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Book Exposes Cancer Industry & Obamacare

March 30, 2014


Cancer is a cash cow
for dozens of Illuminati corporations.
The American Cancer Society has
over $1 Billion in its coffers.
A new book exposes the fraud
and reviews the legitimate alternative

"In spite of hundreds of billions contributed to the cause over the past 4 decades, the survival rate shows little improvement. Neither a cure nor prevention is the priority any longer, because the real money is made from treating cancer."

by Ken Anton

The Rockefeller-initiated medical cartel which revamped US medicine in the early 1900's has grown into an enormous bureaucracy comprising doctors, hospitals, support services and government regulators like the FDA, NIH and CDC, all working closely with Big Pharma to ensure their steadily increasing profits at the expense of Americans.

Despite the efforts of the cartel to suppress natural cancer therapies, many have succeeded in actually curing thousands of terminal patients so that they can return to a normal life. Juxtaposing these alternative therapies against traditional therapy is the focus of the book.

As far as the 'War on Cancer', even with hundreds of billions contributed to the cause over the past 4 decades, the survival rate shows little improvement. Neither a cure nor prevention is the priority any longer, because the real money is made from treating cancer.

In place of the medical cartel-devised Obamacare, a new system designed from the ground up is needed to create truly affordable healthcare. It's necessary to take a stand, don't wait for armed IRS agents to come knocking at your door.

"Cancer Vortex" revolves around three dramatic stories concerning Janet Franklin, Frank Rider and Thomas Hartwell who try natural or orthodox therapies in their struggle against cancer. Interleaved with these stories are factual reports about the Medical Cartel.
Tribute is paid to visionaries who made major contributions towards our understanding of cancer, especially Dr Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize winner and biochemist who discovered the generic cause of cancer in the 1920's. Other great innovators in cancer research and promotion of natural cures are Dean Burk, Max Gerson, Stanislaw Burzynski and Ernst Krebs Jr who each achieved extraordinary breakthroughs.

The Medical Cartel favors dogma over science to enforce its materialistic agenda.  Now, the imposition of Obamacare appears to be an even worse omen for the future.

1. "If you like your health care plan, you can keep it. Period." That famous quote from President Obama became his most famous deception, repeated over 30 times in public speeches. Later, he tried to change his promise to a conditional one: "You can keep it if it hasn't changed since the law passed".
2.. In fact, the whole 'Affordable Care Act' (ACA) also known as Obamacare is riddled with deceptions and absurdities starting with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's ludicrous statement to the Congress: "We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it."
Those who imagined that Congressmen should actually read the bills they pass, are living in a dream world from the past when Congress made an effort to represent the will of the people who elected them. That era has been long gone as a large number of Congressmen now spend their time huddling with lobbyists and planning new ways to enrich large corporations. This situation is reflected in the lowest public opinion poll of Congress ever taken.
3. When the first round of insurance cancellation notices were sent out in the last quarter of 2013, the deception of 'keeping your healthcare plan' hit home to 6,000,000 Americans who held private insurance. Even worse, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) estimates another 75 million who have employer-provided health insurance will lose their existing plans as well.
4. According to Ron Paul, "16,500 armed bureaucrats coming to make this program work - if it was a good program and everybody liked it, you wouldn't need 16,500 thugs coming with their guns and putting you in jail if you didn't follow all the rules."
liz fowler.jpg5. Senator Max Baucus, from whose committee the bill originated said Obamacare was drafted by Liz Fowler, left, who was Vice President at WellPoint, the largest private health insurer in the country. Then she returned to the Senator's committee to play a prime role in drafting Obamacare legislation. Not only did Fowler play a major role in writing the law, but she then joined the Obama Administration to help implement the law.

Dr Royal Rife                                       
Essiac Tea                                                         
Hoxsey Regimen                                             
Dr Linus Pauling - Vitamin C                      
DMSO and Vitamin C                       
Budwig Protocol                                              
Cesium Chloride - High pH Therapy        
Gerson Therapy                                              
Vitamin B17 Amygdalin                                
Burzynski Antineoplaston Therapy
Although by no means complete, the above list of naturopathic therapies developed by independent visionaries, not bound by the bureaucracy of orthodox medicine have resulted in curing hundreds of thousands of patients so that they can lead productive lives.
Yet even with documented evidence of their successful cures and patient testimonies to back them up, these medical visionaries have suffered inordinate harassment and in some cases arrests, lawsuits and trials initiated by the American Medical Association and the corrupt FDA until most were forced to close their clinics and leave the United States.
The people most affected by this harassment and persecution are those cancer patients who desire alternative therapies that work and those classified as terminal, left with no hope.
Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

