites fresh, good arguments. Indeed, it is so easily and justly dismissible, it weakens the very cause its author seeks to promote.

Interview with the author- Daniel-Goldhagen

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Michael Hoffman writes:

On p. 100 Mr. Goldhagen writes, "The Jewish religion, as epitomized by the demonized text the Talmud and its alleged teachings..."

That's virtually all he has to say in his volume of 485 pages concerning Orthdodox Judaism's holiest book and the fount of its halacha.

Goldhagen is so sloppy he doesn't even distinguish between the Talmud Bavli and the Talmud Yerushalmi (the former is authoritiative, the latter is not). Nor does he dare to expound on the "alleged teachings" of the "Talmud" that have caused it to be "demonized."

This claim presents a logical challenge: how does one demonize a book that itself demonizes the New Testament, Jesus Christ, His Mother Mary and goyim in general?

Can one accurately say that Goldhagen has "demonized" "Mein Kampf"?

How does one go about demonizing the Talmud Bavli, a book of pronographic lies, group defamation and advocacy of theft, murder and deceit?

The Babylonian ("Bavli") Talmud is the source of much of the informed protest against Orthodox rabbinic dogma, from eminent authorities such as Dr. Alexander McCaul of King's College London. Goldhagen prefers to discuss at length the cartoonish "Protocols of Zion," whose provenance is highly questionable, rather than explain to his readers how the documented bigotry, racism and self-worship in the Talmud Bavli came to be enshrined as the basis of Pharisaic (i.e. Mishnaic) post-Temple Judaism and its derivatives: the Gemara, Mishneh Torah, Shulchan Aruch, Mishnah Berurah, etc.

On p. 29 Goldhagen makes risible comparisons between the lurid, probably faked "Protocols" and the well-researched writing of two eminent critics of Israeli colonialism, Professors Mearsheimer and Walt, terming their book on the Israeli lobby "an update on the notorious antisemitic tract The Protocols of the Elders of Zion." Outlandish, purple prose like the preceding has been a hallmark of fanatical partisans of the dispossession and extrusion of the Palestinians for decades, among whom we number Mr. Goldhagen.

"The Devil that Never Dies"
is so embarrassing that even a charter member of the Zionist thought police, Anthony Julius, has termed it, "truly ludicrous." Julius documents Goldhagen's intellectual dishonesty in the Sept. 13, 2013 edition of the Wall Strret Journal, p. A13.

Goldhagen is unconscious of the fact that the devil that never dies is the self regard and egoism of human beings organized within creeds of extreme nationalist chauvinism, whether they be Nazism, Salafist Islam or Talmudic Judaism.

poz.jpgMakow challenges Hoffman:

"Goldhagen prefers to discuss at length the cartoonish "Protocols of Zion," whose provenance is highly questionable, "
you write.
  " Goldhagen makes risible comparisons between the lurid, probably faked "Protocols"

I am surprised to see you of all people on the anti Protocols bandwagon.

Protocols of Zion are NWO Blueprint

Protocols Forgery Claim Flawed

Joly Plagiarized Protocols Not ViceVersa

Hoffman Replies:

 "I have never seen primary documentation authenticating the Protocols, so one can argue pro or contra for decades.

But you miss the point: the Protocols is where the rabbis and Zionists want the focus to remain.

They want to deflect debate and attention away from the documented and indefensible Talmud Bavli.

It's a blunder to fall into their trap."



It isn't either-or. They are perfectly consistent.

For me, the authenticity of the Protocols is self evident."


"For me, the authenticity of the Protocols is self evident."

"As a historian I can't accept that notion as evidence.

Moreover it is being used to distract from the Talmud and make the disputed Protocols the heart of the controversy as a function of the revival of 1930s-style opposition to Judaism.

We need 21st century tactics.


"As a historian do you actually think the Masonic Jews would acknowledge the Protocols are authentic any more than they admit the true nature of the Talmud? Isn't it enough that the world is actually unfolding according to this blueprint?"

