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Israel a Prison for US "Deadbeat Dad"

November 11, 2013

Saul is an American Jew, a professional, who is a prisoner in Israel because of feminist child support laws. He tells his story and describes sexual mores in Israel today.

by "Saul"

I'm an American "oleh hadash" [new immigrant] in Israel now 5 years.  My Israeli ex-wife apparently had divorce in mind as soon as we planned to make aliyah, and after two years here she achieved it.  I and my four American-born kids are all literally prisoners in Israel, not allowed to leave even to visit my elderly parents in California.
I just served my first of what will likely be many prison terms (two weeks this first time) for the crime of "mezinot" -- inability to pay child support based on four children and the logic under Jewish law that the father is always 100% responsible for the children's financial well-being and the mother 0%.

I am not allowed to leave the country.  I actually tried recently, using only my American passport, which I needed to have reissued as my Israeli ex stole my passports and the kids' as well before telling me she wanted a divorce.  I was hoping the border patrol would assume I'm a tourist and that my ex didn't go to the trouble of blocking both my US and Israeli passports.  No such luck, I was not allowed to cross into Jordan "to go see Petra."
spris.jpgA week later, I was awakened at 4:30 am by three police officers, hauled before a judge in downtown Tel Aviv, cuffed, and sentenced to 14-days in prison for not being able to pay all of the child support the court awarded to and began paying to my ex earlier this year.  The prison experience itself was very interesting, and I went into it with the frame of mind that I was doing research.  Low security is what I got, within a high security prison, but outside the main block. 

Anyways, between reading, writing and playing ping pong and basketball with some new friends, my time went fairly rapidly and the experience was all in all enjoyable.  Yes, it's humiliating to be paraded through downtown Tel Aviv in ankle cuffs, and I can hardly say it's a pleasant experience to undergo a day of sitting through the tedious bureaucracy of the Israeli police or courts prior to sentencing, but all things being equal, it was not a big deal.  Lucky for me, my life post divorce has been one in which I am used to living quite modestly such that my experience in prison wasn't all that bad.  It actually reminded me a bit of my first year of college at UNV, living in the cramped on-campus dorms with the crummy dorm food.

Of course, my Israeli wife (now ex, as I was happy to give her the ghet and be rid of her spiritually) well knew the law here and it was one of her key reasons for divorcing -- that and her being a very shallow Satanist and adulteress, like most modern secular Israelis.  She knew the Zionist government would pay her according to each child IF she divorced even if I, the father could not. 

The anti-family court here did not want to set a precedent despite acknowledging that the woman was a liar and adulteress, nor did they take into consideration her native Hebrew and huge family / support network here relative to my NONE of either. She knew she would be rewarded for divorcing with children, and she took 
advantage of it.

Based on ancient Jewish law, the father is ALWAYS 100% responsible for his children financially, the mother 0% -- and yet, the women work and earn as much as the men, and they are as liberated in all ways (ie: prone to having affairs, sleeping around, hooking up.)  In other words, my ex was not at all unusual.  She is now working one full time job, one part time "black' job (not paying taxes) AND receiving two rather substantial payments from the government, one from social security for the four kids (something we got as a couple too --- the governments way to encourage couples to have more kids = more soldiers) AND the even bigger child support payment that I cannot afford, but the government pays her anyways. 

generalex1.jpgShe is THRIVING, but, the kids have no father at home and a mother who is very rarely home.  Indeed, she is like many Israeli women in this regard sexually liberated, she considers herself a "very sexual person" and she spends a great deal of time with her divorced Israeli boyfriend.  She openly fornicates with this man during the week -- he comes over to her house, where the kids all live, usually around 11:00 pm at night, just to spend the night, leaving the next morning as the kids leave for school.  She, and her boyfriend, tell the kids they are "like married."  Amazingly, this woman's last words to me after I gave her the ghet were, "Now I can fuck whoever I want," to which I replied, "That must make your boyfriend very happy to hear."