For over 100 years, the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center with a Rockefeller appointed Board has been recognized as the premier cancer hospital in the United States. Besides assisting Big Pharma research, they helped the FDA by producing negative test results for natural therapies.
The American Cancer Society
A bloated charity with a Rockefeller appointed Board, which due to top notch marketing by Albert Lasker and Elmer Bobst, became the biggest charity in the world with reserves of over $1 billion.
The American Medical Association
The early Directors, Simmons and Fishbein, set the tone for the AMA by soliciting ads from medical suppliers for the AMA Journal while greedily collecting kickbacks. They served to expand membership, raise income and attack all known alternative cancer therapies, forcing most out of business.
The Food and Drug Association
The FDA works hand in hand with the AMA using Federal courts to prosecute natural therapies for the benefit of Big Pharma which depends on patentable drugs to achieve billions in yearly profits. The revolving door between the Drug monoliths and the FDA is well known and explains their priorities.
Fluoridation and Cancer
As Dr Burk of the NCI revealed thru scientific studies, adding Fluoride to city reservoirs results in dramatically higher cancer rates in those cities.
Vaccination and Cancer
A steady increase in the vaccinations of young children has led to the dramatic increase in cancer over the past 60 years. The SV40 virus embedded in the polio vaccines of the 50's has proven to be a virulent carcinogen. Vaccine preservatives such as mercury and formaldehyde are also highly toxic and bio-accumulate in the body.
Medical Industry Fraud
With hundreds of billions of funds allocated, vast corruption abounds in scientific studies, peer reviews, fake test results and incentives for physicians to over-prescribe, all sanctioned by the Medical Cartel while ensuring Big Pharma receives the lion share of the money.
Obamacare Fiasco
This chapter covers a description of the failed launch, website deficiencies, security issues, continuing exclusions and delays and the insidious role of the IRS.

Those subjected to orthodox therapy without being given a choice are trapped in the Cancer Vortex with little chance of being cured. Natural therapies are available and the book highlights several possibilities. One must realize that cancer is not some foreign invader but a part of our biological process that has run amuck. It can be cured with proper knowledge and self discipline. Dr Otto Warburg recommends a solution and makes a startling revelation: "The prevention of cancer requires no government help and no extra money."

The eBook is currently available at Amazon.  For further info see or contact [email protected] . If a paperback is preferred (expected in 2 months), please send your email address. At website, see: David Belk videos on the True Cost of Healthcare.

Kenneth Anton is an American who resides in Bangkok. He is also the author of "Popsicle Man - Solving the Puzzle of a 200 Year Conspiracy" available at Amazon.

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First Comment from Stephen Coleman:

Once again, those spouting "alternatives" to cancer treatment are working from the very same assumption as conventional science,  that is a physical illness must have a physical cause. Those proposing that cancer is caused by fungus are like saying rain causes clouds to appear.  The reasons why these "alternative" treatments work is the same reason why chemotherapy works.  Studies in 5 year survival show  slightly lower survival with chemotherapy than those that elect not to go that route.

The cancer industrial complex is not any different than the "alternative" vitamin, supplement, herbs or whatever they use -is  just not as profitable.

The problem continues to plague us is the assumption above and it may take generations to get people to dump it and wake up that disease is caused by emotional issues.  This is why you can go down the list of non-infectious chronic illness and not find a single cure,  only remedies that ease the symptoms. This is self evident proof that medicine is barking up the wrong tree and has been doing so for centuries.

In my practice I daily see "miracles",  people that have been to MDs, chiropractors, acupuncturists, herbalists, or some odd ball treatment that didn't respond, suddenly are responding much often to their own surprise. Then there are the clients that would rather die than face or admit their emotional issues;  and they do die.
Stephen Coleman

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Comments for "Book Exposes Cancer Industry & Obamacare"

Peter C said (April 2, 2014):

Back in 1955, my father was diagnosed (too late after the fact) with lung cancer in a US Army hospital in Leghorn, Italy. He was told that there was nothing they could do about it. He was trans- ferred to the US Air Force hospital in Wiesbaden, West Germany where they opened him up, took one look and closed him up, giving him less than 3 months to live. No options, no second opinion. No access to any other methods.

I later asked one of the doctors at the USAF hospital if it was possible that my dad could have contracted his cancer from exposure to asbestos in a shipyard in WW2. The doctor’s response was explosive: in short – No Way, Jose!

Several years later, I learned about over-boiling olive oil which causes a massive change in chemicals, making that the danger source for cancer. I remembered how Dad used to cook up his Italian dinner, and that was when I decided that was the life- killing problem.

Just recently, I ran into a problem with my brainwashed MD, who tried to get me back on a drug that would cause me to go blind in one eye. He was stiff as a board in demanding that I knock off my nonsense and get with it. I forced him to contact another doctor for a second opinion. That worked well for me.

Leonardo said (April 2, 2014):

Thanks Henry for the great book review on such an important topic. Books like the one reviewed are a must read if you want to save your health, and that of your family members, or at least have a running chance to live the healthiest life possible in a technocracy like the US which serves a disease management model for profit and with population control as a side benefit, also known as Obamascare. I would also add to the must-own list Actress Susan Sommers' books "Knock out" and "Break Through".

