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Gnosticism is Satan's Tool

February 1, 2014

Left.   Like the sportsmen wearing typical national outfits at the Olympics...religious leaders are all one, but with a regional flavor.  

The Illuminati goal is to establish a gnostic world religion. One can stay a "Muslim", a "Christian", a "Buddhist" in external appearance, culturally, and still be a gnostic member of this global occult religion, bowing to the antichrist and disregarding the doctrine of their original religion.

(Editor's Note:  I present Marcos' views for discussion. They are not mine. I oppose the Gnostic one-world religion but I believe there can only be one God and one Truth. Different religions may approach Reality in different ways. I think many Christians rely too much on scripture and underestimate our innate spiritual connection to God. Remember, Christian mystics emphasized Grace.)  

"There is a war in the spiritual world and the prize is your soul." 

by Marcos

How can an heresy from the second century still find expression in Hollywood movies such as The Matrix, Truman Show and Inception, and as well as best selling books like The DaVinci's Code?

(left. Pope Benedict blesses UN Flag. Vatican all for world religion.) 

Gnosticism has never died. In fact, the "religion" of the occultists in Egypt and Babylon, has been passed on by the Maniqueists,  witches such as Hermes Trimegistus, Madame Blavatski and Aleister Crowley,  psychologists such as Carl Jung and writers like Aldous Huxley down to the present day.

Unlike Christianity, Gnosticism doesn't recognize sin or the need for salvation. Like Scientology, it substitutes salvation with an awakening of spiritual powers and a transcendence from the material world that is an effort of the individual, helped by spirits. God is unknowable and silent. 

The Kabbalah is also essentially gnostic; that is, one must learn the spiritual secrets of the Torah through the cryptic and intricate Zohar, and then advance through esoteric knowledge and occult actions. It also teaches emanations.

(left. Pope kisses Koran) 

Mystical Revelation

According to gnostics, all humans have a divine spark, an inner reflection of the Pleroma. Of course, some, like the Illuminati and the royal families have more, and we mere plebeians have less. We must bow down to them and their "spirituality".

The mystical experience is thus a direct contact between the aeons and men's inner spark. Sacred knowledge is achieved not by learning or verbal communication from God, but by seeking to experience spiritual contacts, feelings and ecstasy with what we know are demonic entities through trances and rituals.

Gnostics can be ascetics who deny any materiality, or (mostly) lovers of debauchery. They don't believe in the concept of sin because their knowledge puts them above these restrictions. Some believe in the balance of evil and good, and that's why the Illuminati can give millions to a hospital in the day following a human sacrifice ritual he attended.

l. Logo of United Religions Initiative 

Gnosticism as the New World Religion

It is easy to see how gnosticism will lead to the new world religion. It really doesn't matter what your religion is, as long as you look for truth through mysticism. Of course, the only exception is true Christianity, the work of the demiurge to enslave us through the Bible. You can say you are a Christian (like Bill Clinton or Obama) or a Muslim and not believe a thing about its doctrine. You only were born in that culture. What matters is your esoteric (for the initiated) divine spark, not your exoteric (for the masses) tradition.

Lucifer or Sophia is the being they worship. Like Prometheus, he is the one who can bring the fire of knowledge to people and make them gods themselves, the original lie of the garden of Eden. Every Luciferian believes in this, and because in their view the aeons are superior to the demiurge, they think Lucifer is more powerful than the God of the Christians. Jesus, when invoked by them, is only another aeon or an ascended master, who can also help them against the restrictions imposed by Jehovah God.

The start of this world religion was the consequence of the works of a disciple of the satanist Papus, a Frenchman occultist called René Guenon. He created the perennial philosophy, which is basically the doctrine that "all paths lead to God" or at least to the aeons. 

alice_bailey.jpgOn the more practical side, Alice Bailey, left, of the Theosophical Society and the Lucifer Trust gave momentum to the world gnostic religion by associating it with the United Nations. Now, they say that the advent of the world religion is the only way humankind can prevent the cataclysms of the apocalypse. Therefore, let's all follow the Illuminati's new world order. Of course, Masons have also been ecumenists for a long time.

Today, Gnosticism has been heavily promoted by globalists such as Prince Charles, Patron of the Temenos Academy, which is dedicated to the central ideas of the Perennial Philosophy. Charles declares: "Only this great Tradition, in its sacralization of Nature, will solve the environmental crisis of the twenty-first century." 