What kind of historian can't recognize the truth when it is self-evident?

It is disconcerting that their Master Plan has been public knowledge for more than 100 years and even some of their most brilliant and courageous opponents don't get it.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Jews Unable to Understand Anti-Semitism (Updated)"

Anonymous said (September 16, 2013):

I absolutely agree with you Henry. Michael Hoffman could have said he viewed the controversy surrounding the authenticity of The Protocols a
distraction without referring to The Protocols as “probably faked”.

It certainly is a lapse of attention by Hoffman, who otherwise is

Thank you Henry for pointing Hoffman out on that point, since he is a respected author.

The following is essential reading:-

Kurt said (September 16, 2013):

Two of my most trusted information sources are you and Michael Hoffman.
I have followed Hoffman’s writings for more than a decade and find him to be one of the most intellectually honest people in this area.

I too understand his point that the unverifiable origins of the Protocols allow the ‘Jews’ to cast doubt on them even as they provide an accurate roadmap to today’s events.

By focusing on the Talmud you can better explain the mindset of people who could be the authors of the Protocols thus validating them that way.


Thanks Kurt

Again, it's not either or. It's a mistake to avoid the most revealing exposures of the Masonic Jewish agenda just because they have been so successful at suppressing it, psychologically.


Tony B said (September 16, 2013):

Hoffman, since I first read any of his stuff, stirkes me as an academic snob, even though most of his research is good. His problem is that he wants the writer of evil to come out of the grave and verify those things that are done in the dark for the very reason that the light of day would put a sudden and necessary stop to them when they amount to satanic conspiracies. Ain't gonna happen. It was centuries before Christians had any idea that the Talmud even existed but they knew well that those particular Jews were destroying as much of Christianity as they could. Discovering the Talmud simply verified what they knew to be true.

Ask him if he knows the exact beginning of freemasonry. He'll probably put it in the 1700s. Not so, even though the name "freemasonry" is so. His kind of absolutely verifiable documentation is downright ridiculous in the real world. What would he say concerning which side in Syria has been gassing people, I wonder? Would he have to go there and hang around the streets until he eyeballs the culprits to be certain in his own stilted mind? Give me a break.

Mike said (September 15, 2013):

It seems the common refrain of those who think the Protocols are fake is "they read like a comic book."

This is so stupid. Who generally WRITES and CONSUMES comic books?

I never understood comic books. But my Jewish friends loved them.

Jewish writers, Jewish audience. Comic books.

Jewish writers, Jewish audience. Protocols.

More verification. The Protocols are real, and a far more valuable tool to unveil what a Jewish world will look like than the Talmud.

Hoffman believes that it's unapologetic Christianity (and its resultant anti-Judaic cultural presumptions) that draws Jews further into their corner. But the watering down of the Christian world over the last couple of centuries has not led to any great conversion of the Jews, as would be the case if Hoffman's thesis was correct. It has led to their worldwide ascendancy.

I understand where Hoffman is coming from. But I wish he'd focus more on loving Christ and less on converting Jews, or offending Jews, or creating fear in Jews. Why? Because the last 200 years proves it doesn't work. AT ALL.

-- Mike adds:

Just wanted to make clear I believe the protocols are totally relevant and useful. I wish more people would read them. If nothing else they describe what Christians OUGHT to be countering, regardless of who is putting them into action.

They are revelation of the method. Revelation of the method disarms the target with disbelief. "If this person were really this bad, or really wanted to pull one over on me, he wouldn't be telling me that in advance." Then, since you were told and did nothing, you become a willing participant in your own destruction, and you know this, and you therefore become less capable of stopping it, because you already see yourself as compromised and as guilty as the perpetrators.

I'm sure you've written about revelation of the method before and are well aware of it. Just wasn't sure you had thought of the Protocols of revelation.

Yvonne said (September 15, 2013):

As I see it, Hoffman's "cartoonish" characterization of the "Protocols of Zion" is right, trivial cartoons dangled before us for the sole purpose of interrupting continual attention to the psychic task at hand, providing new power for self-clarity.

