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Noah - Cabalist Jewish Blasphemy

March 28, 2014

Cabalist, Global Warming, Nephilim
Propaganda, With No Mention Of "God"

Cabalist Jewish Hollywood brazenly continues
the sin God punished with the Great Flood.

Cabalist Judaism/ Freemasonry is a satanic cult which controls
the world and uses Hollywood to spread its Satanism.

by Another Voice Blogspot
(Edited by

"Noah" the movie is being released Friday. This post is not a review of the film, but basically what might be called an informational overview. Just a few quotes gathered from different sources in order to get a quick overall understanding of what Hollywood's latest "religious epic film" is really all about:

1. First, from the studio, Paramount's disclaimer:

"The film is inspired by the story of Noah. While artistic license has been taken, we believe that this film is true to the essence, values, and integrity of a story that is a cornerstone of faith for millions of people worldwide. The biblical story of Noah can be found in the book of Genesis."

2. Artistic license? Some of what Paramount terms "artistic license" can be discerned in this next quote:

zio-wood 2.png"Darren Aronofsky and co-writer Ari Handel pepper the story with a number of flashier ingredients, some fairly routine and others less so. These include Noah's hulking army of four-armed rock giants, an elaboration on the fallen angels known as Nephilim, who initially resist Noah's cries for help and eventually aid in the construction of the Ark; the screenwriters also give Noah a single antagonist, in the form of the scheming Tubal-Cain (Ray Winstone), who manages to wind up as the Ark's sole human stowaway and attempt to surpass even the will of the Creator to restart civilization...Nobody in "Noah" ever says the word "God." (Source)

"True to the essence" is the claim. How can leaving God out of the biblical story of Noah be "true to the essence"? Moreover, the 'Nephilim' theme is apparently predominant. Entering into the Nephilim debate here is not the point, but that the movie essentially puts Nephilim, i.e. "fallen angels", Lucifer's cohorts in heavenly rebellion against God Himself [Rev. 12:9], as Noah's helpers. Message?

Obvious is it not - fallen angels, aka devils, not God, are actually the saviors of mankind. And why should anybody have a problem with that? According to the filmmakers these are the true values and integrity of the biblical account of Noah. Message? Obvious again - 'Nephilim' aka devils good; God..? - what about him [The producers commit the same sin God punished with the flood. Deut. 32:15-18]? Artistic license...or total blasphemy?

3. Talmudic - Kabbalistic scripted; Agenda 21 global-warming themed:

darren_aronofsky300__120413220434.jpg1. Aronofsky, left, has confided to his confreres that his "Biblical epic" will actually have a Kabbalistic and Enochian [Enoch - fallen angels aka nephilim] foundation hitched to the Cryptocracy's depopulation agenda. [source]

2. "Aronofsky has admitted that "Noah" was being written by "two not very religious Jewish guys," (so they called upon Rabbi Dennis, author of the "Encyclopedia of Jewish Myth, Magic and Mysticism" (Llewellyn Publications), and a 2007 National Book Award finalist, to give a Jewish sense of the story.

Aronofsky...told The New Yorker, "There is a huge statement in the film, a strong message about the coming flood from global warming." Aronofsky told other entertainment reporters: "It's about environmental apocalypse which is the biggest theme, for me, right now, for what's going on on this planet. ... Noah was the first environmentalist."

After seeing an undated script, Brian Godawa, a screenwriter and the author of a novel, "Noah Primeval," articulated the Christian critique on The film, he writes, presents us with "an anachronistic doomsday scenario of ancient global warming. How Neolithic man was able to" destroy the environment "without the 'evil' carbon emissions of modern industrial revolution is not explained."

Postmodernists "changing the meaning of texts to suit their agenda ... is manipulative narcissistic nonsense. ... Was Noah the first environmentalist and animal rights activist? Was themoral failure of man in Genesis, disrespect for the environment? Was that why God completely destroyed the environment and killed all of the animals of the land except those on the ark? Of course not."

If you want to see Aronofsky's original vision, says Rabbi Dennis, "You need to see his French comic book of Noah [available on Amazon]. It's a storyboard for a movie." There is a reference, said the rabbi, to six-winged angels in Isaiah. The film refers to the Tzohar, the gemstone given by an angel to Adam, and used by Noah for illumination in the ark. Watchers (thought to be the Fallen Angels), is found in the apocryphal Book of Enoch, written by Noah's great-grandfather."  [source]

Jewish myth, magic, and mysticism is called the Kabbalah. The Kabbalah has nothing to do with the God of the Bible. Absolutely nothing. It does have to do with sorcery though.

