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British Man Laments Lost Love

April 11, 2014


Feminists don't like to see a woman
engaged to be happily married.
They attack her mind and, like Communists,
destroy society one person at a time.

Mark, a successful British businessman,
describes how "the love of his life"
slipped through his fingers.

"The poison traveled though her veins and is now in her heart, thanks to these stupid women brainwashed by media and other Satan-controlled propaganda.
To her 'friends,' sleeping around and using a sex toy to replace 'him' is normal."

by Mark

I am now in my early forties and spent many years just seeing women for sex and fun.  I was a dance DJ and had my pick of most girls at the nightclubs.

About two years ago, I finally met someone who I really wanted to spend my life with. At first, I honestly wanted just sex, as this is normal, I have been told. She was different from other women though, and into the idea of the man being the head of the house and taking the lead. She said she felt "like a woman" when she was in the kitchen making meals and cakes. In the bedroom I was the boss too. She was beautiful in appearance and in mind. After six months, I moved into her place with the plan to build my own home, which I am now doing, and settle down. I asked her to marry me and she accepted. It all seemed to be going so well until four months ago.

Firstly, she quit her job as an Admin assistant to go into the hair and makeup field. There, she met a new crowd of 'friends'. These 'professional' and 'independent' women totally destroyed her belief in love and marriage. They take her out to bars, keep her busy with a crazy amount of non-stop work, and say that she doesn't need a man to be successful.

So the poison traveled though her veins and is now in her heart, thanks to these stupid women brainwashed by media and other Satan-controlled propaganda.


To her 'friends,' sleeping around and using a sex toy to replace 'him' is normal. They don't see that she had an ideal partnership 'until death us do part.'

Shortly after meeting these women, she totally distanced herself from me. Her kiss was less passionate than my mother's peck on the cheek! She totally neglected our relationship and in the end, it all fell apart.

Just to see what is out there, I took a look at a dating website. It was full of self-important women who go totally by what a man has to offer: "must be this, must be that," not one thing about needing to be loved or feeling like a woman. The majority specify JUST DATING ONLY. I'm not bitter but to have found a rare gem and have her taken from me by some feminist bitches all twisted up by pop culture totally kills me.

feminism9.jpgAll of these women dog rough and cake themselves in makeup and all they do is drink at coffee shops spitting venom about men and how we like to control them and stifle their business careers.

Obviously these women will look back and realize what they have missed. By this time, they will be bitter and jealous with not much hope of finding a man willing to take them on.

The real sick feeling is that my girl has been sucked in and we have now separated. I was asked to move out and then stay as friends. She still has the engagement ring on her finger but says it is there as a 'reminder,' whatever that means. I have never loved anyone the way I love her and I'm not some teenager pining after my first girlfriend. I'm not inexperienced when it comes to handling women. I was never worshiping her and made sure she understood men are there to support and love women, not idolize them the way many younger men do now (and that puts you on a losing streak from the start.)


So I have lost the best thing in my world. I am quite well off with money due to a successful business I own. You know what? It means nothing to me right now, the money, all my material goods are worth nothing. I never was materialistic anyway but losing a person to such a bunch of bitches set on making as many men miserable as possible hurts more. I saw her this week to collect some things from her place and gave her a hug and she couldn't even put her arms around me. I asked how we got to this point and she said work was number one priority.

Did she cheat or have another man? No way. One thing I do know is that she is not that type and she wouldn't have time anyway.

So now she's with these women and seemingly happy but how long before she wakes up and I'm well gone?

She uses a sex toy for her satisfaction these days. I found it under her bed. She watched lots of porn (looked at history on my laptop left at her place and so much porn you wouldn't believe it!)

So once again, this Satanic-controlled society has destroyed a functioning heterosexual relationship by selling the idea that men just keep you down and stop you from having fun.

In the past, I did sleep around but I always said I wanted no commitment and if they were the same it was okay. Really that wasn't okay at all and maybe guys like me and my friends who thought it was cool and fun to sleep with lots of girls perhaps contributed to this screwed up society we have today.

Anyway, I thought it was worth writing to you about this as I know you and your readers are interested in what is going on in society.


Makow comment:
Mark, I'm sorry for your loss but better you learn her true (lack of) character now rather than after you marry and have children. This girl was pretending to be something she wasn't. I'd demand she return the engagement ring. You need to look at the family upbringing to see what a woman really is. I'd check out immigrant women from traditional backgrounds. I welcome other reader comments.

First Comment from Scottie-

In response to Mark's article. Many women who are in the hair and makeup field are skanks and bar-flys. .

 My mother was a hairdresser and divorced my father after 30 years of marriage because he was too "controlling". She was heavily influenced by her girlfriends who were bitter,lonely and jealous women who were duped by the satanic culture into buying the feminist agenda.