A small child toddling across the room is distracted by a bit of colored paper or by his own shoes. The mind must concentrate its energies on the valuable journey of life to unfold and manifest our divinity, not on cartoonish distractions.


Thanks Yvonne

I recommend you read the protocols.


Dan said (September 15, 2013):

I think Hoffman is correct to set aside the Protocols because it can't be verified. One might as well quote Mein Kampf as the authority on Jewish culture, as make reference to the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

Did'nt Orwell explain how this works, with the fictitious Emanuel Goldstein, and Goldstein's Book? O'Brien and a team of inner party collaborators invented Goldstein and wrote his book.

Arguing that the Protocols is every Jew's handbook is irresponsible. Better to help clear up people's misconceptions about Jews today.
The opposite of anti-Semitism is "Jew envy" and "Jew worship" which is merely the flip side of "Jew bashing" because all these are premised on misinformation and stereotyping. Much of the misinformation and stereotyping is put out by Jews themselves.

As for Goldhagen's "Hitler's Willing Executioners" reflects the same level of thinking as Nazi eugenics race theory. Nobody's racism is genetic, whether it be Nazi xenophobia or Jewish xenophobia.


Thanks Dan

For once we disagree.


Alan said (September 15, 2013):

I thought it was good you posted the Hoffman article as I had sent the link you had the day before. I sent it to 3 people with words to the effect that the Jewish Rabi's have 2 SETS of books for their religion - the Torah and the Talmud, just like the Bankers do. One is for the outside appearance the other for the inner.

This must be what Christ was referring to about the outside and inside of the cup, whitewashed outside but full of filth on the inside.

I believe the word Semite is really Shem and both sets of Jewish origins are not from the line of Shem. The true house of Israel passed through the Caucus mountains before Christ came, then dispersed into Russia, Europe, Britain and west to USA and south to Australia. The house of Dan was Denmark for example. That's why they are called the "lost sheep of the house of Israel".
To call a Caucasian an Anti-Semite is a misnomer. I saw an energy drink can as zero calories but energy is measured in calorific value again a misnomer.

Please know I respect what you are doing and pointing out the dark side of things, we have same in Christendom - look at the Chrisades. War for money and power!

Keep these great articles coming.

Lucky said (September 15, 2013):

After reading your latest column,I am reminded of this newspaper article re: a New World Order pledged to the Jews by the New York Time, in Oct 6th 1940.

Ash said (September 15, 2013):

in yr piece re Goldhagen and Hoffman viz. the protocols argument with H: I kinda sorta agree with both of you, but more importantly - and the reason for this little email - I think you are not hearing his initial, and later repeated, point, namely: the protocols are questionable because it is unknown exactly who wrote them and when whereas that is not an issue at all with the Talmud(s). The P's are an anonymous pamphlet; this is simple fact.

Therefore H's point that arguing about their veracity can go on for centuries is also true no matter which side of the argument one is on. Also, he is not really getting into whether or not they are true so much as pointing out that one cannot really know. Again, this is basically correct.

More importantly - and back to his original point - one can look directly at Talmud texts which are definitively acknowledged as 'official literature' and find some important (and truly disturbing) stuff - which is rarely done. That was his original and repeated point.

When he initially made that point he contrasted the provenance authority of the Talmud with the questionable provenance of the Protocols. I can understand why this is irritating to you, but nevertheless it's a valid point, esp. given my points about the Ps above.



This is not true. The Protocols of Zion as we know them originate in the Misraim lodge in Paris and were given there regularly as a workshop. They were stolen in 1884 by Joseph Schorst, a Jew, who was paid 2000 francs for them. He was later murdered in Egypt. Read the Introduction to "Waters Flowing Eastward."

Hoffman didn't just talk about provenance. He said they were "lurid, fake and cartoonish," which is nonsense.


David said (September 15, 2013):

I like Hoffman's work and I learned a lot about Judaism reading his books, but come on, how can such a distinguished scholar miss the evident accuracy of the Protocols?