What is more alarming is that she, and other Satanic mothers like her, are abusing another rule of law in this country, and that is to use the police and courts to harass the father (the term mothers use is "make your life a living hell") and the police and courts are totally complicit in this.

There are no ramifications for a woman who makes outrageous claims and is proven to be a liar.  The courts simply say, "What can we do?  It's a divorce case," and the woman is let off the hook. 

Meanwhile, the fathers lose custody of their children, often lose even visitation rights, which is what my evil ex-wife is still trying to do two years after getting her precious divorce -- all in the hopes that the father will commit suicide, sadly not uncommon here.  Losing all hope of financial independence, followed by persistent harassment from the police and courts and loss of even seeing their children lead some men to call it quits. 

The law in Israel actually rewards the mother further if her ex or estranged husband dies, whether it be suicide or accident or natural causes. She then gets a widows benefit, even if she was already divorced, again based on how many children she has, and this is actually worth more than the default minimum child support the government will pay.

Israeli men and women learn during their mandatory military service how to keep "what goes on in Vegas, staying in Vegas." What I mean by this is, both Israeli men and women are VERY good at extramarital affairs -- keeping these things secret -- and indeed, I think it's fair to say they expect it of each other, the opposite sex.

121scah.jpg For instance, a young man or young woman will enter the army at age 18, most having a girlfriend or boyfriend on the "outside."  But, on the inside, sexual activity is rampant.  The Israeli army is a very loose knit thing, soldiers clothes are not worn "crisply," it's actually quite lax relative to my experience with the American voluntary army -- though I never served, I had plenty of friends who did.  The concept of sexual harassment is far different in this country than in America, largely because both women and men here love to flirt and from their army experience, don't consider it a big deal to "hook up."

I cannot imagine a country more liberated in terms of women doing everything that men do.  They serve mandatory military duty from age 18 to 19.5 (during which time they are literally passed around like sex toys by all kinds of men, generally older -- career officers, as well as the mandatory 18 to 21 years olds.)  After the army women enter careers such as police officers, prison guards, attorneys, judges, Ministers of the Knesset (Parliament) and even Prime Minister (Golda Meir and candidate Tzipi Livni).  There's no other way to describe the secular society in Israel other than one in which women are incredibly liberated and empowered.


My advice to Israeli men, and most specifically new immigrants here, is "Rent or lease; do not buy."  And by this I do not mean frequent the very many prostitutes that are all over Tel Aviv, many Russian ladies who come here just for that lucrative business -- I mean, date, have girlfriends, whatever, but do not marry them. 

The law literally encourages women to divorce AFTER they have kids.  It's just terribly unfair to the kids, and I think criminal to create these situations where the father is impoverished and can barely afford to see his children, while the slutty mother is rewarded and living high on the hog, albeit unmarried and in 99.99% of the cases done having children.
I hope this gives you some perspective on male-female relations in this country.  Not many people are aware that we live in an increasingly Satanic world, or that the lifestyle they are choosing is a Satanic one.  My ex, for instance, truly believes she is a religious and virtuous woman, telling herself all kinds of lies to convince herself she is "like married" and her actions must be okay, because the law is on her side.  She would sneer at the very idea that Zionism is an arm of Satanism.




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First Comment from Phillip in South Africa:

I may live in a "Third World Country",  (South Africa) but at least we have a decent Constitution. I was divorced from my second wife, and I had to pay X amount Child Support every month. In fact, I exceeded what I had to pay. But the law in our country states that for every cent given by the father must be matched by a cent from the mother. IOW, it's a 50/50 situation.

She tried to summon me to court once to increase the child support from me, and I had to travel to her town 200 km away for the hearing.  BTW, my ex was unemployed and living with her parents. When the prosecutor saw what I was contributing, he threw the matter out of court, and my ex's brother had to pick up the tab for the attorney he had engaged. I represented myself.

Today my kids are grown up and both hold down decent jobs. Besides, when each child finished High School they chose to voluntarily to come and live with my new wife and me till they finished college. So her child support stopped the day they moved in with me.

