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Elites Colluding to Start Nuclear War?

March 27, 2014

"It has all been depicted, in satanic detail (including the nuke color coding, as seen in the first rainbow),
 in the Denver International Airport murals.

A reader, Christopher, says the Illuminati
have planned a nuclear war.
Naturally, I hope he is wrong.

"It is extremely naïve to believe that Communist Russia just suddenly «went away.»

by Christopher

Your article of March 26, 2014, "Tools R Us" - West Works for Judeo Masonic NWO" - brings up many important points. And the selected political cartoon is priceless (and true). [Perhaps it should be changed slightly to «Tools-R-U.S.»]

In any event, for reasons that (I hope) will become clear, I am compelled to remind you of what I know you already know:

In recent years, posters adorning sides of public buses in major Russian cities were «decorated» with large images of Stalin. Putin was/is KGB. The opening up of old Russian churches, while great for Christians there, was and is just more PR for the ongoing deception. In the UK, the symbol for the (Fabian) Socialists, who now have MANY members in that parliament, is - appropriately - the wolf in sheep's clothing. [Recently, the Fabians removed that rather disturbing symbol.]

It is extremely naïve to believe that Communist Russia just suddenly «went away.» Rather, the post-Reagan opening up of the USSR was simply the opportunity for its ruling oligarchs to clean up and get much wealthier - just as the banksters have done in the West, and just as China has also done. Coordination and planning, with the infiltrated West, never stopped. In fact, it only increased. The White House might now be painted red, Communist (satanic) red, as the more apropos color.

Many U. S. patriots tried to warn America, but were defamed, slandered, and sidelined; while American citizens were led down the descending, spiraling road to narcissism, hedonism, hyper-materialism, and nihilism. Physical, intellectual, and spiritual weakness and perversion is the result - for the once great United States.

Meanwhile, rather than having a diminished military, and falling behind the West, technologically or otherwise; Russia has been working overtime (like China) to beef up its overall military, developing many new weapons, and creating strong, confident armed forces.

Anyone catching a few TV programs, from China's government stations, will notice a peculiarly positive, upbeat attitude. In some ways it is reminiscent of American TV in the 60s and early 70s... Anyone catching the typical TV fare, in the West, will see an increasingly dark, brooding, negative, doom-and-gloom menu of not-so-lite satanic material.

Both are controlled and manipulated by their respective governments. Both are manipulative and propagandistic. Yet, it appears that the globalists have prepared the West for their own demise, via predictive programming, and all other mind controls. The West has been literally (TV) programmed for defeat.

These few, well known facts do NOT point to Russia or China becoming a new defenders of rights and the keepers of peace. Instead, it seems obvious that Russia is simply playing out its part of the script in this «Great Game» - a game where humanity and this planet are written off as the final losers.

[The actual reality is, in this game, everyone will lose.]

China, however, being a far different creature than either the West or Russia, is actually the more likely country/culture that may - in the end - be the real wild card. One can easily suspect that Zionism and the various Zionist-based cabals hold little affection in the hearts of the Chinese, who can and may view any history of any tribes of Hebrews as simply another dirty band of desert people, who somehow survived through their tumults and diasporas.

To the Chinese; with their buried ancient armies, long list of notable and important inventions, powerful past empires, and rich traditions and philosophies - the Talmudic, Zionist Jews' only contribution of note may be seen as a convenient method of rapid (and harsh) modernization (after a long period of exploitation by the West); otherwise known as «Communism.»

A few extra points, which further confirm this overall view (that Russia is just another player, along with China - at this time), can be seen here:

• RE: One of Russia's key allies (see: BRICS). - Much sensitive U. S. military equipment was and still is MADE IN CHINA!!!

• REPEATED statements and comments made by Putin, indicating that global war is soon coming; and that his top brass must «prepare for Armageddon.»

• Putin and Bush's strange, knowing behavior, in the «Birds Nest» stadium, at the China Olympics. [Might still be on YouTube.]