Is he waiting for those who attended those freemasonry gathering to raise up from their grave and say, yep folks we wrote this down...!

That doesn't make sense ; the question cannot be whether the Protocols are real or not ; a fake document that say the truth is true, and that's all that matters...

The lingering search for historical proof as Hoffman puts it, is a total waste of time, for the events of the last century are indeed the unmissable proof of the master design laid down in the Protocols.

Anyway, if those weren't telling anything true, so much money and propaganda wouldn't have been spend to make the world believe it was a forgery...

Robert said (September 15, 2013):

Hello, Henry. My first time contacting you. I thank God for people of “Jewish” descent who spread truth about the “Leaven of the Pharisees” (Matthew 16:6, 16:11, 16:12, Mark 8:15, Luke 12:1).

Can you believe this term is mentioned that many times in the Gospels? The double-mindedness, double-speak and double standards throughout the depraved Talmud is mystifying. The racial supremacism and anti-Gentilism that permeates modern Judaism is astonishing while these same folks, out of the other side of their mouths whine about “White Supremacism” all day long through their vile mouthpieces like B’nai B’rith’s (exclusive, Jewish Freemasonry’s) ADL or the militant, Marxist SPLC. What chutzpa is evident in these vipers if I may humbly use some of their jargon. Then they attempt to use their stranglehold on the levers of power of all facets of our society (Hollywood, music, “news” (lies, propaganda), sitcoms, academia (dumbing Americans down) and leverage over all 3 branches of the US government to hide their poisonous, anti-Goyim agenda while scapegoationg “White” Christian society for everything bad that has ever happened to anyone of color.

Thereby “Whitey” is demonized to everyone else of other ethnicities, even Christians while the “Synagogue of Satan” (Rev 2:9, 3:9) gets to wickedly laugh lurking in the shadows. Hence all of the racial violence against Whites. And idiots like John Hagee, Pat Robertson, Hal Lindsey and the rest (vomit) get their 30 pieces of silver kissing Pharisee butt. And the entire Creation groans one more time (Romans 8:22).

Tony B said (September 14, 2013):

Maybe this will help them to understand Antisemitism in the context of Syria, Iraq etc.:

It is a comment on a yahoo news site.

Why this administration's Mid East agenda is catastrophically failing. A wake-up call for Americans...Part 1
*David Axelrod (Jewish) ran the Obama re-election campaign
*Rahm Emanuel (Jewish) former Obama chief of staff
and former Israeli Defense Force soldier (current Chicago mayor)
*Jack Lew (Jewish) Former Obama Chief of Staff (current Sec. of Treasury)
*Ronald Klain (Jewish) Former Biden Chief of Staff
*Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Jewish) Democratic National Committee Chairman
*Richard Haass (Jewish) president Council On Foreign Relations
*Barry Pavel (Jewish) former special assistant to the president and senior director for defense policy and strategy on the National Security Council (NSC) staff. Mr. Pavel was the chief of staff and principal deputy assistant secretary of defense for special operations/low-intensity conflict & interdependent capabilities.
*Jeremy Bash (Jewish) Chief of Staff to Leon Panetta, the Secretary of Defense
*James B. Steinberg (Jewish) Former Deputy Secretary of State
*William Burns (Jewish) Current Dep Secretary of State
*Wendy Sherman (Jewish) Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs
*Janice L. Jacobs (Jewish) Asst Secretary of State for Consular Affairs
*Cass Sunstein (Jewish) Admin' of the WH Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs
*Victoria Nuland (Jewish) (career Foreign Service officer) and spokesperson for the United States Department of State. (and married to Jewish neocon Robert Kagan co-founder of PNAC the ideological manifesto for the Iraq war)
*Cheryl Saban (wife of Jewish billionare Haim Saban) U.S. Rep to the upcoming session of the UN General Assembly
*Ellen Tauscher (Jewish) former Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Affairs current State Department Special Envoy for Strategic Stability and Missile Defense

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