Notorious Illuminati frontmen Gorbachev, Ted Turner, Bill Gates and even "Coexist's" Bono are all for the United Religions Initiative, a NGO under the United Nations.  As Robert Muller, former Deputy Secretary General of the UN and Alice Bailey-Luciferian,said,the world government could only occur with a common spirituality.


We are living in the times of Alice Bailey's Externalization of Hierarchy, a book channeled to her by the demon D.K., where he says that at the right time (now) the occult secrets, a treasure once reserved to high level witches, would be passed to the Masses. That's what we see today: satanic rituals during the music Grammys, occult themes in the Olympics opening ceremony, etc. Even a book by Carl Jung (the Red Book) which reveals he followed two spirit guides and a black snake spirit (sic) and that had been censored by his heirs for decades, has been allowed to be published. It sells for US$ 150 at Amazon. 

There is a war in the spiritual world, and Satan's weapon is Gnosticism. The prize is your soul.

Marcos discusses Gnosticism in more detail in this podcast  

Marcos adds: "Johnny Depp will star a movie that teaches Gnostic Transcendence by Knowledge.
The director is the same that gave us the Gnostic movie Inception.

Externalization of the Hierarchy for the masses." 

First Comment from Harvey:

I find your newest article regarding Gnostics as very amusing. Obviously the writer of the article has not conducted any research other than to embrace the same views created by the RCC, the banksters and their masters.

 Gnostics do not worship satan or Sophia(LOL). We worship God and his only begotten son Jesus. We do not only use the Catholics bible. There are many other scriptures written by the Apostles that were excluded by Constantine for control purposes that have immense importance to understanding. 

We do not use the OT other than to highlight the perversion of the money changers (the anti-Christ). The gnostics had an entire crusade aimed at Gnostics, intending to eradicate them because they denounced the money changers of the Knights Templars, who were granted unfettered access to Christianity. Gnostics threatened the power and control of the banksters obtained from the RCC in 1129.  

Dan Replies:

Thanks to Marcos for staying on this topic over time.   

"Harvey" says Marcos "embraces the same views created by the RCC".   

If Harvey were keeping up with current events since, say, 1962, he would know that the RCC he's referring to ceased to exist in the mid-20th century. 

Read Nostra Aetate, October 28, 1965.    
Read the actual document, don't just glance at the Wikipedia page`.  Read the document. 
"Declaration on the relation of the church to non-christian religions -- Nostra Aetate"

For those who don't know it, the photo of those representatives of the major religions was taken at the International interfaith meeting in Assisi Italy, October 27, 2011, presided by none other than Pope Benedict XVI.   This wasn't a new development.  The first International Interfaith meeting as Assissi was called by the Holy See in 1986, presided by Pope John Paul II. [1]

The Ecumenical notion that all religions are the same came out of Freemasonry - not the Roman Catholic Church.  What you call the RCC today is a counterfeit controlled by Freemasons.   Anyone that hasn't learned this needs to study a helluva lot harder.  Marcos has done his homework thoroughly.  

Without getting into the details of the cults of Gnosis - which predate Christianity by centuries, by the way - Harvey has inadvertently proven Marco's contention that all religions are NOT 'one', since he's saying Gnosticism is the one true religion.   

[1] Assisi 2011, Massoneria e Modernismo

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Gnosticism is Satan's Tool"

Malak said (February 5, 2014):

Rene Guenon is not connected to the new world religion. He accepted Islam after exploring and rejecting various initiatory and occult movements in France.

He issued a devastating critique of new age spirituality, Madame Blavatsky, and G. I. Gurdjieff in his books 'Theosophy: History of a Pseudo-Religion,' and 'The Spiritist Fallacy.' His insistence on the esoteric harmony of the great religions reflects the unity of their essential message, a fact to which mystics and scholars of all orthodox traditions would attest.

Also, a perennialist cannot shun or mix religion – he must adhere to only one religion, practise its exoteric forms, and obey its laws.

"Truly those who believe, and the Jews, and the Christians, and the Sabaeans - whoever believes in God and the Last Day and performs virtuous deeds - surely their reward is with their Sustainer, and no fear shall come upon them, neither shall they grieve." (2:62)
"To each community among you We [God] have prescribed a Law and a way of life. If God had so willed He would have made you a single people, but His plan is to test you in what He has given you: so strive as in a race in all virtues." (5:48)

Different revelations are a mercy from God. In 'The Heart of Islam,' Seyyed Hossein Nasr summarizes "According to these and other verses, not only is the multiplicity of religions necessary, but it is also a reflection of the richness of the Divine Nature and is willed by God."

