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Problem not Me, but Miami, says "Straight Girl"

February 15, 2014

miami88.jpgI wish people would stop recommending churches
and New Age practices
when the real problem is not me but Miami.
Crime and HIV rates are high; so are assaults and unemployment.

by Yara


Although I asked for advice, I also wanted to show the effects of HIV infections rates in Florida. When unnatural acts are out of control, I'm made to be the one with the problem and who must adapt to the chaos.

I'm not asking what's wrong with me. I asking you to be honest and know that HIV and other sexual diseases are being spread like wildfire. When my time comes to choose a partner, I'm worried because you never know which past partners were there.

gayadoption.jpgI am not affected by the presence of gay people themselves but the results of their actions. Violence is higher in homosexual couples; so is children abuse by homosexual couples.There's just no denying the statistics here. Children of homosexual parents (LM and GF):

-Are much more likely to have received welfare (IBF 17%; LM 69%; GF 57%)
-Have lower educational attainment
-Report less safety and security in their family of origin
-Report more ongoing "negative impact" from their family of origin
-Are more likely to suffer from depression
-Have been arrested more often
-If they are female, have had more sexual partners--both male and female
-Are an astonishing 10 times more likely to have been "touched sexually by a parent or other adult caregiver."
-Are nearly 4 times as likely to have been "physically forced" to have sex against their will
-Are more likely to have "attachment" problems related to the ability to depend on others
-Use marijuana more frequently
-Smoke more frequently
-Watch TV for long periods more frequently
-Plead guilty more often to a non-minor offenses


Anal sex is very unhealthy. Doctors will tell you that the vagina is very different from the anus and of course not made for sex.

Penetration of the anus by a penis can lead to tearing of rectal tissue, bleeding and infection. Because the anus is full of bacteria, anal intercourse spreads the human papillovirus and can result in anal warts, anal cancer, HIV and other diseases. It can also result in bowel incontinence. When anal sex is combined with oral contact, disease is even more likely. Yet despite these concerns, about 90 percent of male homosexuals participate in anal intercourse. Condoms can offer some protection, but they aren't foolproof. Anal sex is high-risk behavior.

Just as in Wendy's story, many straight men are now influenced by porn and desire anal sex which is also painful and make women despise them sometimes for asking such things.

chakras.jpgDESPISE NEW AGE

I don't believe in chakras. There's no evidence.  In fact, I have grown the despise new age message and its mindgames. Whatever energy is in the body is not color coded  like a traffic light with reds, yellows, greens, etc. and bound to malfunction just because someone had a negative thought or choose to see things as they are. If that is true then, so many more people would be sick or dead already. It makes God look like an idiot for creating such system in the first place.

Don't insinuate that I have lack of forgiveness and don't love myself and that's why I got a heart condition. You are the epitome of the classical ignorant selfish teachings to ignore everything that's bringing society down and tell me to just keep my mouth shut, my eyes blind and quote flimsy books that blame the people who are caught up in between. Thanks but NO thanks.

I am done with "gurus," "churches," self-help books after going through all of these and feeling a fool for wasting my time. New Agers always redirect their beliefs to animism (crystal stones,tarot cards eastern mysticism. Never in all my time listening to these beliefs did I hear of God being treated with respect. It's all about manipulating this or that to get what you want, just like old time good old witchcraft.

God is real to me and so are morals and people pay in one way or another for living like animals regardless of whether I sit in the Buddha position and close my eyes pretending it's not there. I like my God served with hard core science and a side of common sense.

AGM-Solo-300x300.pngTo Jackie: I have been numerous times to this church and this man Guillermo Maldonado, left, is a false prophet. He says strange disturbing things that have nothing to do with the Bible or God. He's associated with the g12 movement cult and falling on your back talking gibberish is not how you receive the Holy Spirit. I wish people would stop recommending churches and religions when the real problem is not me but this city. Crime rates are the high, assault, high unemployment.

To Mary: It is hard finding traditional men. I'm glad you did the right thing and moved away. Sooner than later I will have to do the same thing.

To Dan: Actually I get the feeling many men (even straight) despise women in the most liberal places. I have heard their conversations around me where they talk down to women and consider them to be disposable...


First Comment from Drew:

The problem is actually not Miami at all or metaphysics (or gay people) for that matter.  As a straight male living in South Florida, I have managed to find literally everything you mention you haven't found.  I've found 'enlightenment', genuine spiritual masters who love and respect God first and foremost who don't refer to themselves or consider themselves Guru's or even think they are special, I've found genuine spiritual seekers who understand and love God and have a direct 1 on 1 relationship with the creator and I have found a partner that literally matches a list of everything I was desiring to find in a mate: conscious, funny, intelligent, honest, moral, beautiful inside and out, has a deep abiding love for God and all creation and she has the best of intentions for the planet as a whole (she showed up in my life one week after I wrote down on paper everything I wanted in a partner).

The problem is and always will be you.  You are looking at the world around you hoping for answers or things to change but not looking inside and doing the inner work that immediately and profoundly changes the way you relate to the world and thus the way your life is created around you (meditation is about coming into contact with the self).  The world looks the way it does to you because you have chosen it to be this way with your thoughts, actions and beliefs.  How can the world be any different?  You have free will choice.  If you have heart issues, unless you were born with a heart defect or in some kind of accident that injured your heart, you created that heart issue because of your diet and lifestyle choices...which can be healed easily with diet and lifestyle changes.  If you are eating the Standard American Diet and following the beliefs and customs of however you were raised without questioning if the way you are living your life is damaging to you or elevating you (and the planet), than don't be surprised when you end up in the same condition as those people around you. 

