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"Fritz Springmeier's" Illuminati Bro'mance

May 10, 2014

vd.jpg(Fritz Springmeier says this is William Cornelius Van Duyn, 51,
the Illuminati leader and "king of the world."
 Fritz praises him based on... handwriting analysis!?
This may actually be a picture of Serge De Block, a Hungarian software designer.)

Is "Fritz Springmeier"
grooming William Van Duyn
for world leader or antichrist?

Is this "Fritz Springmeier" a dupe, fraud or imposter? Has he fallen for another scam?
Or is this a psy-op designed to discredit the real Fritz Springmeier?

(Editor's Note- I invited Fritz to reply to this article. I did not hear from him.)

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

The conspiracy world has been shaken in recent weeks by declarations from Illuminati expert, Fritz Springmeier, that the elite group is now led by a new generation which is more transparent and open to dialogue. The 13 bloodlines have been reduced to seven. They now have humankind's interests in mind, and want to lead to an age of peace and prosperity and peace
like Plato's philosopher-kings.

 According to Springmeier, the new leader is supposed to be a certain William Cornelius Van Duyn, age 51. Springmeier's description, entitled "The King of the World"  is jaw-dropping in its adulation, stupidity and naivety. It reads like a psy-op and if real, destroys his credibility. Here are some excerpts:

[Van Duyn] is a leader of unusual accomplishment, outgoing & friendly; his close associates are loyal and love to be with him. He dislikes racism & criminal activity. The list of criminal bankers who have departed us is evidence of his dislike of criminals, esp. the banksters who have been above the law. He came from a privileged world, but is a progressive liberal who hopes to make people's lives better. He is concerned about the youth because they are the future and would like to find solutions for helping the next generation. (That is those who care about themselves. And I can testify there are still some outstanding young people.) His approach is unique compared to previous similar leaders, but philosophically has some resemblance to the ideas of Adam Weishaupt. So the modern Illuminati has returned to philosophy & ditched the satanic witchcraft. (The world is still left w/ plenty of unaffiliated covens.)
 The following analysis is based solely on the handwriting using scientific based analysis to get an unbiased view of someone's character.  [Comments not based on the handwriting are in brackets.]

THE WAY MR. VAN DUYN INSPIRES. He enjoys being around others, sharing in their joys & sorrows, & making make new friends. Boredom is not part of his life; he's a picture of enthusiasm. He enjoys life, & never seems to lose his childlike curiosity for things around him. It is rare for him not to start the day with a lively mood. Unless circumstances are overly dismal, he sings his way thru life. He's generous & people oriented, & trusts those near him. He's a genuine person.

THE WAY MR. VAN DUYN THINKS. He enjoys life, and lifts people's spirits. He is not motivated by the kind of security that social standards normally have in place. He views this as a type of confinement rather than a source of protection. [Given the privileges of his status, security issues are taken care of. But he himself is content with a humble life. He has friends who don't have a clue about who he really is.] Nor is he concerned with financial security. [The Van Duyn fortune is reportedly a mere $115 billion, the Rothschild's $156 billion, give, I'm sure, a few dollars either way. With a portfolio of $50 billion, he bought shares in CBS, Time Warner, Comcast, Walt Disney, Facebook, Twitter, and other names you may recognize.] He resists being bound by structures. For instance, his home is his castle, but the building is not. Home to Mr. Van Duyn is himself & the people he allows to intimately visit him....
THE WAY HE LEADS. He is quick to make an appraisal & quick in an emergency. The word "dynamic" comes to mind. He has a poise, dignity & self-assurance. He knows he is important & worthy of attention. He appreciates the importance of his work. [For instance, a portfolio of $15 billion was created with the Melinda & Bill Gates Foundation to control famine, disease & health care. And another foundation received $21 billion to create better education worldwide.] Actually part of his sense of personal worth is based on the knowledge that he lines up in thoughts & actions to the set of standards he has adopted as his pattern for living. He is both spontaneous & flexible, yet adheres to what he believes. He's responsible & sincere. His creativity plays a role in his leadership also. [His subordinate said, "Momentous ideas are continuously flowing thru his mind." The handwriting validates that.] He has the ability to provide leadership without the quest for power.


A reader informs me:

"Henry, I saw your recent posts regarding the ridiculous claims Fritz Springmeier has made recently, and I wanted to pass along something I came across regarding the supposed "king of the world." Apologies if this has already been pointed out, but he doesn't exist.

serge.jpgI ran a reverse image search on one of the purported images of Van Duyn, and traced it back to the Linkedin profile of a Hungarian man named Serge De Block (left.) He had since changed his picture, but I managed to find the same image on an archive of De Block's twitter. From what I can tell he's a software designer and aspiring musician, a far cry from ruling the world.

My personal belief is that Fritz has fallen victim to internet trolling, but with how obviously false what he's pushing is, one has to wonder if there's more to it than that. A plausible explanation is that he's been blinded by his faith, in a recent talk he mentioned getting new information as a reward from God for having done such high quality research.

serge.profile.jpg(Left, Serge, side view, from Instagram)

After reading the original articles Fritz put out, I decided to do some more research into Fritz, and I've since come across some other highly disturbing information that, along with things from the past I simply brushed off, has caused me to rethink much of what he's has put out over the years. As much as it pains me to say it, given the popularity (and plagiarism) of Fritz's work, I'm starting to think we all might want to re-evaluate much of what we've taken as fact about the Illuminati over the past two decades."


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Comments for ""Fritz Springmeier's" Illuminati Bro'mance "

Marie said (May 13, 2014):

Dr, Makow you are right to question Springmeier. They are externalizing their hierarchy and they are using Springmeier to do it. How clever of them- you take a former fighter of the illuminati and get him to work for you by feeding him false information.

