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The Jewish Strategy Behind "Civil Rights"

May 6, 2014

The Donald Sterling uproar has put Jewish-Black relations in the spotlight.
As Kevin MacDonald shows, the Illuminati Jewish bankers were behind civil rights
as a strategy to undermine America's European racial heritage. The
same strategy applies to mass in-migration and "diversity."

"Jewish organizations view white nationalism as their greatest potential threat and they have tended to support pro-black integration (i.e., assimilationist, individualist) policies for blacks in America, presumably because such policies dilute white power and lessen the possibility of a cohesive, nationalist anti-Jewish white majority." -- Harold Cruse, a black intellectual.

by Kevin MacDonald

Jews, Blacks and Race
(Ten excerpts by

1. The Ashkenazi Jews that dominate the American Jewish community have the highest average intelligence of any human group and they have shown an extraordinary ability to create and participate in highly effective groups in pursuit of their interests.

joel-elias-spingarn-1.jpg(left, Joel Spingarn,  chairman of the board of NAACP from 1913 to 1919, its treasurer from 1919 to 1930, its second president from 1930-1939.)

2.  Jews played a prominent role in organizing blacks beginning with the founding of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) in 1909 and, despite increasing black anti-Semitism, continuing into the present. The NAACP was founded by wealthy German Jews, non - Jewish whites, and blacks led by W. E. B. DuBois.  The Jewish role was predominant: By mid-decade [ c. 1915], the NAACP had something of the aspect of an adjunct of B'nai B'rith and the American Jewish Committee, with the brothers Joel and Arthur Spingarn serving as board chairman and chief legal counsel, respectively; Herbert Lehman on the executive committee; Lillian Wald and Walter Sachs on the board (though not simultaneously); and Jacob Schiff and Paul Warburg as financial angels. By 1920, Herbert Seligman was director of public relations, and Martha Gruening served as his assistant. . . . Small wonder that a bewildered Marcus Garvey stormed out of NAACP headquarters in 1917, muttering that it was a white organization

3.  The B'nai Brith ADL continues to be a major promoter of diversity education through its A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE ® Institute. Since 1985, this institute has trained more than 230,000 elementary and secondary school teachers in diversity education and has conducted workplace diversity training programs for workers and college students in the United States. Teacher training programs have also been instituted in Germany and Russia.

JolsonAl.jpg(left, the black-faced Jew - Al Jolson in the Jazz Singer)

4. After all, at least until the 1960s blacks had not shown themselves to be able to develop effective organizations without Jewish input. Blacks, as a low-achieving group, continue to have relatively little power and influence in ethnic relations in the United States and remain underrepresented in all the elite institutions of society. Because of their high intelligence, their high level of mobilization, and their over-representation in elite institutions of the government, the media, business, and the academic world, Jewish influence is far out of proportion to their numbers. White non-Jews have relatively little influence compared to Jews because of their lack of mobilization to achieve their ethnic interests. Moreover, continuing Jewish involvement in the media and in funding black organizations remains an important ingredient in black success long after the leadership of these organizations passed to blacks. For example, Murray Friedman notes that after 1955 blacks assumed the leadership of the movement: "No longer would Jewish leaders and other outsiders call the shots. They would work behind the scenes, providing money and advice to [Martin Luther] King and his lieutenants, who would head the movement, win the headlines, and endure the jail sentences."

5. Despite representing only 2.5% of the population, Jews provide over half of the funding of the Democratic Party, and in the 2000 election, 80% of Jews voted for Gore.

6. When interviewed about their own motivations, Jews tend to see themselves as altruists in aiding black causes, or they "believe that Jewish concern for black people was 'natural,' growing out of parallel experiences of suffering and oppression." During the high point of the civil rights movements Jews and Jewish organizations "redefined Judaism as synonymous with liberalism." A commonly expressed attitude was that Jewish work on behalf of civil rights reflected the "universalist ethics" of Judaism. This view ignores the history of Judaism as a closed ingroup with a profoundly particularist moral outlook with very different moral standards for ingroup members and outgroup members. In the contemporary world, the most egregious example of Jewish moral particularism is the reality of Israel as an expansionist apartheid state. Jews in Israel have subjected the Palestinians to a brutal occupation aimed ultimately at expanding their territory to include the land conquered in the 1967 war; American Jews have been strong supporters of Israel, and in recent years the organized American Jewish community has favored the rightist Likud party in Israel and its aggressive policies toward the Palestinians. Many of the supporters of the Likud are hyper -ethnocentric members of the settler movement and other forms of Jewish fundamentalism.

jews-blacks-feminists.jpg7. Harold Cruse, a black intellectual, observes that Jewish organizations view white nationalism as their greatest potential threat and they have tended to support pro-black integration (i.e., assimilationist, individualist) policies for blacks in America, presumably because such policies dilute white power and lessen the possibility of a cohesive, nationalist anti-Jewish white majority. At the same time, Jewish organizations have opposed a black nationalist position while pursuing an anti-assimilationist, nationalist group strategy for their own group