 My mother constantly needed to dress-up,wear loads of make-up and always felt the need to go out. This is typical behavior for many women today, but especially for any woman who is pursuing a career in the hair/beauty and make-up field.

Also Mark should demand that ring back. If I was him I definitely would not be giving her hugs after getting kicked out and dumped, no matter how hard it hurts.

I am 22-years-old and was in a three year relationship with a girl I really loved. and I mean really loved. But it was just too much to compete with the decadency and moral degradation of the college life-style surrounding her. It was always a constant battle pitting me against the skanks who were in her class always trying to get her to go out and have 'fun', which really means getting drunk,fucked, (maybe gang-banged) and losing any amount of innocence left what-so-ever.

 I will not make the mistake again of investing all my time and efforts into a girl. Find your passion, read books, educate yourself, use this amazing tool we have called the internet to find the truth we are so in desperately need of. Don't think about a bitch all day, especially one who sells you out for a couple of slut girlfriends and drunk entailed weekends. Trust me Mark, your ex-gf will realize the mistake she made, and when she does, you will be the one who is better off.

Comment from Carl:

I'm going to teach my son that sleeping around is a trap for missing a compatible wife. I wonder how many of the girls that Mark slept with were marriage material? Surely that one in college or online wasn't just a brainless party girl? Mark, didn't you miss any of them, maybe want to have some companionship? There really is plenty of time for a guy in his early 40's, half decent looking, well read/educated and especially monetarily well off.

Have kids soon, you will hate yourself for waiting as long as you did, the love of a child is second to none. If you're serious about this, just lower your standards a touch physically and look for that woman who was brought up by a family oriented mother; look online and don't look desperate. She just might not look like a fashion model. If you want that, you have to start early and make a job out of trying to find a super hot motherly type. They don't last long on the "market." The more a women looks like a fashion model, the more she doesn't need you or notice you even if you look good. There is a dis-proportionate amount of men who want her. Then we can talk about how the media has made her a narcissist.

Here where I preside in the last bastion of a white neighborhood in Northern Port Coquitlam BC. My whole street and area is filled with attractive white women with white husbands and white kids. Its kind of like Winnipeg's Fort Richmond neighborhood in the '70's, I was pretty surprised actually. I can't say the same thing for London, several major European and southern US cities, or Richmond BC, that's for bloody sure. Because Asian women are small, cute and motherly, they attract white guys like flies here in greater Vancouver...

As far as seeking "foreign women," I would try as hard as possible to find a white woman. If you are Caucasian, part of the Illuminati plan is to make the world less populated and yellow/brown mixed genetics with the exception of some of their inner circle of European Aristocrats and fair skinned Ashkenazi Jew's. 

Its too bad UK and Canada don't bring in legions of Slav's (West - Russian relations won't help). My wife was born in Russia and raised like a girl (and oddly well prepared for a career.) She's not Betty Crocker but nobody's perfect. All the people I know in greater Vancouver from Eastern Europe and Russia are very family oriented. Plenty of former Soviet states went to feminism many years before the West, so there has been some healing and the Slavic motherly instinct is very powerful and seeks family. Also, my wife tells me that Soviet leaders killed so many men over a few generations, that Russia (more women) still has almost opposite demographics than China (all men).

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Comments for "British Man Laments Lost Love "

DK said (April 14, 2014):

Couple items I note here. You mention discovering multitudinous hits to different porn sites found on your laptop browsing history. This is telling.
There is a good amount of research done to the affect of Physiological and Psychological Effects of Modern Day Pornography -
Regarding spiritual warfare, one of the many portals to the demonic is pornography. An individual avails himself to a plethora of demonic influences while viewing porn. An other way is to engage in illicit sex outside of a legitimate relationship.

Much of what is common place now-a-days by a mouse click, or an environment where consensual sex is viewed as a social icebreaker, etc., was unheard of a generation or two ago.
We live in very interesting times, yet they are also potentially very treacherous.

Debra said (April 13, 2014):

Sure women are the weaker sex and require the love and protection from the men in their lives, but between the two sexes, females excel at manipulation and phony/fake behavior.

Women must never be allowed to lead. A woman without a leash is a dangerous woman. Unfortunately, there are many (too many) of these women around making life miserable.

From what I can tell, most men are not using the power God has afforded them as a male-bodied being. They give their power away so (too) easily and for the flimsiest of reasons.

Barry said (April 12, 2014):

I don’t blame Mark or his ex-girlfriend for the failure of their relationship. It’s very sad. Both are victims of the perverse culture that we are all swimming in today and millions more will succumb to the same fate. Couples need a personal firewall to protect themselves from the evil forces that are destroying relationships today. That firewall consists of a sound knowledge of the enemy and the many devious strategies they are using to enslave humanity.

