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Feminism is the Real Terrorism, says Young Turk

April 21, 2014

Some day the Illuminati will answer for their vicious psychological
attack on women aimed at destroying love, marriage and family.
Osman expresses the rage of young men everywhere.

by Osman

I am a 21 year-old-Turkish university student in Istanbul. It was very scary for me to realize that almost all of the girls in university have adopted feminist ideas and are telling the horror stories about the "male dominant, oppressive patriarchy".

In a class I take, whose lecturer is a feminist woman, we are asked read stories of lesbian-feminist authors such as Virginia Woolf and Katherine Mansfield. That's when I noticed that most of the girls are feminists who blame men for all the problems in the society and culture.

Turkey's family laws are copy-pasted from European countries. Sad to say, Turkey is showing the symptoms of social instability and destruction that the Western countries had 10-20 years ago. Marriage rates are decreasing, divorce stats have skyrocketed. Promiscuity and premarital sex are becoming normal and common. Laws are becoming more and more anti-male. I don't want my country to be like the USA or any other satanically-possessed countries.

I'd be more than happy if you would trim, edit and post my article. Because your website is one of the few addresses where Politically Incorrect ideas are welcome.

The arch enemy of the West is not Russia, China, Taliban or El-Qaida.  Feminism -which is originally a Western ideology- has damaged the West more than any Western-hating ideology. Since most of the people in my country look up to the Western culture and mass media, it is impossible for us to stop this trend, unless the West gives up feminist ideologies. Thus, take my opinions as a friendly warning and advice.

ourbodies.jpgThere are some slogans that are being loudly repeated by feminists in order to legitimize their sick ideas and turn men and women against each other. Feminism is terminating the harmony between genders and creating an imaginary war. Males are portrayed as predators and females as victims. So, women begin to think that they can demand everything they like, behind the shield of "victimhood." The most frequently repeated slogan of feminists is about abortion: "My body, my choice"

If women have right to make all the decisions whether the baby is going to live or die, then they have to take all parental and economic responsibility.  If women have all the rights, why do men have all the responsibility? Why do men have look after the kid in marriage and pay child support after the marriage?

Why can't men say "My money my choice." Family court says to men: "You caused this child. You are the father. You are the one who will take responsibility. So you have to pay for this child."

But the same court doesn't tell women "You were also volunteer for sex, you are the mother. You are responsible for carrying and protecting the baby for nine months. So you must give birth."     

Yes sir!

"My body my choice. Your money my choice again". Very clever! The Family Court system is full of contradictions and hypocrisy. It simply sucks.

And then women wonder, "Why are men avoiding marriage?" Why?

There is nothing attractive in marriage for men. Penalties are high, rewards are low. The risks are not worth taking. Once the marriage papers are signed, women know that the court and the laws are on their side. And they use the divorce as leverage against men. Because they know, after the divorce, they will keep the house, take custody of kids and make man paying alimony and child support. She, also, will be able to boast to her feminist friends about how badly she kicked her ex-husband's ass in the court.

Family laws unfairly favors women. This hurts women as much as, maybe even more than it hurts men. Since men began to bail out of marriage, women are no longer considered as wives and mothers. Today, unfortunately, all women have to offer to men, is sexuality. In days past, women had both marriage and sexuality as leverage.

tyrkia1_mindre.jpgNow, they think family and marriage stand in the way of their careers. They willfully abandoned the feminine qualities like motherhood and femininity which men really need and want. They pursued career, money and social status ehich men already have and don't give f**k about in women. Their sexuality is all they have left to trade, which leaves them very vulnerable and open to abuse and exploitation. So I am tired of hearing this stupid question: "Why are men taking women as sex objects? Why don't they want to commit to a woman, take responsibility of a long term affair? I don't quite understand..."

Feminism destroyed the reasons which used to force men to commit. They normalized the premarital sex and promiscuity with all these "sexual liberation" slogans. Sex is cheaper and easier to find than ever. Men do not need to marry in order to have sex.  Feminists could not understand that family and marriage were what valued sex and protected women from being sex objects. Feminists caused the problem that they are complaining about now.

So, I decided to find a girl to marry, whose mind is not polluted by feminism yet. Thankfully, it is easier to find such a girl in Turkey, compared to the Western countries. I want to rescue an innocent girl from those feminazi sharks and build my own family, so I can make both myself and my wife happy. Apparently, this is the only way to keep our bodies and souls away from the degeneration of Modernism.

My advice to fellow males in the Western countries is find yourself a girl who respects you and puts her family on pedestal.

Get informed about feminism and gender issues and stand against feminist militants. Don't back off.  You have to end feminism before it ends you.

First Comment from Dan:

"Feminism destroyed the reasons which used to force men to commit. They normalized the premarital sex and promiscuity with all these "sexual liberation" slogans. Sex is cheaper and easier to find than ever. Men do not need to marry in order to have sex."

How many times must I inform men that sex never "forced" men to commit.  Reducing the concept of marriage to a contract of sex access from a woman is exactly how feminists look at it.  Before feminism, men valued women who could handle a home, a family, and have many healthy children.  If she was pleasant to look at, that was a plus.  I heard it from enough old men born early in the last century that it was common wisdom that a man was better off to marry a smart but helpful girl with looks on the plain side - for the very beautiful ones were fickle, with other men always competing for them.

Osman is right, of course, that the incentives for men to marry were systematically removed.   No longer does marriage secure and insure a supportive homemaker and mother of his children.  It sets him up to be lawfully extorted for alimony and child support soon as the woman gets bored and decides she wants to do something else with her time.

