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Young Man Fights for His Rustbelt City

February 18, 2014

Once known as "Steel City USA" Youngstown Ohio
now exemplifies the rust belt. Resident Scottie Spencer, 22,
globalization isn't the only reason for its decline
He detects the Illuminati hand in corrupt civic rule
and plans to run for Mayor in 2016.


scottiedSmoloko.jpgby Scottie Spencer

My hometown of Youngstown, Ohio has been in steadfast decline since the early 1960's.

The city has declined from 140,000 in 1970 to 65,000 today. It's hard to believe the population was well over 170,000 people at one time. Youngstown was once a booming industrial town based on manufacturing steel. Thanks to "free-trade" and globalization, the city quickly lost its way and rapidly declined into poverty and despair. But globalization isn't only to blame for Youngstown's downfall.

The Illuminati operate everywhere, and to think they are not operating in your local town is unbelievably naïve. As former Illuminati defector 'Svali' said, "The Illuminati are present in every major metropolitan center in the United States. They have divided the United States up into 7 major regions, and each has a regional council over it, with the heads of the local councils reporting to them. They meet once every two months, and on special occasions."

Youngstown has been ruled by local criminal elite families (Illuminati) for decades now, mainly under the Cafaro family and their lackeys in government, law, media and academia. We've had no real political leadership in a very, very long time because these scum bags have all the local establishment in their pockets.

I have tried exposing much of the corruption which takes place here, but am only shunned away from local 'media'. I routinely call 570 WKBN, Youngstown's main local 'news' radio network, but the network is filled with obedient errand boys/girls who continue to serve the private interests which keep Youngstown in the pits.

 The most significant shows on the network are the 'Dan Rivers Morning Show' which runs from 9 am to 12 pm, and the 'Ron Verb Radio Show' which runs from 3 pm to 6 pm.

Both of these radio programs are very anti-truth and are meant to keep the majority of it's listeners in a bubble. Both Dan Rivers and Ron Verb refuse to listen to anything I have to say, or any viewpoint which differs from what the Zionist mainstream media says or reports.


For instance, I tried exposing the salaries of local Youngstown "government workers" who are making ridiculously high salaries and pensions the average Youngstownian or American could never dream of.


(Despite the depression, Youngstown looked prosperous in the 1930's)

Youngstown area taxpayers struggle through these rough times with average wages of $33,000, while government 'employees' really rake it in for as many as 31 years of retirement benefits.  The maximum annual Social Security annual benefit is $22,000, regardless of how much an individual earned in their working career.

Take a look at what these "government workers" are making, while the ordinary citizens like myself are just trying to survive...

" Former Youngstown mayor, Charles P. Sammarone can look forward to an estimated lifetime pension payout of $3,551,000, that is $75,553 annually, based on his current gross of $104,935."

3 AND A HALF MILLION DOLLARS !? Are you kidding me, for what ?! Take a look at the video I filmed of myself driving around decrepit neighborhoods of Youngstown, and you tell me if Mr.Sammarone deserves a $,3,551,000 dollar pension. Video- Local Illuminati Crime families Rule Youngstown Ohio

Moving on... "Youngstown government teacher, Wendy E. Webb had annual gross wages of $124,960 and looks forward to an estimated annual pension starting at $82,473 with an estimated lifetime payout of $4,288,622."

Wow, a 4 million dollar pension for a former teacher ? While the majority of the people in my city are on food-stamps...nice score Wendy

ymap.png"Mahoning County coroner, Joseph Ohr had annual gross wages of $131,328.  Ohr will enjoy $3,711,333 in estimated lifetime pension payouts or at least $103,093 annually."

Looks like being a county coroner these days will land you a near 4 million dollar pension...wasteful spending anybody ?

"Mahoning County mental health administrator, Ronald Marian grossed $128,983 annually and stands to receive an estimated beginning pension of $101,251 with a lifetime estimated pension payout of $3,645,050."

Jeesh, a near 4 million dollar pension for being a mental health administrator ? No wonder there are so many pot-holes in the roads surrounding Youngstown, all the tax-payers money is going to these bastards who call themselves 'city servants'.



Youngstown can change for the better, but it is up to young people like myself to take the initiative and make that change happen. Many people around here are terribly beaten down. The people here have been conditioned TO accept things as they are. In fact, last years mayoral election had the lowest turnout of voters in Youngstown history. Only 7,000 people voted. The fact that only 7,000 people voted tells me that I can win mayor in 2016. There hasn't been a candidate in years who has had any real charisma or spice to him, and I plan to really shake things up big-time.

mcnallypuppet.jpgTake a look at the current elected mayor, 'John McNally' left. Does he look like a  real man of the 'people' ... That photo was taken of McNally during a police investigation involving himself and others accepting bribes. Bribes from whom ? None other than the Cafaro's.

