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The CIA, Drugs, & Culture Control

May 1, 2014

leary13.jpg( His mantra was, "Turn on, tune in, drop out." Was Tim Leary a CIA agent?)

With Illuminati banker George Soros
now promoting the legalization of pot,
we look back at how the CIA used drugs
to sedate the baby boomer generation.

In an Illuminati (i.e. Communist) state such as the US, there is no real culture, only social engineering.

by Henry Makow Ph.D
(Revises CIA Created the Drug Culture, from 2005)

David Livingstone's article yesterday, Was Surveillance the Purpose of the Internet? made me revisit the question of how the CIA controls culture, and how the Illuminati see virtual reality in Cabalistic terms.

When I met Timothy Leary in 1990, I was disillusioned. I had contacted him through his publisher and he phoned me. I went to LA especially to see him. He was my guru. I wanted to know if the utopian vision he represented was still alive.

Unfortunately, Leary was fixated on the benefits of what was then called the "information superhighway."  Pioneer of LSD, his pantry table was crammed with bottles of alcohol.

He told me his "vision of God" was depicted in the last scene in William Gibson's book "Neuromancer."

"At the end of the world, all the information stored in all the computers will rise up into Cyberspace and mingle together." he said. "That's God."

Wonderful, I thought. All those airline reservations, all that trivia and human detritus mingling together. At the time I had no inkling that Cabalists believed that perception is reality, and that man creates God, i.e. man is God. 

Over lunch, I tried to remind Leary of his original vision: using drugs to awaken our spiritual potential and become more God-like in behavior.

"What do you think God is?" he scoffed. "An old man with a beard?"

A disconnect had taken place. The old Leary represented a genuine spiritual awakening. The new Leary was all about mindless human meandering and drivel being equated with the Divine.


Had Leary been working for the CIA when he preached the mantra "Turn on, tune in drop out?"

Writer Mark Reibling put this question to the aged guru in 1994 after a speech in Gainesville Florida.

"They never gave me a dime," Leary replied with a pained expression, and then avoided his questioner.

 Reibling believes Leary was a CIA agent and informer. The CIA promotes people who believe in a cause but are unaware they are advancing the Illuminati agenda.  Funds and drugs for Leary's research came from the CIA.

In his autobiography, "Flashbacks" (1983), Leary credits Cord Meyer, the CIA executive in charge of funding the counter culture with "helping me to understand my political cultural role more clearly."
In the book "Mass Control" by Jim Keith, Leary admits to being a "witting accomplice" of the CIA.

Elsewhere he says the "Liberal CIA" is the "best mafia you can deal with in the Twentieth Century."  Leary clearly was working for the CIA but was also doing what he wanted-turning on.

According to Reibling, Mary Pinchot Meyer, (Cord Meyer's ex-wife and JFK's mistress) told Leary, "the CIA creates the radical journals and student organizations and runs them with deep-cover agents.... dissident organizations in academia are also controlled."

She confides that CIA has not only been running left-wing groups as fronts, but has been sponsoring more psychedelic research than he will ever know.

"You are doing exploratory work the CIA tried to do in the 1950s. So they're more than happy to have you do their research for them. Since drug research is of vital importance to the intelligence agencies of this country, you'll be allowed to go on with your experiments as long as you keep it quiet," she said.


After working for Civil Rights in the 1960's, I joined the rising crescendo of anti-war activity when the CIA-controlled mass media gave the signal.

In 1968, three vents deflated the anti-war movement: 1) the gut-wrenching assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy; 2) LBJ's decision not to seek reelection (his CFR handlers told him to go) and 3) the clubbing of protesters at the Democratic Convention in Chicago.

Acting with uncanny unison, (for "non-conformists") my generation gave up on "social change," became "alienated" and "turned inward."

We needed to change ourselves before we can change the world. Thanks to the CIA, Leary's mantra was heard in the mass media and drugs were plentiful.

Although it was another ten years before I tried marijuana, I experienced the "Summer of Love" hitchhiking across Canada in 1967. Maybe it was time to "hang loose" and focus on personal things. The 1970's became the "Me Decade."


Although I have not taken LSD, I embraced the utopian vision of Timothy Leary and Aldous Huxley. They believed that "mind expanding" drugs could provide a genuine visionary experience and release mankind's spiritual potential. In experiments, theology students had life changing revelations; alcoholics were cured. For millennia, many cultures have used drugs to promote spirituality.

In Mexico, Leary took magic mushrooms. The experience convinced him the normal mind was "a static repetitive circuit."

"It was above all and without question the deepest religious experience of my life.  I discovered that beauty, revelation, sensuality, the cellular history of the past, God, the devil, all lie inside my body, outside my mind."

