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House of Cards: Politics in a Time Warp

February 25, 2014

houseof.jpg(Kevin Spacey as Majority Whip Frank Underwood and Kate Mara as reporter Zoe Barnes)

For an $100 million series, could Netflix hire writers
capable of reflecting what actually goes on

in Washington? Of course not.

"We have already contrived to possess the minds of the goy communities...[they are] looking through the spectacles we are setting astride their noses." (Protocols of Zion, 12)

by Henry Makow Ph.D.
(from Feb 25, 2013)

Although Plato lived 
2400 years
ago, his analogy of the cave anticipates the mass media, especially TV and movies. The analogy compares humanity with slaves shackled in a cave. Their reality consists of shadows projected on the wall in front of them from a fire behind.

I attribute my past personal dysfunction to scouring the mass media for truth. Indeed, this was my unconscious motivation for watching movies. I was a slave. The mass media is not there to empower humanity but to keep us enslaved. It trades in distraction, titillation and degradation, not truth.

BBC.jpg(There was actually a bidding war for this dinosaur. The creative wells run deep in Jollywood.)

Netflix spent $100 million to make a 26-part series on US politics, House of Cards. 

For that money, could they hire writers capable of reflecting what actually goes on?  Of course not.  They spent a fortune buying the rights to a 1991 BBC miniseries and adapted that. This is ten years before 9-11, 3000 miles away.

They think that a ruthless ambitious politician, "Francis Underwood," played by Kevin Spacey, is all the realism we need. We know politicians are this way. LBJ was complicit in the assassination of JFK.

We also learn that lobbyists purchase influence. Apart from these remarkable facts, House of Cards exists out of place and out of time.

Watching this series, you wouldn't know that most federal politicians are Freemasons, a satanic secret society, puppets of the international banking
barackobama.mason.jpgcartel, dedicated to Luciferian one world government. They are controlled by AIPAC, the Zionist lobby,  a branch of Freemasonry like Communism, and by the fact many are sex perverts and easily blackmailed.

(Obama exchanges Masonic handshake as McCain watches on)

You wouldn't know about Oklahoma City, 9-11 and the many other government false flags, the bogus war on terror, the Patriot Act, DHS, the credit crash, gun control, immigration, multiculturalism, and the Judeo Masonic feminist-homosexual agenda.  However. some attention is paid to the effect of the Internet on journalism. 

Don't get me wrong. There's enough pretty faces and crisp dialogue to keep us distracted. I watched 12 of the 13 episodes and enjoyed them.


But some of the plot-lines left me gasping. For example, we're supposed to believe that a nationwide teacher's strike ended because the chief organizer punched Underwood when he demanded (as a bargaining ploy) fellatio. Surely this punch was justified. "You just struck a US Congressman!" - so what.

Russo.jpg(left, Congresscritter Peter Russo and his long suffering chief of staff-girlfriend, Christina)

We're supposed to believe Underwood controlled Congressman Peter Russo because he was arrested with a prostitute. Ho hum.  Compare this with reality, top level politicians buggering orphan boys in  The Franklin Cover Up.

A whole episode is devoted to Underwood being blamed for a teenager's death because she ran into a water tower while texting. Underwood had opposed moving the water tower. Feeble.

How's this for a stretch? Russo is seduced by the same prostitute two years later but doesn't remember her? And, he has a garage door and walls on his stall in an underground parking garage, so that "committing suicide" is a plot option.

The man behind the milquetoast President is Raymond Tusk, a folksy plain living Gentile billionaire like Warren Buffett. Wouldn't do to have Jewish banker in that role.


Beau Willimon  also wrote the 2011 movie Ides of March, also ostensibly about US politics.

New York Times critic A.O. Scott's review of that movie in 2011 applies equally to House of Cards: "It is difficult, really, to connect this fable to the world it pretends to represent. Whatever happens in 2012, within either party or in the contest between them, it seems fair to say that quite a lot will be at stake. That is not the case in The Ides of March, which is less an allegory of the American political process than a busy, foggy, mildly entertaining antidote to it."

Exactly, Hollywood produces sugar placebos to deceive and distract Americans while they are disinherited by the Illuminati. Sunday night we witnessed another orgy of self congratulation at the Oscars. They said they were "Changing the World." Indeed, for the worse.

I'm amazed at the disconnect between the excellent technical quality (especially acting) in mainstream drama and the meaningless subject matter. It reminds me of what someone said of Henry James: "An elephant rolling a peanut down the aisle of a cathedral."

Before the 2012 election, polls showed 90% of the population disapproved of Congress. So what do they do? They re-elect exactly the same people. This is the behavior of slaves: media mind-controlled slaves.

We look to entertainment to educate, inspire and uplift us. We need it to set good examples. Instead we get obscenity, porn, violence, occultism and Armageddon. Spirit and mind are demoralized and starved.

Humanity has a choice between conversion and diversion. As long as we reject God (the moral order, spiritual absolutes like truth, beauty, love) , we will remain in arrested development, slaves tethered to a treadmill, watching shadows on a wall.