McNally was previously accused of accepting bribes and giving away secret confidential city information to the Cafaro family while working as a county commissioner back in 2010. Low and behold, he wins mayor. Long story short, the Cafaro's own many of the buildings that hold government offices around here in Youngstown.

Which means my city is paying these bastards rent with tax-payers money. The city could and should easily move these offices in buildings they already own themselves ! The city of Youngstown planned on doing that for one of its offices. McNally quickly informed the Cafaro's and they stopped the move.Read more about the scandal here.

Just last month, McNally raised the water bill on Youngstown citizens, while also hiring 10 new police officers...What a nice way to start off the year, raise taxes on the poor and suffering peasant class, while erecting a police state to ensure they stay debt slaves.


I am a young man trying to make sense of the world, and one thing I have learned so far throughout my 22 years of life is that a strong belief in morals and staying spiritually disciplined will give you the strength to overcome most of life's most difficult hurdles.

No matter how dark or evil times may be, keep hope alive. That's why I am running for mayor of Youngstown in 2016, because I am keeping hope alive.

First Comment by Dan H:

I appreciate Scottie's enthusiasm and desire to do the right thing.  However, he does need to understand that, if he does become a serious threat to the 'establishment', that something very bad will happen to him.  People like that do not just roll over and give up because someone shines the light of truth on them.  It is very easy to frame someone for a crime and send them to prison for a long, long time.  And that's a 'best case scenario' that assumes that they don't just kill him outright.  They have probably killed before and will certainly kill again if they feel threatened.

Better for him to work in the background to turn the entire town against their 'masters'.  He seems like a good kid and we need to keep people like him around for the future of society.  I know it will be too slow and very frustrating for him not to 'fix bayonets and charge' but it will be better for him and everybody else if he works that way.  That's a difficult lesson for young, idealists to learn but hopefully he will.

Thanks Dan,

Actually his uncle ran for Mayor and had his car blown up by the Mafia. Scottie writes:

"Patrick Ungaro ran against my uncle, Robert Spencer, in 1984 for mayor of Youngstown. My uncle beat Ungaro but had the election stolen from him. The local mafia did everything they could to prevent my uncle from winning the mayoral election. My uncle described to me how one day, he was sitting in his kitchen while his 2 daughters and wife were in the living room watching television. The phone rings and my uncle answers. "Hello", my uncle says. "Look outside your window, next time you'll be inside the car", the voice on the other end of the line says.

My uncle gets up from the kitchen table and looks outside the window. Moments pass and his car, which was parked on the side of the road in front of his house, blows up before his eyes. 

No media coverage was given to this event what-so-ever. My uncle contacted the FBI, as well as my grandparents, but nothing was done. The FBI told my uncle and his parents that they couldn't do anything. Hmm I wonder why .... This act of violence was a threat to my uncle to back-off from the mayoral race, but he would further refuse to do so.
My uncle won the election fair and square, and had it stolen from him due to fraudulent absentee ballots ( most of which were coming from people who were dead.) which favored his opponent Patrick Ungaro (Cafaro puppet). The Cafaro's also had a puppet candidate which is known as a 'cutter' enter the election mid-way who was used to take-away and split democratic votes which would have went to my uncle who was running on the Democratic ticket.  "


Scottie Spencer's piece "Young Man Fights for His Rustbelt City" was a very good read for me because here in my hometown of Lebanon, Ohio, there has been a Dark Hand of Organized Crime operating here, almost openly, since early to mid-2010. It's hard not to recognize the signs of a lot of the city's leaders, icons and police being in the hip pocket of these Illuminati-Banksters, Grifters and Gangsters. I even know who the local Mafioso Capo is, because I have had issues with him. This all began to happen about 18 months before an Ohio Referendum (Issue 3) passed on Election Day in November 2009. On December 12, 2013, a large Casino and Racetrack opened in Monroe, Ohio, at the junction of Interstate 75, just five miles from Lebanon (see local news article:

I looked up some quick facts at about Youngstown, Ohio. Akron, Ohio, 50 miles to the West of Youngstown, is sort of a Youngstown sister city. Akron with a population 200,000 is Ohio's fifth largest city and Youngstown with a population of 63,000 is Ohio's ninth largest city. If Scottie is correct about Charles Sammarone's mayoral salary being $105,000 this is revealing as the current salary for the Akron mayor is $90,000. Mmmm, 90k for the mayor of a city three times larger than Youngstown versus 105k for the Youngstown mayor. Since political salaries in Ohio are generally regulated by the State, this speaks volumes of possible corruption to me, which is not surprising to me, since as far back as my high schools days I recall people smirkingly calling Youngstown a mobtown years before I heard the same about Cleveland, Pittsburgh or Buffalo. Former Congressman James Traficant was just one of several well known and well talked about corrupt politicians from the Youngstown area (see Wikipedia article:
Lebanon, Ohio, Northeastern Cincinnati Suburb City