This LSD-fueled vision of utopia was put into practice at the highest levels of the US government. In 1963, Cord Meyer's estranged wife Mary Pinchot Meyers was having an affair with President John F. Kennedy who had embraced LSD. Mary approached Leary for supplies and advice. She and her friends were turning on "some of the most powerful men in Washington."

In Dec. 1963, Meyer called Leary and said they killed JFK because "they couldn't control him anymore. He was changing too fast. They've covered everything up. I'm afraid. Be careful." In Oct. 1964, she was murdered by the CIA.


In the 1950's, the CIA experimented with marijuana and LSD as "truth drugs."

A decade later, in the 1960's, they used them to divert idealistic Americans from the path of social responsibility to one of introspection and self-gratification, i.e. "spiritual liberation." They neutralized my generation by turning social activists into "flower children" advocating "peace and love."

We are marionettes. The environment, fe-manism, diversity, you name it. The bankers are pulling our strings. In the case of the drug culture, they made us self absorbed and quiescent. They didn't expect many of us to find God.

I still believe that marijuana and LSD can awaken our spiritual dimension. They are truth drugs. I am confident that the widespread use of marihuana will backfire on the Illuminati and expose them for what they really are, control freaks, psychotics and megalomaniacs


YouTube  Timothy Leary- The Man Who Turned On America

For more information, read "Acid Dreams: The Social History of LSD. CIA, the 60's and Beyond" by Martin Lee and Bruce Shlain.
and "Storming Heaven: LSD and the American Dream"by Jay Stevens.

First Comment from Ricky Ray:

The 60's Generation after Kent State were bored and the Thrill was gone and they graduated and worked for the Man in that "Me Generation" of the 70's and could have long feathered haircuts wearing polyester bell-bottom suits and stack shoes and the disenfranchised Vietnam Vets came home to be spit on by these effete little spoiled University bastards and NO ticker-tape parades like WWII Vets thus NO Rite of Passage back into Society and they overall were never able to adjust to Society and were left desolate.

Leary was different after his prison experience and he lived as parasite off the next generations to his death in 1997 leaving a dead legacy of hoof-prints no different than his idol, Aleister Crowley.

I watched the 60's Generation go from Activism to Hedonism that 70's Decade not knowing the implications then but saw it was NOT the path to follow.

It was an interesting article but I see Timothy Leary quite differently than that generation so jaded to this day.


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Comments for " The CIA, Drugs, & Culture Control"

Sean said (May 2, 2014):

Thanks for this piece, Henry. As I think you know I came to the same realizations through my own political/social activism, and writing for progressive outlets. All controlled pseudo-opposition.

But try telling those still being controlled and see how they respond — as irrationally and fanatically as the neocons they love to hate. I talked with a young woman on one of our first days in England after she insisted on talking with me about Greenpeace. I told her I didn't really want to talk, said she wouldn't want to hear what I had to say, but she insisted I tell her.

I said, in short, you think you're doing good work, but what if you're being controlled by the very same powers you think you're working against? etc. etc. There are just too many layers of imbibed psychological warfare that require removing that by the time they get there, if they ever do, they're your and my age. A generalization, of course, but not too far off the mark methinks.

L in LA said (May 2, 2014):

Your amazingness has no end! Over the last few years every time you've featured an article by James Perloff, I've wanted to write you to mention that the two most critical junctions (or "turning points") in my life have been: The first time I dropped LSD (on Mothers Day 1969, and went from being an agnostic with atheist leanings to becoming a Hindu > Buddhist) and my 1995 reading of The Shadows of Power by Perloff.

I ceased to be a liberal for nearly 5 years! Sadly I cannot share Perloff's faith in the Tanakh (OT). I stayed out of Viet Nam by posing as an anthropology student from '68 to '71. There is a serious (i.e., total) dearth of archeological evidence to substantiate the claim of a half-millenium of Hebrew servitude in Egypt... which culminated in 600,000 proto-Jews wandering in the Sinai for 40 years..... (again, no artifacts to back the claim)...

That, coupled with Joseph Campbell's assertion that the God of the Old Testament is not merely Angry and Jealous but also Genocidal and highly Chauvinistic. When the ADL got on his case, CAmpbell read to them from the Torah (Deut 7: 1-4 comes to mind)... Oh... and remember Mit Romney's 2012 campaign response to Obama: "We did too build everything!" ?

check out Deut 6:10-12: "When the LORD your God brings you into the land he swore to your fathers, to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to give you a land with large, flourishing cities you did not build houses filled with all kinds of good things you did not provide, wells you did not dig, and vineyards and olive groves you did not plant--then when you eat and are satisfied, be careful that you do not forget the LORD, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery." Nietzsche said there is no greater imposture in Western literature than having the Old Testament and the New Testament share the same binding.

Anywhoo, thanks for what you do.... I read you most every day.

