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Physics Debunked?

November 30, 2013

(Isaac Newton, left, was a member of the "club.")

If you think, that only social sciences, law, history and literature are hijacked, you did not pay attention. Think that mathematics and physics are free? Think again.

(Editor's Note: I present this article for discussion. I am not in a position to gauge its accuracy, but it is consistent with our article on the "Scientific Dictatorship".)

From Zezlowaty Zorro
Our Polish Correspondent

The real achievement of people like you is rattling people awake from their stupor. It is no mean feat, taking into account that all of education, sciences, culture and media have been thoroughly corrupted for generations already.

All you hear, read and study is disinformation. It takes tremendous effort to break out from the matrix.

If you think, that only social sciences, law, history and literature are hijacked, you did not pay attention. Think that mathematics and physics are free? Think again.

Starting from this initial assumption, namely that physics had to be corrupted a long time ago, I discovered that it started with Rosicrucian Issac Newton and his laws of dynamics.

B7_albert_einstein.jpgNext stop, Albert Einstein and the mysterious thousand mirrors quantum circus. Wonder why he never got to unified field theory, on which he reportedly worked for over thirty years? Wonder why we never got any further, that his circus lasted for exactly hundred years, just coincidentally the lifetime of the FED bank?

The reverse disinformation analysis shows that the missing link lies before our very eyes from the time of Newton consists of the undeniable fact that gravity has no stable foundation in physics. Never had. Therefore it cannot be incorporated in any unified field theory.

Gravity is a figment of Newtonian disinformation, resting on his naked, arbitral assumption of MASS.

What is a mass? Mass is. So said Newton. And it causes gravity obviously. Said Newton.

In reality, no mass exists and therefore there is no gravity. What we observe in microscale and macroscale is not a gravitational pull of some fundamental mass concept, but an electromagnetic phenomenon.

The so-called gravitational field is electromagnetic, exactly like radio and light is, with one generic difference, i.e. gravity comes from rotation of the electromagnetic field of elementary particles [vortex]. All particles are simply stable, self-contained, self-resonating, convoluted bunches of electromagnetic waves that vibrate and revolve, creating by this revolution a vortex, a pull on every other brother particle in the universe. That's all there is to gravity. Electromagnetic vortex.

No fundamental mass exists. There is only electromagnetic waves rotating and vibrating, that's all. The quantum mumbo-jumbo is a scam and a dead end.

There is no fundamental mass and gravity and it should be revised, starting from Newton. Why? Because he was obviously a member of THE CLUB. Check the facts and then you can start to think about it critically. Where is fundamental gravity? Nowhere. That's where it is.

Tesla_circa_1890.jpgTesla was obviously keenly aware of this and therefore so did many experiments with electromagnetism. Because it is all waves... And that's why his work was confiscated.

You know the shills will ridicule this and try to find some way to throw it in the heap with UFO's and reptilians.

But the solid fact remains, that Newtonian physics cannot be combined with quarks mumbo-jumbo. I did the disinformation analysis. And it turned out the total information control, meaning sciences: mathematics, physics, history, starts with modern capitalism under London. This is an observable fact. The matrix will lash out at this feverishly, because it touches at its foundations.

All of modern science is censored and corrupted. It is an undeniable fact.

For your information, I could build my vortex gravity model further and I know - thanks to the internet - that this invention was made in parallel by many people already. I found it out, when searched for found solution, i.e. invented model :-) But it ruins the very foundations of official science and shows where the hidden doors are. That is dangerous to the secret military projects, energy control, free energy and Nazi anti-gravity vimana power. It is real and it relies on vortex... Suddenly everything made sense...

"Science"- The Matrix of Masonic Mind Control
Isaac Newton was a Cabalist
Newton Collection available online

The best illustration I've seen of how gravity "really" works, electromagnetically (and the author is correct in that gravity really is electromagnetic) is a series of YouTube videos called the Primer Fields   (Thanks Paul!)
Peter Redpath has made a similar argument   (Thanks Robert)    (Thanks Zhito!)

First Comment from Kevin Boyle:

A number of Quantum Physicists, including one I know, are resigning their posts because it is being demanded of them that they cover up the failure of quantum physics and string theory to come up with anything useful during recent years. String theory is false. The Nobel Prize awarded for "finding" the Higgs Boson was a fraud. (ask CERN to show the evidence for their great discovery and they will not provide it). The $8 billion CERN accelerator has discovered NOTHING new. Physics is stuck. It is where it was in the late 1800's before anomalies relating to measurements of the speed of light were explicable by the mathematics of Special Relativity. But....the physics 'establishment' will not allow this to be admitted in public. I asked my academic friend about the politics of the conflict. (his life has been turned upside down by his refusal to participate in this fraud). He, who never struck me as being religious, said something startling. "This is disastrous. It is a war against truth. It is war against God. I now believe there are many things that God does not want us to know. These people want to force the public to believe that science has ALL the answers. That the universe is simply material. We do not know everything yet but this is just a matter of time. Eventually science will reveal everything......but it will not."