If you are Hispanic (as almost 90% of Miami is) and at family barbecues and the like you consume 13 rounds of meat that start at 6 p.m. and don't stop till 3 a.m., don't blame the rest of the world for ill health when science has shown definitively that consumption of animal products and processed foods causes heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, parkinsons, alzheimers, coronary artery disease, obesity, erectile dysfunction..... the list goes on and on.  All the data and science is out there, are you reading it?  Are you implementing it?  Or are you sitting on your ass watching reality TV and filling your mind with carefully crafted poison that dumbs down your critically reasoning ability and makes you apathetic while complaining how unfair life is the way you created it.

South Florida gave me the opportunity to endlessly debase my consciousness, make bad decisions, eat like garbage, party for days on end till my body is about to keel over and have meaningless with relationships with multiple partners who want nothing more out of life than to live a party life style...and yet I chose none of that.  I chose to look for God (inside) when my life wasn't going the way I wanted and to search for inner understanding and to learn how to gain knowledge and understanding direct from source without needing books or the opinions of others.  I connected to and developed my intuitive senses because I saw how important it was in seeing through the illusions that have been crafted before us and how much it would allow me to be of service to others in need.

 I went searching for Truth and when I did God took me by the hand and brought the right people, right opportunities, books, classes and information to me to become a better person in the world.  However, I made the choice to explore those opportunities and not explore or involve myself in the ones that weren't in resonance with me as a person and where I wanted to end up.  Moving somewhere else is not going to change your situation, your belief that moving somewhere else will change your situation is what will actually create the change.  Why not believe that all that you seek is available to you now, where you are now (or within close proximity) and that the partner you seek is likely within Miami-Dade county also waiting to find you...and than start acting like that's the case.  The only possibility is that you will find that which you seek.


Comments for "Problem not Me, but Miami, says "Straight Girl" "

Yara replies: said (February 20, 2014):


This is my last comment for this article, I will not come back to read anymore, make your own conclusions on the matter. I wish people would stop using ad hominen and commenting on my heart/thyroid condition and picking at the wrong issue as if I asked you for medical advice.Guess what?I didn't ask you or anyone how to take care of my health but I'm in plain words and statistics showing you what high unemployment, corruption, high crime and HIV rates can do to any city in any place of the world and end up much like the decline of the Romans These are the qualities that can turn a prosperous city or country into a mountain of ash slowly or suddenly.

Thanks for your stereotyping all Hispanic people suggesting ignorant assumptions about barbecues and eating too much meat. I was a vegetarian for a year trying the lifestyle but it wasn't for me. Meat is not my forte, I eat little of it and always had a dislike of junk food overall. My conditions are hereditary, my mother had it and passed it down to me.

More and more people are moving out of South Florida and suddenly finding jobs, better economies,better health care, partners and less fakeness overall. Once again just sitting around praying to god, meditating or positive thinking does not kick the ass of an awful regime or place if that's all you do.

My beliefs affect my reality. But your beliefs and my boss' and my neighbor's change my reality too. I believe that Good ultimately trumps evil. But I have found that if I set my eyes on some alternate reality, I will not make it through the pitfalls of this reality. Is that optimism or realism?

One person can get together with others and try to make things better for people. But the present system of SELF-help, SELF realization, SELF made anything doesn't generally inspire this, because it focuses all the responsibility on the individual and they are left incomplete without a backup plan with other people who also give a damn.These believes put the onus for change on the individual and effectively KILL the urge for social change done at the group level. This is capitalism way of keeping people under control.

We have created a perfect loophole to blame citizens for the president's decisions, to blame kids for having cancer, to blame poor people they haven't become millionaires yet, congrats idiocy achieved!. Even if you found a job and your needs are being met here so what? Most people struggle as the structural circumstances require certain conformism of low wages, cultural clashes, corruption , high prices for everything.

In conclusion moving out does make a situation better, try telling that to someone in a third world country or Africa starving to death that moving out in a corrupt government is not the way to go but to just find their consciousness, try telling that to them..

Joan said (February 18, 2014):

Get out of South Florida! And do it quick before your biological clock runs down. I lived in South Florida for over 25 years and reading your article was like reading my own story. I experienced each one of your complaints...and I felt so sad for you, and so sad for the society.

God, He is faithful. Pray to Him and He will show you the right city/community to live in. Though moving out of South Florida might seem impossible today, it will suddenly become possible. Go for it and take the risk.

A year and a half after I left Florida and moved to the mountains I met the man I am married to. And being married is a restful place after too many years of having to live it alone.

You are not welcomed in South Florida so get out and get out quick. Don't waste much more of your precious life there.

Dan said (February 16, 2014):

Yara has made a valid point. "Although I asked for advice, I also wanted to show the effects of HIV infections rates in Florida. When unnatural acts are out of control, I'm made to be the one with the problem and who must adapt to the chaos."

There's a tendency today when someone brings up socially disturbing issues, to shift blame to the person who speaks up about these things.
I don't think anyone here meant to be dismissive. They mean well, though sometimes advice sounds like "try these blue pills. they make me feel better".

Maybe it's like someone saying, "the house is on fire" to room full of people who say, "I know a great meditation technique for that.".

Within the last week two men I know (that don't know each other) invited me to go to two different groups that are into 'actualizing your manhood'. I keep hearing that phrase. There are groups which have popped up like mushrooms in churches. They have them for New Age. And if you don't go for religion or 'spirituality' they have the secular version for upwardly mobile corporate climbers too. I know better than to try to explain to the men that ask me to their meetings, so I decline with logical humor.

Today I said, "Actualize your manhood? Well, I grew up a long time ago. Maybe I'll drop by sometime to give you fellas some pointers". They laugh, but that pretty much closes the conversation.

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