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The "Catastrophic Canonization of a Judas Pope"

April 10, 2014

Pope John Paul II told the Voodoo priests of Benin in Africa that their Satanic traditions contain "seeds of the Word."

John Paul II's imminent canonization  proves the Church of Rome
is the vehicle for "the damnation of souls,
" says Michael Hoffman,
an expert on Judaism and the subversion of the Church.

by Michael Hoffman
Three Points of Departure from Magisterial Dogma

On April 27, 2014 in the course of the allegedly "infallible" process of saint-making (canonization), the Church of Rome will confer on Popes John XXIII and John Paul II the supposed mark of sure salvation as an alleged model of a miracle-working life of heroic sanctity worthy of eternal emulation by every Christian.

koran.jpgPope John Paul II is the pontiff who reverently kissed a copy of Islam's Koran, and who told the Voodoo priests of Benin in Africa that their Satanic traditions contain "seeds of the Word," after which the barbaric practice of Voodoo in that blighted land nearly doubled.

John Paul II permitted the Tibetan Buddhists to place a statue of their idol on the altar of the Church of Assisi and this pope prayed with them to their "god(s)."

Pope John Paul II taught that Judaics have an irrevocable covenant with God by virtue of their alleged racial descent from Abraham and therefore this carnal "Israel" need not be evangelized for conversion to Christ.

Pope John Paul II was the patron saint of serial child-molestation facilitators such as Fr. Marcial Maciel Degollado, Bishop Skylstad, Cardinal Law and Cardinal Mahony and thousands of others like them. Many of the most unconscionable waves of horrendous victimization of defenseless children occurred on his watch.

Pope John Paul II permitted these molestations to be shrouded in secrecy. He granted safe haven to fugitive molestation facilitators such as the notorious Cardinal Bernard Law who was wanted in Boston by the authorities and rewarded by Pope John Paul with being named archpriest of a prominent basilica in Rome.

John Paul II was the first pontiff to enter a synagogue and encourage the deluded people in spiritual bondage within its walls to continue in their sins, which include rejection of Jesus Christ as Messiah and Savior.

This evil Judas will soon become "Pope Saint John Paul II" and his "heroic virtues" held up for all Catholics to imitate. This demonic mockery and incomprehensible catastrophe is not a Second Vatican Council aberration!

timef.jpgWhile it is now public knowledge in the "Who am I to judge [gays]?" pontificate of Pope Francis that the Church of Rome is the vehicle for the damnation of souls and not the salvation of souls, "traditional" Catholics have misdirected millions of people by pointing to Vatican II, Kant, Rousseau, or the French Revolution as the root of this decline and fall, thereby concealing and exculpating the occult popes of the Renaissance and the Neoplatonic conspiracy that has guided the Church of Rome for more than five hundred years.

We are at work on a booklet which we hope to publish by April 27. It is titled The Renaissance Church of Rome: Three Points of Departure from Magisterial Dogma. The Three Points are: • Judaism and the Occult • Equivocation and mental reservation • Usury.

We will endeavor to demonstrate from the documentary record that the smoke of Satan entered the Church of Rome clandestinely in the 16th century and went from victory to victory, culminating according to plan in our 21st century, in this, the final stage in the alchemists' ritual peregrination, the Making Manifest of All that is Hidden.

Pope Francis is the public face of a formerly covert occult process initiated by the popes of the Neoplatonic conspiracy, which is showing forth its true face to the world now that "Christendom" is sufficiently processed to accept it.

Yes, we well know that Jesus Christ declared that the gates of hell shall not prevail against His Church. There is no question of that. The question is, where is His Church on earth today? We can only find it if we have the courage and vision to proceed from Thomistic first principles, not by mistaking symptoms of rot for the root of the rot. Myopia disguised as Catholic truth will only produce more confusion and defeat.

Hoffman8.jpgMichael Hoffman, left, is the author of Judaism Discovered  and Judaism's Strange Gods.

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Comments for " The "Catastrophic Canonization of a Judas Pope""

Hector said (April 13, 2014):

@Mr. Hoffman: I agree that today's Catholic hierarchy has been corrupted and those "popes" are not even Christian, hence they are anti-popes, they have lost legitimacy, however today's people is so blind and ignorant they have ample space to manoeuvre and still corrupt the teachings of the Church. However the real church IS NOT the hierarchy or the buildings is the community as a whole, who obeys and places its faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, according to his commandments. In ancient times and even until the dawn of the 20th century it can be said it was the Catholic Church which, in spite of the errors and atrocities committed by many members of its hierarchy, still held the principles that gave almost everything that's good in the Western World. Please don't throw the baby and the bathwater as Americans are wont to say.

@OC: If you think Protestantism is biblical you are completely deluded. Catholicism in spite of the errors and atrocities of its hierarchy still provided most of the good things you enjoy (knowledge of the past which became the base of the science that would come after that, development of knew disciplines despite constant strife and disorder in the middle ages, the very Bible itself that you use was a product of the work of that "occultic" church). Whether you like it or not Protestantism has not brought ANYTHING good to this world, beside horrific wars and division in the Christian world.

Peter R said (April 11, 2014):

Michael J.(below) probably has it right about the Catholic Church, although Pius XII was clearly "bad news", and the enemies of Christ took over the secular state(the Vatican) during his reign, but a remnant of the Catholic Church(the "Mystical Body of Christ") will exist at the time of Christ Second Coming. But this remnant will be almost non-existent. Luke 18,8.