Comment from Dan:

Nineteen Eighty Four, O'Brien "revealing the method" to a perplexed Winston:

O'Brien : "We control matter because we control the mind, Winston. There is nothing that we could not do. Invisibility. You must get rid of those nineteenth-century ideas about the laws of Nature. We make the laws of Nature."

Winston: "But you do not! You are not even masters of this planet...the world itself is only a speck of dust. For millions of years the earth was uninhabited."

O'Brien : '"Nonsense. The earth is as old as we are, no older. How could it be older? Nothing exists except through human consciousness....

For certain purposes, of course, that is not true. When we navigate the ocean, or when we predict an eclipse... Do you suppose it is beyond us to produce a dual system of astronomy? The stars can be near or distant, according as we need them. Do you suppose our mathematicians are unequal to that? Have you forgotten doublethink?"

Einstein's Relativity popularized the slogan "it's all relative".   Einstein was talking about space and time.  That was above most peoples' heads. Why then was he made the greatest celebrity of the early 20th century at the dawn of World War I?

The papers and schools ran the meme to promote something that had nothing to do with physics - "truth is relative".  You've said it yourself during some time in life - that's how slogans work.  They get us to say things that form ideas that we breathe like air.   They even made a TV series called IT'S ALL RELATIVE in 2003-04, "an ABC sitcom about a man who dates the adoptive daughter of a gay couple, which forces their very different families to learn to coexist."

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Comments for "Physics Debunked? "

LC Vincent said (December 2, 2013):

Your Polish author, "Zezlowaty Zorr", is right on the money. Darwinism and evolution have been promoted to make humanity think we ascended from animals and apes; to cut us off from the divine spark of creation as separate from God. In fact, it gives many so-called scientists the intellectual wiggle room to declare that they are atheists. Evolution was pushed to separate Mankind from thinking of ourselves as part of God's purposeful creation.

Einstein was promoted to the public to lead science down into a perpetual quagmire, a circular maze with no exit. This was done to purposely suppress the valid discoveries of Tesla, who rejected Einstein's Theory of Relativity.

The main purpose of promoting Einstein -- in addition to the implantation of that poisonous mental meme, that everything is "relative" and so one cannot possibly be expected to choose Good or Evil -- is the suppression of the fact that it is possible to travel faster than the speed of light, which since Einstein, has been used to hammer all scientists over the head as the "universal" speed limit.

Why was this promoted? Very simply: to keep us from prying open that "other" school of physics, which would enable people to think in terms of space travel to the stars and the planets beyond our own solar system, or to put it more symbolically, to raise their eyes and aspirations to the heavens.

Einstein's equation became a mental "visor" to keep us attached to this planet, to keep us Earthbound, not just physically, but also to reign in our thought. Opening that door to the "other" physics opens access to free, universal energy that can be tapped and harnessed forever, freeing mankind from the control of the Energy cartel, and thence the Banking cartel.

This admission of this New Physics would open the door towards the freedom of Mankind from both the spheres of energy and finance. It is for this reason that Tesla was savagely suppressed, and Einstein promoted as the definition of "genius" -- "the smartest man who every lived.".... except that he was a plagiarist, a fraud, and a shill for The Illuminati.

Edgar Lucidi said (December 2, 2013):

The presentation & comments in “Physics debunked?” were excellent! I recommend that the works of Robert Sungenis and Robert Bennett be read as they provide in depth cogent evidence that both Galileo and Einstein were wrong. Both my mother-in-law Anita von Ah and my mathematician cousin, Clair Barsotti, were adamant in their assessment of Einstein as an unintelligent mathematician and plagiarist.

F said (December 1, 2013):

Roger Schlafly on his blog Dark Buzz ( attempts to clarify what in modern Physics is known and provable and what is unknown and unprovable and probably wrong. He has also written a book, How Einstein Ruined Physics which explains how Einstein's explanations for how he derived his ideas have been used by later disciples to take Physics wildly off course and out the sphere of reality.

M said (December 1, 2013):

I believe the first article by the "Polish" man is correct. I have had an inkling of this through listening to non-establishment scientists on the internet, some of whom are Christian, others of whom may be Christian.

I am mortified that my beloved son became a Ph.D. in Science, and the spirit of scientific inquiry has gone out of him. I have at times, even with my limited scientific knowledge (I majored in English)found that he was wrong on certain scientific matters, and was willingly closing his mind to evidence. He was a gifted, creative young man, but had it all kicked out of him by the establishment. He is, of course, an atheist.
My life is just grief now.

My husband was an engineer, and in that field, one could be a "scientist" without being a nincompoop.

