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Sex Offender Laws Require Rethink

January 11, 2014


Sex Offender laws are gratuitously cruel and assume 
that all ex-offenders are dangerous psychopaths. 
However the vast majority can be rehabilitated 
and lead normal productive lives.

Most sex offenders deserve compassion. Current laws make it harder for registered sex offenders to reform.

by Ryan Hope
(Pen name of a Colorado Therapist)

I have chosen to take on this unpopular issue because I have something that needs to be said.

Contrary to popular belief that once a sex offender, he will always  be a sex offender, recidivism rates are quite low for offenders that get counselling. At about 6%,  they are much lower than many other types of criminal recidivism.  That means 94%  don't re-offend.  This is compared to only 30% in the case of other offences. 

Yes, a minority of sex offenders are sociopaths or psychopaths. They are violent re-offender types, serial rapists and those that get sadistic pleasure torturing or killing.  These people should never be trusted to reenter into society.  

But the majority of sex offenders can be reformed, but the law won't let them or anybody else forget.  Some of my colleagues work with ex-offenders and they report a high degree of depression, homelessness and suicide.

notice.jpgWhen they return home from prison, they may not be allowed to move into their own homes because it is too close to a school or park. However, 98% of molestations happen with somebody they know and not because of the proximity of schools or parks. 

Supportive relatives prefer not to allow ex-offenders to live in their homes because their address is posted on sites like  Megan's Law.  Families can be ripped apart;  the very people the ex-offender needs for healing are placed out of reach.

I have heard of several cases of ex-offenders receiving death threats from strangers knocking on their doors.  Ex-offenders do get murdered.  Since sex offender registration is required for life, an ex-offender can be harassed or violently assaulted decades after he had overcome his problem. 


Few will hire ex-offenders. Being cut off from their own families and support networks actually contributes to recidivism.  Homeless offenders are harder to keep track of. Professionals and clergy are required by law to report suspected cases to the police.  Offenders thus do not seek the help they need, and some even resort to suicide.  

Victims of sexual molestation also avoid help because they don't want their cases dragged publicly through the courts.  Victims then suffer a lifetime of unresolved trauma which in turn negatively affects their own marriages and children.

Many sex offenders were themselves victims and the law actually perpetuates the vicious cycle. 

Many have to register as a sex offender for having consensual sex as a teenager. Some have to register for urinating in public and now their lives are ruined. 


Another unspoken problem is law enforcement.  I have worked cases where police or CPS interviewers will tell children what to say before they are videotaped.  Coercing children is sadly all too common.  I worked with one young adult who was suffering from terrible guilt and depression because police coerced her to lie as a child and sent her father to life in prison.  Try as she could the courts will not listen to her pleas.  They claim she is being pressured by her family to recant. 

Top polygraphers, estimate that one out-of-five people in our prisons are actually innocent.  District Attorneys and police will lie and tamper with evidence.  They have been known to confiscate computers and fill them with porn.  

One young man accused of raping a 13-year-old girl, spent 13 years in prison.  Project Innocence took on his case and discovered that the police had hidden exculpatory evidence.  He was released and sued the city and won an undisclosed amount of money. 


Women who want a divorce will accuse their husbands of rape or molestation of their children.  This filthy tactic  is often compounded by police, lawyers and courts not interested in truth, but interested in milking all the money they can get.

I worked with a gentleman whose wife accused him of molesting their two little toddlers.  He was whisked off to jail and she emptied the bank account.  He was unable to defend himself and was forced to get a public defender (who in many cases are useless).  She had coached the two little girls on what to say and practiced with them over and over.  

He awaited trial for over a year in jail,  during the wait she sold the home and moved to another state.  At trial the public defender actually did his job and the little children admitted that their mother had coached them.  

He was released homeless and with only the clothes on his back.  The law did nothing to his scheming wife and let her go without even a sigh.  Even though he was found innocent, other areas of law enforcement won't let him have visitation rights and his struggle continues three years later.


So for all of you flag-waving Christians that want to punish and harass sex offenders,  question whether you are Christian or not.  You may be a Pharisee and the first to yell out "Crucify him!".  I recall a certain sheriff in southern Florida, a proud Christian bragging about his program of putting up signs  to identify homes of ex-offenders. He caused the man to take his life, a man that had been clean for 15 years.

Sex Offender laws prevent ex-offenders from rehabilitating and becoming productive members of society.  Laws for ex-offenders are cruel and unusual,  the vast majority can be rehabilitated and lead normal productive lives. 

"Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." -Mathew 25:40.  Jesus' message is all about repentance and that people can change for the better. 


First Comment from DM:

Just finished reading your article by "Ryan Hope" concerning sex offenders.

It brought to mind the infamous statement by Mary McCarthy concerning Lillian Hellman:

"Everything [she] writes is a lie, including 'and' and 'the'."

