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Is Putin False Opposition?

April 19, 2014

starofputin.jpgThe Illuminati is using Russia-US friction over Ukraine
to lay the groundwork for World War Three.
The dialectical opposition between Russia
and the US is a little too neat to be credible.

It's almost as if the USSR and the USA have changed

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

In March, when Hillary Clinton compared Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler, she was preparing the framework for World War Three.

Like the Second World War, the potential Third will represent resistance to Masonic Jewish world hegemony.  It will pit nationalists against (Zionist) "globalists." The only question is whether, like Hitler, Putin represents "false opposition."

The Protocols of Zion  stated, "Nowadays, if any States raise a protest against us it is only pro forma at out discretion and by our direction..." (9)

Is this still true? My sense is that it is. Russia has a Rothschild central bank. Putin confers with Henry Kissinger regularly.

All wars are orchestrated. The globalists would not risk a world war in which they could be destroyed.


Writing for The American Free Press & The Barnes Report , Michael Collins Piper shows how Putin is the dialectical opposite of the satanic Zionist West, just like Hitler and Stalin were opposite twins. 

putinfaith.jpg(left. Putin proclaims his new found faith)

In the midst of all of the media frenzy targeting Putin, the bottom line is that Putin and Russia are being hammered relentlessly because Putin is viewed as an ideologically-based force representing a long-standing, deeply rooted Russian nationalist ideology, one closely bound to the Orthodox Christian faith.

Not in modern times has there been one such as Putin, rising up to challenge what is known as the New World Order and the war on Christian tradition. A careful survey of the elite media in recent weeks underscores the fact that the global elite are very much concerned about the nationalist ideology taking hold in Russia under Putin.

For popular consumption, warmongering Republican Arizona demagogue Sen. John McCain wrote in The New York Times on March 14: "Russia is not a great power on par with America. It is a gas station run by a corrupt, autocratic regime."

His inflammatory comments were echoed remarks during the 2012 presidential campaign when GOP candidate Mitt Romney called Russia "without question our No. 1 geopolitical foe," an extraordinary pronouncement revealing what the hard-line Zionist neoconservatives telling Romney what to say were thinking.

Putin has earned the wrath of the would-be world shapers among the likes of those who make up such high-level instruments of geopolitical planning such as the Bilderberg group, the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations. He has also offended the sensibilities of the interconnected Jewish families and financial groups that make up the driving force behind an intended global Zionist imperium based in Israel but wielding its power across the planet."

On March 30 the Washington Post featured a commentary by Anne Applebaum--another Jewish critic of Putin-- entitled "Russia's anti-Western thinking takes hold." She wrote: Russia's ideology may be a mishmash: the old Soviet critique of hypocritical "bourgeois democracy," plus some anti-Europeanism, some anti-globalism and a homophobic twist for contemporary appeal. But let's not assume that competition between ideas is absurd and old- fashioned. And let's not pretend that ideologies don't matter, because, even if we'd prefer otherwise, they do.

gessen.jpgThe next day, on March 31, the Washington Post published a column by Russian-born Jewish journalist Masha Gessen, left, who asserted that Putin's mission is "saving the world from the West." Gessen wrote: "Over the past two years, a new ideology has taken shape at the Kremlin. Insistently pushed out over the airwaves of state-controlled television, it has taken hold as Russia's national idea--and is the driving force behind its newly aggressive international posture. Russia is remaking itself as the leader of the anti-Western world."

Does all of this foreshadow war against Russia? That remains to be seen.


Clearly Russia is on the side of the angels in this conflict. The Jewish NeoCons who spearhead the Masonic Jew World Order are guilty of aggression in Ukraine, as they have been everywhere else. They will have a hard time marshaling support domestically or even abroad. In a recent issue of World Affairs Brief, Joel Skousen notes that the Germans are losing patience with the US.

Part of the problem in getting the Germans to spurn Russian energy and trade ties is the growing hostility toward America as well as German dependence on Russian fuel and natural gas. After the NSA spying scandal broke, the German Interior Minister said, "the USA is operating without any kind of boundaries." He also mentioned that "approval ratings for Americans in German polls are lower right now than they have been in a long time. The last time this was the case was during a certain phase of the policies of George W. Bush."
Der Spiegel said that, "Germany is pulling closer to Russia out of its own self-interest and disgust with the U.S. We are so used to thinking of Germany as allied with the U.S. against Russia, this may be hard for most Americans to conceive. But this is how alliances change--with a first step.