The sad truth is as was stated that there are many ways to treat or cure cancer or other diseases that will not harm the patient. I have personally tried Essiac, Rife, and Budwig as a healthy person. I have found that Essiac and Budwig are wonderful and gentle ways to cleanse the system. Essiac even helps diabetes. I once gave three Mason jars I had brewed to a friend in his 70's who regularly injects insulin and he was impressed with the results. Budwig energizes the body in so many ways and is good for many diseases. Rife is amazing as well. I once purchased a inexpensive machine (less than $500) and used it to treat chronic upper back pain. After three nights of sleeping with it connected to the bottom of both feet about 90% of the pain was GONE!!! I was so impressed, I bought a more expensive model ( about $1600) and am currently experimenting with it.

Amerikan Medicine is an industry run by evil and dangerous people. If anyone would like to see the extreme measures that the Disease Management Cartel will take to remain in power read about Dr. Sam Chachoua, and Dr. Gary Glum.

Also, anyone suffering from Cancer should consider the ketogenic diet. It effectively starves Cancer cells by eliminating sugar. No kidding. It is also effective in eliminating a type of childhood epilepsy.

Eliezer said (April 2, 2014):

Like oncology - a study and treatment of "cancer," mycology - a study of molds, rusts, fungi and mushrooms too, has been compartmentalized as its own specialty. However, a study of cancer would be more fruitfully pursued within a context of mycology.

In other words, as a sub-heading of botany - the study of plants, a deeper and more complete understanding of cancer can be had through a study of fungi, molds and mushrooms, whose function in the carbon cycle is a conversion of depleted, defective and damaged organic material into usable compost. For more on how Candida Yeast = Candida Fungus = Cancer, see "Cancer Is A Fungus," by Italian Oncologist Dr. Tullio Simoncini.

In contrast with normal cells, a first key to understanding cancer, is, all cancer as well as fungus, including the ubiquitous intestinal Candida albicans, is in one essential way comparable to the exo-skeletons of insects and external surfaces of mushrooms. BOTH cancer as well as Candida albicans cells, are contained within a largely impervious and hard protective cellular membrane, or "armor" comprised of "chitin."

This key factor, chitin, thereby, may be referred to as "The Armor of Cancer." Both fungus AND cancer, therefore might be effectively subdued, or repressed with chitin forming suppressants. Also, the terms of reference for both mycology and oncology, are essentially interchangeable, tumor = mushroom etc. By-en-large, cancer may be understood through mycology.

Ron D said (April 1, 2014):

Big Pharma does not want CMD to replace the "Big Money" cancer drug industry.

Dr. E said (April 1, 2014):

The best cancer treatment is the work of Dr. Emmanuel Revici. Good summaruy at NUTRI-SPEC.NET
Dr. Z [email protected]

Mike B said (March 31, 2014):

I agree with the previous posters and Ken Anton/ Cancer Vortex, but i don't see the issue as being either cancer or corruption. Letting other people be responsible for how you think is the problem. When you assume they are the authorities because of their position or the weight of apparent public acceptance, and don't make use of your own discernment or discrimination, then you have given away your power. -In the case of cancer and other diseases we are being set up throughout our lives to be the cash cow of the medical and insurance industries. We eat foods from depleted soil, and compensate by taking synthetic supplements that our bodies can't use.

How many of us consider all this worth doing some research on? How many realize that they have been getting slowly poisoned over the years, and are now contending with a powerful insane beast in the form of Monsanto, and a government that always supports the big corporations?

A physically and mentally compromised population is the perfect supporting cast for the police state. How could we hope to contend with it or come up with something better if we are handicapped by having accepted its anti-nutritional foods and social conditioning?

Al Thompson said (March 31, 2014):

After watching friends and family go through cancer treatment, the only conclusion that I can come up with is that this treatment is intentionally a form of genocide. The poor person who has to go through this is tortured and his immune system is destroyed in the process. I had a doctor tell me that I should get a biopsy on my apparent "lung cancer." I asked him if he personally would go through the procedure. He said "no." Then walked away mumbling to himself in his own hypocrisy.

With few exceptions, the medical industry is a hideous form of healthcare. I used 3000 mg of calcium daily and I continue to take it as a form of prevention. No trace of cancer. There are many other ways to beat cancer so people should do their research. With the internet, there's no reason for anyone to have to go through that nonsense.

Ron said (March 31, 2014):

One day in early 2003 I noticed one of my dogs had a tennis-ball-sized lump in his stomach. Fearing the worst, I took him to the vet. My fears were confirmed--lymphoma. Since in those days I was naive about the cancer industry, I obtained a reference from the vet to an animal cancer specialist group.

Keeping the story short, I spent roughly $10,000 on his treatments, but he was dead within two months. Because of my stupidity in having him treated with chemotherapy, he suffered greatly. The chemo killed his immune system and his appetite, which required him to be operated on for an infection. The last two weeks of his life he ate nothing and barely drank any water.

The vets were still trying to hit me up for more money until the day he died even as he was near death. There were other pet owners I would see at the clinic. Their pets quickly died too after they spent thousands.

The system is a scam designed to enrich the participants. No one that I met got any extra life out of their pet, much less any extra quality of life. I recommend that anyone who has a pet dog or cat with cancer proceed cautiously. In my experience money is a driving force in the industry, NOT concern for our beloved pets well-being.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at