The promotion of sex as a recreational activity entirely disconnected from reproduction is just one of them. Mark discovered too late that feminists despise heterosexual relationships and will go out of their way to poison them. Maybe he will reflect on the effect that pornography had on his girlfriend and why it has been made so easily available. Many Christians believe that their faith will be sufficient to protect them from temptation. It’s a good foundation but in my opinion it is not enough.

I can’t remember who coined the phrase “ know thine enemy” but that seems to be the best advice of all. To avoid becoming a victim, we need to know what is being thrown at us. Anyone who has read through the Protocols of the Elders of Zion or "The New Order of Barbarians" transcribed by Lawrence Dunegan, should be left in no doubt about the strategy of the Illuminati and what they need to do to protect themselves.

Mariel said (April 12, 2014):

My late husband and I met at a "church" which led women astray in a subtler way. They encouraged women to be independent, go back to school and get further college education, get careers, an disavow the stogy viewpoints of their successful middle class husbands. It was a situation which resulted in the broken relationships Mark

Four of these women committed suicide in one year; they were all highly educated, very "nice" women who were well known to me. They all failed in their supposed careers. The only one who was doing well, the last
time we heard of them, was the one who had inherited her own money.

We left that church many years ago and started studying the Bible at more old-fashioned religious organizations.
I am sorry we lost our friends that way. I am really sorry! But I had a good marriage because I did not go along
with that stuff.

Mark paid the price for his own misuse of women. He learned the hard way.

Howard said (April 12, 2014):

I'm not unsympathetic to Mark's plight, but what does he think he deserves? He spent 20+ years treating women as objects for his own lust, and then he complains when a woman does the same to him? How many of the women he slept with thought he was 'the one'? How many hearts did he break? Ahhh, but payback is a bitch, and often comes in the form of one.

Mark needs more than a new pair of balls. He needs new eyes and new heart as well. Perhaps this experience was necessary to teach him there is a right way and a wrong way to treat other human beings. It sounds like he's been treating them the wrong way for the greater part of his adult life. Sometimes a broken heart can be a great gift, but in order to receive it, a person has to fix their own faults before compiling lists of others'.

Dan said (April 12, 2014):

Carl's comment is a keeper for all fathers of sons, saying; " I'm going to teach my son that sleeping around is a trap for missing a compatible wife. I wonder how many of the girls that Mark slept with were marriage material?"

Looking back on my own experience, I have to say "none of them". Tradition was right. Both men and women who start young with serial sex affairs are already hung up on sex attraction. It's not that they are nonredeemable, but the only hope of those who fell into 'cruising' bars or dating ads, or women who think they're 'in love with love' to excuse juggling sex attractions is to just knock it off and step back and see what they're doing.

To get off the merry go round it has to be understood that finding marriage material in the places of your addictions is absolutely impossible.

Adrian said (April 12, 2014):

I would underline Henry's comment about family background. Though even immigrant women are likely to suffer from brainwashing because
the Hollywood cultural massacre is global.

That massacre continues in schools with cultural Marxism so also check the educational background of the woman.

Lastly, beware the "family law" in Western nations that steals the children and seizes the lion's share of financial and material resources of a man.

In conclusion, be very very careful in choosing a woman. Given the high stakes, the drugs of sex and blood chemistry are to be completely
avoided. If Mark continues with dating sites then my recommendation would be to make selections of those without sexy photo's and dialog
with her for an extended period before meeting.

Edward said (April 11, 2014):

While I'm sympathetic with Mark's plight, I have to agree with Brian's comments (below.) Mark handed his balls over and now he needs to grow a new pair.

The reasons for the demise of the relationship are made apparent by the article itself. What woman wants a man that whines and blames others for his circumstances?

If he takes all that negative energy and channels it into improving himself, the woman of his dreams will find him soon enough.

Brian said (April 11, 2014):

Unfortunately, this latest article proves that men get lazy and fail to watch and read the signs.

Alpha males fare much better when they remain Alpha. There is only one way to handle a woman. Doing what works. When you do the right things to catch a good woman don't stop doing these things. Handing over your Balls to women is a recipe for disaster.

So You moved in with her.. I'm sure there is a list of other things you did to lower her interest level...

Women should always be first to ask to move the relationship forward never the man.

Make sure her interest level in you is way more than yours is in hers and if hers lowers then do likewise..

Love songs and negotiations said Paul Simon. Love doesn't mean being her puppy. Love means having Your own life and allowing her to be included in it if you so desire.... lets get this the right way around.

Its all about her interest level..... go figure.

Lola said (April 11, 2014):

I am so sorry for your loss. I was that girl, superficially beautiful (all looks fade by the way) I let the love of my life go in order to pursue a highly visible career and hang around newsworthy socialites.