• Obama's public aside to the Russians that he will have more «flexibility» (to do things «for Vladimir») AFTER HE WINS his re-election.

• Extremely hostile and threatening statements, REPEATEDLY made by China, which have emphasized how they can EASILY attack and nuke the U. S.

• U. S. usurper government announces major policy changes and planned withdrawals internationally, and the NEXT DAY Putin marches into Crimea - with more actions still to come!

• The weird and uber-expensive trip to China by the First «Lady» - and family - where she obviously wears Red China's Communist colors, with absolutely NO PRESS allowed (a first), while she puts down America to/for the Chinese. [Every time the «First Family» leaves the U. S., be wary of the next wave of Fukushima radiation coming over, or worse.]

• Recent/renewed claims by the US that they will defend Israel from attackers (i.e. Iran) at any and ALL costs (even if it means starting WWIII, by setting up USA), AND the SUDDEN, simultaneous, and IMMEDIATE withdrawal of ALL of their ambassadors from EVERY embassy around the world (another first).

- And last, but not least, Obama's announcing to the world that NYC is in real danger, after having played a VIDEO GAME, with his fellow «NWOers», that puts a dirty bomb scenario (in a major WESTERN financial center) before these «leaders», in order to come to their consensus on how to handle the details of the (coming) incident and its aftermath!!!

And THAT is just the proverbial tip of the melting iceberg...

1 + 1 = 2
2 + 2 = 4

It does not take a brain surgeon to see where this is all EVENTUALLY going, and to understand that Russia, China, Israel, and the United States are all following the same deadly, dark, satanic script. It has all been depicted, in satanic detail (including the nuke color coding, as seen in the first rainbow), in the Denver International Airport murals.

I pray the sleeping giant will finally awaken and act.
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First Comment from Anthony Migchels:

Thanks for posting this article on Russia.

Of course the author is right. Let's hope it's not going to go Nuclear, but most assuredly this is all a completely managed conflict.

putinkiss.jpgLeft, Putin & Kissinger

(Left: Grand Master Putin. But his game is poker, not chess.)

"We will strive to ensure a new world order, one that meets current geopolitical realities, and one that develops smoothly and without unnecessary upheaval."

Oh, how Putin hates the Jews and New World Order! Oh, how Putin hates the Jews and New World Order!

"I recently had a talk with Henry Kissinger. I meet with him regularly. I fully share this consummate professional's thesis that close and trusting interactions between Moscow and Washington are particularly important in periods of international turbulence." Putin in 'Russia and the Changing World' 2012.

Russia's central bank is Rothschild and oversaw the proliferation of commercial banking in post-Soviet Russia. 'Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws'......

Who created the Oil boom that allowed Russia to rebuild its army? Why, the US Empire in its quest to defend the Petrodollar of course! When will we learn about multi faceted strategy coming together? The Money Power's strategists are good at what they do and this is just a case in point.

Putin did not kill Oligarchic rule in Russia, what nonsense! He pushed back Berezhovsky and Khodorovsky, because they were a threat to the Russian State, which the Money Power needs to be strong and centralized. The Putin - Oligarch deal is quite clear: The Kremlin for him, the economy for them.

Why is he not providing interest-free money to the people? Why is the population in Russia still tanking after 15 years of his rule? Where did all the Oil money go besides the Oligarchs and the weapons industry? Why is he not exposing the bankers that are running this show? Why is he pretending this is a conflict of nations?

And why is Putin so assertive? Because China is behind him.

We want to take sides, but Russia is just another Empire and would love to rule the world if the US were not in the way. 'They' always have us choose between evil and lesser evil, but when are we going to make some choices of our own?

Managed Conflict is the goal and the means on the road to World Government.

The decapitation of the US Empire and the Dollar is longstanding Money Power policy. The US is a Colussus on clay feet, it's already dead. Anybody can see that.

Babylon is bigger than the US, bigger than Jewry. It's temporal power and it is One. Its core is the Capitalist global monopoly, encompassing first and foremost banking and secondary all major Transnationals.