I do not have the time to pick this amateur work of propaganda apart piece by piece [which would be almost too easy, for it is Leninist/Stalinist in it's crudity], but am left wondering why you would give space to someone who is so obviously your ideological enemy.

I work in a prison.

I deal with these men every working day.

They should remain locked up forever.

To make an already nauseating situation infinitely worse, they now have organized into groups, unions and political lobbying organizations such as NAMbLA.

The NAMbLA contingent marches proudly and with full acceptance [by the othere marchers and "celebrants"] in virtually every gay pride parade in North America.

I also deal with "therapists" such as the pseudonymous "Ryan Hope" on a regular basis and have found them to be, almost without exception, charlatans, frauds, panderers, intellectually deficient, sexually "confused" and near criminals themselves.

In spite of it's failings, I have confidence in the American system of justice.

Any system that is arranged by humans will have imperfections.

That being said, any culture that does not have the confidence to maintain and defend it's moral code is [and should be] doomed to destruction.

I am left, entirely suspicious of this author and his motives.

Sexual crimes, particularly child molestation, are the result of an increasingly narcissistic culture, that is the result of porn, television, movies, the cult of materialism [shop til you drop], the pseudoscientific psychic poisons of Kinsey and his compeers, etc.

It is guaranteed to get worse, unless there is a true Christian awakening in this land.

Ryan Hope replies to DM and others:

Working in a state prison, I'm sure you have seen the worst of the worst.  I view these people as mentally ill.  You probably see many psychopaths.  These should never be allowed free because this condition usually is not curable, because they don't want it.

Punishment and revenge do not work. Therapy is proven to work better than methods of lock'm up and throw them away.  Norway has the lowest recidivism rate in the world.  How do they do it?  They treat their inmates as Jesus would, with respect.  They don't focus on punishment, they focus on rehabilitation.  

I ask you flag-waving Christians once again to introspect whether you are a Pharisee or a true Christian.

There is an assumption underlying the letters, that there is no help for a criminal. I have heard many times: "once in the system, always in the system."  Even the prisoners lack hope.  I can understand this; the conventional therapy that perps and victims receive is not very effective. 

 Ken Adachi

I can't believe the vicious comments I am reading from DM and others. The last person whose opinion I would value in this area is that of a prison guard, whose occupation often attracts the sadistic and indifferent. Ask anyone who's actually been in prison in the last decade or two to tell you what a swell bunch of guys the guards are.

MANY people are RAILROADED into prison under the banner of "sex offender" who have done NOTHING even CLOSE to having sex with anyone or even "offending" anyone. Anyone who's connected to the internet can have photos of children in pornographic poses uploaded to their computer. IT'S A PIECE OF CAKE for government hackers. The guy then has his home raided by police because of an anonymous "tip" they got that the guy may be involved in "pedophilia activities" and his computer gets seized.

The incriminating evidence is "found", of course, the kangaroo trial and the set up "witnesses" tell their incriminating tales and off to prison he goes for 5 or 10 years. He gets out and can't find a place to live because rentable apartments or rooms are located in populated areas that are within 2,000, or 1,000 feet of a school, or a school crossing, or a mini little "park where children "might" play, or a church or dozens of other buildings that "may" have children inside, so this guy is FORCED to live on the street because the parole people won't ALLOW him to live in an apartment or a rooming house.

I know a guy who was railroaded into prison for 5 years under the trumped up "Sex Offender Railroading Express" and TOLD by parole officer that he had to LIVE in his van parked on a particular street corner, on a particular street in a city in southern California between the hours of 11 PM and 6 AM and he BETTER be sitting in that van at the location between those hours because he's re-arrested if not.

He can't get a job because he has "SEX OFFENDER" printed in bright red letters on all of his paperwork. Of course, even if he found a place to rent, the parole guy will come to "inspect" and inform the owner that the guy is a sex offender and out the door he goes because your house is then listed on these absurd "sex offender" ID web sites. It's an absolute OUTRAGE what's taking place in this country with the entire "sex offender" scapegoating industry.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Sex Offender Laws Require Rethink"

Kat said (January 12, 2014):

I am trying to get people of conscience to look at the following.

I have a pretty in depth analysis of sex offender recidivism for new sex crimes which can be seen at:

The best estimate from the analysis results are:
Years from Release : Most Likely Case Recidivism : Error Margin
0 : 4.00% : (-2.66%; +6.00%)
1 : 2.55% : (-2.16%; +5.16%)
2 : 1.63% : (-1.51%; +4.32%)
3 : 1.04% : (-1.00%; +3.55%)
4 : 0.66% : (-0.65%; +2.87%)
5 : 0.42% : (-0.42%; +2.30%)
6 : 0.27% : (-0.27%; +1.83%)

Debra said (January 12, 2014):

The article by “Ryan Hope” is a message from Satan. Makow is a dangerous man to any person who is seeking to live by Truth according to Christ Jesus, when he posts such lies.