How much easier to destroy the US than when it's clearly in the wrong? When its best generals have been purged and women are in combat? This may be the agenda - which a war which the US will lose, a perfect opportunity to purge "dissidents' and cull the population.

On the other hand, the US has been exercising remarkable restraint with mostly bluster and meaningless sanctions. Russia also has been careful to avoid confrontation.  Having secured essential Black Sea access, it is in no hurry to annex Eastern Ukraine. The accord negotiated in Geneva recently
shows that, whatever the Illuminati have planned, the minions holding the levers of power in East and West have no appetite for war.

putinandjews.jpgIs Putin false opposition?

Yes. But, at the same time, the differences between East and West seem real. They represent two Masonic mafias, one pretending to be nationalist and religious, the other proudly satanic. But the Russian mob will not agree to being exploited and controlled by the Zionist mob.

As Russian ambassador Vitaly Churkin said in an interview with Charlie Rose, we want to be equal and not "Junior" partners with the West. Whether this foreshadows war with Russia, as Piper says, remains to be seen.

A final note. We should forget the "Polish Presidential plane crash" in Smolensk in April 2010 when Putin presided over the murder of the Polish nationalist elite. The fact that no Western leaders attended the funeral indicates that this was done with Illuminati approval. This is another indication that Putin is a member of the club.

Does West Really want to De-esculate Ukrainian Tensions?
Russian Duma Makes Holocaust "Denial" Illegal         (Need we say more?)
(Thanks Tony for this link, and many others. Thanks also to Shakeel.)   
John Pilger:

From China to Ukraine, the US is pursuing its longstanding ambition to dominate the Eurasian landmass

First Comment by Dan:

I've been tracking the Eastern factor for over ten years.   Putin caught my attention during the summer of 2003 when he arrested a certain "Oligarch", Mikhail Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a nobody who managed to buy controlling interest in Russian oil during Yeltzin's 'bargain basement' giveaway of national resources for the taking.  (see YUKOS scandal).  It came out that the "lucky" Khodorkovsky was merely a Rothschild proxy.  Jacob Rothschild was the silent partner named in a secret agreement to 'hold' the shares.

In a short time, the Russian oil industry was drilling at unprecedented depths.  Russian deep drilling exposed the Rockefeller funded 'fossil fuel' theory as fraud.  So much for peak oil.  But that was 'gravy', Putin proceeded to use Russian oil and natural gas production as economic leverage to save Russia's plunge toward 3rd World nation status.   As Putin has said explicitly, Russia makes its own foreign policy, while the United States and Europe don't anymore.

Eleven years ago,  uniform actions on the part of the US, UK, and EU became a 'new normal'.  Obviously our leaders were taking their marching orders from the same place because they started walking in lock step as we'd never seen before.  Today people think nothing of it when all the governments of the West suddenly demand "gay rights" of small but sovereign governments in Africa and South America. 

In these circumstances, someone - anyone - who can oppose the NWO without getting squashed like a bug is welcome.  Don't forget, though, that Putin's interest is his country.   Americans have been trained to assume that "heroes" or "good guys" are trying to save the world.   If we think of Putin as a 'savior', we'll be disappointed.

"As Russian ambassador Vitaly Churkin said in an interview with Charlie Rose, we want to be equal and not "Junior" partners with the West."


We should take the Russian ambassador's remark at face value.  The correct assessment of Putin is that he's probably not attempting to "stop" the NWO.  He just wants to get HIS Mafia a better seat at the NWO table than they were going to give them when he took charge.   The bankers collapsed Russia from the inside, and Rothschild proxies moved in to loot its resources during the 1990's.                 

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Comments for "Is Putin False Opposition? "

Branko said (April 22, 2014):

It is difficult to believe that Vladimir Putin is illuminati, because if he is, then Boris Yeltzin would never have been removed.

Labelling Vladimir Putin as a hidden freemason is nothing new. I have had the opportunity to read quite a number of disinformation articles on Vladimir Putin. For example, the simplest of tricks has been for articles to be written about freemasonry, with a list of well known freemasons being given. At the end of the list the name of Vladimir Putin pops up, which is an example of cheap psychological warfare being launched against the Russian people, where the aim is to create an atmosphere of insecurity. These are well know tricks, and I can easily spot them.

