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Is History Shaped by Race?

November 25, 2013


Blood is the key to understanding politics and history, according to a rare book.

Semigotha (1912) is a 580-page historical-genealogical handbook written in German in tiny Gothic script. It claims to trace Jewish blood in German noble families, asserting that Jewish blood has "spoiled" German and European blood.

This book lists the family lines of thousands of Jewish surnames. In the introduction, it says that blood, (i.e. German race vs Jewish race) is of prime importance in understanding world events.

(Editor's Note: This curious book was mentioned by a European reader. I am grateful to him for translating a portion which I post to elicit more information and comment. It certainly fuels the debate/mystery over whether Jews are a race or a belief-system.)

by "Spectator"

The  Historical Genealogical pocketbook "Semigotha" was published in 1912 in Weimar by Kyffhäuser publishing house.

It claims that a "clear understanding of the Politics without detailed knowledge of Genealogy is not possible." (Privy council Prof. Ottokar Lorenz)


"Perception of  History in a way that does not have it`s roots in the Race perception is not thinkable any more."  (Möller van den Bruck)

The book is an aggregation of all male lines of Jewish blood, that are of the real oriental race type of ( incorrectly called Israelites) Jews or Hebrews who were Noble families in the past and are Noble families now, without taking into account their possible Christian confession or possible mixing of blood through marriage of Christian women - seen from the racial point of view.
The book consists of several thousand names of European nobility with a Jewish connection. It is extremely difficult to read because it is in a tiny font. I went through all the pages (there is no full index) and recognized the following names: Oppenheimer, Rothschild, Gomperz and Rhodes.
All in all, there are several thousand names/families. Very many Noble titles were simply bought with money, especially in Austria/Hungary.

Here are quotations from the Preface of the book which support its claims:

"Nobody may treat the Race principle indifferently. It is the KEY to world history and therefore history is often so confused because it was written by people who were not aware of the Race question and even less the pertaining moments. Wherever one may came across them, be it in a community or with an individual, one must recon with it. Language and Religion do not constitute a Race. Blood does." D`Israeli, Lord Beaconsfield

The book gives several examples of statements made by Jews themselves:

CCF14112012_00002.jpg(Thanks to readers, we now know the photo depicts King Melenik of Ethiopia,)

"Let us not forget where we came from! No more "German" Jews, no more "Portuguese" Jews! We are dispersed over the whole world, but still only one people! " Rabbi Salomon Lippmann

"The Jews are a Nation. We are Jews because we were born as Jews. A child of Jewish parents is Jewish. The birth gives him all obligations of a Jew and not through circumcision we become Jews. No, this cannot be compared with Christian baptism. We are not Jews because we were circumcised, but we circumcise our children because we are Jewish. The Seal of a Jews is given to us at the birth and this Seal we can not loosen or give up; even a Jew who denies his Religion, who lets himself baptized remains being a Jew and all his Jewish obligations remain with him forever." Archives Israelites 1864, Paris

"The Revolution is the Star of Judah, which shines upon the heads of Israel and will shine even more." Head body of the Alliance Univers. Israelite Sept 5. 1867

At the Jewish Congress in Basel 1898 Dr. Mandelstamm, Univ. Prof. from Kiev declared, that "Jews refuse to merge with the rest of the Nationalities with all energy and will stick to their historical hope (to rule the world)."

"Baptism or even crossbreed do not help at all. We remain Jews even in 100th generation, so as 3000 years ago. We do not get rid of the smell of our Race
( foetor judaicus), even after 10th crossbreed, and with any connection with a woman of any kind, our Race is dominant; young Jews will be born!"
Prof. Eduard Gans

"We are the chosen people! Proud may we keep our heads up and demand special right to be adored. We should not only have equal rights, but preferred rights!!!" Dr. Bernhard Cohn, 1899.

"We Jews are based on our oriental roots. As a consequence, an abysmal ethnological and cultural divide separates us from Aryans and especially from Germans. We are not in a position to claim even a smallest right on German customs. In one word, we have with Germans absolutely nothing in common!" Wiener jüd.Volksblatt 1903.

"What does the Jew want? You take the role of our Race completely wrong. The inventions of the steam engine, for example, are Aryan`s business. May he with the help of the taxpayer spend millions to build a railway and then starve in the attic, it is his business. Only then is the right moment for us to collect dividends. This is how you make business with a Goy.  Doesn`t Talmud say; a Jew is a human and what is not of Jewish Race is equal to animal? How is it in the 5th book of Moses, ch.6, line 11: "Jehova, your Master and God will give you houses full of goods, which you did not build and fill them, dug wells that you did not dig and vineyards that you did not Plant, so that you will eat and be full." James Rothschild writing to Isaak Pereira.

