Courts Help Gays Pimp Their Sons

February 25, 2014

Divorced mothers who protect their sons from abuse by a gay father
are deemed "crazy" by the courts and denied custody and access. 
When Caren Ragan, left, tried to take her son away, she was hunted 
down like a terrorist and jailed. She says 2.2 million mothers have been 
denied access to their sons. 

"The judge told me he was a dictator and didn't have to follow any of the laws of the USA and that my son
 needed to get used to a homosexual lifestyle, and he then ordered no contact between me and my son."

by Caren Ragan

The media and our government has been turning a blind eye to the plight of our children.

During my divorce I was threatened with losing custody if I didn't agree to 50/50 custody so he could pay less child support.  

I agreed for I feared my husband would hurt me after he exposed me and my unborn child to AIDS without my knowledge through sexual activities

He was a wealthy man and didn't want to let go of control and began a campaign of psychological abuse using my child as a pawn

My 11 year old son reported that his father's gay lover was massaging him in bed with his underwear on, and that he no longer wanted to visit his father's house while this man was there as he gave him the creeps and hated him.

I tried to speak to father, but he said he wanted his son to get used to another man touching him, that it was natural.

My attorney brought this to judge's attention and was immediately shutdown. Judge wrote an order stating I was a liar and she  didn't believe anything, and she wouldn't let me or my son testify anymore even though he was 11-years-old.

My son who was a big boy started to have physical fights with his father on his days of visitation as he didn't want to be around his boyfriend

I was called into court on two hours notice while my attorney was out of town, locked in the judges chambers, accused of being crazy. My ex and his three lawyers testified against me, and the judge wouldn't allow me one one word in my defence.

At that point out of sheer desperation and in fear for the damage to my son as his father threatened that if he ever spoke about the massages again, his mother would go to jail and he would be put in foster care I offered to give his father custody as that was the only way I could think of protecting him from his father putting him in foster care or worse.

In the end I wasn't found crazy, but was accused of Parent Alienation, even though the man my son was complaining about wasn't his father, but his gay lover.

The judge told me he was a dictator and didn't have to follow any of the laws of the USA and that my son needed to get used to a homosexual lifestyle, and he then ordered no contact between me and my son.

My son begged me to help him, so we ran away. Bounty hunters were hired; private investigators followed my entire family; all our phones were tapped; my families bank accounts were frozen, and my parents mail was censored through the police before they could receive it.

Finally in Feb 11, 2002 I was placed on FBI 10 most wanted list with Osama bin Laden.

I returned myself and my son after judge was removed from my case for bias, but it was too late, as one judge tried to protect the actions of the other judges.

I admitted to running away with my child "interference with child custody" and was told I could use a defense of necessity.

When it came time for my criminal trial the judge asked jurors back in 2006 if anyone didn't believe in gay marriage, those who didn't were immediately dismissed from my case. Only five women were picked, none of them having children and one man with one child.

The judge never allowed me my defence of necessity as to why I was scared for the life of my child and my life, so without hearing that important evidence or course they had to find me guilty. Again the judge was promoting a homosexual agenda, stating I had no right in deciding how my child should be raised and it was normal for fathers to touch their children sexually.

One of the jurors ended up being the best friend of the gay lover that touched my child, and the judge kept this information hidden from us. I was found guilty and given a 30 month prison sentence.

After everyone left the courtroom the judge told my lawyer and the prosecutor to make a "special deal" with me so that I would give up my appeal. Only after much convincing from my family did I give up my right to appeal. As the judge had legally erred 39 times  went to jail for six months, spent four years on house arrest and was denied no contact with my son who kept asking for me.

My case is not unusual. As of this writing 2.2 million moms have been denied primary custody of their children. Many of these moms came from the middle to upper income bracket, were well educated, stay at home moms and had controlling wealthy husbands who were in charge of the finances. 

My son testified against me after his father actually put him into foster care in order to make sure my son would be scared to death to tell the truth. Nancy Grace did a small section on this trial, wondering why I was put on trial.

 I am a libertarian and if you worry about Obama not following the law, surely this can't be a surprise by now. Little by little our government has been trying it's best to take control over our children. If you think losing your doctor or healthcare is bad, imagine losing your child. This is it folks our government is already starting the practices of Nazi Germany and no one wants to see it.

 As my daughter who is a lawyer stated to me, why does Obama care about the children of immigrants and allow them to break the law, but a USA mother who tries to protect her own child no one is willing to ignore the law. Quite the contrary, how dare she buck the government and save her child, what right does she have. 
Enclosed is a TV interview. As a Jew I ask you not to ignore this story. How many more children must be devastated, harmed, sexually abused and killed before one person in the media is willing to do an investigative report?
I think our government has reached it's tipping point.