James said (February 5, 2014):

Marcos is absolutely right! The first century apostolic church was fighting Gnosticism.

Gnosticism can be traced back to ancient Babylon, and ultimately to the Garden of Eden. It's the original Satanic lie. Gnosticism places the human mind, guided by Satan, above the revealed word of God.

Roman said (February 3, 2014):

Either one religion is true or all of them are false. Gnosticism is another philosophy. Philosophies are opinions and imaginations of men. There is no truth in men. Cursed is a man who trusts in man. Truth must be revealed by God and you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. The ability to recognize and know the truth is from God. He requires faith in Him not in men. Who and what you believe reveals whose son you are and what you will inherit.

Adrian said (February 2, 2014):

Matthew 22:36-40
And the second (greatest commandment): ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’

The consequence of not obeying this law is Karma, a concept existing for 10 000 years in all non-Abrahamic religions. However it also appears
in the Bible as reaping and sowing.

Job 4:8 Even as I have seen, they that plow iniquity, and sow wickedness, reap the same.
Ezekiel 18:20 The soul that sins, it shall die. The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity
of the son: the righteousness of the righteous shall be on him, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be on him.

Karma is a very important theme in Gnosticism.

"In simplest terms, karma means consequence. Think cause and effect. The term is most often used when we are talking about the consequence of
doing something bad.

Gnosis teaches that there are no accidents. Everything happens as a consequence of our actions, good or bad ones."

Marcos may be confusing sin generally with the Christian concept of "original sin" that Gnosis rejects. Let him please provide references
for assertions such as these:

"Gnosticism doesn't recognize sin...
They don't believe in the concept of sin."

This is false.

(By the way I am not a follower of either religion.)

VA said (February 2, 2014):

Poor clueless "Marcos" should get more understanding before writing one more word of nonsense.

First he should read "Not in His Image" by John Lash to try to get past his gross misunderstanding of "gnosticism"

He should also read
The Illuminati: Renegades of the Mystery Schools


Malachi Martin:The End of Religion As We Know It

Jon from France said (February 1, 2014):

i was pretty disappointed to see Marcos naming René Guénon as an occultist. he spent most of his work explaining the danger of occultists, gnostic and all the new age movements, the pseudo unificators of religions, fact several of his book are directly attacking them (the spirit error, Theosophy the "so called religion", i translate approximately from French title) He was so powerful in his attacks and so true that the Blavatsky's and Papus's crew even killed his wife and he had to leave France because of these attacks and spent the rest of his life in Egypt. He was a Muslim but he had nothing but beautiful and kind words about Christianity, and i'm very sad to see that you put him in the same box as these usurpation. I hope its because of rumors that you have heard about his work that you have written this, because as a catholic myself i have learn a great deal about my faith because of him.

David K said (February 1, 2014):

How come nobody can see the obvious truth that believing in Satan and Jesus is no different to believing in democrats and republicans? Believing in good and evil in some eternal struggle is the same as believing that there is no other way than having 2 political parties in constant opposition. Democracy is a crock and so are all religious ideas that pit good against evil. All these ideas have been given to us by the psychopaths in power to make themselves look far bigger and more powerful than they are.

Think about it, psychopaths make up 1% of the population and the rulers/ politicians/ bankers make up more like 0.0001% but they have convinced us that good and evil are 50/50 or at least 60/40. They have Christians convinced that God has given Satan power over the world and that they don't need to do anything about the system we live in because Jesus will come and save them and throw Satan into a pit of fire. Christianity has to be the greatest controlled opposition ever created. Its simply brilliant when you think about it and it becomes extremely obvious that the Christian belief system has empowered the world government like nothing else. All these people who can see how evil the system is do nothing but go to church and watch the world turning to a pile of crap with joy in their hearts because this must mean their savior will be coming for them soon. They have been duped.

The truth is that the world is good and so are we, except for the 1% of psychopaths of course but they would be easily dealt with if the 99% threw away their silly superstitions and decided to do something instead of deluding themselves for a change.