8. Besides the movement to alter ethnic relations discussed here, Jewish organizations took the lead in altering U.S. immigration policy in the direction of large-scale multi - ethnic immigration. 95 Mass multi - ethnic immigration continues to be a consensus position within the U.S. Jewish community, and several Jewish activists have noted the advantage to be gained by Jews of an America where white political and demographic hegemony has declined and whites are unable to control their own political destiny. Most recently, Leonard S. Glickman, president and CEO of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, stated, "The more diverse American society is the safer [Jews] are." Having run out of Russian Jews, the HIAS is now deeply involved in recruiting refugees from Africa -- a new twist on the black - Jewish alliance

9.Jewish motivation need not be seen in defensive terms, of course, but rather as aimed at maximizing Jewish power. The reality is that the rise of the Jews in the United States as well as the rise of their black allies and the millions of post - 1965 non - white immigrants has been accompanied by a consequent decline in the power of the old white Protestant elites.

10. Jewish activism played an essential and critical role in the revolution in ethnic relations which has occurred in the last 50 years in the U.S. It is a revolution that in its major premises has been internalized also by a large portion of the whites in the U.S. and other Western countries, particularly elite whites who have made alliances with Jews and other components of the multi-ethnic elites.

The same strategy is carried out in UK and Europe
San Diego Mayor Raised in Jewish Financed Civil Rights Tradition

First Comment by Dan:


"If you are a white male, you don't deserve to live. You are a cancer, you're a disease, white males have never contributed anything positive to the world!" *


IMG_3261web1.JPGThat's what a 'highly esteemed' Harvard professor, Noel Ignatiev, left, told his liberal white students on the day of his retirement.   Ignatiev, son of Jewish immigrants to the USA from Russia, and pasty faced as an Englishman is a fellow at Harvard's W.E.B. DuBois Institute for Black Studies.  His schtick for many years has been promoting his "New Abolitionist" movement.  ie, "abolish white people".

I've mentioned this psychopathic racist to illustrate a phenomenon that seems strange to most white European Americans.  While they think of Jews as white, like them, Jewish children are generally taught that "white people" are the European race, especially those of a Christian heritage.

In this interview with actor Morgan Freeman, CBS veteran Mike Wallace is visibly surprised when Morgan Freeman clearly thinks of him as a white man. 

Morgan Freeman on Black History Month

* Harvard professor argues for 'abolishing' white race

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "The Jewish Strategy Behind "Civil Rights" "

Marti said (May 9, 2014):

This is total hypocrisy and a blatant, obvious fact of what Jews are doing!! The way the black refugees were treated in Israel SHOULD be a major clue to all who care to look closely at their plans for whites!! How could anyone even begin to miss this fact??

Pierre said (May 7, 2014):

It wasn't until almost 70 years after the formation of the NAACP that they had a black skinned president of that association. says it all really , but who can tell it how it is to the masses?

The Lazz Dinger by Neil Diamond (not his real name of course) was sweet, but there's all the subliminal mind Fukus in it... I bet that liberalism only applies to the goys, as the show, breeding program, must go on , for them. Rule Britannia, since Victoria's mother laid back and thought of London Central Bankfest Empire (Rothschild's breeding rites, see Gregg Hallett).

JG said (May 6, 2014):

The Illuminati Jews were the authors and executioners of the "destructive liberalism" that infected Christian America beginning in the late 1960's.

The Civil Rights movement was created and controlled by them from the beginning as a mechanism to dissolve African American culture into a European American culture that existed at the time. This didn't work too well at all. As a matter of fact, the exact opposite has happened today. Under Marxism the lowest non common denominator culturally predominates.

The Donald Sterling kind of puzzling. He has been "thrown to the dogs" by a MSM that very often protects Jews from public scrutiny on these type of issues. Why has he become "fair game" ? Are we really to believe that all is fair in love and racial discernment?

Not hardly, he was disposable because he's old and is dying, a sacrificial pawn for political appeasement.

Jeffrey said (May 6, 2014):

It's fascinating how Jews have treated blacks through their manipulation of entertainment.

You posted a picture of Jewish singer Al Jolson in blackface, in "The Jazz Singer," a film historic in that it was the first "talkie," movie with sound. It's also the kind of derogatory, type of minstrel show schtick they later decried, holding whites responsible. There was a lot of this at the time, like Sophie Tucker, for example. (I should also note that "The Jazz Singer" was remade in the 1970s starring Neil Diamond, but without the blackface. Great move! Damage covered).

Google Amos & Andy. One of the biggest pop culture sensations of all time. See how they've buried it. Their creators were NOT, Jewish, BTW. But that's another story. Jews had to re-invent that with their names on it, like with "Sanford & Son." The credits on the show and storylines are purely kosher.

There was a PBS documentary on the other night, and in it, we saw Jews hamming it up and congratulating themselves for all they had done (of course), but what was really different was their forgiving themselves for this, even patting themselves on the back, because it was done "out of love," celebrating their mutual ethnic oppression. Hysterical!

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