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Amanda Knox's Media Whitewash

February 5, 2014

Left, Raffaele Sollecito, Amanda Knox & Rudy Guede 
accused of killing Meredith Kercher, below, in a Vampire Ritual

 Amanda Knox is another example of the
 Illuminati media covering up
 a Satanic ritual murder. 

Left, Convicted murderer Raffaele Sollecito posted this photo of himself dressed
 in protective gear & holding a meat cleaver and bleach just before the murder

by Brian Danby 

The Amanda Knox story had Satanic Ritual Abuse written all over it.  That's not been mentioned since 2009.  Most recent articles start with the day of the arrest, focusing on the alibis of Knox and Raffaele Sollecito.  Down the memory hole is the Halloween costume party, and the photos of Kercher and Sollecito in vampire drag on Sollecito's Facebook page. (See below left.) 

Also missing is the police report that revealed the search terms 'bleach' and how to clean up blood were found in the browser history of Sollecito's computer.   Do you recall any of this? Because I can't find these details anywhere.  

Kercher was murdered between 8:45 pm Halloween eve and 12:05 am All Saints Day.  The dates are still given, but mention of the significance of the date is missing.  The Halloween party is now a "dinner".  The two late-20's Italian women who rented the room to the Kercher and Knox are barely mentioned, not named, and not interviewed since 2008.  

(left Meredith Kercher dressed up like a vampire for Halloween the night before her death)

The reason references to Halloween or Sollecito's Facebook photos are missing is that the Italian prosecutor assigned to the cage, Giuliano Mignini, came right out of the box with an elaborate scenario that the murder was the result of a Satanic sex orgy ritual that turned homicidal when Kercher started screaming.  Unfortunately Mignini's version was easily discredited.   Also, Mignini had already been labelled a 'conspiracy theorist' with similar handling of the "Monster of Florence" serial killings investigation. 

Here's what I think.  I think Giuliano Mignini is a Freemason whose task was to fuck up SRA investigations by yelling "Satanists did it!" but presenting spurious evidence.  That's how Ted Gunderson worked.   I believe that's how the Taxil Hoax worked too.   It's a racket.   That's how Knox and Sollecito's family lawyers no doubt got a gag order on any further references to Halloween, vampires, and Satanic rituals. 

"Foxy Knoxy" grew up with her mother, and her father always paid her expenses.  Wiki said they divorced when Amanda was a toddler, but I suspect they were never married. Carl Knox was a VP of finance with Macy's. Big bucks, well connected. Illuminati?  After she was locked up in an Italian prison, Knox hired PR Seattle, owned by David Marriott. Information on how many high level lawyers and bureaucrats have thrown their weight behind Knox over the years would need a detective to trace. 

Perugia is a hotbed of Satanic activity.  So is Italy for that matter.  The ancient Diana worship witchcraft called Stregheria was preserved there generationally.  Diana worship is gnostic.  In their creation myth, Diana is primordial creatrix the world.  The story goes she bore a child by her brother Apollo, and named him Lucifer. Then she turned herself into a cat and seduced Lucifer., and bore a female Aradia.  Diana teaches Aradia, the arts of witchcraft, sorcery, deceit and murder and sends her to earth as Queen of the Witches, Thieves, and Evil Folk, to teach human beings these arts. 

(left, Giuliano Mignini)

So I think all these people are involved in this creepy Italian devil worship, except for the English girl - maybe.    One of my employees of 20 years ago studied painting at the American University in Perugia in the late 1990's, and she wasn't evil.   But she was from Seattle, and she knew lot about witchcraft.   Things like... "If a man tastes a woman's menstrual blood, he is her slave for life", sort of thing.   But then maybe she learned that in women's studies at Brown University. 

I guess the moral of the story is 2% of generational witches end up being "it".   When everybody I knew was of that world, a few people died in horrible ways every year. 


Website says Know Innocent; Guede the Murderer

"Italian police yesterday discovered that the house had been ransacked by intruders.  Drips of candle wax were found in what had been Meredith's bedroom.  Devil worship and the occult is a widespread phenomenon in Italy, and such incidents at murder scenes or in woods are not uncommon."

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First Comment from David:

What is my take on the case? Well, for once I lend credence to Occam's razor. The least spectacular scenario is the most likely..

Meredith was sexually assaulted and killed by Rudy Guede. He broke into her apartment (with an MO he had provably applied several times in the weeks prior, i.e. throwing a rock through the window, waiting for lights to go on, if they don't, he proceeds). He was surprised by Meredith's presence, violence ensued and he killed her. He tried what he could, and what his mental state allowed for, to cover up his deed and fled. Went to a club and then, the next day probably, started his escape to Germany where he was eventually apprehended.