Caren's book Protecting My Child is available here. (Her pen name is Miriam Silver)


Homeland Security Child Predator App- Why not just check the people to whom the courts are awarding custody?

First Comment from David-

Normally I sympathize with fathers, because they're always at a disadvantage in family and divorce courts ("When did you stop beating your wife and molesting your children, sir?"). But when a judge brags in open court that he's a dictator and doesn't have to follow any laws, he ceases to be a judge. He is "waring against the Constitution". Judges have immunity only "during good behavior". He's stepped out of those bounds.

If I were Caren -- and I realize she has many battles to fight and doesn't need another one -- I would find out if the judge is appointed or elected. If appointed then I would get copies of his surety bond, bonding agent and appointment commission. Whatever jurisdiction this "judge" is in, that governing body has to have insurance in force to protect against abuse by its employees, be they judges or janitors. Then I would sue him for breach of surety.

Comments for "Courts Help Gays Pimp Their Sons "

Doug P said (February 26, 2014):

Nothing should surprise anyone about the courts. Our laws are only suggestions for these people. They do as they wish. Wait till these judges are heavily invested in private prisons.

P said (February 26, 2014):

This account and the new one with the GOP leadership attacking a conservative doctor from Kansas only point to the fact that We
the People no longer have any rights. We are slaves of the state and the only way out is to repeat our history from the early 1860s.

Most of the female judges are Lesbians.

The Liars in the “national” Liars Club must always tell more lies to protect their other lies. All truth tellers must be hunted down and

Welkom nach Soviet Gangsterland

G said (February 26, 2014):

This article is so on time for me.I too served time for removing my children from a dangerous situation.And my son is still in a dangerous situation.

As a mother having no contact with my children nearly killed me. Knowing Jesus is my only comfort.Since the courts are possessed by demons.Truth has no place in court.That goes double for family and dependency court.You can hire a lawyer if you want or not!The outcome will be the same.Whatever causes the most destruction to the child will prevail.

Our children are not ours.They belong to the highest bidder.If not, they belong to the state.Soon they will have their wish.No men.No women.No children.No black.No white.No wrong.No right.Just slaves.

JG said (February 25, 2014):

This story should have top billing by the MSM but it doesn't. Why? Because the rulers of this present "age of darkness" are sadists and defectors of human morality. The human element was taken out of the courtroom when God was removed years from it years ago.

What a lot of Americans don't understand is that a nation that exports immorality abroad will soon have the same done to them in their very own backyards.

As testimony in this article, no one is exempt from immoral abuse by the courtrooms, whether she be Jew or Gentile. Evil does not limit itself to gender or race. But also, neither does salvation.
This is a great courageous woman that put the protection of her son first and was willing to suffer all the persecution that went along with it.

The "New American Cheka" that rules our present judiciary system fears people like this woman the most because they put morality above all. And, this is why she made the FBI "most wanted" list.
Unfortunately, for us here in America, divine judgement is on the way. A nation that abandons God most assuredly will and always does endure the consequences.

C said (February 25, 2014):

I too have lived this woman's story. For the time being, my child IS safe. However, our PFA will expire for her soon (funny that celebs in CA can get lifetime PFA's (restraining orders,) but children who are raped by a parent can only get a 3 yr PFA -in my state).

I am writing because I pray for all of the men and women facing such horrors (the stealing of their child by the state for the sole reason of sex -because that IS the only reason why the state needs them). However, and I would like to state this as a person who never once voted for Obama, that he did make one great change. It was his administration that changed the definition of rape.

I know that I was advised by my out of the county attorney which I had hired to, "leave the state and have residency anywhere besides the state in which I am in, and DE -as they "gay" community thrives there too, as there WILL BE NO WINNING HERE FOR US." However, I cannot as the perp of my child had sued me for my house, and even though he lost it is in the appeals court now. Thus I am left with no choice but to stay and slay Goliath.

Too bad for them. I would also like to state, that after much thought on the matter, I no longer believe that ANY man is "gay," only perverted. I say this because these same men will have sex with not only each other, but children -and any of their bodily holes, picnic tables, holes in the wall, etc. It simply does not matter. It's not a lifestyle but only a sick perversion and one of choice at that.

Suffice to say, there is indeed a MAJOR problem going on across the western world today in regards to the children. And any and all of you who are fighting to keep YOUR KID SAFE - please, keep on fighting. God IS with us. And anyone who is against us are not disciples of God.

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