It's fanatics like you who discredit Christianity.


P said (January 12, 2014):

My wife is a sex offender, and we know the truth on the broad brush used to keep them all permanently guilty, and every crime all the same.
God forgave her, and I did likewise. She's so much a better person now after jail time.

We've walked and talked through all of it as to how and why and are both stronger for it.

Yes, forgive.

MN said (January 12, 2014):

(Excuse me for my English)
Although it's understandable that people (mostly mothers and abused ones) want death penalty, castration, sadic torture or life imprisonment for sex offenders, we all DON'T KNOW that behind this sex abuse paraphernalia lurk the Illuminati indeed, working hard to coax the world into accepting the TOTAL SURRENDER of their FREEDOM for SAFETY SAKE. That's the reason why there are so many emails, chats, comments (like this one) photos, videos, etc being spied, "for safety sake", in order to locate any suspect of sexual abuse. The Illuminati (or whatever its name might be) are WATCHING US, as in the George Orwell novel "1984", and with this issue of "sexual abuse", they had found a diamond mine. "That's a fabulous weapon against the goyim! We use this human flaw against themselves! We cunningly lead people into the bars and fences of "safety", and they will never know it! They only want SAFETY and we're going to give them safety in exchange for their FREEDOM."

Look at the nightmare we are living now with this "abuse culture". Many people, jailed and MARKED FOREVER AS CRIMINALS only for downloading ONE photo of a NAKED CHILDREN! Read more details here:

"Why Current Child Porn Laws Imprison the Wrong People"

Here is a comment from that site:

Does the FBI have nothing better to do with its time, what with Al-Qaeda and all? Government has gotten way out of control. Thank goodness the House and Senate are both reviewing the over-criminalization of America. Over the last 30 years, the number of federal laws has doubled. In the same period, the federal prison population has increased by nearly 800%, and the budget for the Federal Bureau of Prisons has ballooned to over $6 billion annually. 25% of the world's prisoners are incarcerated in the U.S. Senseless.

We must show our rage against the creators of this demonic exploitation of children, and NOT against the scapegoats presented by the MA$$ M€DIA.

A said (January 12, 2014):

I just wanted to mention that it was recently reported that Ryan James Gabourie, a sex offender, is being released in Winnipeg after serving only seven years in prison. What disturbed me most were some of the facts regarding his offenses:

"GABOURIE’s previous offences involve sexually molesting five young boys, between 5 and 11 years old by entering their homes through unlocked windows or doors and sexually assaulting them in their beds while their families were sleeping nearby. GABOURIE entered the homes of another boy and girl in the same manner but was discovered before he committed any additional offences. The victims were unknown to GABOURIE. He would choose homes where children’s toys were visible in the yard or could be seen inside the homes by peering in through windows. He has also been arrested for being in the possession of child pornography."

I wonder why the sentence was so light for a person who seems to be such a high risk to others. Most sex offenders offend with people they know. It seems even more dangerous to have someone free when they are at the level of seeking and hurting innocent strangers.

This is why I strongly question the criminal justice system.

Dan said (January 12, 2014):

DM's comment beat me to it. The author is transparent. By the way I've done prison ministry in a maximum security prison in Texas, so I know what it's like inside, and who ends up in there. I can tell you it takes more than liberals think to sentence a man to hard time. It takes a rap sheet. A recognizable pattern of offenses and arrests/convictions exist by the time a Jury and judge sentences a man to prison.

This therapist thinks like the offenders he counsels. He confuses the "falsely accused" with the guilty. Seems he can't discern the difference.

I especially resent people that can't hide their contempt for Christians cherry picking from the New Testament. He blustered,

"So for all of you flag-waving Christians that want to punish and harass sex offenders, question whether you are Christian or not. You may be a Pharisee and the first to yell out "Crucify him!" ---- Is he referring to Ted Bundy, or Jesus?

Read the part where Jesus is crucified between two criminals.
LUKE 23:40-43 One of them "blasphemed Him, saying: If thou be Christ, save thyself and us."

"But the other answering, rebuked him, saying: Neither dost thou fear God, seeing thou art condemned under the same condemnation?
And we indeed justly, for we receive the due reward of our deeds; but this man hath done no evil.
And he said to Jesus: Lord, remember me when thou shalt come into thy kingdom.
And Jesus said to him: Amen I say to thee, this day thou shalt be with me in paradise."

Nowhere in the Christian Bible did anyone say the guilty should go free. The criminal who repented his sins still had to face the worldly consequences of his sins - including capital punishment - which he knew he deserved.

Now I know what the Godless are thinking - "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone". But in that story we're talking about the same men who frequented the prostitute, ready to stone her to death in public. The story is about hypocrisy, not freeing the guilty.

