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Why I Admire David Duke

December 12, 2013


The Illuminati media demonize anyone who defends the white race.

An army veteran, John Stanley has been a cabbie,
an asbestos remover and a salesman. He is retired.

(Editor's Note. Although I am in general agreement with Duke, I do not follow him closely, and so reserve judgment. I welcome feedback from readers.)

by John Stanley

I can't think of any American Political Dissenter that has received more criticism and organized opposition from the mainstream media than David Duke.

This is no accident because it has all been propagated by design.

The defeat of white constitutional America was contingent upon the defeat of its defenders and leaders. David Duke was chosen by the MSM to be that target and "punching bag".

As a white Southerner, David Duke represented mainstream Southern traditional values that had to be removed from the consciousness of America.
If you agreed with his political platform of "freedom of association" and not "forced immigration" you were immediately identified as a racist or a white nationalist.

Also, if you found "racial quotas" in the workplace and universities to be unfair,  after being " leapfrogged" by someone with less qualifications or scores, you were dubbed as a "racist".

kkk.jpgDavid Duke had to be guilty of a crime in order to justifiably demonize him to the public. That crime was being once a member of the KKK.

It was not unusual or really out of the norm for a White Southerner to be a silent card carrier or a KKK sympathizer back in 1965. Senator Robert Byrd was once one himself.

However, David Duke, unlike Senator Byrd, association with the KKK was not "sugarcoated". He was not cooperating.

The KKK was one of the few organizations left in America at that time that was not controlled by the New World Order.

After the Civil War, Northern carpetbaggers declared the White Southerner fair game for it's agenda of poverty and cultural degeneration. The KKK was then formed to counter this agenda.

Unlike the Civil Rights Movement, the KKK was neither founded or funded by World Order Marxism.

In his book, "My Awakening", David Duke recalls how his campaign for Governor of Louisiana was successfully sabotaged by forces outside of Louisiana.

His campaign platform was in direct opposition to the World Order and the World Economy. Illegal immigration, corporate outsourcing of jobs, and tax reform were his targets.

The campaign started out very well and had the support of the majority of Louisiana voters. He even had the support of Civil Right's Icon James Meredith who was harshly criticized for doing so.

David Duke was an "American Firster" who's campaign was gaining steam. He had to be stopped.

The New World Order forces them went to work. Media vilification would not be enough and time was running out. It had to be done with threats  to state revenue.

The American Medical Association announced that it would no longer be holding any future conventions in New Orleans if David Duke were elected Governor.

Notices were put into some factory workers envelopes stating that the election of Duke could shut their plant down.

Mammon defeated idealism in the campaign of David Duke. His campaign was successfully sabotaged. Like most Americans, the people of Louisiana were all for idealism as long as the flow of money was not interrupted. The "carrot and the stick" strategy had worked again.
This is the very reason why America is in the mess that it is in now. The "spirit of sacrifice" has been replaced by a "comfort zone" that is slowly slipping away.

White Identity today has been reduced to White Apology. If a man can take responsibility for his own mistakes, that would be rare enough. To take the responsibility for previous generations is asking too much.

The majority of white Americans today are descendants of Europeans who came to America in the early 1900's. They never killed any Indians or owned any Black slaves.

The negative portrayal of "White America" that has been propagated by Hollywood and the MSM was intended to destroy their pride and identity. And, the last thing in the world the Illuminati want is someone like David Duke trying to give them their identity back, right or wrong.

David Duke has also lived in Europe and has spoken to millions advocating their sovereignty and freedom, and the renewal of their cultural heritage. For his efforts, he has been jailed and expelled from some of these countries.

Unfortunately, David Duke and his political agenda is "dying on the vine" today. World Order Marxism where all are "equal in their poverty and enslavement" has defeated us.

I don't agree with everything David Duke said or did nor am I saying that he is a saint. But, I do admire his courage and strength. His patriotism that has not been moved to this day.

How many of us could have lead his life? Could you handle being treated like the "plague" by the general population for 50 years? And, could you also handle being rejected by the very people you are trying to defend?

Right or wrong David Duke has been called many things. But, a coward and a traitor is not one of them.