Anyone who thinks God writes books is really quite psychotic. He is far smarter than that, he gave us all an internal guidance system which nobody can tamper with. It consists of a conscience, a logical brain, compassion and eyes to see. It is people who have been duped into putting their conscience aside, not using their brain due to superstition, not having empathy for other beings and closing their eyes to the obvious.

Jesper said (February 1, 2014):

Some religions, like Christianity, emphasize "Other-Power", that is, salvation requires the intervention of an external Agent. These religions center soteriological attention on the mortal, ephemeral, dualistic, "fallen" aspect of man. We must transcend sinful nature and be transfigured to reach the Absolute, or Heaven.

Other religions, like Buddhism, emphasize "Self-Power", that is, attention is centered on immanence, i.e., on the immortal, spiritual, edenic nucleus to which the perishable body-soul-mind complex is moored during life in this world. From this perspective, man is not "saved", but actualizes God within.

Emphasis on one of these does not exclude the complementary spiritual method, but determines the "flavor" of religious life and experience in a given religion, if the expression be permitted. In fact, to give an example, in one particular form of Buddhism (Amidism), emphasis is on "Other-Power", not "Self-Power".

This distinction can save a lot of unnecessary quarreling and sheds light on what is legitimate in each religious archetype.

JG said (February 1, 2014):

The introductory quote to this article explains the present "dogma" that exists within Catholic Church and the Church of England so very well. Or should I say what's left of the Church of England.
The Protestants and the Catholics both have been given their "gag orders" concerning sin, the blood, and the cross.

Let one high profile Priest or Deacon condemn homosexuality as sin and watch the NWO "media lynching" of him unfold. And then watch him "bow and scrape" with letters of apologies soon afterwards.

Let him dare say that Marxism is the enemy of Christianity and watch what happens to him. Pope Francis has recently said, "some of my best friends are Communists". How convenient!
Also, let him dare try to support any of his "brothers and sisters" in Jesus Christ that are in Syria, Lebanon, or the Gaza strip. There really isn't any Christians in those countries they're all Muslim terrorists right, even the women and children.

Yes, the church will be allowed to exist, but will continue to be publicly scorned and subverted if it ever tries to implement it's true doctrine.

Bob said (February 1, 2014):

I agree with some of Marcos’ arguments, but most of it is misguided fear mongering. I agree that we live in terrible times; that the embodiments of evil are tearing at the flesh of men’s souls. Still we have to remember that Satan is a master of disguises.

What is the test? What is the touchstone that would allow us to distinguish good from evil? We live in a world of appearances, so what is the appearance of evil? This question deserves some thought.

The Bible itself can be a totem. Even Bill Clinton waves it in the air as he leaves the courtroom. I don’t think it is enough to simply wrap yourself in Christian icons. I know of very few people who read the Bible with a view to understanding it rather than imposing preconceived notions upon it...

It’s their deeds that give them away. I suggest to your readers that the litmus test for evil in this age are the signs of forces that obscure or negate our vision of an eternal God, that degrade the human spirit, that work through fraud and deception, that stoke fires of hatred and war among people, that measure the value of human life with material yardsticks, that seek to destroy the edifices of faith, whether Christian or Muslim. Even the Qur’an burning icon Terry Jones finally shook hands with the Imam. This doesn’t make headlines, so we know where the media stand.

Demons are like Halloween balloons that gorge themselves on the energies of powerful negative emotions like war, anger and sex. They deflate when we human souls recognize them for what they are, when we reconcile our differences and live in peace, harmony and loving family bonds. In the Qur’an it says that “the evil ones of Babylon taught men magic and the means to sow discord between men and women through fraud and deception”. (My own loose translation of 2:102).

The event of 9/11 is a glaring example of the workings of the demonic force in our time. Seeing the Pope kissing the Qur’an is a sign for hope in my mind. Marcos’ expression of righteous indignation at efforts of understanding and reconciliation among people, perhaps innocently on his part, is misguided.

Steve said (February 1, 2014):

Not separating body/soul (nephesh kai, breath life)/spirit has confused Christians. Eastern religions equate soul with spirit. What did Adam lose? His spirit. That is the only connection to God. What did Jesus Christ (the 2nd Adam) restore? The ability to obtain spirit once again via the new birth.

The Bible doesn't teach that there are "many roads to Chicago". There is one access to the one true God, and that is through Jesus Christ. No water needed, no rituals, just confess Romans 10:9,10.



But "through Christ" may mean dying to the world,
not embracing Christian dogma.


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