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Queering of Society Funded by Taxpayers

January 22, 2014


LEFT, The Canadian government financed the play "Queer Bathroom Stories" by Sheila Cavanagh, based on her book Queering Bathrooms described as follows: 

"In Queering Bathrooms, Sheila L. Cavanagh explores how public toilets demarcate the masculine and the feminine and condition ideas of gender and sexuality.

Cavanagh delves into the ways that queer and trans communities challenge the rigid gendering and hetero-normative composition of public washrooms. [She] argues that the cultural politics of excretion is intimately related to the regulation of gender and sexuality.

 Public toilets house the illicit and act as repositories for the social unconscious. Also offering suggestions for imagining a more inclusive public washroom, she asserts that that ...toilets form a crucial part of our modern understanding of sex and gender."  

This obnoxious, deranged and hateful attack on heterosexuals passes under the radar. Why does the government fund 2% of the population to wage war on the other 98%? To divide and destabilize. 

The Canadian government pretends to be socially conservative yet it continues to promote  social disintegration and insanity. Obviously, Left and Right both serve the Illuminati (Masonic) Jewish bankers.

From REALITY, newsletter of Real Women of Canada (January Edition) 
(abridged by  

Have you ever wondered what keeps feminist and homosexual activists in Canada beavering away doing relentless "research" promoting their cause? The answer is the Social Sciences and humanities Research Council (SShRC), a division of Industry Canada, which provides funding for them to do so. It is a true gold mine for feminist and homosexual activists.

The SSHRC is a division of Industry Canada, which was created by Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, in 1977. It now has an annual budget of $698M. According to its website, it is funding research that "can help change the world" (to a left-wing only perspective, it might have accurately added). [Makow- "Change the world" is code for NWO tyranny and satanism.]

Although there is legitimate research carried out under this program, some of it is profoundly bizarre, such as that conducted since 1998 under the Women and Gender Issues funding categories .Some of the bizarre feminist research topics funded by SShRC include:

• Implementing the feminist vision;
• Queer conceptions: re-shaping cultural meanings and experiences of reproduction and sexuality in Canada;
• Parent night will never be the same: lesbian families challenging the public school system;
. Queer women on the net: identity, community, and agency in the landscapes of computing;
• The motivations and emotions of women in pole-dancing classes;
• An intergenerational study of Montreal queer and feminist performance artists;
• Trans masculine parenting experiences;
• Multiscalar forms of feminist organizing (establishing a new approach to feminist organizing);
• The politics of body hair...gender and religious identities in Middle Eastern salons;
• An analysis of Vancouver's strip-tease industry 1945-1975.


SShRC-CuRA partnerships draw together women's (feminists), anti-poverty, human rights, homosexual, social justice NGO's and childcare networks to carry out left-wing project research. For example, the feminist organization, FAFIA (Canadian Feminist Alliance for International Action), formerly funded by Status of Women, is a project partner with the Poverty and Human Rights Centre (with lesbian partners, Shelagh Day and Gwen Brodsky, left, as directors) on a CURA funded, social-legal feminist network, for the purpose of "reconceiving human rights practices for a new social rights paradigm" and developing "new rights claiming strategies." 

EGALE (Equality for gays and Lesbians Everywhere), a politically activist GLBTQ organization, receives $200,000 a year in funding from a SShRC- CuRA partnership for a human rights research project called "Envisioning global GLBT human rights".The project supports international partners and LGBT activists with legal and social research, in the Caribbean, Africa (Kenya, Uganda and Botswana) and India. It also helps form "dynamic working relationships with leading human rights lawyers in Canada", to advocate at international LGBT conferences, and the UN. 

ShRC also funded "Queer Bathroom Stories" by York Professor Sheila Cavanagh, left, with EGALE and York University as partners. This is a play about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual (LGBT) experiences in Canada's public restroom facilities. The play, supposedly, is based on 100 interviews with LGBT individuals. It has been staged since then at human rights conferences, universities, etc. across Canada and the united States. It will be professionally staged in Toronto in June, 2014.


A coalition which protests recent Conservative government funding cuts, voices-voix Coalition, includes not only feminist groups but also day care advocates, major unions, drug liberalization advocates, environmentalists, Queers Against Israel Apartheid, CRUSH (Canadians Rallying to unseat Stephen Harper), abortion advocates and, dozens of other leftist agitators. Voices-voix is funded by its members, many of which receive SSHRC funding. Many of these groups signed a petition to oppose the Russian law, passed in June, 2013, to protect children from the promotion of harmful and risky behaviours.

SSHRC is serving as a money bag, giving funds, helter-skelter to left-wing social advocacy groups. Although, as previously stated, SSHRC funds some legitimate research, too much of its money is wasted on bogus advocacy research. It has no monitoring of results for its community activist grants. In effect, SShRC is propping up the unelected far-left at the taxpayers' expense; no questions asked, even though a Conservative government is in power.

Please write to the following to request the disbanding the SShRC feminist homosexual left-wing research and advocacy:

The Right Hon. Stephen Harper
Office of the Prime Minister 80 Wellington Street Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A2 Fax: 613-941-6900

The Honourable James Moore
Minister of Industry
C. D. Howe Building 235 Queen Street Ottawa, ON K1A 0H5 Fax: 613-992-0302

your MP
House of Commons Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6 q

First Comment by Richard:

This Cavanaugh airhead got her ideas from reading Freud...!

 Queering Bathrooms: Gender, Sexuality, and the Hygienic Image

You know, I have a fine art degree.   I was schooled in how dyslexic morons can learn to drop PC names,  tie them loosely into a 'conversation' about some totally obscure piece of daily trivia and sexualize it, pseudo-politicize it, and then string a bunch of long words together for a title. 

The stuff that got good grades either undermined the conventional, or ridiculed faith, or glorified taboos.  If you could nail all three you got an A+.  

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for " Queering of Society Funded by Taxpayers"

Dan said (January 23, 2014):

"toilets form a crucial part of our modern understanding of sex and gender."

Excuse-moi? I thought gender was determined by Y chromosomes and mitochondrial DNA.

I think Miss Cavanagh has fallopian tubes and vas deferens confused with rectums and urethras.

This is how the Canadian government spends your taxes? The money would be better spent financing LGBT potty training and anatomy classes, so they can learn that taking a crap isn't sex.

Steven said (January 23, 2014):

I think you just revealed an area of government spending that can be cut out all together and reduce the deficit. If we could remove politically correct people from the public service and parliament we could reduce the deficit even further. Although this is not the total solution to the governments fiscal and moral problems it would be a step in the right direction.

Kevin Boyle said (January 23, 2014):

In a world where "the cultural politics of excretion is intimately related to the regulation of gender and sexuality" a person having a shit is a breath of fresh air.

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