Note the above reference to the word "tzohar" being said to refer to a gemstone "given by an angel to Adam" and in the movie used by Noah to light the ark, as apparently in the movie the ark is window-less. A magical stone to "illuminate the ark"? The English translation for the Hebrew word 'tsohar' in the bible is window.

 Put a window (tsohar) in the ark, God told Noah: Gen. 6:16 'A window shalt thou make to the ark, and in a cubit shalt thou finish it above; and the door of the ark shalt thou set in the side thereof; with lower, second, and third stories shalt thou make it.' No, say the Talmudic-Kabbalists, that is much too dull, let's rewrite that and instead of having a window let's make it into a magical stone that illuminates. Interesting to note is the fact that the main book of Kabbalists is called the Zohar.

 It to them is their source of mystical magical "illumination" [link]. Whether or not there is a direct correlation between the two terms was not able to be determined with any certainty. Seems likely though.

At any rate, these few quotes are adequate to see the true "true essence" of 'Noah the religious epic'. As mentioned in the follow-up above, that true "true essence" can really only be described as the 'spirit of Antichrist'. The most important thing to understand about this fact is that it will be impossible to go into a theater and see this pseudo-biblical global-agenda driven kabbalist inspired fallen-angel praising meteorite movie without being made subject to that spirit of Antichrist.

Why...would anybody in their right mind....? and on top of that actually pay for it...?


Matthew 23:15 'Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves'

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Hoffman Wire banner.jpgFirst Comment from Michael Hoffman:

Gnostic, Kabbalistic and Talmudic Ideas Shape Aronofsky's "Noah"

Darren Aronofsky's new film "Noah" uses the Genesis account of the patriarch Noah as a canvas on which to paint anti-Biblical concepts. At the beginning of the movie, written by Aronofsky and Ari Handel, we are informed that the descendants of Cain built a technological society, based around a mineral that glows named "zohar." Once "zohar" runs out, the civilization collapses. At first the Biblical people are aided by fallen angels --the Watchers-- and then they turn against them. In accordance with the Midrash, medieval rabbinic sources state that the Sons of the Elohim, i.e. the Watchers, are revealed in the pages of the apocryphal Book of Enoch.

Furthermore, the Zohar is the most important subset of the black magic texts of the Kabbalah, a rabbinic work sacred to all of the "Conservative" Hasidic groups with which the Republic Party in the U.S. laughably maintains an alliance in the name of "promoting family values."

In Aronofsky's movie, Noah starts to think that his covenant with the Creator isn't centered on repopulating the earth after the Flood, but ensuring its end. Here we encounter the familiar anti-child philosophy which is based on Gnostic rebellion -- the Gnostic/Nazi/New Age conviction that Yahweh isn't the omnipotent deity of the Bible, but a lesser being subject to man's will, (as the Talmud teaches), who has imprisoned our souls in the material world of matter and flesh (as the Gnostics teach, in accord with their reading of the Book of Enoch).

An opposite view from Marco:

I have recently watched the movie Noah, and I disagree with the analysis of 'Another Voice BlogSpot', particularly it's accusation of blasphemy which is a very serious accusation. Firstly, as the article suggests, artistic licence was taken for the film; however, this licence is solely viewable in the form of adding fictional elements to the basic story of Noah and the Deluge. No where in the movie did I notice anything offensive or blatantly, or subtly, blasphemous.

The author of the article claims the word 'God' is not mentioned throughout the whole movie, this is true, however, God is referred to as 'the Creator' in the film. While this could lead to the accusation that this is proof of Masonic influence, particularly being 'the Creator' as a reference to the Masonic God, or the Devil. I disagree. The God in this movie clearly represents the God in the story of the Deluge, who is the God of Christians, Jews and all men, God the Father. I say this because there is nothing in the movie that contradicts the traditional representation of God as presented in the traditional story of Noah and the Deluge (to my knowledge). God's good providence and grace is witnessed throughout the movie, whether through miracles, or through wisdom given to Noah and his family etc.

