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Disinheriting Whites Using Guilt

May 3, 2014

( White Privilege Conference attendees, left, embrace coming minority status.)

In their psychological war against European Christians,
the Illuminati blame white people for Illuminati crimes. As
Jim Goad reports, many whites buy into their own subjugation 

by Jim Goad
from Taki's Magazine

(Abridged by

The 15th annual White Privilege Conference ended on March 29 in Madison, WI. 

According to conference founder Eddie Moore, Jr., "white supremacy, white privilege, racism and other forms of oppression are designed for your destruction--designed to kill you."

enslaved children.jpg(left, white children atone of the crimes of mostly Jewish slave traders 200 years ago)

If that's the case, privileged whites are doing a piss-poor job, seeing as how the 400,000 or so Africans who were transported to the New World in slave ships have--through the noxious evils of white privilege, white technology, and living amid a predominantly white culture--blossomed into around 40 million modern American blacks. That's an increase of 100-1 and truly the most inept genocide in world history.

"Assuming they have brains, how do they keep them from exploding?"

I could be wrong, but at least judging from pictures taken at the event, most of the attendees, local hosts, and T-shirt models appeared to be white, although I'd bet they'd say "whiteness" is a social construct all while accepting guilt (and perhaps private S&M whippings) for the idea that they benefit from "white privilege" even though whiteness is nothing more than an idea. Assuming they have brains, how do they keep them from exploding? I bet they'd crawl out of their skin if they could. They make my skin crawl.

A Wisconsin reporter estimates that the conference at minimum cost taxpayers $20,000 to further indoctrinate already brainwashed educators that white taxpayers are beastly, innately exploitative fanged vampires who deserve extinction.

hardtosee.jpgWorkshops during the four-day extravaganza included "White American Islamophobia," "White Privilege and the Color of Wealth," "Death of the Strong Black Sista," "How Do We Talk About Privilege, For Real?" "Against the Tea Party Movement," "White Women's Guide to Teaching Black Boys," and "Beyond Kumbaya: Promoting Privilege Discussions on College Campuses." Film screenings included such cinematic thought-turds as The N!GGA Word, What Makes Me White, and The New Black.

Apparently the only way to dismantle white privilege and usher in this long-promised and long-delayed era of post-racial harmony is to be absolutely fucking obsessed with race.

Phenotypically white professor Joe Feagin, past president of the American Sociology Association and author of Living With Racism and White Racism as well as roughly ten million other books about how white people are racist meanies, came dressed in his trademark sexy bolo tie.

He purportedly claimed that all white people are either racists or "recovering racists" and allegedly uttered things such as "The white racial frame is more than cognitive. It's hostile, vicious, emotional, and visual,"

aa-White-dispossession-very-good-chart1-210x300.jpg "Whites live the white racial frame like goldfish in a bowl of water," and "The heart of the white racial frame is white virtue/superiority. This is (unsurprisingly) the hardest thing for white people to see."

Feagin allegedly closed his speech with words from Martin Luther King and a photo of black American runners famously giving the Black Power salute at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City. How urban and edgy of him!

What's easy for me to see--and unlike Joe Feagin, I don't wear glasses, rose-colored or otherwise--is that Joe Feagin is a white man suffering the late stages of Passover Syndrome.

Scanning the sponsors listed in the center column of the WPC's home page reveals a multicolored cornucopia of logos from likeminded churches and colleges. I don't attend church, so it is the colleges that I--to lift a ubiquitous progressive buzzword--find "problematic." Why are such absurd and absolutely unscientific medieval guilt scenarios--where "whiteness" is reduced to "evil" and Europeans' lopsidedly abundant contributions to science, art, and global longevity are either ignored or fraudulently dismissed as thievery from other cultures--being injected like mind-numbing psychiatric drugs into children's brains?

Behold passages from the conference's "Youth Action Project" page:

Students will SEE and be fully aware of the multiple manifestations of white supremacy, white privilege, and other forms of oppression.

• Students will have the courage and confidence to NAME white supremacy, white privilege, and other forms of oppression.
• Students will ACT by taking effective, creative, and urgent measures to dismantle white supremacy, white privilege, and other forms of oppression.
• Students will PROCEED as leaders, planting ongoing seeds of change.

Apparently teaching students to READ and WRITE and ADD and SUBTRACT are no longer priorities. No, you have to constantly teach them--at least the white ones--not to be racist, which tends to undermine the oft-parroted canard that children need to be taught TO be racist.

So which one is it? If white kids need to be bitch-slapped from grades one through sixteen with the idea that white "racism" is bad, that would suggest they'd fall back into instinctual tribalism the moment you quit browbeating them. Your tirelessly aggressive indoctrination schemes imply a deep-seated insecurity about whether your beliefs are natural or have to be force-fed through tireless governmental, corporate, media, and religious brainwashing.

pack-your-bags.-we.jpgThe only good idea that seemed to emerge from this farcical pink-pig hog-sloppin' guilt-fest came via a Tweet from a conference attendee: "maybe we should stop giving black boys to white women teachers."