World Government is just the externalization of the age old hierarchy.

Enough of the Putin worship! Give Peace a Chance!

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You've probably seen this vid, but EVERYBODY, (except Obama) but including Lavrov, wearing the Pyramid........

From Ron D:

Obama makes a statement recently at the Hauge "More worried about a Nuclear Bomb in Manhattan than a Russian Threat"

Is Obama telegraphing the plan to wrap a Nuke with the right material to give the right nuclear signature to start WW3 by False Flag ? Obama is on a plane to Saudi Arabia to hold their hand and repair burned bridges.. IF POSSIBLE

The House of Saud continues to distance itself with the US and especially US securities demanding freedom from long standing deals with the US to sell oil in US dollars ! Obama knows financial collapse will be imminent if this happens.

The NWO Elite have been looking for an excuse to implement Martial Law in the US. False Flag Nuke.. Then WW3 over energy resources ? Russia has had long standing ties with Iran and Syria. The Saudi's want to control Syria to prevent a pipeline from South Wester Iraqi oil fields through Syria which would gut Saudi / OPEC oil prices. Currently the price of Oil in Iraq is around 15-35 cents US per gallon depending where you are. Bandar Al Sultan, Saudi Intelligence minister has attempted deals with Russia to allow them influence over Syria. Putin has flatly said he will not abandon his allies. 

Obama saying his is more afraid of a nuke has risen his approval rating by appealing to the primitive war mind of the fragile public (sheeple) at large. Fear drives up approval ratings and can allow for the mobilization for war. So I agree that the world will come to the brink of war. The very brink.. More that this I will not speculate on.. 

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Elites Colluding to Start Nuclear War?"

Debra said (March 29, 2014):

Christopher’s article makes sense and puts things in the proper perspective. The majority of the inhabitants of earth disobey God, so, is it really a surprise of what is soon to come. “The actual reality is, in this game, everyone will lose.”

Come out of her …. and ….. don’t look back.

John N said (March 28, 2014):

I've been wondering if the years-long chemtrail operation might have something to do with a nuclear war plan. If this might be a preparation for somehow quickly cleaning up the ground, atmosphere and environment after it's scorched.

The Rockefeller-funded "Doomsday Vault" of seeds in Arctic Norway has been trumpeted in the press, and we wouldn't know about it unless we were meant to.

Whatever these maniacs have in store, I fear it involves ushering in their "age of lucifer", or whatever delusions they wade in. I just hope it doesn't involve the suicide scenario (anyone saying "they've spent so long conditioning us, they won't kill us all" may be missing the point that it's all ritualistic, and necessary for their scheme, leading up to some climax.)

The chemtrailed areas may get whacked in a scripted/controlled nuke war, leaving the scared-shitless survivors as a slave-race. Hope I'm wrong about all this.

Lance said (March 28, 2014):

Regarding Christopher's article on Russia and Communism, it seems rather off-the-wall in this day and age.

Today's Russia is not your daddy's USSR.

The Russians lived through the Jewish/Marxist sting and beat it. Meanwhile, Christopher's article reads like a neo-con psyop at best; he seems to be doing the work of those wanting a war.

Dan said (March 28, 2014):

I think the article by Christopher is way off the mark. Nuclear war will never be more than a scare tactic. They have our food, air and water, vaccines, and economics to use for depopulation without having to ruin perfectly good real estate.

John R said (March 28, 2014):

If there really is a mission afoot the size of a worldwide conflagration, I would expect some sort of major, cryptic announcement in a Hollywood film would precede it by a couple of years to allow a full viewing of the thing over the whole world. I think that the Denver murals are interesting, but they're too little known and too remote in time to serve the purpose of displaying the Illuminati's behind-the-scenes control. There must be something else planted in a recent big film that we won't recognize until after it's happened.

