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An Invisible Cancer Gnaws at Society

February 21, 2014

torpolice.jpgleft. Hiding in plain sight. Monument of police woman putting capstone on a pyramid
in front of Toronto police HQ on College Ave.

Bill's account of sexual abuse as a child
another sobering reminder of our satanic possession.

Satanism is the secret religion of the modern world. Satanism hides behind the mask of secularism, but if the secular were truly neutral, we wouldn't have the constant attack on religion, morality and decency. - See more at:
Satanism is the secret religion of the modern world. Satanism hides behind the mask of secularism,
but if the secular were truly neutral, we wouldn't have the constant attack on religion, morality and decency.

by Henry Makow Ph.D

Recently I was contacted by Bill, an American in his thirties who came from a family of generational Freemasons. He desperately needed advice. His story was a sobering reminder of how Satanism has profoundly contaminated society.

Memories of being sexually abused as a child had surfaced in his consciousness. He had taken his questions to his parents and siblings but everyone stonewalled him. His mother and siblings were afraid of his father who was a prominent Freemason. Eventually he realized that his father and another Freemason had tortured and abused him.

SA_savile_princecharles.jpg(left, the Prince and the Pedophile, Jimmy Savile)

"The town I grew up in is full of these people and the occult and especially the police and the teachers," he said. "My father was very high up in his profession in the state and I don't think it was a coincidence that he is also very high up in Freemasonry and the occult. So was his father." 

"I started doing a lot of research and was disgusted about what was really going on in the world.  So I confronted him over the phone and that's when things started to get weird."

"I've had the police at my door and I know they were acting as his agents and not simply doing their job.  I've had military helicopters fly directly over my house."

 Bill didn't know what to do. He was willing to spend his life savings to hire a lawyer and get justice.  This was my reply:

"I'm sorry for everything you suffered. My view, and it is only one man's view and may be wrong, is that you cannot win in the courts.

Somehow signal that you are not going to take any action and just want to be left alone and will keep your mouth shut. They generally will leave you alone if you do not present a direct threat. They fear exposure. Don't waste your precious savings fighting a no-win court battle.

I doubt if you can trust any lawyer and certainly you cannot trust the legal system.

o.jpg(left, logo of city of Ottawa. Capital of Canada. 666 on every street sign, city bus and police vehicle)

Bill replied: "I'm starting to realize that you are absolutely right that I can't win.  I have never shied away from a fight in my life but I am at a complete loss as to what to do."

Bill wants to meet me. I think he just needs a friend. 


I always wondered why there was a dead hand holding society down. Why everything is so contrived, dishonest and inhuman.  This is because Satanism is the secret religion of the modern world. Satanism hides behind the mask of secularism, but if the secular were truly neutral, we wouldn't have the constant attack on religion, morality and decency.

A satanic secret society, Freemasonry, has spread like a cancer throughout the body politic. Their members are the pillars of society: teachers, policemen, politicians, judges, journalists, doctors, generals. They sexually abuse their own children. They perform evil and obscene deeds in the same way a devout Christian gives charity, in devotion to their deity. 

I suspect the majority of corruption and crime can be traced to this invisible source. How can a satanic secret society be allowed to thrive in plain sight?

The people are leaderless. "My flock has become a prey..because there was no shepherd.."  Society has fallen into a coma, and won't revive until this cancer is exposed and eradicated.


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First Comment from Richard:

Bill has experienced what Robert Anton Wilson called "shattering his reality tunnel".  That's when your worldview turns out to be built on chimeras and lies.  It can cause a nervous breakdown.  The hardest part is regaining the confidence in one's own judgement. 

My advice would be same as yours - trying to expose it through court actions won't work because they control the legal system.  Like the comedian said, they call it the Justice system because that's exactly what it means - " Just US".   So that's a wasted motion, plus the path of most resistance. 

Resolve to reconstruct a new understanding of the world from the ground up.   It takes a child 18 years to build up a worldview.  A grown man can do it not only faster but much more solid. 

"Put you on the armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the deceits of the devil.  For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and power, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places."

I think I can update that to put it this way - all the people involved in upper Masonry and the Illuminati are meat puppets of the demonic "principalities and powers" Paul was talking about above.


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Comments for "An Invisible Cancer Gnaws at Society"

Michael C said (February 23, 2014):

I agree your advice may be the best thing, unless he is up for a big fight,
emotionally and financially. if the "weird" happenings are really reprisal,
more and worse could be brewing.

Sometimes, its better to shore up one's relationship to the Lord, go ahead and
forgive from one's heart any an all wrongs, and let God deal with them. Which
he will. They will have to repent of sin and wrongdoing, receive the Lord and
his forgiveness, or a bad fate awaits them. If he can move to another area or
even state, that may be a good idea,depending on how rooted he is.

But it is not as though a person is running. These people (devil excluded) are
their own worst enemy...the old saying what goes around comes around will get
them, if they don't change.

Hans said (February 22, 2014):


I read your 3 books again and again. Always finding other aspects of the real history I did not know. Alongside your books, I also read Political Ponerology by Andrew Lobaczewski. a necessary explanation of your books and your article "An Invisible Cancer Gnaws at Society". It is the only sufficient explanation and way to end the hopelessness expressed in your article.

As I see it, we have to dive deep into the psychopathology and determine the people by name in this terminology. DSM-V is quite insufficient (I think is written by psychopaths) and we have to promote the book "Political Ponerlogy" on all universities as a duty. Without thorough knowledge of this book no university diploma in psychology or psychiatry.

