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Russian Family Law is not Anti-Gay

October 9, 2013

Gwen Landolt says Russian laws are part
of a larger response to a demographic crisis,
and are not anti-gay.

by C. Gwendolyn Landolt. 
Reality Real Women of Canada (Sept Ed.)
(Edited/abridged by

In June, 2013, the Russian Parliament (Duma) unanimously passed a law which reflected an 86% consensus by the Russian people aimed at protecting Russian children and family life. 

 The law prohibits promoting any activity aimed at harming the well-being of minors and prohibits propaganda promoting alternative sexual lifestyles, including the use of drugs, alcohol, gambling and offensive language. 

Russia decriminalized homosexuality in 1993.  The law does not interfere in the private lives of homosexuals or authorize the arbitrary detention or arrests of homosexuals as so loudly proclaimed by gay lobbyists.  According to my contacts in Moscow, there are many gay bars in Moscow and gays and lesbians appear on TV each day.

This law has been endorsed by 103 human rights organizations from 33 countries which have signed a statement in support of it.


The Russian family is in deep crisis.  About a third of Russian children are born out of wedlock; more than half of marriages fail; alcoholism is rampant; Russia has the highest rate of abortion in the world (officially, over one million abortions each year).  More than two million children are "civil orphans", living apart from their families.

Russian leaders are deeply concerned about a demographic crisis in Russia.  More Russians are dying than are being born.  President Vladimir Putin has stated, "Without exaggeration, the central problem of contemporary Russia is demography, strengthening the family, [and] increasing the birth rate".

 Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has stated, "The overall decline in population, reducing its density to the parameters of almost three times less than the global average would result in weakening of political, economic and military influence of Russia in the world, and the possibility of additional claims to the territory of Russia".

Among Russia's concerns are the vast numbers of Chinese on its south-eastern border, and its unsettled southern borders where many of Russia's former satellite countries are located.

Russia is overwhelmingly dependent on its oil exports.  It needs a larger population to sustain itself. Hard-headed pragmatism was required. 

Although REAL Women does not support all of Russia's decisions, we do support its family initiatives.

Abortion last year was restricted for the first time since the fall of Communism.  Pregnancy centres have been established in every major centre in Russia, and generous funding is provided to pregnant women (single and married), both prior and subsequent to giving birth.  The President of the pro-life movement in Russia is Svetlana Medvedeva, wife of the Prime Minister.

In June, 2011, Russia held its first Demographic Summit at the Russian State Social University. It was attended by more than 500 demographers, economists, sociologists, religious figures and societal leaders.  During the discussions, it was agreed that the breakdown of the family in Russia is  responsible for the current demographic problem.

The World Congress of Families will be meeting in the Kremlin in September, 2014.  The conference is called "Large Families - Future of Humanity".

Not everyone will agree with the Russian solutions.  However, pro-family initiatives are directed at protecting children and restoring family life in Russia.  This is contrary to the prevailing characterization of these initiatives as anti-gay.  The latter is both a misleading and inaccurate assessment of the situation.

Source: REAL Women of Canada

First Comment by Dan

Back in the 1920's when Lenin and Trotsky dissolved marriage, and decriminalized homosexuality, the timing was lousy.  Russia needed to catch up with the Industrial Revolution, and there was another world war looming only two decades ahead.  It was no time to be screwing around with 'sexual revolution'.

That was a primary reason that Stalin drove Trotsky out of Russia and purged his followers when he got the chance.

Today Russia's population is plummeting, just as C. Gwendolyn Landolt writes.   Frankly, the same thing is happening in the USA and Canada, but it's hidden underneath the massive importing of immigrant labor.  Here, it's actually a routine of replacing the last generations of American workers with hungrier ones who'll work for less and are used to less freedom.   Russia isn't following that pattern. I think for them it would be a nightmare to go that direction.

They have to restore the social value of families and traditional, respectable role models for boys and girls to follow.

Make no mistake, the middle class Americans and Canadians that go back half a century and more are being 'pruned' off the tree.

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Comments for "Russian Family Law is not Anti-Gay "

Sandeep said (October 10, 2013):

A very strong, hard-hitting article about Russia. Completely true. Enjoyed reading it. This should be shown to all those morons who keep on bashing something they don't have any clue about.

JG said (October 9, 2013):

Putin is trying so hard to eradicate the Marxist Cancer that permeated the culture of Russia for the last 100 years.

A Christian Revival is so desperately needed in Russia and the World if humanity is to survive.
The Gay Activist Agenda is to implement a "no tolerance" movement that would lawfully ban any protection of heterosexual Christians and their families from these predators and their perverted ideology.

They have already successfully implemented this in America by allowing Gay/Lesbian adoption of children and therefore denying them the freedom of choice for a heterosexual home.

Vampires can't survive off other Vampires for too long, they need innocent victims to corrupt and devour.

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