"Not only we, the Jews, are so degenerated and at the end with our exhausted and depleted culture. All Races of Europe -  maybe we have infected them, spoiled their blood. In general, everything today is already soaked with Jewishness. Our mind is everywhere alive; our spirit rules the world. We are the Masters, because whatever has power today is our child. One may hate us, expel us, may our enemies triumph over our weak bodies.
We can not be cast out. We have eaten our way into Nations, have soaked the Races, blighted, broke their will, made everything mellow, rotten and decayed with our insipid culture. Our spirit cannot be eradicated any more." Kurt Münzer, Road to Zion, 1910.

"One Reich, one Nation, one God"
Kaiser Wilhelm II

" An Exit from the Jewish Race is not possible. Whether the Jew speaks German or English, Polish or Hungarian or whatever else, even if he also adopted the Christian religion, he always remains a Jew."

Basic axiom of Hebraism says: "You shall set one of your brothers as a King over you. You cannot recognize somebody that is not of your Tribe to be your King." 5. Moses 17,15
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First Comment from Christopher-

I just wanted to clear up some confusion about the picture of a black man wearing a crown in your article, "Is history shaped by race'.  The moment I saw the picture I thought I recognized the crown as the one Haile Selassie I is often pictured wearing.  Once I zoomed in, I deciphered the text underneath as:  MENELIK/ NEGUS NEGESTI VON ATHIOPIE(?) 

I couldn't make out the last letter, but that is irrelevant as I know that "Negus Negesti" means King of Kings  in Amharic.  In other words, it says Menelik, King of Kings of Ethiopia.  Judging by the fact that '1912' is on the opposite page, I would assume this is Menelik II.

In the corner under the Lion of Judah, Star of David, and Alpha and Omega is written:  der lowe hat gesiegt aus dem Stamme Jude

which according to google translate means "the lion has triumphed from the Tribe of Judah".

In the common versions of the Bible, it is stated that the Queen of Sheba (Ethiopia/Abyssinia) came to visit King Solomon (before he completely lost it) bearing many gifts "and left with more than she came with", to make a long story short.  However, the Ethiopian bible which also contains several "deuterocanonical' books such as Enoch and Jubilees, tells a slightly different story which is also part of Ethiopian tradition.  The Ethiopia was ruled by celibate, virgin queens until that one met Solomon.  She stayed in his palace and one night was thirsty.  Solomon refused to give her a cup of water unless she would give him something, if you know what I mean.  The result was that she left  pregnant and had a son named Menelik, who was later sent to be educated by his father.  The result was a dynasty of kings descending from the House of David and the Tribe of Judah,  ending only when Ras Tafari, also called Haile Selassie I, was overthrown by a  Soviet-backed coup.

 I don't see why they would lie since they are not Khazars on a quest for global domination.  Also keep in mind that Israelites followed the father's lineage as opposed to Talmudic Jews following the mother's.   The Ethiopian royal family did convert to Christianity and every king was given the title "King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion of the Tribe Of Judah".  Yes, the Ethiopian Orthodox church was corrupted with idolatry (probably from their previous ties with Rome). Their bible was forbidden to be removed from the churches and was written in Ge'ez, a 'dead language' which was no longer spoken by anyone outside the clergy (remember the Latin mass?)  However, Ras Tafari had it translated into Amharic, the most common language, and distributed to the public.

And yes, there are Israelites living in Africa.  In Ethiopia, Sudan, Nigeria and undoubtedly other places you will find descendants of the Tribe of Dan and probably other tribes as well .  I saw a report on the BBC site about the Igbo tribe in Nigeria being encouraged to convert to Talmudism, and if you follow current event you would know about Ethiopian "Jew" women being forcibly sterilized by the state of Israel.  Originally Israel refused to recognize them and allow them entry because they didn't follow the Talmud, but courts found in their favor due to their undeniable ancestry.

As for your article, don't confuse "race" and bloodline.  Those are two different concepts.  Bloodline can be patriarchal or matriarchal, and what we call "race" usually has more to do with skin color.  In British colonies during slavery, white men were allowed (by law) to have sex with black women.  White women were not allowed to have sex with black men.  "Mullatoes" were still considered black, despite often having certain privileges, due to the fact that their mother was black.  But, if a criminally-inclined white woman gave birth to a black baby, the child would technically be "white".  Sound like the Talmud?

Maybe this is why a half-breed Kenyan name Obama was allowed to become the new global dictator - to them he is a white Jew.

I leave off with a quote from Ras Tafari's speech to the League of Nations in 1936 (which was set to music by Bob Marley in his song "War")
"Until the color of a man's skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes, everywhere will be war"


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Comments for "Is History Shaped by Race? "

Z said (November 27, 2013):

The photo in the text is of King Melenik of Ethiopia, a true Hebrew descendant, though I doubt he would approve of the hexagram above the Lion of Yahudah. Dana, Esther, & Tyson are correct in their writings.

