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Obama's "Contras" Slaughter Christians in Syria

November 9, 2013

syria-christian-massacre-3.pngLeft. US-backed Islamists massacre an entire Christian village

The enemy of Christians is not the Muslims. The enemy is Illuminati Jews and Masons. The United States government is an instrument of their satanic agenda.

As Charles Upton shows, the Prophet Mohammed prohibited hostile acts against Christians. But the Saudi-American-Israeli backed Islamist faction has no hesitation to slaughter Christians in Syria. Where are American Christians? Charles Upton is leading an initiative to build Christian-Muslim solidarity.

As a Syrian Orthodox priest said to me "there's a saying in the Mid-East: 'When the American Flag goes up, the Christians disappear.'"

by Charles Upton

Until recently the Wahhabi/Salafi (Islamist) extremists wore the mask of "the only Muslims with guts enough to fight U.S. imperialism", which meant that Muslims disgusted by their atrocities still couldn't reject them, in part because they felt guilty for not being as committed to defending Islam as these mad dogs.

Nusra-Front.jpgBut NOW, with the U.S. openly supporting the Syrian rebels who are attacking churches and massacring Christians, all that's changed. Now for the first time Muslims can oppose the Wahhabis openly.

Virtually all major interfaith initiatives have been under the control of the globalists, opposing the Islamist (Wahhabi/Salafis) and acting as a smokescreen for Western support for them. But now we have a rare opportunity to blow that smoke away.


Dr. John Andrew Morrow has published a book entitled The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World (available through Amazon). These treaties which the author discovered in obscure monasteries and libraries command Muslims  not to attack peaceful Christian communities, rob them, stop churches from being repaired, tear down churches to build mosques, prevent their Christian wives from going to church, etc.

On the contrary, the Prophet orders Muslims to actively protect these communities "until the End of the World". To publicize this book, we are starting something called the Covenants Initiative, which allows Muslims to sign on to the proposition that the covenants of Muhammad are legally binding on them today.

The agenda of the New World Order is to destroy or control all of the major world religions. Now that Europe is no longer Christian and India no longer really Hindu--it has been estimated that no more that 5% of its population actually practices traditional Hinduism--and Buddhism broken up in China and Southeast Asia by the Communists, Islam remains the only major civilization in the world still partly based on a divine revelation.

This is why the Middle East is under massive attack by both internal subversion and external military action. And if the remnant of Christianity is annihilated or driven from its ancient homelands in the process, that's just gravy on the roast.

obamad.jpgAs an Antiochian Orthodox priest said to me (the Antiochian Orthodox are based in Syria), "there's a saying in the Mid-East: 'When the American Flag goes up, the Christians disappear.'"

 The religious policy of the New World Order is twofold: In the West, to co-opt the religions by preaching interfaith amity under government patronage; in the East, to divide and conquer.

At a recent Christian/Muslim Dialogue, a Muslim from India said agents provocateurs fan out through the community, throwing slaughtered pigs into mosques and dragging slaughtered cows into temples, leadingto Muslim/Hindu riots the next day. Globalist agents are using the same tactics to incite violence between Shi'ites and Sunnis. The U.S occupation in Iraq outlawed the Sunni Baath Party (founded by Christians) and set up a primarily Shi'ite puppet regime in order to permanently destabilize Iraq.

As Noam Chomsky said in a personal email, the U.S. often supported Muslim extremists to prevent the emergence of strong Islamic nation-states, which are seen as the "real enemy". That's the "Arab Spring" in a nutshell.


We plan to forward the Covenants Initiative along and copies of the book to Christian leaders in the Middle East, North Africa, The Holy Land and Ethiopia, who are threatened by "Muslim extremists", or mercenaries posing as such.

After 9/11 and the Boston Marathon bombing, Muslims must do something to break the identification of Islamist terrorism with all Islam. Muslims need to move beyond protesting, "we're not all terrorists ", and take a strong public stance in support of peaceful Christians presently under attack. Several well-known Muslim figures have already signed the Covenants Initiative, and interest seems to be growing.

The United States, following the British, has been sponsoring Islamist terrorism at least since the CIA trained the future al-Qaeda as anti-Soviet insurgents in Afghanistan. The U.S. has supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and is presently funneling arms to the Islamists in Syria, whom some call "Obama's Contras" .