One could actually make airplanes that flew. I was very impressed with what he did.

Henry if you post this please remove my name or put a false name like Antonia. I live in the same horrid city where my son lives, Los Alamos. I am so sorry Los Alamos ever existed, but of course, there is a big problem with saying so.

Bruno said (December 1, 2013):

You are absolutely right with all you said about Quantum Physics and Relativity Theory. It is well known in the meantime that there is a physics of an 'electric universe'. Obviously is has been suppressed by the oh so objective modern physics establishment. You get 34 million hits if you like to read more.

The sham physics cannot explain many things like how the sun really works without any of the at present logical contradictions. And how come all the craters are flat on the moon if supposedly they were all impact craters. All these things can very easily be explained by an electric i.e. electromagnetic physics like in high voltage discharge physics.

But you made a very interesting comment namely that normal people cannot understand the high contortionist physics. That is so because they were not supposed to. All they needed to understand is that everything was relative. That in fact became the 'scientific' basis for the abolishment of all moral and theological precepts, concepts, norms, and objective facts.

Everything would be up for grabs. People, or rather the concomitant sham of absolute individualism, were the ultimate authority about everything. You can clearly find this trend very easily especially in theological thoughts of the early 20th century. The classical Gotteswahn. Very cleverly done.

Stephen Coleman said (December 1, 2013):

Here is a very interesting article of the lengths the orthodoxy will go to to suppress actual science. Newton himself was one of the great suppressors.

Denis Papin invented the steam engine over 100 years before it was "invented" and Newton took a direct and active part in it's suppression.

This article does an excellent job backing Mr. Zorro's article.

Peter said (December 1, 2013):

Interesting and thought provoking. What else in science is not true? Anyway, for now, this gravity thing is just an accusation... the apple does fall to the ground. If gravity truly doesn't exist, there must be some scientists outside the matrix that can confirm it. But how do we know they are not entangled themselves?

Hope this is not creationist inspired. 2 + 2 is still 4, even I can prove that. And we DO have genes. My kids look like me.

Trevor said (December 1, 2013):

"When asked if he leaned toward the acceptance of any particular theory of gravitation: "No, no, no, I accept neither theory, I accept no theory of gravitation. Present science has no right to attempt to explain gravitation. We know nothing about it. We simply know nothing about it." -Lord Kelvin[Quoted in Invisible Light (1900) by George Woodward Warder]

Chad said (December 1, 2013):

The question I have about Newton is the following: Karl Marx supposedly didn’t write the Communist Manifesto but was the front man through which is was published. William Shakespeare was not the true author but the front man for the writing society under the guidance of Sir Francis Bacon. On that note, was Newton really the person to “discover” the calculus at his young age or was he the talented youth used to present age old knowledge to the world (by the “architects”)? I think I had heard at some point that Einstein was a front person too.

Not sure where to research that is it’s primarily a suspicion at this point, given the pattern of events.

Brian said (December 1, 2013):

I enjoyed the "Physics Debunked" article. I've long suspected that many tenets of scientific orthodoxy (Darwinian macroevolution, heliocentrism, Newtonian physics, Einsteinian relativitity, Nuclear science, evrything out of NASA) are disinfo designed to make us easier to manipulate and control. You might enjoy poking around at , where they delve into subjects such as this in depth, with a focus on media fakery. We're starting to unravel the matrix

Adrian said (December 1, 2013):

Regarding the recent posts on science:

Yes, Einstein is a phony. E=Mc2 comes from Maxwell, 36 years prior.

The equations in Special Relativity were derived by Hendrik Lorentz.

The equations in General Relativity were derived better by others and may have been completely were derived by others.

God of Random

The indoctrination to the God of Random started simultaneously with the Darwin/Einstein myths. Big Bang="random" quantum fluctuations.
Life="random" cosmic rays impacting DNA. Thus the elite manipulators provide "answers" to the big existential questions.

Quantum Mechanics

Nonetheless, let us not throw the baby out with the bath water.

Quantum Mechanics, ridiculed by some posters, is a very simple affair, derived in 20 minutes at undergraduate first year : take the equations
of a sound wave and add the postulate that energy comes in packets (quanta). It often mentioned that Quantum Mechanics (QM) is our most
precise and most widely applied (all modern electronics) physical theory. QM is used as a black box because there is no agreed physical
interpretation. I suspect most posters against QM are railing against the wild God of Random QM inspired dreams such as multiverse
speculation: that for every event that happens, say a tails of a coin toss, a separate universe branches off this one in which the alternatives are true, in this case a head. Let us not call it a theory because it can't be tested.

There are scores of alternative theorists like Meyl, referred to by poster Krister, below. The best source of alternative science is the Natural Philosophy Alliance, www.worldnpa.or : a group of about 8000 qualified scientists thinking independently of the high priests of
controlled science. Unfortunately, since the media and science are controlled, it is impossible for any theory competing with God of
Random to get publicized.