With this knowledge one can determine the proven connection between psychopathy and membership of freemasonry, rosicrucianism, and other secret societies where JFK talked about in his famous speech. With Lobaczewski's knowledge, the law has to be be changed to prevent psychopaths in any responsible position. If a person has all the criteria of a failing conscience he or she has to be removed from his position. There is already a lot of knowledge about psychopaths in interpersonal relationships in society, so why not make a public test to sift out and determine these characters in the whole society? Schizophrenics are also not allowed to have a public function so why allow psychopaths? You should begin to register in Winnipeg/Toronto/Ottawa as examples for the world.

Cary Broder said (February 22, 2014):

Unfortunate paranoid racist drivel. Stick to undergrad papers on Chaucer and you’ll be OK. The rest of what you’re writing belongs on the bottom of my dog’s crate.

Anonymous said (February 22, 2014):

A high powered law firm was hired by a billionaire banker affiliated w/ JP Morgan Bank to sue me.

The banker was a homosexual -62 years old, who became obsessed w/ me - a woman -38 years old.
He wanted to have sex with me.

I refused. He then concocted a fraudulent civil case to sue me.

I was forced to defend myself pro per after 2 years of pre trial litigation where I exhausted all my savings on legal fees. The judge and press were also bought off. One journalist warned me that I should leave town as he feared for my life!

By God's grace I assembled a team of three top notch Christian and one Levite Jewish attorney/ litigators. They worked behind the scenes and guided me through the two week trial with 11 witnesses! My attorneys could not represented me because of the inherent hierarchy they were subjected under the BAR which would have most likely resulted in me losing the case.

The whole time the billionaire kept calling me saying he would drop the 5 million dollar case if I would have sex with him. I won the trial!
The keys to win against the principalities of evil in lawsuits:

1. Represent yourself with the guidance of good attorneys. You should have prior skills to be able to talk in front of people.

2. Pick a jury that is not "tainted"
My attorneys taught me how to "voir dire" the jury to get the right ones.

3. Envision and believe you will win.

4. Get physically prepared -trial is like competing in the Olympics

5. Pray and ask God and all his waring angels to help you!

Dan said (February 22, 2014):

In all cases of children of Freemasonry that recall or suspect abuse, ritual abuse, 'lost time episodes', or simply long blanks in childhood memory can be sure they were subjected to the usual binding spell and curses by the Lodge.

These things usually need to be lifted by someone who knows what they're doing. Obviously anyone practicing witchcraft or occult 'banishing spells' are to be avoided.

If the victim doesn't suspect they have dissociative identity disorder ('multiple personalities'); doesn't hear 'voices' or have persistent 'lost time' or 'reality breaks', they may be able to unbind these childhood spells and curses themselves. They must be able to renounce whatever personal vices and addictions they've picked up, anything that smacks of sadism, anger, dishonestly, contempt and narcissistic pride. Above all one has to commit to total abstinence from sex habits and attractions, including masturbation and even daydreaming. Here are the renunciation scripts for 33 degrees.

Anthony Migchels said (February 22, 2014):

Yes, I too believe that this trauma based mind control through sodomization of children and particularly young boys is at the core of the whole thing.

It's everywhere, in the Vatican, the Taliban.

As is by now well known, the Talmud is all for it and recently a number of important stories surrounding this issue in Jewry have been surfacing.

A brave Rabbi is whistleblowing about it among Brooklyn Orthodox Jews. He says more than half of the young boys are sodomized before they reach adulthood. He calls it a bit of an initiation.

In the Zionist Entity in Palestine also several newspaper stories circulated about the widespread abuse of children.

This is very important: if the Jews can start seeing this cancer in their midst, they can perhaps start healing the trauma and ultimately snap out of the cage that imprisons their minds with Holocaustianity and the anti-semitism hoax?

If anything, this shows it's healing we need more than anything else.

It also shows the proper perspective with which to observe the homolobby: the 'elites' are just mainstreaming their own satanic habits.

JG said (February 21, 2014):

Richard's comment is "spot on" here. Whether it be The Order of Illuminati, Freemasonry, or Talmudic Judaism the fight is about "wickedness in high places" and, more of us are complicit in this evil than we would like to admit.

God did not hold Adam and Eve totally guiltless for falling into Satan's temptation by eating the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. We also will not be held guiltless for abandoning God's plan and following Satan and his ways.

The devil has the freedom to roam and tempt in this present world as referenced in the Book of Job. Evil knows no gender or racial boundaries either. Also, nobody was ever exempt from temptation on the Earth including Jesus Christ himself.

The reason why Satan and his agents want to destroy Christianity is because Jesus Christ thwarted his plan by dying for our sins in order for God to give us another chance for redemption.

C said (February 21, 2014):

Again, you and Jim Stone are what I consider to be THE best sites on the web, and even though I say it every time I email you, THANK YOU for saying everything you do.

I am writing to you because I just saw what you have said to the survivor of the childhood sexual abuse. I know there is no way that you will remember, but I mentioned something similar to you, and you said I could write something for your page. However, what you said today -is 100% true. WE CANNOT FIGHT THEM AND WIN. It's terrifying. Personally I don't know what to do. They already abused one of my kids, are trying/vying for another one, and I live in fear of these humans trying anything now with my newest child (I was in a legal hold -judges orders). I'm so terrified of these perverted clowns that leaving the country is becoming more and more, a serious option.

Listen, please keep it up. Like I said, reading your site let's me know I'm not crazy, this sh*t is real as hell (and quite possibly, we are in hell).

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at