Simultaneously the western powers are waging a bogus "war on terror". This contradiction is so total that it has stunned the populace of the western nations into a kind of political catatonia.

Since it is totally unexpected for Muslims to come out publicly in defense of Christians,
the Covenants Initiative has the potential of waking them up. You can find out more about the Initiative, and The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World, here.
Charles Upton, 64, is an American Muslim, metaphysician, poet, and sometime antiwar activist. He has published 3 books of poetry and 13 in the genre of "metaphysics and social criticism". He is co-editor of "The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World" by Dr. John Andrew Morrow, and convener of the Covenants Initiative. He lives
in Lexington KY.


Syrian Perspective

First Comment from Dan:

I live in a major US city near a medical center.  I see Muslims every day.  US Muslim immigration is almost exclusively college educated - not peasant refugees from US wars overrunning Europe and and the UK.   Nobody harasses them to their faces, and they keep a low profile,  but I've sometimes heard anti-Muslim talk behind their backs.   I lived through the 60's Civil Rights era so to me it looks like the impulse toward racism merely transferred from blacks to Middle East and East Asian Muslims.

When I've heard it, I've always said something openly to bring them back to common sense.  We all have to stand up for each other's women and children.  We don't want to see anybody's children slaughtered. God doesn't want that.  The guilty ones are far away having dinner in tailored suits or having sex with prostitutes in other time zones.

Of course media and Federal policy and rhetoric have been pushing mindless hatred of "Muslims" for 34 years already.  (Americans, remember Ted Koppel's "Nightline" during the 'Hostage Crisis' in 1979?)

It was a change in State Department Policy directed by Carter's Secretary of State Zbignew Brzezinski.  The big boys at Chatham House decided that the early 20th century British/French policy of propping up secular governments in the Middle East  under Westernized dictators was obsolete.   The problem was the rise of a well educated, worldly, wealthy middle class in Iran that threatened to spread throughout the Middle East all the way to Pakistan.   Shah Palavi and others had been standing up on their hind legs since the founding of OPEC, so it was decided by the West to change the rules, knock over the chessboard and start over.   I can't say if Brzezinski invented the new strategy of 'destabilization', but he sure implemented it.

And that's what's been going on ever since.   For the complete timeline history of Anglo-British, and now Globalist war on Islam read 'The Devil's Game' by Robert Dreyfus.

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Comments for "Obama's "Contras" Slaughter Christians in Syria "

Anonymous said (November 10, 2013):

American "Christians" have become liberal, political correct and decadent lovers of pleasures and comforts. They need preachers to tell them they are fine the way they are and can sin all day long. They need someone to sugarcoat the word of God as if they can't read. Any
group including the "church" is prone to corruption. "Call no man father, call no man teacher". God is your Father, Christ is your

If you are supporting Israel and bringing refugees from Somalia,Sudan, Bosnia and elsewhere why don't you bring your persecuted
brothers to what once was a Christian nation.

James Petroff said (November 9, 2013):

The Illuminati hierarchy knows it must destroy BOTH Christianity and Islam in order to establish its satanic “New World Order.” Christians and Muslims should not harken to voices which try to make them war against each other.

I agree 100 percent that Christians and Muslims should stand together against the tyranny now unfolding against them both. By “stand together,” I do not mean an ecumenical blurring together of the two religions—I am talking about living as peaceful allies, and recognizing that the REAL enemy is Satan and his minions.

JG said (November 9, 2013):

Good question Charles, where is the Christian American outrage over these murders of Syrian Christians?

Well believe me, there is outrage here but it's silenced by the MSM so it appears to not exist at all.

The Televangelists won't risk their personal empire by speaking out against these atrocities unless the Muslims can be blamed for it.

If it's Communists or Israelis murdering Christians than outrage is silenced.

The Christian Church still does exist in America but it exists mostly with the poor.

They do "good works" for God here and go almost unnoticed for it.

They are not members of the Tea Party or any other politically controlled organization.
They don't live in big homes with big yards or drive expensive cars.

Their wealth is in their love for God and fellow man.

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