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Disgrace: Canada Protects Porn Queen Judge

November 24, 2013

Lori-Douglas3.jpg(left, Lori Douglas,  Manitoba's chief family court judge.)

The resignation Thursday of a panel tasked
with firing Douglas calls into question the rule of law
in Canada.
The judges accuse the Harper
government of undermining the judicial process.

by Henry Makow, Ph.D

When a society fails to recognize and exorcise evil, and instead rewards it, it is in deep trouble.

In an unprecedented act Thursday, a panel of judges threw up their hands in disgust and quit because of lack of support from the federal government. The mass media does not mention any of this. Instead it gave the long delay as the reason, as if starting over won't further retard the process.  The inquiry has already cost $3 million.

Lori-husband.jpg(left, Douglas & husband Jack King)

When she was appointed judge in 2005, Lori Douglas was required to disclose any information that would detract from her fitness to be a judge. She failed to disclose that she had posed for scores of porn and bondage pictures on the Internet. She failed to mention that her husband Jack King had solicited a Black client Alex Chapman to participate in making more such obscene pictures.

When Chapman revealed this in 2010, Douglas was already Associate Chief Justice of Manitoba in charge of family law. She should have been forced to resign, plain and simple.

Instead, Winnipeg elites rallied around her, arguing that her private life had no bearing on her job capacity. Perhaps if she were still in private practice. But chief family court judge is a public position. Do they expect decent citizens to allow a degenerate to determine the fate of their families?

They claim she didn't know what her husband did with the photos. Alex Chapman says she had two lunch dates with him and knew why.

Instead of resigning, for three years Lori Douglas has been receiving full salary of $315,000 for "administrative duties." How long are taxpayers going to allow this?


In 2011-2012, a Canadian Judicial Council Inquiry began hearings to determine if Douglas should be cashiered.  It included the Chief Justices of Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island and was chaired by the Chief Justice of Alberta, Catherine Fraser, left.

In July 2012, the hearings were going badly for Douglas. After some particularly withering cross examination, Douglas' lawyer Sheila Block accused the Committee of being "biased" and called for the proceedings to be stayed. Her motion was rejected by the Committee.  

Nevertheless, she was able to take her accusation of "bias" to the Federal Court. This is obviously an obstruction tactic. Instead of rejecting it, the Federal Court entertained the motion. Sixteen months have passed and nothing has happened.

In their 11-page statement Thursday, the Judicial Council Committee said, "This Committee does not agree that the Federal Court has the jurisdiction to judicially review the proceedings of an inquiry committee which is deemed to be a superior court under the Judges Act , RSC 1985, c. J-1." 

peter-mackay-1-sized (2).jpg(left, Peter MacKay, current attorney general of Canada)

In Section 9, the Committee cited many instances where the Attorney General of Canada failed to defend the Canadian Judicial Council in federal court proceedings.

These include: "The AGC did not oppose the stay of the Committee's hearings requested by the Judge which was consequently granted, unopposed; The AGC did not appeal any of the decisions of the Federal Court denying intervener status to the Committee or restricting intervener status for the Council and the new Independent Counsel, despite having consented to these applications."

The Committee concludes: "There is no voice in defence of the process and an inquiry committee's role in it. Thus, this fundamental part of the process is silenced and paralyzed."


The hearing was to continue with testimony from Justice Martin Freedman of the Manitoba Court of Appeal, who was involved in Douglas's application to be a judge.

Harperhorns (2).jpgAs I have suggested in previous articles, the Lori Douglas Inquiry threatened to unveil Masonic control of the justice system. Obviously, this control extends right up to the offices of the Attorney General of Canada, Peter MacKay, and the Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, left. 

While the media is focused on Rob Ford and Senate expense accounts, the ignominious failure of the justice system to purge an unfit judge is being covered up.
Update:  March 28, 2014 -----18 months later, Federal Court rules CJC panel NOT BIASED. A new panel is being assembled. This bungling is outrageous.

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alex1.jpgAlex Chapman (left) writes:

"Well stated.   You have summarized it well. Nothing much to add other than it has now been proven that the current laws don't equally apply to everyone.  When ordinary folks are accused, Justice is sure swift.  When it's one of the elites, Justice drags its feet."

First Comment from Aloysius Fozdyke

"We have weakened societies by reforms which undermine authority, together with the destruction of national and communal identity and legal systems that are complex and pro-criminal."
Satanist Insider Waxes Triumphant

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Disgrace: Canada Protects Porn Queen Judge "

Mariel said (November 26, 2013):

This story shows that sexual perversion is no longer a big deal to "society." It is a part of the everyday fabric of life.

This makes it easy for these officials to deny that what happened was important or worthy of censure.

My innocent grandchildren growing up into this. I hope they find a niche somewhere where people are relatively normal.

Where God is still respected.

Paul Short said (November 25, 2013):

The rule of law in Canada has been fundamentally undermined and virtually replaced by an elite-authored (ie: Authority aka, Authoritarian) legal system designed for this very purpose.

A legal system based on the tenets of Law would guard against loss and harm to men, women, their children & property, and also guard against
fraud against them. Instead, we have the pposite: a system that constantly does harm to the men and women mentioned previously, causes loss, and is fraudulent in nature.

What we are seeing in the porn judge case is the fact that the corruption is now so prevalent at the top, it is no longer possible to keep it hidden from the public.

The rule of law must be restored in this country if we want to ever be free.

Paul Short, NB, Canada.

Al Thompson said (November 24, 2013):

The whole "English" "justice" system consists of pimps, whores, liars, who don't deserve to sit in authority over anyone. Yes, you can blame the freemasons, but the fact is the whole governmental system as we know it is evil.

There's no good that comes out of evil. Government is too destructive and it doesn't deserve to exist. Expecting the Canadian justice system to correct itself is like being in the flames of hell asking Satan for a glass of water. The best thing for moral people to do is to separate from the evil rather than exist in it and be frustrated by the lack of any moral correction.

Since everyone is completely subject to the natural law, that is the law that enforces itself and it is the same for everyone. You can't argue against it. And if one is arrogant enough to attempt it, they will always get bad results.

There is no government that attempts to violate natural law and the commandments. Most governments of the world are masonic shitholes that are there to make the lives of all men as miserable as they can. This is the purpose of the new world order, to make every man, woman, and child suffer.

No government can outrun the natural law as God created and all their efforts will result in failure. Paying taxes for this crap is the moral equivalent of driving your own children to the house of a pedophile. Remember, under this masonic whorehouse government, these kinds of situations are supposed to happen. They are just doing their job.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at