Witness "The Biological Basis of Religion and Genius by Gopi Krishna; Carl Freiherr Von Weizsacker (1972)" that I have referenced in prior posts.

Krister said (December 1, 2013):

A good read on Einstein and the falsification of science is Christopher Jon Bjerknes "THE MANUFACTURE AND SALE OF SAINT EINSTEIN". This is a heavy read on 2826 pages, who usually can be downloaded from Bjerknes homepage as a PDF (link seems to have been sabotaged, so here is an alternative link):

Tesla was not as Einstein a Jew and possible therefore not giving in to the agenda of the Jewish- and other bankers that runs this world. After giving the world our current electrical system and a lot of other innovations, both Tesla himself and his high end science had to be suppressed. Today there is a new man taking over the mantle of Tesla, Professor Konstantin Meyl of Germany, who inform us on the hidden energy (Scalar Waves), how the cells in our bodies communicates (also Scalar Waves) and present us with a new Unified Field Theory.

Prof. Meyl Homepage

Art Granda said (December 1, 2013):

The only problem if gravity were electromagnetic in nature the field should be reversible, making "anti-gravity" as easily achievable as directing electrons at phosphors on a TV tube. A one-way field has never been done to my knowledge, like a magnetic monopole existing I suppose in mathematics only.

That's what drove me from university physics, the rule that nature must conform to mathematics. Math and physics doesn't allow for a thermodynamics-busting Creator ... yet that is precisely what we got.

Gravity isn't a force, it's an acceleration. As such it is indistinguishable from other accelerations. Is the elevator accelerating upward what you feel or is it the earth accelerating downward? There is no way to be absolutely certain. Because of this there really is no way to unify as a force what in actuality is not a force at all.

My wild guess is that gravity is an acceleration of matter away from empty space. A repulsion instead of an attraction.

Anne said (November 30, 2013):

Regarding suppressed science: I recently stumbled on these youtube talks on geocentrism entitled "The Coming Scientific Revolution":, and

It would be astonishing if geocentrism turned out to be true, but we have been successfully snookered about so many fundamental truths of history and the sciences….

Also thought it curious, considering Michael Hoffman's recent post on the number 23 - to which you linked, the discussion of the 1920's discovery of universe-wide parallel layers at 23 degrees (the degree of inclination of the earth from north/south).

Mick said (November 30, 2013):

Academia has become infested with orthodoxy. If you look at that word (ortho=right, doxy=doctrine) it makes you wonder who determines what is "right." It doesn't seem to be based on empirical evidence.

Darwinism is orthodox despite evidence to the contrary. Try to succeed in academia without idolizing evolution theory. The big bang theory and the expanding universe are orthodox despite more plausible explanations. Orthodox medicine has proven to be deadly and of very limited value yet people continue to flock to it.

The doctrines of orthodox "nutrition science" have been proven false over and over again yet they continue to propagate the same old ideas while we become sicker and sicker because of it.

In almost every field anomalous empirical evidence is simply ignored in favor of holding on to orthodoxy. Real scientific progress has almost come to a standstill.


Thanks Mick

This is Communism (i.e. Satanism) - when political correctness trumps truth.


Al Thompson said (November 30, 2013):

The first time I decided to study a little of quantum physics, I realize that these so-called scientists had way too much time on their hands. They will make grand scientific statements and assumptions with no facts. Evolution is intended to get men and women to think that they are animals so that they can be more easily controlled by the slave system under "democratic" or "republican" rule. And so-called medical treatment is more dangerous than the disease itself. Most people think that the earth orbits the sun and spins at the speed of 1000 mph. The problem is that there are no experiments that can detect the motion of the earth. Yet, when all of us wake up in the morning, we can clearly see the sun rise in the east and set in the west. And since the earth is a sphere the motion of the sun reflects what most people see with their eyes. Yet, the powers that be, in their corrupted school system, will tell millions of children these lies and then call it education.

The important thing to notice with subjects like this is that many people are not interested in the truth and the facts that it represents. In my opinion, if a complicated subject cannot be taught to someone with average intelligence, then it probably isn't true and it is a bunch of twaddle.

A perverted or twisted view of science is just and dangerous as bad government and bad religion, because the distorted information twists the mind to places it shouldn't go.

Tony B said (November 30, 2013):

Henry, this is the sort of article you post that causes me to irritate the purely political outfits by telling them that your site is cutting edge and that politics is not changeable unless the money, at least, is made honest.

"Everyone" today is aware that politics amounts to bought and paid for prostitutes enslaving everyone else, doing the will of the super rich, so as to become somewhat enriched themselves, but most never have a single thought of reality close to these last two articles.

Nor will they even admit to anything that strikes them as supernatural.

Thanks for these, I'll send them around.

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