By the way, the other over-the-top MK Ultra films have to have been made by director David Lynch - "Mulholland Drive" and "Lost Highway." These films are clearly about MK Ultra zombies with induced multiple-personality disorder performing drug-running services "Lost Highway" and sex services "Mullholland Drive". I fail to see how anybody can watch these films and not understand that MK Ultra zombies are the marrow of Hollywood. Roseanne Barr said as much explicitly on Russian tv not long ago.

Tom said (March 28, 2014):

Let us not forget about the 100,000 acres Bush purchased in Paraguay in 2006. Perfect safe haven from the reported planned planet wide total destruction from Ottawa Canada down to Costa Rica.

Rich said (March 28, 2014):

I will never forget the sick feeling in my gut the first time I saw the murals of DIA in person. It had to be at least 15-20 years ago. Anyway, it was before they were well known, DIA was new, the internet was still young, and I had no previous knowledge of them. The effect was immediate and nauseating. It was there and then the fog started lifting and I knew there was something seriously wrong with the world. All of the "New World Order" talk suddenly made sense. I started to see the victims of Ruby Ridge and Waco as people wanting to opt out, rather than nutcases.

As for the possibility of upcoming war: As a member of the USAF in the Gulf War, I witnessed first hand the awesome monster that was once the US military. The speed, determination, and dedication at which the machine was put into place was inspiring to say the least. That military had the power to bring the world to its knees, but it did not. We thought, how great is this, no need for world war ever again. No one dare match our power. Casualties, on our side, very limited.

Now look where we are. Intentionally weakened to level the playing field in true socialist/communist fashion. All to insure maximum destruction of the world, and the human spirit. Orwell was righ

Raymond said (March 28, 2014):

Saying that communism in Russia just went away is naive?

Actually communism just moved to EUSSR, USA & your country Canada.

Marcus Wolfe STASI boss moved to USA, just to retire in Florida??
Soviet Yiddish speaking KGB bosses moved to USA to see above??

You know the difference between the Gestapo, KGB, & our free democratic Police/DHS??

Simple. The Gestapo come during the day knocked on your door & taken you away to KL.
The KGB come during the night, knocked on your door & taken you away to the Gulags.
The free democratic Police/DHS come anytime, knock your door down. Shoot your dog & you with your family as well & if you're lucky & don't get shot, you will be waterboarded!

So please find more article about , bad,bad, Putin.

As to China, remember Chinese have long memory, & have not forgotten the Opium war & the Boxer war! CAVEAT!

Tyron said (March 27, 2014):

Mikhail Gorbachev told the Politburo just before the Soviet Collapse that "This is all widow dressing. The same people who rule will continue to rule. This is all being done to drop the west's guard" (paraphrase).

Right now, our borders are wide open. Chinese and Mexican troops are on our Southern border. Obama shut down our southern air defenses. The border patrol has been disabled. Russia has just sent bomber fighters to central America. China controls all of the ports in California but one. They also control both ports to the panama canal. Those "drug runners" in Mexico are Marxist paramilitary outfits who have been armed to the teeth by Obama and Holder during fast and furious.

Not only is Putin KGB but Obama was trained by KGB and his Mom is a "Jew".

The writing is on the wall America. The perfect storm is about to hit. Keep your chin up tho, we are destined to win.

JG said (March 27, 2014):

Yes, the White House is now the "Red House". The American governmental legislative process and Constitution has successfully been thwarted by independent foreign agents and their organizations such as the SLPC, ADL, PNAC, and most of all AIPAC itself.

They are single handedly determining America's fate politically, culturally, and abroad. These are unelected officials with an obvious agenda to destroy America from within and I must say they are doing a very good job of it.

But, it doesn't end here, their same agenda is being exported around the world with the American military being used as their "proxy" and 'misguided war mule.

Russia does not want war. They believe in a theocratic type of democracy like America once had in the late 50's and early 60's. Putin is against "gay wrongs", abortion, and desires sovereignty from the NWO agenda. Russia has seen the horror's of Communism in action and has no desire to return to that form of enslavement again.

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