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Polish Elite Didn't Die in Smolensk Crash

December 4, 2013

smol1.jpg(left, Crash seen. No bodies, no baggage. They didn't even send ambulances.)

Polish blogger Z pins the blame on Russian-controlled
Polish military intelligence. He says their political allies
investigated the crime and wrote the report. 
Z thinks
the passengers never left Warsaw.

 "There was no air crash; it was all a hoax. False flag. TV show. The real action was in Warsaw and it was a coup d'etat, whereby contrary to the constitution a new "president", totally loyal to Moscow, an ignorant buffoon and a patent idiot, was installed. Russian circus, my friend. That's what it was. A cross between a circus, an operetta and bloody murder, Bolshevista style."

zz.jpegBy Zezorro

1. The whole operation on April 10th 2010 was a military coup d'etat, installing a new, pro-Russian president in Warsaw - Mr. Komorowski.

The Warsaw air hangar from which the Presidential plane departed was demolished shortly after the coup, including the underground foundations [and underground hidden structures below.]. Secondly the reported fatal flight could not have taken place officially, because Russian air control withheld permission. Specifically, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not accept the flight plan through the Polish embassy in Moscow [as is the standard procedure], meaning the flight did not have permission to fly into the Russian airspace, meaning practically the plane could not start the voyage from Warsaw EPWA airport. There is no evidence that the group left Warsaw. No photos. No ceremony.

What about the reported victims? Only a couple of corpses were positively verified here before burial. Other victims were buried without identification  or with fake documents, with no postmortem. From a legal standpoint, all reported victims should be considered missing from a legal standpoint.

2. A crucial part of the psy-op in Smolensk was a staged hoax plane crash in which allegedly all people on board perished. It so happened, that allegedly on board were a Polish president and complete staff of the army, navy and air force, making this the only historical instance of a successful instant decapitation of an army. Bear in mind that it was a peacetime operation and no visible alarms were risen, although multiple air and land quiet alarm bells were ringing in all national NATO headquarters in Europe and worldwide.

3. At this time, virtually no material evidence of the alleged crash has been presented, no standard investigation with photo-sample and other evidence-gathering undertaken, although multiple organizations, specialized institutions and companies offered their immediate services for dispatch to the crash site. ALL help was turned down by the Polish government officials.

4. There were no obligatory autopsies performed on the corpses by Polish pathologists and Russian medical documentation was a sick joke.

5. On exhumations performed after finding fundamental discrepancies in Russian papers, it turned out that the corpses DID NOT BELONG TO THE ALLEGED VICTIMS.

6. The so called investigation was performed by a special Russian outfit, called MAK, on mutual agreement from respective Polish and Russian governments. This institution is a KGB outfit, headed by a KGB general Mrs. Anodina, former wife of Eugeny Primakov. All the "official" documents and evidence in the case were procured and delivered by the MAK commission.

7. The Polish Parliament formed a Special Commission for the case, headed by Antoni Macierewicz.  The parliamentary commission gathered virtually NO EVIDENCE on its own, did no research and no vital interrogations. The Commission turned down all open and covert cooperation offers from foreign intelligence, i.a. NATO HQ, CIA, Pentagon and BND. All of the so called independent scientific work of the commission was strictly limited to the hypothesis of a plane crash in Smolensk, based on evidence delivered by Russians [MAK].

8. No other hypotheses were researched, i.e. the obvious terrorist and coup d'etat hypotheses WERE NOT touched.

9. Based on independent information and the implications of official NATO activity in the case, I can confirm that the coup d'etat was planned and perpetrated by the three players in Warsaw Poland, during a three-day period 8-10th April 2010. It was fielded by Polish military counterintelligence SKW, in tight cooperation with Russian civil intelligence FSB and an international, globalist third party with military, intelligence and diplomatic presence in Poland.

11. The decisive third party was not NATO and no NATO army had enough forward intelligence to blow the whistle on the operation. The decisive third party quashed all alarms arisen on the coup date, delivering immediate proof that the military NATO cohesion was not endangered and no case of war took place [in normal circumstances such an air crash with President and military staff on board unleashes automatically a war].

12. As an immediate result of the coup, many officials and experts researching the case were killed, the last one of which was the secret polish Gladio network commander, Gen. Petelicki.