When Boris Yeltzin was in power, the Western financial elite looted Russia of 100 billion dollars a year, and the country was approaching collapse and potential political and geographic dissipation. It was in such a situation that Russian patriotic forces persuaded Boris Yeltzin to accept Vladimir Putin, who later on replaced him. If Putin was indeed illuminati, then Yeltzin would not have been replaced, but kept on, so that Russia could have been broken up into bits and pieces and directly placed under the control of the international bankers. It did not happen. One can only conclude that you are mistaken that Putin is a potential freemason/illuminati.



Read this




Paul said (April 22, 2014):

For what it is worth, this depraved creature, Masha Gessen (I'm a gay man, and a gay journalist! (thanks Phil Hendrie!)) is also trying to undermine marriage.

Whatever her opinion is or is not regarding Putin, she cannot be trusted to give it honestly.

Keep it up.

Bene said (April 20, 2014):

also do not believe that Putin is controlled opposition. He is a nationalist and stands against the neocon NWO. If he was an illuminati puppet, the Western financed political opposition in Russia and Hillary Clintons girlfriends of Pussy Riot (sponsored by the West, you can bet) would not be necessary. If Russia was not opposed to the NWO, all this Western violent theatre in Kiev and the Western conquering of the Ukraine would not be necessary to get closer to the enemy borders. Putin could just give over Russia to the Zionists.

I am married to a Russian woman and my daughter is Russian and I have grown a deep respect for Russia, its leaders and their protection of Christian culture (which blossoms unlike here in Europe), protection of their moral values (they do not like the new religion of being gay). Furthermore they do not sell out their country to Islam unlike the EUSSR.

Peter R said (April 20, 2014):

The farce that was the Cold War could only last so long because the Money Jews wagging the West also control(led) the mass media, and only insiders and a few very astute people knew the truth.

If there had been an internet in the 1950's, the cat would have been out of the bag much earlier. The bastards never had it so good when the world cowered in fear of their theatrical MAD, and the Kissinger corner was the most important in the world and oh'ed and ah'ed for anything they did, like SALT and other negotiations. Dr. Pierce had it 100% right when he said that they just love it when they are the carnies and we the rubes. It is very possible that they are trying again for a similar setup, but it would have to be convincing.

With Putin a former spook that scenario can't be discounted. Syria and Ukraine could very well have been part of attempts to engineer another Punch and Judy show. But with the internet many more people are now suspicious, even paranoid, so the cabal has to play it very smoothly. We certainly can't put anything past them. But neither can we be certain.

Putin could be genuine. He just hasn't done anything yet that conclusively settles it. We will only know when big things happen. Like when the Russians and Chinese introduce a new (real) gold standard, start to take away serious business from the West and the Rothschilds and ilk, including their goy traitors-in-arms are going down or getting tried for crimes against humanity.

As long as these thieving snakes are here freedom is in danger. It can only be restored with honest money, which the parasites will allow only over their dead bodies. No chance that they just fade away.

JG said (April 20, 2014):

Thanks for the highly informative comment Dan.
I don't know of any nation left on the planet that is totally free from all dependency on the West for energy, technology, trade, medicine, or commerce. Russia is not the exception to this rule.

As far as China, Russia and the rest of BRICS going it alone against the NWO is most unlikely. China abstained on the Crimea referendum. This was a subtle show of support at best.

Sanctions against Russia are not totally meaningless and harmless at all, especially if they involve international trade.

The NWO Cabal does not want war. They want full control of all the nations to eventually reduce them to debt slave states at the mercy of the House of Rothschild.

On this Resurrection Sunday we must recognize Putin as an Orthodox Christian

Lance said (April 20, 2014):

I have to agree with Peter W (below) on the Putin story.

Russia does not want WWIII and is doing everything to avoid it despite endless taunting by the west.

I believe Putin really is a nationalist and despises what the Jewish globalists did to his country in the form of the U.S.S.R.

So he is former KGB. What does that mean when there are plenty of people in the CIA and elsewhere pretending to be working for America. Perhaps he was a mole from another, possibly unnamed faction, working there.

Peter W said (April 20, 2014):

You have to understand certain things - Putin's Mother is / was a christian (no idea if she has passed away or not) - Putin is not the Illuminati. I have friends in Russia
one has a close tie with VP. I think he is legit. Sure the Principalities and Powers of the Air want WWIII to wipe out as many humans as possible - but Putin is not part of it.
The P&P wanted WWIII to be lit from the fuse in Syria - it failed.

Putin is legit - the west is debauched and evil;

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