I'm afraid the solution is to return to making it very difficult for a woman - or man - to get a divorce.   Abortion 'on demand' as birth control also needs to be illegal again.  Feminism depends upon girls growing up thinking that pregnancy isn't a problem.  Women should have to worry about getting pregnant.  That was their old incentive for being serious about marriage and very selective about whom they gave it to.  There was nothing wrong with anything that Feminism and 'sex liberation' targets for ridicule.

beavis.jpgfrom Anthony Migchels:

I agree with the article very much of course. But I want to emphatically support Salwa's comment:

Men have been bribed with cheap pussy and porn and many men behave utterly moronically concerning sex, family and women in general.

The porn addicts are feminism's biggest enablers.

From Scott:

 I agree with everything Osman has said. It's really something when a young man like Osman who lives half-way across the world from me, is experiencing exactly the same thing I am over here in the 'west', (Satan's masonic playground is what the West is now). The promotion of homosexuality,militant feminism and the evil family laws are all a orchestrated satanic contagion being unleashed upon the planet world-wide, and America is leading the way in re-programming all other 'countries' perceptions of reality that fit accordingly to the satanic NWO gameplan/playbook.

 I lived this nightmare Osman has described. My mother never paid one cent towards the mortgage of my old boy-hood home once throughout her 31 year marriage to my father. After 31 years of marriage, my mother demanded for a divorce. During one of their last fights, the police came into my home illegally, but because of the neo-Bolshevik  'domestic violence' laws, my father was arrested,put in hand-cuffs and taken to jail with no proof or evidence showing he laid one hand on my mother, but that doesn't matter when Satanic central bankers and their masonic Jew cronies have taken over the political,judicial,media and cultural institutions while bending them to their non-empathetic and satanic mindset. The family laws are satanic,pure and simple. I lost my home,wealth, and connection with my siblings. All because a evil masonic controlled court system rapes completely over men by design to destroy the traditional family paradigm.

I sadly have to say I also agree with Osman when he says  "no wonder men are taking women as sex objects". I agree, it's hard not to when the penalties are higher in a marriage than the rewards. The risks are simply not worth taking for a young man these days. Sadly because the system is rigged to destroy families and debase men of respect and dignity. ...

Possession is part of marriage, a good woman will acknowledge this and never ask a man for more time out with 'friends'. Unfortunately this is double-speak for "I can do whatever the hell I want". The masonic court system and the police state gave my mother the authority to completely rape my father financially, even though he did not want the divorce. No-Fault-Divorce laws were first passed by the so called "conservative" Ronald Reagan. This alone confirms the one-party-system and centuries old plan for one-world-domination. How do we stop all this ? Demand for interest and debt free currency, then they can stop funding their agenda into all of our political,judicial and cultural institutions.

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Comments for "Feminism is the Real Terrorism, says Young Turk "

Len said (April 23, 2014):

In case anyone hasn't figured this out yet: feminism is one of THE PRIMARY NWO means of destroying the family unit, emasculating men, twisting and destroying the God given traits of feminine in the female, and making men and women slaves to the incredibly greedy and control-freak corporate NWO Estate. The agenda behind it all is plain, flat-out EVIL to the core.

We simply MUST stand against this kind of evil.

Jennifer said (April 23, 2014):

Salwa is right! Men in the US want sex without any commitment. They demand it! Many women have sex hoping the man will marry. Many are heartbroken when they realize he lied & used them. Men want women with high paying jobs. American men are more feminist then the women. Many women I know got careers just to get husbands.

When both make the same money they
split all expenses & child care. I know many women who made more then their husbands thus they had to pay the x husband alimony.

Also in the US men do not have to pay child support if their child has a social security security number. One can legally argue the child is ward of the government and opt out!
Men love feminism they never have to grow up!

Roman said (April 22, 2014):

How to stop feminism:

1. Males and females in separate schools learning different subjects.

2. No female nor liberal teachers.
3. Trade school after 8th grade unless they're above 130 IQ.
4. Ban all contraceptives.
5. Ban sex ed and any homo propaganda.
6. Castrate any male who impregnates a female who is not his wife.
7. Castrate any male who gets an std a year after laws are passed.
8. Ban testosterone prescriptions.
9. Then you might need to legalize polygamy if there not enough viable males.
10. Any female who wears revealing clothes in public will be on trial naked with her family present and fined.
11. If divorced cannot remarry.
12. Nothing in the media that's not educational.
13. Ban bars and clubs.

This is what required to reverse course. Never gonna happen. The west will give up every freedom except the "right" to fornicate.

Adrian said (April 22, 2014):

Thanks to Osman for his article.

The first step to social health is to boycott Hollywood. Kick out the TV and only watch movies prior to the openly satanic era, say pre-1985.

The "screen" is the Trojan horse throughout the world. If they are parked in front of a screen (TV,Tablet,Phone), women in so-called developing nations are all subject to the brainwashing. So beware.


Salwa said (April 22, 2014):

I admire Osman for making a stand. Unfortunately, many males nowadays take advantage of the feminist situation to get what they want out of it, sex without any commitment. And this creates a never ending cycle that in the end destroys our culture and religion.

Everyone in the society right now has a role to play. We know that there is some “world order” trying to push moral decadence to everyone, regardless of religion and culture so that they can be manipulated more easily. Many people knows this, but choose to follow anyway, because it is not easy to go against the flow.

As a Muslim, I found my religion helping me to fight this never-ending campaign of moral decadence. I pray that there will be many more man like Osman to save our future. Not only in Turkey and other Muslim countries, but even in the Christian countries like US, Canada, etc.

Although I am a Muslim, I wish that more Christians learn about their religion and start practicing actively the original Christianity.

Good moral and family values is the basis for a strong society. Eastern countries now look up to the west, thus I think good, practicing Christian western societies would also contribute to moral improvement for the whole world, probably not something the NWO wants.

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