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Ukraine People Reject both their Government & Russia

March 7, 2014

kiev.jpgThe US financed a "popular uprising" and replaced a pro-Russian puppet
with a pro-Western puppet. You can't expect Russia to take this lying down,
especially since its Crimean naval base is crucial to its security and world role.

Apart from this, Volodymyr Debriansky says the conflict is about who plunders
the Ukraine-- Russia or the EU.  

Volodymyr Debriansky

Again public opinion is being manipulated.

Some points to be made:

1. Ukraine and its people since its default independence from the Soviet Union in 1991 HAVE NOT HAD a chance to be an independent sovereign and democratic state.

Our country [Ukraine] has been a pawn of the government of Russia resulting in thugs and thieves running the country and turning it into a criminal heaven playground benefiting Russia, NOT Ukraine.

 In 1994 Ukraine had abandoned its nuclear program and gave its ALL nuclear arsenal to Russia as part of the Budapest agreement that guaranteed USA, UK and Russia to defend Ukraine's borders and integrity in case of a foreign military invasion.

Yuk.jpg2. Viktor Yanukovich, left, who tried several times to get to the power wheel finally WON the elections in 2010. He's Putin's pawn; he was looting the country without even hiding it.

3. In November of 2013, the BAD economical proposal from the EU and Russia cutting off the imports of Ukrainian products - puts Ukraine into a corner without an exit.

Ukrainian pawn government turns logically to Russia who offers help in exchange for joining Russian economic union.

This is WHAT SPARKED the outrage and demonstrations of Ukrainians.

4. Political opposition parties and their leaders USED the civil demonstrators to ignite the civil unrest and to oust the President Yanukovich.

People got killed and tortured by police, Yanukovich's oppression follows and the unknown special forces and snipers.

5. Former prime minister Tymoshenko, who the WEST supports, was released from jail.

Ukrainians are OUTRAGED that she was even on the stage of Majdan. People did NOT fight and die on the streets for her freedom, but for their freedom and the sovereignty of their country. She was a member of previous corruption schemed government.

This sparked the nationwide demand for LUSTRATION - a process to check backgrounds of EVERY interim government member for any ties with corruption: either internally, with Russia or the West.

Yat.jpg(Arsenry Yatseniuk, pawn of Illuminati Jewish West)

The interim government does not respond on Lustration demands. Since it is obvious that the WEST sponsored the interim government coup.

6. Russia and Putin uses his own tactics to invade, yes - INVADE Crimea.

The Russian troops, bluntly entered the borders of Ukraine, asking the border patrol to surrender their weapons.

Stationed in Crimea. Surrounded Ukrainian stationed army and fleet. Barricaded every exit of Crimean peninsula: either by sea or land.

Creating a real military coup - surround the government in Crimea and forces people to accept russian passports and imposes the elections and a referendum for separation from Ukraine and joining Russia.

The stand off is still there.

7. As of right now, Ukrainians are mobilized against Russian invasion.

One thing is absolutely CLEAR to everyone in Ukraine: We DO NOT wants to be back in Russian hands of the KGB machine.

Ukrainians want to be free and sovereign.

8.  As of tomorrow - Ukrainians want Lustration and a brand new elected government and president.

No matter who sponsored Ukrainian revolution, Ukrainians are absolutely clear - that this is the beginning of their independence, even with the help of the corrupt by the west opposition.

The fight had just begun. Ukraine is a different country now. And it is NOT for sale!

And we will fight to end the government corruption, to gain full sovereignty, neutrality and build the prosperous Ukraine.

We are finally starting to gain our independence, even if we have to fight the corruption of the world powers!


Vlad.jpegVlad (Vlodymyr) Debriansky, 42, is a Ukrainian activist but also a musician and a music producer who splits his life between Ukraine and The United States.
Born and raised in the Western part of Ukraine, Vlad was educated in Ukraine as well as in the US. He is a Grammy nominated artist for albums such as Vladosphere and "Sun In Capricorn", and also worked with many famed musical artists. In the Fall of 2013, Vlad along with his fellow ukrainian artist Ruslana Lyzhychko, were among the first activists to address the demonstrators of the ukrainian revolution. Since then Vlad had started a social-political movement "Patriots Of Ukraine" to spread the truth about Ukraine in the media and to implement the transparency of the ukrainian government in the fight for a sovereign and neutral Ukraine.

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First Comment from William:

This article on the situation in Ukraine is excellent. It is a very complicated issue and difficult to know what's really happening although I can tell you that much of what is portrayed in the BSM (bull **** media) is just that. My wife is Ukrainian and my stepdaughter now lives pretty much in between Kyiv and Crimea. She told us back before this thing took a more serious turn that young people could make a pretty good wage by going to Kyiv to stand with the protesters, however who was paying the tab is not clear. As the article states, Tymoshenko is a western-backed criminal and most Ukrainians now see through her BS although I have also heard the rumor that she is basically a Russian asset. My wife had hopes in Yanukovych initially but all soon realized that the fleecing of the country was accelerating during his "presidency."
We both wanted to believe in Putin but now my wife would stick a dagger in him for invading her country if she had the chance but I still try to hold out hope that he is doing what he is doing not so much as an attack on his neighbor but rather as a defensive move for his neighborhood. Time will tell but this is all now very disappointing and disturbing.

It seems Russia has taken some pages from the playbook of the District of Criminals lately and is brazenly attempting to implement a Psywar on the citizens of Ukraine. For example, recently there are all sorts of false reports on Russian TV stating that there are protests in various cities across Ukraine and people are going out on the street and witnessing nothing. There have even lately been reports of US Special Forces on the streets of various cities as well which is apparently also a complete fabrication reminiscent of Sandy Hook and the Boston "bombing" or US staged war footage in Libya and Syria, etc.
Taking a stand against the District of Criminals might entail opening an equally disgusting bag of dirty tricks to be successful and here's hoping that that's what Vladimir Vladimirovich is actually doing.
Слава Україні!

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Comments for " Ukraine People Reject both their Government & Russia"

Joseph said (March 8, 2014):

Debriansky's evaluation of the situation in Ukraine pulls away the curtain from not one but two wizards acting with ulterior motives. Should the Ukrainian people rise up out of the jaws of both the EU/NWO and the Russian Federation, might I suggest the Ukraine declare neutrality.

Ukraine for Ukraine, not for the EU nor for Russia. Doing so would infuriate both sides struggling to control the immense potentiality of this presumably great nation. However, the government would have to promote self-sufficiency in just about all areas. This would mean establishing a Treasury issuing money or currency backed by a constitutionally mandated source or commodity.

Unfortunately, self-sufficiency and neutrality makes a nation more of a target for the NWO and any provocations which can be set against that nation. There are no easy solutions to setting Ukraine on a path to peaceful existence in this world. We can only hope things will not lead into disaster.

Michael M said (March 8, 2014):

I admire the spirit displayed in the article, but sadly I believe he is fooling himself. If a country has a Rothschild central bank it is NOT independent. I fear Ukraine is but a pawn in a much larger game being played out. Deceit, misdirection and distraction are the hallmarks of the money power's actions.

Peter W said (March 8, 2014):

I note that the US Government says all Ukraine should vote on whether the Crimea should secede - but only the Scots are voting to decide whether to leave the United Kingdom. The UK as a whole cannot vote! Will we soon see US fighter jets sent to the Scottish border with England ?? (for their information the border is the River Tweed - they don't know that in London!)

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