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Lego Movie Preaches Kabbalah to Children

March 1, 2014

(left, Emmet, with female sidekick Wildstyle, whose real name suggests Lucifer)

"At its core, The Lego Movie tells children that following the rules and being moral is stupid and no fun. What matters is to be special, to be part of the an enlightened elite who got rid of old-fashioned notions of sin and sacrifice to others in order to live a life empowered by occult knowledge."

Hollywood Jews push their satanism on children.


by Marcos


The Lego Movie has been number one at the ticket office since its release three weeks ago. The movie is a wonderful spectacle - full of action, humor and state-of-the-art computer animation.  Unfortunately, it is also overt  gnostic propaganda for children.

The plot revolves around Emmet, a Lego construction worker. In the happy Lego City, all the Lego people follow their instructions (the manual that comes in the box.) They smile at others, and are nice and cooperative. They build wonderful buildings but, unfortunately, they destroy them every evening, so they can build them again. In other words, they are mindless robots.  

Gnosticism is the belief that God is so far away that He can only be contacted by people who break free from the illusion of this reality by the use of trances, magic rituals and contact with spirits. The initiate must bypass the dogmas and laws imposed by a cruel minor God (the God of the Christians) who keeps humanity enslaved.
The symbolism in the movie is obvious: the insturction manual is the Bible that keeps people lethargic in their ignorance. A dictator represents God, who wants us to be stuck (glued), missing all the fun. Emmet represents the common person with natural psychic powers, the gnostic hero who can connect mystically with the the real god, represented by a charming kid playing with the toys. Emmet can join the enlightened ones in the clouds, where the only rule is to do whatever one wants. ( Satanist Aleister Crowley: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.)
Everything that happens in a superior level of reality has an effect on the sub-reality of the Lego toys, reflecting the occult motto "as above, so below".  The key to change the material world is magical manipulation in the supernatural realm which is the basic definition of sorcery. It is the rationale behind Tikkun Olam, the "healing" of the world of the Kabbalah.
The movie also features several occult themes and symbols.

For starters, Emet  (אֱמֶת) is a holy word in Kabbalah, meaning Truth, also a spiritual state associated with the sefirah of yesod and the Seal of God.

Kabbalists claim that the initiate can make his own truth by will, in opposition to the Christian view that truth must be accepted as an absolute and not created by us. 

greg.jpgThe name Emmet was apparently suggested by Warner Bros Pictures production president Greg Silverman, left, a man who was also involved in the making of other gnostic movies such as Inception and Matrix.
Also, Emmet`s tutor in the saga is a wizard named Vitruvius, like the ancient Roman architect revered by Masons worldwide. Lodges are named after him.  Emmet's female companion is introduced to us as Wildstyle, but we find at the end of the story that her real name is Luci (fer), the lightbringer.
This movie teaches children that following the rules and being moral is stupid and makes you miss all the fun. What matters is to be special, to be part of the enlightened elite who got rid of old-fashioned notions of sin and sacrifice to others to live a life empowered by occult knowledge.

Kids now receive a light version of gnosticism brought by movies such as Lego and the Lion King, and books such as Madonna`s Kabbalah for Kids and the 72 Cabalist Names of God for Children (for conjuring spirits). Soon they are ready to move up to the red bracelets worn by Ashton Kuchner and Kate Perry`s satanic music videos.
Instead of this madness, children actually need the peaceful reassurance that they can call God a "Father". This God knows what is right and cares for them.  This is not a god who can be conjured and manipulated. The elite fears a generation brought up in God's love more than anything else.

First Comment from James Perloff:

Aw, come on, Marcos!  How can you get so paranoid about these cute, adorable, harmless little Lego characters?

Just joking!  Outstanding insights, Marcos.  It seems that almost everything coming out of Hollywood these days has an Illuminist agenda to it.

Perhaps the next item at the Lego store will be the "Lego FEMA concentration camp," complete with watchtowers, taser-wielding guards, and an interrogation room.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Lego Movie Preaches Kabbalah to Children "

David Shayler said (March 18, 2014):

The above is a highly partisan article, designed to discredit Qabalah (to give it its most literal transliteration) the received wisdom of the the Semites or Shem-ites, the preservers of the Name (of the Lord) in the oral tradition.

No one who is truly spiritual could have any problem with the 13 Rules of Qabalah or with the central teaching of Qabalah: 'Love thy neighbor as thyself. All the rest is mere commentary. Now go and learn'

As this is one of God's commandments, expressed once in the old Testament and many times in the New and is the prevailing commandment under the Mosaic Covenant with God (see page 12), Jews and Christians need have nothing to fear from Qabalah.

Of course the teachings of Qabalah can be perverted by unscrupulous men for their own ends, as can the teachings of the Bible. Just look at what churches and bigots have done claiming to act in Christ's name rather than denounce usury, which is shown to be unlawful in the parable of the Master and Servants.

Since finance is the only language the Anti-Messianic Zionists understand then not paying your mortgages or taxes is the only way forward for the true man of God, rather than complaining about films involving Lego characters who don't obey the rules.

Pete R said (March 2, 2014):

The filth these Hollywood rats turn out is getting ever worse and more blatant. This Lego garbage seems just to be the latest installment with a hidden, lethal payload.

The subversion of civilized behavior is getting ever worse. I still seem to remember wholesome cinematic or TV offerings from my youth. Or were we just to naive to notice then? At any rate, in my perception the subversion must have started in the 60's and got progressively worse, with the majority swallowing it hook, line and sinker due to the absence of adequate warning systems.

How subversive rats like this Silverman character and others must hate the fact that they can be outed so fast today by a little thing called the Internet.

Peter G said (March 2, 2014):

It would be strange indeed if the demon lords of hollywood didn't want their themes covered after sinking so much of their fiat wealth into a
film that essentially celebrates a toy.

Lets not forget that these are the same ones that viewed the original cut of Eyes Wide Shut shortly before the never explained death of Stanley Kubrick.

This is a clearly demonstration of how they are moving forward with new techniques in the mechanics of Mind control clearly bypassing the
cognition of many parents regarding input control to their young offspring.

Dark days indeed.

Dan said (March 2, 2014):

To Jim Perloff and Marcos -- I think LEGOS are conveniently located between the OUIJA boards and Harry Potter section at TOYS R US! isle over from Bisexual Barbie and Transgender 'Kim' (formerly 'Ken' - detachable penis and silicon implants sold separately).

Christopher said (March 2, 2014):

Although I wholeheartedly appreciate the astute summary of this mind warping Lego movie, by Marcos, I must point out that, according to what I've found - over years research - the historical sequence cited is reversed. I believe that Kabbalah has its roots in ancient Babylon.

Gnosticism came later, during a period where there were efforts made to dovetail pagan (and Neo-Platonism) precepts and ideas into early Christianity. Whereas, it was during the time of the Babylonian Captivity/Exile (during the 600s-500s BC) that large groups of Jews came under the direct influence of that regionally styled paganism, which formed the basis for all later Kabbalah.

Yet, this slight oversight in no way changes the many other facts cited: That children are under attack via mind manipulations.

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