Duke's website is

First Comment by Andrew:

John Stanley's interesting essay needs a little fine tuning after he reads The Scottish Rite's KKK Project by Anton Chaitkin. Chaitkin was the first to expose the KKK Project as controlled opposition. The KKK was the resurrection or terrorist mutation of the Knights of The Golden Circle (KGC) after Robert E. Lee's surrender at Appomattox Court House ended The War of Northern Aggression mischaracterized by modern Northern historians as an American Civil War.

The metamorphism of the KGC was the result of being driven underground. The KGC originated in Cleveland Ohio under the management of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. It marched south through the Mississippi Valley with a sack full of gold hiring northern and southern gun slingers to liberate Mexico and finish the Mexican American War with the annexation of Mexico, Cuba and all the Caribbean Sea Islands. They reached Texas the same time as news of the commencement of North-South hostilities with the KGC acting as the Confederate Gestapo firing on Fort Sumpter. So the KGC at 65,000 strong representing the largest fighting corp at that time in America, immediately captured the Capital of Texas forcing Texas to join the Confederacy against the will of the majority of Texans and Governor Sam Houston.

After being driven underground, the KGC became the Circle Clan. The Classical Greek word kirkos means circle. The word "circle" derives from the Greek κίρκος, itself a metathesis of the Homeric Greek κρίκος.

Eventually the κρίκος Klan became the Ku Klux Klan.

It was never a truly southern organization but a subset of the Scottish Rite.


Ah, David Duke.  Listen:  I was in junior high in north Florida during the Civil Rights era.  The Klan was active then.  I knew some boys whose fathers and uncles were members. Their methods of persuasion were intimidation, vandalism, and beating the crap out of people.  The high school Klanners devolved into nothing but a gang, who fought other white 'cracker' gangs over girls, territory, or just plain meanness.

Of course this wasn't the 'real' KKK of old.  In the past, they really did kill unimportant people and burn churches down.

The Klan was always full of Freemasons.  By 1971, the word came down to the lower Masons that 'de-segregation' was part of the Masonic long-term plan, so the State Police and sheriffs abandoned the Klan.  In the 1960's, it was fully infiltrated by FBI COINTELPRO anyway, and by the mid 1970's I believe it was entirely an FBI project, if not sooner.  That is to say, the KKK today is a controlled opposition group.

So two things about Mr. Duke.  First thing is, I think the Klan was fully controlled opposition when Duke became a celebrity for being the first Grand Dragon in a century with more than a 300 word vocabulary. I mean I suspect David Duke is a controlled opposition leader.

People have a natural inclination to want leaders, but we have to be careful not to fall into the 'cult of personality'.

Being used as controlled opposition doesn't always mean the celebrity is 'in on it'.  I think Duke is a dupe.   Media will always give him some attention because he's a 'brand' that they created.  These days Duke says a lot of things that need to be said, and media is happy to make him a spokesman for those things because they can tag "KKK Leader David Duke says...."

Media gives us our leaders.  People confuse celebrity with authority.   Media loves to use Duke to be the spokesman for the issues to which he draws attention.   In fact, the more articulate, the more rational and truthful he becomes, the worse it is for the causes he represents.  

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Comments for "Why I Admire David Duke "

Mark said (December 13, 2013):

I respect David Duke and I am not surprised that he was just a silent card carrying member of KKK. I do not think he hung any Blacks.

Let us not forget that Muslims were rounding up Blacks in Africa and Jews were shipping and selling them to white planters of South, Central and North America. That is how Blacks ever appeared on this continent. About half of the slaves died of starvation during the transport by sailing ships. KKK was a minor offender compared to that.

Cruel procedure was well described by

Being raised in Poland occupied by Soviet Union, I had to be a member of the ZMP (Communist Youth Organization), until I was expelled for laughing during singing of the Communist Anthem, but truthfully for… kissing class Leader’s sister!

Former Pope was a member of Nazi Hitlerjugend, everybody in his school was. This is typical for Jewish racists to dig into the past of their imaginary enemies, find some trivia and blame them for being alive.

I give everybody right to see the Light, apologize and do good, regardless of mistakes of the youth. Most famous Pole — Copernicus stated in Latin that: „to err is human, but only fool will stay in a wrong".

I am glad that David Duke is brave enough to expose sex trade in Israel, kidnapping blue-eyed blonds from Ukraine, Poland, Sweden, even Canada (I am aware of two cases) and making them work for free as a sex slaves in Tel-Aviv and other cities there, as described by the Israeli newspaper (which seems to have more freedom of the press than most North American mass media):

Israel has more brothels per capita than any other country in the world! Asian prostitutes at least get paid in Thailand or Vietnam.