I think that's a capital idea, especially if the white women teachers are the typical self-loathing breed so prevalent these days--and by that I mean they hate the "white" part of themselves rather than the "female" part. I don't even think you need to set any new policies to make this a reality. If you keep pounding the idea that "whiteness = evil" into the skulls of the nation's increasingly nonwhite student population, those melanin-rich young'uns will eventually demand that white men and women stop teaching them altogether. Purely by delicious accident, white teachers will wind up softly erasing themselves like so much chalk from the blackboard.


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First Comment by Bruce:

Your readers might enjoy this well-researched little booklet titled Who Brought the Slaves to America.

 The captains of the ships were Protestants, but the owners of the slave ships and auction houses were wealthy Jews. Most of the slaves were purchased by plantation owners who were all Jews and Freemasons. I think it's safe to say that 99.99 percent of people of European ancestry have no negro slavery whatsoever in their family history. In fact, many thousands of white Europeans came to the US as indentured servants, and slavery of the Irish in the Americas was common. I don't doubt that there was brutality, but the Oprah Winfreys and their opportunistic race industry have greatly exaggerated the historical facts. At most, 3,500 Negros were lynched, but a far greater number of white men were lynched, because that was the favored method of execution, and my guess it that most of these men got the justice they deserved.

My ancestors were poor farmers from Mississippi, and no one in my family tree ever owned a slave. These are the facts for most white Americans. Only wealthy people could afford to purchase and care for slaves. Slavery is incompatible with Protestant Christianity. To my knowledge no one in my family has ever done anything to harm a black person. In Mississippi today, many white Christian families have black Christian neighbors, and everyone gets along just fine. Most white Americans don't feel any guilt, instead we have growing feelings of anger and resentment because we are weary of being victimized by the Marxist race industry.

We don't like having our labor taxed to pay for a social welfare industry that encourages and increases poverty, crime and immorality in a growing population of barbarians. We don't like the knock out game and all the other sick perversions that come from this gangster culture. We don't like being crime victims. We can no longer send our children to public schools that have been turned into gang infested prisons. We don't like our political system being subverted by Marxist thugs who get 98 percent of the black vote. We are tired of being blamed for a failed sub-culture that we had no part in creating. The Marxist thugs are driving the US into another civil war.

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Comments for "Disinheriting Whites Using Guilt "

Phil said (May 4, 2014):

I think this anti-white/anti-life campaign has been most successful in poisoning the minds of white women. I see it firsthand while in the dating pool here in Portland, Oregon, a city which could be considered a vanguard of where our culture is headed.

All the women here have dogs, are back in school at around age 30, always talk about "a woman's right to choose" and how we need to "celebrate" anything a gay person does. The most exasperating and crucial aspect is their sheer obliviousness to the larger forces at work that sites like yours document and expose. As the beneficiaries of feminism--spending their entire lives worshiped, supported, and empowered--they don't face life's regular defeats that help develop a healthy sense of skepticism to inquire as to what's going on behind the curtain, who's pulling the levers of power trying to shape future history.

In some ways I think the war is lost, but then it seems as if these things work themselves out: super liberal whites will by the very nature of their beliefs die out because they won't reproduce, while more conservative and religious whites have larger families. Not sure where that leaves non-religious but honorable guys like me, but I guess there's always the threat of some bizarre sci-fi future just around the corner to shake everything up! Neal Stephenson's "The Diamond Age" is a pretty fun rollicking counterpoint to all the dystopian sci-fi out there.

JG said (May 3, 2014):

One of the biggest tragedies of White Anglo American History was the Illuminati led Marxist onslaught against them.

This campaign against white identity came in many forms with the most damaging coming judicially in the 1960's with forced integration.

Also, with the advent of ADC (aid to dependent children ) the black population of America dramatically increased. This was babies for profit. This eliminated family planning and helped create a population of black single mothers. It was also funded primarily by the white public through taxes.

Also the Supreme Court sanctioning of racial quotas against white employers and white workers sabotaged the merit system. This order created a new level of incompetence and discord which helped lead to the "off shoring" of American jobs in countries that don't have those laws.

The final blow to white identity was the promotion of "race mixing" in Hollywood.

It's no longer about who God has joined together but who the NWO Marxists has forced together.
This all was not meant to be and God will be taking his hand on America one day sooner than we think.

Kyle said (May 3, 2014):

Jim is extremely on point with his analysis. The truth is that many young whites growing up in the west are being taught to hate themselves. Statistics show the fertility rates of whites living in western countries are well below replacement level. They are not getting married and they are not having sex. And because of this their nations with lose their homogenous cultural identities.

There was an incident in the top division of Spanish football recently during a match between Villarreal and Barcelona, where a Villarreal fan threw a banana at the black Brazilian player Dani Alves before he took a corner kick, Alves then proceeded to eat the banana and assist two of the three goals that Barcelona scored to comeback and win the game. After the match he said "you just have to ignore these retards" and he thanked the fan albeit sarcastically.

This was a brilliant response in my book, but then after the game a Barcelona teammate of his Neymar, started a social media campaign called #weareallmonkeys after the game, by posting a picture of himself and his white son eating bananas, High profile personalities in the footballing world followed suit. The fan in question Dani Campayo was subsequently banned from the stadium for life, and arrested by the police( a little harsh I think).

His fellow Spaniards have come out in support of him. And to to tell the truth they are 100% right, if you read the comment you can see how the Illuminati has brainwashed everyone with their definition of "diversity" and "racism"

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