Jew is an ideology based on Babylon Mystery Religion, which is used as the paradigm to pervert the Old Testament, thus creating Satan's chosen people- the Khazars- a corrupt counterfit of the Black Hebrews, as Satan is the corrupt counterfit of Yahweh God.

Dana said (November 26, 2013):

Does the pic of the "Jew " from the book look "negroid"?Or are my eyes failing me cause no one commented on the pic.


or Mongol?


Esther said (November 26, 2013):

Most definitely history is shaped by race. I noticed the very ethnically black features of the man on the inside cover of the Semigotha text, which isn't surprising when one considers the history of the Jacobeans (Israelites). True Egyptians and Arabs alike readily note that the Israelites are black.

Even Gamal Abdul Nasser gave the Europeans who sought to occupy Palestine a hard time and said he couldn't respect them because the Jews left Israel black and came back white.

In a book written by Robert Edward Herzstein and published by Time Life Books entitled: The Nazis, they discuss a film that notes the genetic heritage of the Jews being traced to the Oriental, Negro (Afro Asiatic), and the pictures they show of those Jacobeans are pictures of black people. (There's a video someone posted to YouTube entitled Adolf Hitler and the Black Jews that talks about that book.)

The historian Josephus Flavius also documented that the Israelites fled to certain parts of Africa during the Gentile Roman invasion of Jerusalem and betrayal by Esau, and other records detail the racial mixing of Gentile Ashkenazic Germans (sons of Gomer) with certain descendants of Esau (Herodians), during the reign of the Herodians in Jerusalem; however, Esau nor his house was heir to Judah's throne, and even if Gentiles did manage to bamboozle some Israelites into mixing with them, if history is any teacher, when Jacob's descendants return home, mamzers will not be returning with them (as is always the case), or any foreign wives/husbands.

The impostors do make the convenient scapegoat for Azazel (the Khazazel Goat), and that's actually what they are if you accept Jacobean prophecy.

Tyson said (November 26, 2013):

Yes, of course and as the book suggests without understanding the ethnic players and their true histories, one cannot grasp the authentic Greek OT (Septuigant) or the Greek NT. One cannot grasp politics nor can one have an accurate view of history. The "Jews" have their own bible which is not the white/European races scriptures although it has infiltrated our populations to corrupt them. Their bible is the Masoretic text frauds wrote around 900 AD and the Talmud through which they interpret the former. Believers in Jesus are to view the Greek OT through the spirit and Greek NT.

Furthermore; the so called Jews and so called "Israelis" are not authentic Israelites. They are the Sephardic (named after Mount Sephard in old Idumea) from Esau and 800 AD convert Ashkenaz from Khazaria who are from Japeth, not Shem (Genesis 10:3) Jesus was not a "Jew". He was an ethnic Judaite that would look much like a Scot might today. Don't believe me? The"Jews" even admit it...

"Edom is modern Jewry." - "Encyclopaedica Judaica", 1925

The Jews are of Esau (Edom, Edomites) from Idumea, and therefore are not of racial Israel or Judah;

1925 Jewish Encyclopedia, vol. 5, page 41.
"JEWS BEGAN TO CALL THEMSELVES HEBREWS AND ISRAELITES IN 1860". ~ Encyclopedia Judaica 1971 Vol 10:23

"Strictly speaking it is INCORRECT to call an Ancient Israelite a Jew or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew." (1980 Jewish Almanac, p. 3).

John said (November 25, 2013):

I came across a book by Eustace Mullins: Curse of Canaan. I believe it explains much of what is happening in the World today and the roots of evil.

It is available, in it's entirety online,

Tony B said (November 25, 2013):

Think you nailed it in your earlier article which also included Elizabeth Dilling's writings that Judaism is an ideology, not a race. How else to explain Jews of every race? And just how does one go about "converting" from one's race to another? Sounds a bit like the phony concept of evolution.

JG said (November 25, 2013):

It really was the destiny of the Jew to rule the Earth and set up God's Kingdom here such as the days of King David and Solomon.

However, this dispensation failed. Wealth and Power had corrupted the Jews and this Kingdom of Israel was no longer able to do God's will.

The Messiah of the Jews, Christ Jesus, was then sent by God to redeem and save them as a people. He came to give them a new heart.

A new kingdom was then offered to the Jews called the Kingdom of Heaven. This was not a Kingdom of flesh and blood nor ruled by gold or silver. It was a Kingdom of Love and not War. This was a Kingdom far greater than that of Earth.

The High Priests of Judaism rejected this Kingdom along with it's Messiah, Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God.

They had already become far too corrupted to even imagine that such a Kingdom could exist let alone having to give up their authority.

This "Modern Day Israel" that exists today will be trampled just like their last one did. This is NOT the Israel of God.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at