Justin said (December 13, 2013):

"The Illuminati media demonize anyone who defends the white race." A truer statement could not be made. It's interesting how Whites cannot have "pride" but gays can have 1 million marches a year.

The bottom line on the KKK and Freemasonry is this: K is the 11th letter of the alphabet. K(11) + K(11) + K(11) = 33.

Gary said (December 13, 2013):

I think I smell trolls. For one thing the KKK isn't a national organization. Anyone can start a clan. Individual clans aren't necessarily affiliated. Some groups advocate violence most pretty much keep to themselves. In his youth Duke belonged to the latter type group.

Duke is a true patriot, the kind of individual we need in politics. He is articulate and intelligent. The MSM demonizes him because he bucks the NWO/Zionist agenda. He speaks the truth, says it like it is. Anyone, white, black, brown, or purple, who is aware of what is truly going in the world wouldn't have a problem with what he advocates. That is why he is invited to speak all over the world.

Another thing, high profile people are rarely assassinated unless they are in a position to make changes (JFK, Bobby K, King) however there was at least one attempt on his life when he was in the Middle East. Wonder what group was responsible for that!!

Wake the hell up!

C said (December 13, 2013):

I can't say I am a David Duke aficionado, but I don't think he is controlled opposition b/c he dares go against the Zionists. That would be the 3rd rail of commentary and would veer the reader into real issues--so that would never be allowed except to dismiss them, which he doesn't do.
David Duke is an intelligent man who is paying mightily for his the mistakes of his youth. And, yes, he does have very great courage.
And thank you to the persons who showed the KKK to be a (judeo)-freemasonic creation.

John said (December 13, 2013):

As an Englishman, though one now living in Germany, I find it odd that Pete (below) should lash out in such fashion against the USA. What he writes might well be true, but he would nevertheless be better off pondering who we have in Britain to lead us out of the desperate state we're in. The cupboard is bare, and any convincing figure that did come to the fore would be ground into the dirt by our disgusting, toadying media.

While I'm on, thanks, Henry, for a truly wonderful site.

Stephen Coleman said (December 13, 2013):

Whoa! Andrew the commenter is right on the money. Albert Pike, the president of the southern free masons was a self avowed Satanist. He was the head organizer of the American Civil war. He was also the founder of the KKK. Pres. Wilson was also the "grand dragon" when he launched a renewal of the KKK throughout the USA. Wilson brought us the Federal reserve. KKK is Illuminati 100%.

Anton Chaitkin documents this very well in his book Treason in America, probably one of the best researched books on American history.

Stephen Coleman

Peter (UK) said (December 13, 2013):

What a paltry selection of alternate leaders you must have in the States for the likes of this mediocre mason wannabe to be in the
running for any kind of recognition on any level.

Honestly it really is a sad reflection of the appalling state you are all in.

Duane said (December 13, 2013):

Watch David's weekly commentary videos on YouTube...

Everything David has ever said is completely true and accurate...

I do agree with the other comments here that he seems to be "approved opposition"
because he has been demonized to the point that the average white imbecile Amerikan media
zombie will immediately dismiss anything David reports as "extremist"....

Why hasn't David wound up murdered (suicided) or in a Z.O.G. gulag is something that should be pondered.

Look at other intelligent White American dissenters (Edgar Steel and Matt Hale come to mind) who have been railroaded/disappeared
into the Z.O.G. gulags and we must wonder why David is still allowed to remain around.....

Doug said (December 13, 2013):

David Duke is a magnificent speaker and clear thinker. He doesn't hate black people. He is against multiculturalism, as I am. Its bad for everybody. I would encourage anyone of a different race to listen to him and actually hear what he says. I have for a long time. I don't 100 % agree with him, but I can learn something from him.

Ed said (December 13, 2013):

David Duke looks to me like controlled opposition. Wearing Nazi uniforms on campus and celebrating Hitler's birthday point to provocateur.His father traveled the world as a "petroleum engineer" (CIA?) and brought David to Laos to "teach English" to Laotian officers. Duke used to claim on his website biography that he worked for Air America (CIA).

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