I let go a job helping special needs kids and a truly honorable man for my worthless goals. Trust me, you'll find someone, but look for someone who is not centered on herself, but on you and having a family in the future.

She will regret losing you in the long term, but meanwhile check out religious dating sites and do not look for someone who uses looks and glamour to lure you--that is deceptive.

George B said (April 11, 2014):

I could not agree more with your comment regarding foreign women coming from traditional backgrounds. I am a guy that was similar to the writing in the sense that i enjoyed playing the field so to speak, yet was always wanting to find the right woman to settle down with. Nearly every American woman i met was superficial and materialistic most likely brought on from watching too much reality tv.

Then 4 years ago (i am almost 30) i met a Colombian girl who changed my life. We have been married for 3 years this September and i couldn't be happier. She is still very driven and career oriented but knows that our relationship, that supporting one another, loving one another is far more important than money or any material object.

It is so sad to see so many brainwashed women that think it is a sign of weakness to have a man take care of them, but not surprising at all when you consider that Disney and nickelodeon have a number of shows that get the brainwashing process started at a very young and highly impressionable age (see the vigilant citizens recent article highlighting one mothers awakening to Disney evil ways).

Thanks for a great blog Henry, it appears that the light is finally starting to expose the darkness and you have undoubtedly had a hand in that.

KW said (April 11, 2014):

I am sorry for your loss. Get the ring back and move on. Consider yourself lucky! Women don't do these things to hurt men, they do it to hurt other women- they aren't happy with their lives and don't want others to be happy either - Now to be fair most of them don't know they are unhappy or cannot put their finger on the reason (hence all the drinking, clothes, sex & makeup - distractions from the truth),but they will be damned if someone else that lives a total different belief system and life than theirs is actually happy or living in happiness or contentedness.

They don't want to see it or hear about it - they want to destroy it because if they find out ( and the good ones will) that the lives they are living are actual crap and that they are based on lies meant to destroy, well that is a hard reality to accept and many many women will never accept it.

I am not saying there is anything wrong about having a career and being a strong independent women - men actually need strong companions to be the men they need to be. But women have forgotten (and are not being taught) to be women first and foremost before a job (and that is all a career is) a family, a marriage is infinitely more than a job could ever be.

Good Luck to you....

Ernie from London said (April 11, 2014):

would say sorry for your loss, but No.. Great on you.. She was never yours in the first place. You were just a stepping stone.

Its hard for people to lose values if they have them. No matter where they work or live. But one must be careful.

The right woman will come when GOD says its right. Remember, you slept around for a while, so what makes you thing, when YOU are ready the right one will be there waiting.

Find yourself first. Then you will never know hurt, just the lesson it brings.

Be careful of immigrant women.. they know the game now. difference is they will have kids , home, the Lot and then use the system to kick you out..

Pray to God. He will guide you. In finding out who YOU are..

Good Luck.

BB said (April 11, 2014):

To call John Paul II an anti-pope is very unfair and demonstrates an acute lack of research by Mr. Hoffman and some of your commentators.
JP II can be credited with saving the world from World War III and the destruction of the Soviet block, the evil empire. I will explain everything below :

Any person with a remote interest in Catholicism will know that when the Virgin Mary appeared in Fatima, one of her main requests was the
consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart, to prevent the country spreading its "errors". We know these "errors" refer to Communism and
all the evil isms related to it. Pope Pius XI did this in 1942, but the ceremony was not accepted (for reasons I will not go into here).
The next Pope to try and complete Mary's request was none other than JP II. He consecrated the world to her Immaculate Heart on March 25th
1984 and simultaneously in Moscow his messanger, Cardinal Hnilica consecrates the Soviet Union. Why is this significant?

In the 1980s the USSR was losing the cold war to the west. It was collapsing economically and the despotic Soviet leaders prepared for a
last gamble, an all out assault on Europe , ulitlising nuclear weapons and millions of troops (please google the Kuklinski revelations. For a
very broad view on the subject you can watch the 2014 film Jack Strong, but it does not show the whole story). On the 13th of May 1984
( on the anniversary of the Fatima apparitions) a huge, unexplained explosion occurs in the Soviet naval base of Severmorsk, crippling the
Soviet atlantic fleet (

. Military strategists are certain to the result of this explosion: from that point on the USSR had absolutely no chance of winning a war
with the west. The baffled Soviet leaders turn to Perestroika instead.

Meanwhile in Poland, the passionate sermons delivered by JP stir millions to join the Solidarity movement and throw off the Communist
oppressors once and for all. The USSR ceased to exist in 1991. I , for one , am eternally grateful to JP II. He is a hero of our time and his name is not to be smeared.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at