Mike said (May 2, 2014):

Excellent article on Timothy Leary! I've long suspected that another hero of the counter culture, Tom Laughlin, the creator of the Billy Jack movies, was financed by the CIA. The credits read an National Student Film, possibly a part of the National Student Association which was funded by the CIA. The movie was an anti-religion, anti-white, counter culture dream. The title song was sung by Coven, a band of witches and satanists.

Phil said (May 2, 2014):

I did LSD in my youth, early 90's, just 22yo. It was mind blowing, and gave me something that I really thought about.

But now at 44yo, having researched so much about 9/11(Mossad), JFK, and WWII, I can now grasp the idea that Leary was indeed CIA.
I can no-longer smoke Marijuana, as it just makes me feel stupid. Whereas before I could have done anything while on it. Perhaps they have altered this perfect medicine. Such a shame.

Both Meyers should be fully researched.

Chris R said (May 1, 2014):

Bert is right that the marijuana available these days (at least here in Canada) is not what it used to be. Many people I have talked to agree. Nowadays, it just makes you tired, slow, and sleepy. I suppose to those who never smoked regularly or at all that sounds like the stereotypical side effects, but it is much worse than before. I know people who, years ago, regularly smoked large quantities with no noticeable effects. These same people can barely hold a conversation after one joint these days. I smoked for a long time, but I quit completely last year because every time I smoke I want to take a nap. It isn't so much that it has gotten stronger, but rather the effects have changed. It is more of a sedative than anything.

Keep in mind now, that most weed around here is going through the Hells Angels. Who knows what they are doing to it. I was in Jamaica two years ago and I was pleasantly surprised that their weed didn't put me to sleep. You might think that it because it wasn't as strong as this Canadian poison, but really it was stronger without the sedative effect. That is when I realized there is something seriously wrong with the marijuana in Canada. Now they want to legalize it?

As far as awakening spiritual dimensions, peyote, magic mushrooms, and all kinds of things are supposed to do that. Maybe a good kick in the head will work too. Did you hear about the kid dying in Colombia from taking ayahuasca? Marijuana never opened any kind of dimensions for me, and I'm thankful for that.

JG said (May 1, 2014):

Art Linkletter lost a daughter who had a drug problem and confronted Timothy Leary about his role in contributing to the demise of America's youth on a talk show years ago. Leary made a very poor showing.

Psychedelic drugs were plentiful in the late 60's and early 70's and some people who took "acid trips" never came back. Yes, people lose there identity with these kind of drugs.

We always revert back to marijuana as being the harmless drug that does nothing but good. Marijuana creates a vision of reality that is hallucinogenic in nature.

The problem is that when you come down from this pleasant journey life's true realities become the enemy that you can't cope with without.the use of more marijuana.
Make no mistake about it, drugs are a deceiver.

Bert said (May 1, 2014):

A few caveats or warnings might be appropriate as regards the conclusion --

(a) Personally, I wouldn't play with LSD or any of the high tech opiates. These are all creations of CIA-Monsanto type biochemists. The main vision of their bankers is a population enslaved by government druggists. Like Timothy Leary in his last years, the only "thing" you will be able to envision will be chaos and junk. From which they will then create government order. (Also, in the US, it's the law that once you admit to having used LSD, then by operation of law, you are legally presumed to be non compos mentis. Thenceforth you are considered legally unable to represent yourself.)

(b) As to "marijuana," one hundred years ago, we had sativa and indica. But now all we have left are the "centerfold buds" as displayed in unnatural living colors in the many Soros-CIA financed marijuana magazines. (Like pimps harvesting prostitutes, growers call the plants in their growrooms "their girls," since buds are produced only by the female plants.) These CIA-centerfold buds are all genetically modified by Monsanto type bioengineers. Although native indica and sativa, and crosses, may each carry carry slightly different proportions of THC and cabidiols, and the the newer CIA-centerfold buds are completely bioengineered and out of proportion to evolution and nature. The native varieties, which have been removed, were apparently a basic food. Rick Simpson's army ( may have discovered something in that regard, particularly as to their success rate at curing cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and now also autism in children. These are the natural (non-CIA) varieties. For autism it's taken juiced raw without any alternation by heating, smoking or cooking. The CIA-Monsanto Soros-engineered "Centerfold" buds are another matter. They are astronomically high in mind altering chemicals, which I suspect are completely unnatural and dangerous. (No one but the CIA has money to test.) I believe the natural food-varieties of sativa or indica will soon be disappeared. Since the 1960s they have been hunted down and confiscated by the CIA. That was one of the higher purposes of the CIA's "War on Drugs."

As an interesting and parallel aside, Bob Marley was CIA as well. Like Timothy Leary, Marley was "financed" (i.e. read deployed) to push Jimmy Cliff off the stage. Cliff was a Christian, and his main message was a warning that the music and drugs industry was controlled by the CIA. Harder They Come, Harder They Fall is still a great movie.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at