Springmeier is so self serving. It certainly seems that he is not "biting the hand that feeds him his illuminati information" but he will be eaten by the wormy hand that feeds him the "secrets". You have got to wonder how much money they are giving him. And if they are not giving him money then its the documents with the promise of making money off of it. Springmeier sees the dollar signs. I think its obvious when they put him in jail they broke his spirit. There is NOTHING positive you can say about the Rothschild's- and that is a lie that they are NOT political and have nothing to do with the politics of Israel my gosh they bought and paid for Israel's supreme court building and if my memory serves me right its got the pyramid with the all seeing eye on it and the Masonic dot in the circle and is similar to Satanic/Gnostic architecture .

Who would buy the line that they are just "deeply religious Jews?" They do charitable things just as the Masons do for ulterior motives which are money and power politics and control of the world. The devil comes as an "angel of light" and then he double crosses his dupes and these Rothschild's are going to get double crossed too when they get a rude awakening at God's judgment throne. They will get their reward in this life but I would not want to stand in their shoes in the next life and we all know what Jesus said about how hard it was for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven and what profiteth a man to gain the whole world but loose his only soul. Who does Fritz Spingmeier think he is fooling??

B said (May 12, 2014):

This De Block is a Belgian I guess or Dutch as it is a typical Belgian or Dutch name and I deduct that also from the languages he mentions on Linked In. So no Hungarian. The Van Duyn family has also Dutch roots.

Sherry said (May 12, 2014):

if it's a fake one the real one isn't any better...

he stole all his info from Cisco Wheeler...they were supposed to co-write books together, but he kept all the profits for himself..and vaguely gives her credit for anything, when it's her info he has..

I have no respect for that idiot..he wasn't set up either, he committed the bank robbery to buy guns and ammo then tries to tell people the gov set him up...they didn't force him to hold up the bank..

Dave said (May 12, 2014):

The rebuttal from Fritz was PC and New-Agey. He charges hate speech, calling
"some Christians ... haters"; excerpts a positive-thinking book; and floats
ecumenical interfaith peace talks with devil-worshiping war-mongering child-trafficking
mind-crushers in suits.

Mention of Cyrus was apropos, but not for reasons given. The Bible says God
Almighty stirred Cyrus to enact a divine decree on Sabbath rest for the covenant
land. Cyrus didn't think of it from intrinsic righteousness. 2 Chron 36:22
/ Jer 25:12

As Nehemiah rebuilt Jerusalem, he got an offer for political dialogue from
foes. His reply: Why should our work stop to parley with you? (ch 6).

Nehemiah also rebuked his folk for practicing, um, Jewish usury (ch 5). Jesus
later used force against Jewish money-changers. The more things change...

Do illuminists want to give us land like Cyrus? Which good deed of theirs compares?

We can dream. When they halt church persecution and forced abortions in China;
violence against Christ in Iraq, Libya, Syria, India, Indonesia, Kuwait, Saudi
Arabia, Israel, and everywhere else; use one accounting ledger, not two per; allow Ten Commandments in schools by parental vote; dismantle DHS;
disarm BLM; undo DEA; confess 9/11; bring the boys home; lift IRS 501(c)(3)
sermon censorship off pastors; and throttle unholywood sewage; why then, perhaps,
we may grow respect for self-appointed rulers.

I sense Fritz wearies of war. His answer is retirement. Fritz, everyone wants
peace. Take some: I grant honorable discharge. You fought long and hard. You
saved many. You explained much. You won ground. We are grateful and we love
you. Every public truther gets enemy offers. I've heard dozens. It's a playbook

Let illuminati use Obama, YouTube, or broadcast TV. Won't that be popcorn night?
"Hi, we're your secret ruling hierarchy having an externalization party and
we propose dialogue. How shall we rule you?" And for sequel, think of UFO disclosure
night. "Hi, we're the secret cabal that's lied about space aliens for 75 years.
Today we're telling the truth. Trust us. All we gotta do is rewrite human origins
and fix your religion."

There's hope for psychopaths, but not shy of rebirth, John 8:43-47.

C - "On the Fritz" said (May 12, 2014):

A couple of months ago I was curious to see what Fritz was up to, and youtube'd him only to find someone who looked a little like him, but was definitely not him (I used to work in advertising and casting faces, etc). There appeared to be 2 Fritz's out there and the one who I knew was Fritz was not talking about the one who wasn't him, so I figured the fix was in on poor Fritz...maybe it has been since the beginning (he did go to west pt. after all)...
He is now in the same category as Ben Fulford, Sorcha Faal, A. Jones, etc...

Mark said (May 12, 2014):

Fritz's adulation for Van Duyn reminds me of Wes Penre's promotion of the notion of a secret war between the "good Illuminati" and the "bad Illuminati", either one ultimately leading us to the same hellish place.

Is this the Illuminati duping its opposition, using one of its own darlings (if it's even "Fritz"), into eagerly welcoming (dare I say, begging for) their AntiChrist, promted as opposition to the "Dark Side"? Can you say psyop?

As for Fritz's Top Bloodlines of the Illuminati, the general public wouldn't even recognize the Hidden Masters' or the High Adepts of the Luciferian Creeds' names -- and it sure ain't the banksters. I could be wrong, but Kennedy and Onasis doesn't exactly sound "top" to me. And we all know what happened to three of their boys. The perfect blind or diversion from the real Controllers.

--ref. Suprieme Rockefeller

Marcos said (May 12, 2014):

W C Van Duyn twitter profile is new, with only 9 followers. Same for the Facebook page. This is a sure sign of a fake profile, created in a hurry to support the story.

My bet is that Fritz has been duped, maybe by the Illuminati themselves or some other twisted mind, in order to make him look like a fool and discredit his previous work.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at