Jim said (January 11, 2014):

Like the commenter DM I also work in a prison. I have worked with all kinds of offenders and I have to admit that sex offenders are a different breed.

I have seen some who are genuinely repentant and repulsed by what they have become. Their offense will haunt them for the rest of their lives and they will never offend again.

I have also seen some who are not repentant and continue in their psycho-sexual delusions. For instance I once searched the cell of an inmate and found a fifteen page love letter to the 10 year old boy he molested. It was probably the most unnerving and disgusting thing I've ever read.

We also have an inmate who is forbidden to possess 'Parenting' magazine and others periodicals of that type because he used them to masturbate to the images of children.

It is indeed difficult to guess who will re-offend and who won't. But I do agree with the author that a careful second look at how we treat sex offenders is warranted.

And yes, there are those who are wrongfully accused and their reputations and lives are changed forever.

Here is a high profile case which was ultimately found untrue.

Teresa said (January 11, 2014):

Having spent my whole life either being abused as a child, and knowing offenders, only a Miracle from God would do it and I have never heard or seen that happen.

Its like Pornography, done in private and no one knows.

Yes lives can and are turned upside down w false accusations, but I will tell you unless you know someone or have experienced being sexually assaulted, one can have NO understanding of how a life is changed. Girls and Women make very poor choices in life.

So sorry to say I have NO sympathy for the, put them all on an Island.

Wade said (January 11, 2014):

If we are to be honest...this article raises even a much larger and more terrible problem.

#1. Our entire law enforcement apparatus in this Country is full of corruption, from the very top (our Attorney General) and all the way down. Of course, there are many individual exceptions, but the fact remains that this is a house that needs a lot of deep cleaning and reorganization.

#2. Our laws are so ambiguous and convoluted that even legal scholars disagree. This sets up an atmosphere that demands highly skilled and expensive lawyers. The courts have become a joke, as have the judges. The insanity of courts and judges has reached all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights as the law of the land have become a faint memory.

#3. The mainline news media is nothing more than a bunch of well paid prostitutes who do the bidding of their pimps who own and control virtually all news media in this nation. Absent the direct involvement and co-conspirator status of the media, false flags going all the way back to the murder of JFK would not have been possible.

#4. Our politicians, with very few exceptions, are by in large a motley crew...most of whom would be in prison today if justice were done.

A complete article could be written on each one of the subjects above. Truth be told the USA has become a "Mad Magazine" society where the inmates run the asylum. We all are suffering from a hundred years of Illuminati social reorganization and systematic brainwashing that has brought our society to the brink of implosion.

We need to remember the warning of the founding fathers...that our Constitution and Bill of Rights could never govern any people that were not moral and God fearing. This truth lifts the veil on the central crux of all our problems.

Erica said (January 11, 2014):

While I agree with your Christ like principle, I'm not sure I can entirely agree with what Ryan is saying. I have a Criminal Justice degree and my final project was to spend hours observing probation officers monitor sex offenders. It was very difficult for me because I have 2 children.

I figured if I wanted to make it in this line of work I would have to face the worst crimes possible which to me are the abuse on children.
There were a few cases that were wrong and the men were labeled for life. I will say the majority of the cases were pedophiles and the risk of letting them around children is to high to take the chance. I sat in their group counseling sessions and some admitted to having strong urges to prey on children.

The illuminati has bred pedophiles and even want us to accept it. So with all that in mind it's really hard to tell apart the threats to our children verses the rehabilitated cases and the wrong fully accused.

I believe in second chances and that people change. God created us in his image therefore we must not discard humans and assume the worst no matter what the sin is. Who are we to judge. I do find peace in knowing that no matter how much we are labeled and wrongly done in this life we will be good and without cares in our after life with our heavenly Father. Only he knows why bad things happen to good people.

I would like to see the people who wrongfully accuse someone and coach children to go along with the evil plan should be prosecuted. It makes no sense for these women to get away with it. Maybe someone should take that on. Change the law and hold these people accountable for ruining people's lives and spending our tax dollars in the process.

JG said (January 11, 2014):

I most definitely would not want to be a judge or lawyer in cases like this.

Who can be rehabilitated? Who can't?

What punishment is just? What punishment isn't just?

What is abuse and what isn't abuse?
Only God has those answers.

Joe G said (January 11, 2014):

Dr. Ryan Hope you are correct there is a lot of injustice, most of the laws on the books today need a rethink, but you need to re-educate yourself as to what a Christian really is. The people you are referring to give Christians a bad name. A true Christian knows we are all sinners, Cast the first stone and all. Those professed Christians are full of hate otherwise they would not be doing the things they do. A true Christian also knows that vengeance is for the Lord, and anyone harming a child will be dealt with severely

Luk 17:2 It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.

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