Macies.jpg13. The head of the parliamentary commission, Mr. Macierewicz,left, is a globalist, a close Masonic friend, who single-handedly organize a secret organization called KOR [ made up of Jewish socialists with Kuron, Michnik and other leftists.] It received lavish American funding [CIA] and  prospered under cruel Communist secret police rule, prosecuting and killing everybody else, yet the people from this pack found their way to the parliament and ministries during so called "transformation to democracy" unscathed, virtually whole, where they prosper to this very day.

14.  Macierewicz was interior minister immediately before Polish inclusion in NATO pact, whereby he pretended to disband Russian-infested [virtually GRU branch] military intelligence WSI. He was so successful in his "anti-Russian" and counterintelligence work, that a mere ten years thereafter the same people from reformed military counterintelligence SKW [over 90% stayed], from the same building, remembering good 'ole times of Russian NKVD, mounted successful coup d'etat and Macierewicz - as the only expert available - heads an inquiry commission. Talk about happy coincidences!
ZZ adds:

Kristine (see comments) is  exactly right. None of stature was present at the funeral, barring very meaningful exceptions, under flimsy excuse of some mysterious volcanic ash, preventing them from flying, but not grounding any military flights and not preventing Merkel from busily jetscuttling all over the place [mind you, she was acting as a shuttle of sorts back then]. 

The correct meaning of the total misrepresentance at the funeral does not mean, that the heads of state did want the alleged victims to be dissapeared. None of them deserved such horrid affront. In diplomatic parlance the absence at the funeral meant, that they were all aware WHAT HAPPENED and did not want to take part in the hoax, because a hoax it was.

Latest diplomatic show of candid openness was displayed in Warsaw by the State sec. John Kerry, blissfully striding by the commemorative plaque in memorium to the alleged victims, whistling by, just two weeks before. No stop. No nod, no flowers. Nothing. Whistle in the wind. In diplomatic parlance it does not mean he is a total moron, because his trajectory is carefully planned by staff of hard hitting professionals on both sides.

Kerry's forgetfulness means: I do not give a s*** about it because I know what happened and now I show you and all the world  my disrespect for it. I know and want the rest of the world to know that I know, and I want them to know that I do not give a s*** and they can await some surprises anytime, just wait and see. It was the message to his adversary - Mr. KGB Putin. Just wait and see, buddy. We have some cards up the sleeve, you just wait and see. You can be sure the russkies broke a cold sweat on the spine on this day.

zezorro says: easy ZZ


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Comments for "Polish Elite Didn't Die in Smolensk Crash "

Mark said (December 5, 2013):

This whole crash as a false flag or assassination mission makes no sense whatsoever.

Yhere would be no known reason for an execution or false flag. President Kaczynski brought Poland into the EU and NATO and wanted even way stronger ties with the US going into every mass-murdering war conflict boot-licking every American president.

His worldview was strongly based in the false East-West-Evil-Russia-dichotomy. And he certainly had no intention of any drastic policy changes or otherwise major announcements like i.e. interest free-currency reform, dishing out the truth on the true leaders etc. We know this simply because his grieving twin brother (and former prime minister) would have done so - they were as close as you can get personally and politically.

Is it so unbelievable to actually imagine a pilot's error in an intense fog. A pilot who has seen his former boss getting fired 1,5 years before because he would not land a plane in a war-torn region when ordered by the same president who was sitting in his plane. The plane was rather old and not very well equipped, the airport even more so and his crew unexperienced (navigator had just taken 3 flights on that plane!!!). Is it so unbelievable that it was an unfortunate error?

Giancarlo said (December 5, 2013):

For sure the facts remain obscure, the whole account a kind of Polish joke.

However, if hoax directed by Russia, one is left to wonder what might have been the purpose of the exercise..

Indeed the new Polish leadership did not show any signs of steering East.., neither to enfranchise the Country from US vassalage...


Z's view is that the current Polish leadership is
controlled by Russia


Kristine said (December 5, 2013):

Hi Henry, from what I can recall, none of the G8 heads of State attended the funeral for the victims of Smolensk, which is a total tip-off that "they" wanted their opponents dead.

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