Comments for "Young Man Fights for His Rustbelt City "

Debra said (February 21, 2014):

Thank you Henry for posting the article by Scottie Spencer.
I am well acquainted with men in organized-crime or the mafia as it is commonly known; in the past, I should say, and not due to business relations, but along the lines of a family. On the surface, it is mind-boggling how kind, generous, even level-headed these men can seem. I assure they are anything but. I survived them, but only by the grace of God. There is no way a person could fight them alone without Divine Intervention. They are that evil. People with no conscience are people you want to stay far away from. I suggest Scott find the person Who can teach him to use the “Force” like no-one else can. His name is J.A.H.

You can begin by finding J.A.H. at

Tom said (February 20, 2014):

Henry, Thank you for sharing the words of this wise young man with 10 times the common sense of 99% of all males, of All Ages! Scottie, welcome to Everywhere In America! This is the designed plan of these criminal devil's! If you research the employment figures here in America, you'll discover our manufacturing actually began tapering off in the 1950's when they began the so-called "outsourcing"! It was as if it was designed for the U.S. to build the powerful war machine for the two World Wars (which should've been titled The European Wars) and upon the conclusion of the second war they began the complete dismantling of our once great manufacturing empire!

Keep up the good fight brother, this is the only way to end these devil's free reign! You must get to the very core of everything that has to do with your life. You owe it to yourself, your future children (unless you already have any babies), and I know you care, your fellow human beings! You will discover the reason they are allowed to destroy once great cities like Youngstown, is because our federal govt,, Created By The People, Created For The People, Created Of The People was hijacked by England at the conclusion of the incorrectly titled, Civil War when the states surrendered both, their sovereignty, as well as The People's sovereignty! I would love to join your fight young brother! [email protected]

Phil said (February 19, 2014):

I love this young man's brash exasperation at the ugly reality of both his hometown and his future. I have felt for a while now that the children of the 90s--even more spoiled than my group, the children of the 80s--have the capacity to save us as they transform their immature sense of entitlement into a powerful wrecking ball against the forces denying them a "fun" future.

Their delusional lack of humility or knowledge of historical suffering will actually be their armor against fear and intimidation. Let'em be loud, obnoxious, and brash because they're here to sweep the streets clean!!!

Austin said (February 19, 2014):

I admire the goals of this young man and he deosn't seem the type to be easily put off, but I also echo the sentiments of those who give him fair warning. "Rust Belt" areas are the results of globalisation - we are no longer meant to be self sufficient whether it be our home town, or as whole nations. Witness the decline in the automotive and steel industries in both the US and Australia.

When I lived down south I had opportunity to discuss these very issues with a woman who had gained a seat on local council, based on similar motives. She had experienced the full gamut of things mentioned above - warnings both veiled and open as to the health and welfare of her and her family - harassment from various quarters - anything from unfair parking tickets to threats of a full desk audit by the tax department.

She had also been physically prevented from entering the council chambers to vote in important issues where her vote could have been the deciding factor. The local "mafia" were everywhere, even though she had her own reliable connections.

She resigned the following year in fear and frustration. Even with mammoth support from the local community, she decided that it was no longer worth the risk to life and limb...

Stephen Coleman said (February 19, 2014):

Oh my Scottie, what you are doing is dangerous. I know of others that went to prison or had their lives ruined by governmental interference. Remember these people are psychopaths and they will do all they have to do.

I will keep you in my prayers that you are protected from all evil. Thank you for your courage.

Stephen Coleman

Mark W said (February 19, 2014):


While your enthusiasm is laudable, rest assured the entrenched special interests will not be overthrown that easily. Be prepared for the following:

a) threats to you personally

b) threats to your family and friends

c) bribes to former acquaintances to tell outright lies about you or your family

d) anything in your past will be fair game no matter how innocent or good intentioned

e) you have already mentioned the word 'zionist' in your article. You will therefore be tainted with the scarlet letter of 'anti-semitism'

f) you have mentioned the word 'illuminati'. You will therefore be tainted with the smear of being a 'conspiracy theorist' or nut job

g) police harassment

h) sting operations - the planting of drugs in your car or home

i) bugs, microphones, surveillance cameras to follow every move you make

Make no mistake. Your enemy is well funded, well connected and ruthless. Corrupt law officials will be on their side which could put your very life or the lives of those you love in danger.

Good luck but your task will not only be a difficult one but dangerous as well.

Peter G said (February 19, 2014):

A good article which finds resonance sadly in much of what I see in local government these days.

Frank Zappa wrote a song about exactly this.
"Society Pages" check it out.

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