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US "Teacher" Killed in Libya was CIA

December 6, 2013


Ronald Thomas Smith was associated with former ambassador Chris Stevens, and was killed by the same Libyan insurgents. The author Joanne Moriarty and her husband Jim worked in Libya and have contacts with
Libyan tribal groups.

In addition Joanne provides information on the Zionist puppet being groomed to run Libya.

by Joanne Moriarty

The American shot in Benghazi Friday, Ronald Thomas Smith II. was not a teacher.  First of all, Libya does not employ foreign teachers - this is confirmed by our experience and by our tribal leaders. 

On Tuesday and Wednesday John McCain was in Tripoli.  This man Ronald Smith was in Tripoli meeting John McCain and he was observed at these meetings by a group of x-rebels mixed with Islamic extremists called "Council of Libyan Rebels".

They reported this to their counterparts in Benghazi who were lying in wait for Smith when he returned from Tripoli. The man responsible for the killing of Smith is Wesam bin Hameed. See article about this man by Dr.Corsi -
Bin Hameed is associated with Ansar Al Sharia and is a well known Islamic Extremist terrorist leader. The Libyans know and have eye witnesses to Bin Hameed's direct involvement in the killing of Chris Stevens.  Our friends told us today that the US has discounted Bin Hameed's involvement in the death of Stevens without any formal investigation into Benghazi. And since we now know that Morsi was the head of Ansar Al Sharia and planned the attack on Chris Stevens, it is not hard to connect the dots.
It is obvious that Smith is CIA? He was living in the compound where Stevens was killed - a CIA compound. He was supposedly jogging outside the compound.  Never have I ever seen anyone jogging in Libya. This is not acceptable behavior and why would he go outside the compound to jog?  Nothing makes any sense.  What school teacher meets with John McCain? Again there are lies upon lies and our friends said this Smith was CIA 100%.
1470182_684338778266289_1299901789_n.jpgSecond:  The man in the attached photo with the beard (slight beard, small man in every photo) is called Abd Albaset Gteet. This man is being backed by the US to be the Prime Minister of Libya.  This man lived outside of Libya for some time apparently he was adopted by a Jewish family living in Europe, possibly Switzerland.  He is 10 times worse than the current criminal prime minister Ali Zeidan. 

This man is a BIG Zionist buddy of Bernard Levy. John McCain was in Tripoli to support him for PM.  The Libyans hate this man and do not consider him a Libyan. The US/CIA is inside Libya trying to implement their new puppet government because the tribes and the good Libyans have effectively shut off the flow of oil out of Libya.  Now there are European countries in trouble because Libyan Bonney Light oil is the only oil they can refine because of their refinery restrictions.  So, the squeeze is on and the Libyan people are doing what they need to do to rid their country of these criminals.  Obviously, McCain is in the middle of the mess as he was in Egypt trying to push the Muslim Brotherhood after Morsi was ousted.


by Joanne and Jimmy Moriarty

Libya: Mossad, Al Queda & Hezbollah Did NATO's Dirty Work

First Comment by Dan:

Everything that's going on in Libya is wrong.  Gadaffi hadn't attacked anyone.  He wasn't at all involved in any meddling in any other country in the Midddle East.  He even became a member of the UN in 2009. The internal affairs of any sovereign country is no excuse whatever for a gang of banker proxy states to support coups or direct 'intervention' .

I'm still waiting for an official answer to Putin's 2011: "Who gave NATO the right to kill Gaddafi?"  McCain quipped to FOX News, "Putin could end up like Gaddafi". Putin read this and said in a Russian interview, "McCain fought in Vietnam, so I think he has enough blood on his hands.  Is it that he can't live without such horrible disgusting sights as the butchering of Gaddafi?  The whole world saw him being killed.  Is that democracy?
And who did it? Drones, some of them American, that struck Gaddafi's convoy.  Then NATO commandos who weren't supposed to be there brought in a mob of 'rebels' to kill him without trial.  I'm not saying he didn't have to quit, but that was up to the people Libya to decide".

Hillary Clinton, self-actualized psychopath Secretary of State laughingly admitted killing Gaddafi on CBS, "We came, we saw, he died" [1] - paraphrasing Julius Caesar.

Nothing involving the US, UK, France, Italy, Israel that happens in Libya from now on is right.   Because Libya's 'new beginning' began with national rape and murder.   It's like a gang that broke into the house and murdered the father, mother, brothers and sisters so they could rape the survivor - and say letting her be their slave from now on makes it right.

[1] One of Hillary's "greatest hits".


Comments for "US "Teacher" Killed in Libya was CIA"

David said (December 7, 2013):

The Great Man-Made Lake that Gaddafi built to turn Libya into a desert oasis is such an engineering feat it can be seen from space on Google Earth. He was the West's poster boy for "ex-terrorist turned good guy" until he proposed the gold-based dinar for a national currency decoupled from the petro-dollar, which would have started a stampede. That was the exact moment he was taken out by the US and Israel. Any leader who wants to run his country for the benefit and welfare of his own people, that is when they are marked for death by the real axis of evil.

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