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Comments for "Israel a Prison for US "Deadbeat Dad""

Asyia said (November 12, 2013):

This is why Islam has very strict rules in law. They recognize not to trust a woman’s word entirely so they require twice as many women to testify in court as men… I understand that it sounds sexist but time and time again many women have shown to be liars and very manipulative and deceptive all around. Take it from a woman herself.

The Quran has very detailed outlines of conduct in legal matters, marriage, divorce and money dealings and all of it is the solution to the problems we are facing in our secular countries. Islam goes entirely with human nature. The Quran was written as a succession to the Bible and Torah, solving all the shortcomings they had and clarifying a lot of issues and changes made to them. It is indeed a divine book though. It is considered the best piece of Arabic literature ever written and with good reason and it has been unchanged from 1400 years ago. I recommend people understand Islamic law in the state of what is happening in our “modern” societies.

This is the chapter of the Quran that I highly recommend that details a lot of these matters:

When they
are told, ‘Do not cause corruption
in the land,’ they say, ‘We are
only promoters of peace,’ but
it is they who are really causing
corruption, though they do not
When they meet those who
believe, they say, ‘We believe.’
But when they are alone with
their evil leaders, they say, ‘We
are really with you; we were
only mocking.’ God will
requite them for their mockery,
and draw them on, for a while, to
wander blindly in their insolence.

Peter said (November 12, 2013):

suggest this man seeks to escape via the sea to Cyprus or failing
that tries to pass into Gaza and then from there to Eygpt then to the
US embassy to seek repatriation to the US. He might want to try
seeking asylum in another country but most are now lackeys of Zionism so he will have to choose carefully.

If he gets to see his kids at all he should try to encourage the most trusted one to find and return his passports from the Whore then he
might be able to cross into Eygpt at the Taba crossing in the northern Sinai.

Dan said (November 12, 2013):

If Saul were a British citizen living in the US, Immigration could revoke his 'Green Card'- which means he'd be deported. He's being "held prisoner" because like a dumb schmuck he made himself an Israeli citizen. Sounds like this diabolical witch understood that before she sprung the trap.

It's like what "Girl writes what" on Youtube says: before feminism, men provided for a woman to be his wife and mother of his children. Under feminism, women expect to be provided for by men they used as sperm donners. [1]

Saul's is only one of hundreds Jewish Americans aliyah horror stories.[2] So many over the years had such culture shock, were treated so badly by the Gestapo-like Israeli bureaucracy, high prices and impossibly long lines that American emigration to Israel plummeted. By 2004 the Israeli government offered "Instant aliya" to Americans - without actually moving to Israel. They don't really need millions of American Jews moving to Israel. They'd rather they stay in America and keep sending generous tax deductible bucks to Israel and US Zionist NGO's.

[1] Men not marrying? How deep does "the problem" go?

[2] The Israeli Bureaucracy | The Aliyah Survival Blog -

JG said (November 11, 2013):

What a strange coincidence that Israeli "dead beat dad laws" are so similar to America's.
I wonder who is writing America's laws these days? If your answers is an "anti-Semitic" one than you have guessed right.

Modern Talmudic Israeli Ideology puts it's man -made doctrines over humanity, including the Jew himself. The emphasis on the Jewish Mother "first" rules in the very acceptance of who is really a Jew and who is not. It is purely gender discriminatory and racial in it's nature.they
This is the very reason why the Jews have propagated and instigated the feminist movement in America and in the "free world". As in Israel, so it must be in all of the world.

They really have it all wrong because the Church is the Virgin Bride of Jesus Christ and not the "cast away" adulterous bride of Modern Day Israel.

Les said (November 11, 2013):

For one thing, those aren't women, they're whores. And, there would be absolutely no danger of me hooking up with any of them as I wouldn't be caught dead anywhere in that wretched country. The only thing 'holy' about that place are it's walls... from bullets and other ordinance.

What magick is employed that the world is mesmerized by such an evil culture? Left on it's own, Israel would fulfill it's destiny in natural selection and implode upon itself. No other nation would need to lift a finger against it.

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