D said (April 11, 2014):

Your latest article by Michael Hoffman
...excellent.........I just came across this video last week which is very much in line with what MH wrote.

Dan said (April 11, 2014):

I'm looking forward to this booklet that Hoffman's announced. I think I know what it's going to be about. I made the same discoveries in my own ongoing study of the history of the Roman Catholic juggernaut. I consider myself a traditionalist or 'Trad-Cat' -> not to be confused with the global religion that currently occupies diocesan offices and church buildings, including Vatican City.

Hoffman is publishing the history that SSPX and Sedevacantists ought to be. He's right -- there's a lot more to bizarre metamorphosis of the Roman Church than is explained by the 19th century Masonic document 'Alta Vendita' or the Masonic coup d'tat of the '58 Conclave, or even Vatican II. He is right.
We have to go back to at least to the Italian Quattrocento (15th century Renaissance) for that is when what Hoffman (and others) call 'the money power' got a foothold on gradually changing Church doctrine on usury. Hoffman has already covered that in 'Usury in Christendom: the Mortal Sin that War ans is Now is Not'. It takes study and a few years for mind conditioned to the modern pattern to comprehend the gravity of what happened.

It is the Dominican friar Girolamo Savonarola who is quite overdue for canonization - not the Communist Freemason Angelo Roncalli aka "John XXIII", or the Theosophist Karol Wojtyła, "John Paul II".

Michael J said (April 11, 2014):

The essential error that Mr. Hoffman makes is not identifying JP2 properly as an Anti-Pope. This makes all the difference in the world. The true Church founded by Christ is identified by all true Popes from St. Peter to Pius XII (d. 1958). The Anti-church, or "Great Babylon" of the Apocalypse, has been built by all the Anti-popes from John 23 to Francis 1.

He is also incorrect in saying that "the smoke of Satan entered the Church of Rome clandestinely in the 16th century, etc." The Faith was not tampered with until the Antipopes of 1958 and afterwards.

The true Church is Traditional and dogmatic. The Newchurch is neither. It is defined Catholic dogma, from all the valid Popes, which identify the apostate Antipopes and make it impossible for those who keep the old Faith to be deceived by them - no matter how many great "miracles" happen in the future as part of the "operation of error" (2 Thess. 2) which is coming to test the world: "That all may be judged who have not believed the truth, but have consented to iniquity" (2 Thess. 2: 11).

This verse from Apocalypse really spells it out (Chapter 13):

8 And all that dwell upon the earth adored him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb, which was slain from the beginning of the world.

This begins after the 6th and 7th Seals are opened. The 6th will be obvious.

Robert K said (April 10, 2014):

From Wikipedia: "[Jimmy[ Savile was honoured with a Papal knighthood by being made a Knight Commander of the Pontifical Equestrian Order of Saint Gregory the Great (KCSG) by Pope John Paul II in 1990." Anyone who has not followed the Sir Jimmy Savile scandal in the UK should do so, for it provides a unique glimpse behind the curtains of power. Google his name and "paedophile", "necrophile", "Yorkshire Ripper", "Prince Charles", "burial", "Margaret Thatcher", "Tony Blair", "caravan", "Israel", "missing complaints", "nephew", "list on wall", "breakfasts with police".... Other searches will assuredly suggest themselves as you proceed.

JG said (April 10, 2014):

Pope John Paul 11was most definitely a " friend of the world". Unlike the early Church martyrs he could not be persecuted or condemned because his beliefs were covered by his "politically correct" actions.

The psychology of finding a common ground for the good of other religions while ignoring the bad was a new concept in evangelizing. I really felt his objective was for world peace even if it came at the cost of his own Catholic Church dogma.
We are not to judge sinners but we are to RECOGNIZE sin as sin. Without sin there can be no repentance. And without repentance there can be no peace in this world.

OC said (April 10, 2014):

The papacy's relationships with paganism and occultism is a long established, historical fact. From Constantine and onward--and even earlier--the truth of this comes to our view. Outright contradiction of the spirit and teaching of Jesus Christ is nothing new from this lawless power.

In Revelation, this power is described as a "whore" (Revelation 17:1, and onward). The picture is of a supposedly Christian organization which has descended into absolute and ultimate unfaithfulness in its relationship with God. With the papacy, the end justifies the means. Combine this wicked philosophy with theological apostasy and heresy, and a world-spanning enemy of God and humanity inevitably takes shape. True Christianity does not "go to bed" with other gods and religions. It is faithful--or its meaningless. Just like marriage.

We have largely forgotten this. Our grandparents, etc., knew this. The great religious, political, and scientific minds of the Reformation period studied this thoroughly, and understood it. The passing of time from that age to this has not altered the papacy's ambitions: the complete revocation of Biblical Protestantism and the religious, political, and personal freedoms we still enjoy--though they are diminishing by the day.

"And after these things I heard a great voice of much people in heaven, saying, 'Alleluia! Salvation, and glory, and honour, and power, unto the Lord our God, for true and righteous are His judgments: for He hath judged the great whore, which did corrupt the earth with her fornication, and hath avenged the blood of His servants at her hand.'" -Revelation 19:1, 2

God is at war with the wicked powers of this earth. His is going to win, and win big. He has not forgotten one single drop of His children's blood. His love will do nothing less.

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