The author also suggests that fallen angels are represented as Noah's helpers, giving them the name 'Nephilim'. It is true that angels are Noah's helpers in the movie, however, the fallen angels portrayed in this movie are not demons, they are in fact angels. The movie gives a fictional narrative of the story behind these angels, and it is simply this: Angels of God saw man's lowliness, and took pity on him, so they descended to the Earth to help him. However, by descending to Earth they disobeyed God's command to descend to Earth, therefore, they became bound there. These 'fallen angels' in the movie are not demons. They are truly good angels, while their entire story is complete fiction, they should simply be viewed as the story intended, as genuine angels - although corrupted in body, but not in spirit. (Spoiler) Also proof of the sincerity of these angels is evident later on in the movie, as they are redeemed through their sacrifice for Noah out of love for him, and God takes them to heaven. True demons are beyond redemption and cannot sacrifice themselves out of love.

Finally the author seems to portray the movie as a movie with an environmentalist message, void of the main traditional reason given of why God flooded the world, particularly the sin of man.

"Was Noah the first environmentalist and animal rights activist? The author writes: "Was the moral failure of man in Genesis, disrespect for the environment? Was that why God completely destroyed the environment and killed all of the animals of the land except those on the ark? Of course not." The author does well in pointing this out, he is correct. However, he is wrong if he believes that this movie is meant to communicate solely an environmental message. The extent of the environmental message which can be found in this movie, is Noah's respect for God's Earthly creations. And while it can be said that the author intended for this environmental message to be communicated, there is no fault in that, that is simply the artistic licence taken and it is not blasphemous. The sin and wickedness of man is continually communicated in the movie and this wickedness is not confined to treating the Earth poorly, for example murder is a repeating theme. Whether or not the Director / producers believe in global warming is irrelevant, if they truly genuinely believe in global warming they are entitled to their personal belief, there is no sin in believing in global warming. And also, no where in the movie do I see any blatant global warming propaganda. 

I watched the movie tonight, I truly enjoyed it. While it is not the traditional story of Noah, the artistic licence taken was in no way blasphemous. I did not leave the theater feeling dejected or bitter, I left feeling more sure of the power of God, the justice of God, and ultimately for me, the majesty and Kingship of Christ. A blasphemous satanic movie can not leave one with those feelings. If the director / producers of the film are atheistic Jews it just goes to show the true power of God, and his mysterious workings, for I believe that He may very well use those who claim to not believe in Him as instruments to profit His glory.

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Comments for "Noah - Cabalist Jewish Blasphemy"

Leonardo said (March 30, 2014):

Thanks Henry you just saved me valuable money (which is losing value as we speak) and time (which is more precious than money and cannot be replaced). As much as I have enjoyed Russell Crowe's valuable past movies (e.g. Gladiator, L.A. Confidential, Cinderella Man), I am going to sit this one out. Actually, I do not go to movies much anymore, or watch TV, and certainly do not "tune in" to Establishment Newzak. Why waste my "free" time being propagandized and extremely disappointed ?

Sadly, Hollywood cannot even stick to an ancient script which is far more interesting than the nonsense described on your site. Apparently the goal is not making money or a successful - even interesting- motion picture. Strange how money seems to flow into Unholywood. There has to be a Devil, and he is laughing at them not with them.

Mel Gibson had to go it alone with "The Passion of The Christ" because Hollywood wasn't buying it. But millions of ticket buyers worldwide did buy into it, and that picture was a world wide hit. It is still popular. It would not surprise me if "Noah" ends up in a Dollar Store $4.99 movie bin along with numerous copies of "The Last Temptation of Christ". They just don't "get it", they never will, and they don't care to. One thing for sure... they will not get my money or my time. I am not "buying it".

Marcos said (March 29, 2014):

The article you posted is very good. It's clear these Luciferians are preparing the way for some kind of deception..."the fallen angels/aliens have helped us once, will help us again, etc.".

It is the current theme of many of their movies now.

PG said (March 29, 2014):

Darren Aronofsky has been quoted as saying: " I am Godless. I've had to make my God and my God is film making." I wish him luck with his choice...he's going to need it.

Thanks PG

Making their own God is what Cabalists are all about, and the God they make is usually themselves.


Len said (March 28, 2014):

More proof that Talmudic and Cabalistic Judaism is pure, arrogant satanism disguised as "intellectual & an elitist religion." They have no respect for GOD *or* for godly moral values. It's disgusting.

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