What is Perversion?

December 11, 2013

("Samantha Jones" in Sex and the City, played by Kim Cattrall )

Sexual "freedom" (i.e promiscuity)
is a  perversion of
our natural reproductive function.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

In a world controlled by
a satanic cult, the meaning of the word "perversion" tends to be obscured.

Perversion is anything that deviates from what is healthy and natural. The word "perverse" is synonymous with "sick." 

Sexual promiscuity is a form of perversion.

For the last 100 years or more, the Illuminati has been promoting "sexual liberation" -- sex for its own sake, free love, anonymous sex and promiscuity.

The Illuminati now promotes promiscuity to young women as healthy.  Satanists invert sick and healthy.

Next to survival, reproduction is our most powerful natural instinct. The purpose of sex is to ensure the survival of the species and the continuity of civilization.
To turn it into an end in itself, for sensual pleasure, is perversion.

Female sex appeal is mostly a function of fertility. Few women are sexually attractive to males after menopause. Male attraction to fertile women is largely based on reproductive programming.

In a healthy society, sexual intercourse would be confined to marriage or at least  long-term committed relationships founded on love and compatibility. Thus, sexual energy would be channeled, to strengthen the marriage bond and provide a firm foundation for family. Women want to be desired exclusively.

"Sexual liberation," on the other hand, weakens the institution of marriage.

Young women have been duped to think promiscuity is "empowering."  In fact, marriage is empowering.  Marriage ensures a woman is loved as a human being and not used as a sex object.

"Free sex" is designed to dehumanize and degrade both men and women by promoting physical intimacy without human intimacy. It is turning millions of young women into sluts and porn stars.

Created by the Illuminati, Communism has always stood for the communal sharing of women and destruction of family. The NWO is Communist.

A sex cult, the Illuminati promote anonymous sex and pornography. Ultimately, they want the state to take over procreation in the same way as  education.

alfred_kinsey_time_mag.gif(Left, The Rockefellers financed Alfred Kinsey who helped mainstream promiscuity.)

The Illuminati promote homosexuality which is defined by its credo -- "sex for its own sake." Is homosexuality perverse? It's not natural or healthy in terms of sex being intended for procreation or to strengthen marriage. But I regard it as a developmental disorder, caused by sexual abuse or failure to identify with the right parent.

The bottom line is that perversion is the dogma of the ruling elite. Humanity is satanically possessed. We have been inducted into a well organized and powerful satanic cult.

The Illuminati are determined to enslave humanity, mentally and spiritually, if not physically. Massive gratuitous NSA-FBI-police surveillance confirms this. Illuminati perverts have ensured that humanity will miss its Divine destiny.

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First Comment from Dan:  "Thanks to Hugh Hefner's Playboy Philosophy, growing boys learned to confuse character with penis size as the measure of masculinity."

I grew up during the 1960's.  We were the 'Kinsey Report' generation.  Remember the 'Generation Gap'?

The Kinsey Generation's sex paradigm was diametrically opposite what parents and churches tried to teach us.   The traditional perception of chastity is patience, virtue, self respect, and strength (to overcome animal temptations).  In 1970, we laughed in anyone's face who said things like that.  We believed the opposite - that virginity was a symptom of immaturity.

How did sexual intercourse replace Christian 'confirmation' and graduation and marriage as the sole "rite of passage" into adult maturity?

I firmly believed, as surely as the sun rises in the morning, that sexual intercourse is a physiological need, like food or water.   I believed that going without intercourse for more than three months risked a proportional loss of virility and "maleness".

It turns out that this belief is a symptom of arrested emotional development.  The real masculine identity manifest when a boy learns to stand up for himself - and his family, and the helpless.   Thanks to Kinsey's scientific fraud, and Hugh Hefner's Playboy Philosophy, growing boys learned to confuse character with penis size as the measure of masculinity.

Comments for "What is Perversion?"

Paul said (December 12, 2013):

thank you so much for this article.

i'm going to print and give it to my sister who i fear has been a victim or dupe in the process of trying to please a man that has gradually brought her from her strong convictions by the passion or love emotion of the relationship or by utilizing a weakness as an entry way into getting what he really wants. i.e. introducing her to admire other guys or getting in watching of porn. this guy can't keep his eyes off of other women and has been watching porn for most of his life since like age 12 or 14.

she tells me that his big argument is that he would do this behavior without her but he is willing to or 'has stopped' doing it when or if they are together. so really at the root that is really what he is... it's not about who you are with or what type of relationship it may be... it's about who a guy or girl is at the root as a single individual right?

Doug said (December 12, 2013):

Great idea, talking about what words actually mean. I was told by an insider once - think about what the words actually mean. The words are their weapons on so many levels.

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