Amanda, the next day, after sleeping over at Raffaele's comes home to find several oddities (the open door, a turd in the bathroom and few small droplets of blood in the sink. She thinks it's odd, but not necessarily worrying. Odd things happen when living with many and different young people who don't necessarily know each other very well. Nonetheless she's alarmed enough to call her 1 week boyfriend Raffaele, who's aunt is a cop and he advises to call the cops. They do. He comes to the cottage to wait for them with Amanda. In the meantime the postal police arrives but because of a different matter; they had been called by a neighbour who had found both of Meredith's cellphones in her backyard (which had been tossed there probably by Rudy).. Later also the Carabinieri arrive after the postal police breaks down Meredith's door discovering the body (which was not their jurisdiction).

Once the carabinieri arrive, the PM, the chief prosecutor Giuliano Mignini catch a first glimpse of Amanda and Raffaele and dub their behaviour as suspicious. Now it is essential to know a little bit of background about Mignini. He's famous for ludicrous theories, superstition and even misogynistic character assessments. The whole shitstorm starts off with his very own fantasies about 1) a satanic ritual - it didn't hold water, so he changed it to a 2) sexual orgy gone wrong - didn't hold water either, so they settled for 3) a fight among room mates gone terribly out of hand - there is no indication for that either.

But by now, the cat was out of the bag and media swallowed it up wholesale. I myself was convinced in the beginning that what I read in the newspapers was true. Only after consulting proper, first hand sources I realised that the whole thing is an embarrassing sham to which the authorities are to afraid to admit to.

There are perfectly normal and logical explanations for Amanda's and Raf's behaviour, even for her false confession and implication of my friend Patrick Lumumba. They have been reconvicted the third time around only for the Italian authorities to save face, but my guess is, they will find a way to exonerate Raffaele (and duly so) and they will never demand for Amanda to be extradited. Why not? Because then, the American authorities would require every single little detail about the case and its investigation which would make them an international laughing stock of incompetence and sheer and embarrassing ignorance of the most basic criminal investigation techniques.

Now, this is in few words my take on it, and being immersed in Italian culture for over 12 years now I can firmly say, yes, this makes a lot of sense. Much more then whatever the prosecution has concocted in their minds. This website has all of this in minuscule detail. Of course you can find detailed websites putting forth the exact opposite. Then it is up to each individual to decide which one is more believable. I have no doubt in my mind, after about 7 years of looking into it.

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Comments for "Amanda Knox's Media Whitewash"

Duane said (February 7, 2014):

What is jaw dropping about this case is why the negro Rudy Guede's name and photo has been expunged from almost all mainstream media reporting. He was convicted early and was the probable actual killer...(the other 2 being conspirators to murder or accomplices...).

Was his role in this murder highly unreported for reasons of insane political correctness
because he was a negro? This is probable...A "Dog bites Man" story is not news...

An attractive, white female killer we know is the "Man bites Dog" story here....

You may remember murder accomplice Amanda Knox implicated another negro early on...
The "owner" of the bar that she worked at but he supposedly had proof he was elsewhere and was
dismissed as a suspect...

They may have hired the negro Guede to perform some type of retaliation rape on the victim and things got out of hand...

Guade seems to have been "disappeared" into a gulag to shut him up about the other two's roles in this murder.

What a travesty of justice that this pig Knox got away with murder....

Dan said (February 6, 2014):

No sooner than Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito are back in news, British film director Michael Winterbottom released the trailer for yet another sex-ploitation flick based on the thrill-kill of Meredith Kercher.

It's titled "The Face of an Angel". I cynically chuckled about that. Amanda Knox looks like no angel to me, but as with the other films that make her the center of sympathy, she's played by a much prettier girl, with big sympathy grabbing eyes.

(Knox struck me as a snake from first glance, and I'm not alone in that reaction. She was referred to candidly as a "two faced" and a "she devil" by witnesses and attorneys alike. The 2008-2011 photos of her speak for themselves.)

The latest sexploitation film is based on the book 'Angel Face' by Barbie Latza Nadeau. In brief, Barbie spins the story to a tale of persecution of Amanda because of her promiscuity and self-assertion. The typical Luciferian spin these days.

Austin said (February 6, 2014):

Henry, if anyone thinks that these SRA abuse/murder cases isn't real then they need to do some serious homework. When I lived down in NSW years ago, I met a woman in her late 30's who had been abused by her witch mother since she was a child. She would be taken to a certain place, on top of a mountain, where the participants were all "skyclad" (naked) and stated to me that her mother and other witches would do "unspeakable" things to her, even as a small child. Having three teenaged daughters of her own to protect, she finally broke of all contact with her mother, and rarely speaks about her experiences nowdays.

I also obtained a manual on dealing with SRA abuse victims from a group in the area (now defunct) that dealt with such cases, and in that manual they outlined the psychological and emotional damage done to the victims of SRA. The manual seemed to me to have credibility and to be telling the truth.

The group's last member (sorry, no names) told me that they had very little help from local authorities - it was almost as if they were trying to block them from helping anyone. Local media wasn't interested in the victim's stories either...

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