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Comments for "House of Cards: Politics in a Time Warp "

Rusty said (February 28, 2013):

In the House of Cards review thread, Marcos, Brazil comments:

It is interesting that they picked Kevin Spacey for the show. A known satanist and homosexual, who starred in one of the vilest movies of all time, American Beauty, designed to mock American traditional values.

An ironically amusing anecdote: A Pittsburgh woman embezzled over $10 million dollars from a local car dealer. $11,100 of her ill-gotten booty was allegedly spent on a "private dinner engagement" arranged with Mr. Spacey.

You have to give these characters credit, Henry. No matter how they may use their penises, they're never short on balls.

Rick said (February 26, 2013):

Recently rented the movie "Ted" expecting a raunchy comedy but considering what's available thought I'd give it a shot. That lasted 15 minutes, due to no story line (that's asking a lot) and dialog that was beyond senseless. Expletives galore from the bong smoking "teddy bear" that grows up with the Mark Walberg character which ran out of any uniqueness quick. Pure crap......

Later that night on Turner Classic I had a chance to re-watch Bad Day at Black Rock with an armload of stars having me glued to the screen. I remember viewing it at twelve years old. The fact that it holds up is an understatement. Please Hollywood don't "re-make" this.

Seth Rogan will come into town (Cincinnati) to find his gay buddy who introduced him the joy of anal who died while in the midst of a climate change protest by the hand of a christian-gun-toting-so-called-patriot while the towns people cover things up. I'm not far off. Movies made to day are horrific, fairy tales which push the war on terra or Satan or agenda 21 crap.

Lisa said (February 26, 2013):

I do believe what you state is so exactingly true about our behavior and how we act on/out based on what we see. (TV shows/subliminal commercials) My spouse was watching some homo show that has since been cancelled but running reruns in the morning. Of course he insults me sexually today after watching it. It makes me sad and I do pray for him but we are what we watch.

Brian (general comment) said (February 26, 2013):

What I envision is a coming war and/or violence between hetero and homo fronts. And many more court cases, law suits, a 100x fold increase in predator behavior and eventually armed children and reprisal killings and assaults.

I was first approached by a homo in my early 20s and since then, when ever it's occurred, it's always been in a round-about way and I had the self-control and confidence to say, "Buzz off shithead." But a child doesn't have judgment working for them as they're inexperienced in life. How long before the first molestation and a reprisal by a group of hetero kids - with weapons? Not too long, I say.

I'd like to scrap all teacher unions and school boards and start again. A friend in University wrote a 15 page essay with 100+ footnotes. I called his "work" a patchwork quilt but he scored a 'A' and went onto become a teacher. In my judgment, an intellectual lightweight and no example for young minds. Teachers are merely guards for the system. Now these intellectual pretenders are teaching our community's children about how to live and what to believe. Scary!

Keep up the good work. I began reading your site about 12 years ago and recall no one knowing about the Federal Reserve and calling me a kook. Now, the mechanic across the street talks about the Illuminati. What this awareness will transform into is beyond me. But at least people are more aware.

Peter said (February 26, 2013):

Its interesting to hear your take on the house of Cards by Netflix.

Theres a complete rainbow of views about its virtues across the non mainstream interweb.

Just the other day i was reading the views of Mike Adams singing the praises of this self same program as if the scripts were written by
the finger of Jehoshaphat upon tablets of stone instead of being franchised from the BBC at enormous expense.

A similar spectrum existed with regard to the film "Cloud Atlas" which i managed to see in a UK cinema on Friday of last week before the
oscars took place (signs and wonders shall not cease)

I found it to be a disappointment devoid of any real link to a higher spiritual sub theme due mainly to its heavy in your face portrayal of
homosexuality as some kind of normalcy a far cry from the Wachowskis seminal work "The Matrix" forever a true classic of the meme makers

Marcos (Brazil) said (February 26, 2013):

It is interesting that they picked Kevin Spacey for the show. A known satanist and homosexual, who starred in one of the vilest movies of all time, American Beauty, designed to mock American traditional values.

See his photo-op with Lucifer in the background:

Dan said (February 25, 2013):

You said an important fact of life that youth need to hear well: "I attribute my past personal dysfunction to scouring the mass media for truth. Indeed, this was my unconscious motivation for watching movies. I was a slave. The mass media is not there to empower humanity but to keep us enslaved."

In the 70's I mistook movies for holy scripture. I attended Saturday matinees as 'religiously' as any seeker of illumination.. As a teenager I was devoted to the silver screen to give me revelations of how life really works. I suppressed the obvious question, "why would the System's media tell us how things really work if they want to control us?"

I imagined an underground faction of benevolent revolutionaries must be embedded in the System! As delusional as this was I've learned it was a common delusion. In college I made friends who were also "aware" and we'd sit around dissecting the secret truths from movies.

Actually we weren't entirely wrong. The directors really were embedding subtext message in the movies, but it wasn't great truths. It was programming, and disinformation.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at