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Edward Snowden Proves "Education" is Spiritual Suicide

May 30, 2014

Screen-Shot-2014-05-27-at-3.39.30-PM.pngLeft, It takes a highschool dropout like Edward Snowden to model citizenship.

"None of my kids, nor any of theirs, all home schooled,
are fooled by the kept media, government or academia."

by Tony Blizzard

Edward Snowden probably has no idea which of his remarks gave us the best reason to accept him as honest and sincere.

When I read his admission that he had no high school diploma, I realized that this makes him much more likely to be a man of principle.  Reasons follow.

As another man without a high school diploma, I discovered many years ago that the "educated" class is generally not educated at all, it is mis-educated.  The whole purpose of American (perhaps all "western") "higher education" is obviously to bring minds into lock step with "The Agenda."  As a general rule, the less official American education a person has been exposed to, the greater his/her ration of common sense.

The best backing of this concept is the now life work of John Taylor Gatto, once named teacher of the year in NYC and again for New York State.  It was Gatto whose research informed me that American public education is a carbon copy of that first forced on Prussia for the express purpose of re-making the population into happy little spokes in the government wheel.  In American today, it might better be described as the corporate wheel. Not very different as America's governments are totally in the pocket of Wall Street bankers and the monopoly capitalist industries they finance.

jker.jpg(left, John Kerry calls Snowden a traitor. Who do you trust? Snowden or Skull & Bones' John Kerry)

For decades, I have been able to discern within ten minutes of political or economic argument or discussion whether or not my opposite has a college degree. 

A college grad with establishment arguments and beliefs will generally show a mind closed up tight AGAINST common sense but absolutely positive of those implanted, usually asinine, totally illogical, political or economic beliefs.  Always flowing with "The Agenda" but without the person having a clue even that an agenda exists.  In fact, those you inform of it tend to laugh at your supposed gullibility, which they should actually aim at themselves.

In other words, the purpose, the plan, the philosophy, behind American education in general and "higher" education in particular is what Pequita de Shishmareff  (L. Fry of "Waters Flowing Eastward" and others) labeled it for me when I was a young man - PLANNED IGNORANCE.  Parents would agree to that description instantly except that most of them, too, have been so victimized.

That was roughly half a century ago.  Today it is still planned ignorance, but once the mind has been emptied of any worthwhile knowledge it is now reloaded with "politically correct" lies. Mostly, at least in the school grades, it is done through high sounding but meaningless (or hidden meaning) buzz words and phrases.  You can see it now in small children who often react like one would expect of the past soviet Young Pioneers to these "buzzes" with highly encouraged emotional stupidity, like cattle being turned into a pen in mutual fear.  And most of the direction of the manipulated emotions surplanting rational thought are toward the reactors' own eventual destruction.

In spite of many with good intentions, there is no "correcting" this default of American mis-education, especially by throwing even more money at it.  There is only one rational answer, home schooling.

Without either a diploma or a wife, I home schooled as much as possible my own children when it was a jail-able offense, moving often yearly in the process.  None of my kids, nor any of theirs, all home schooled, are fooled by the kept media, government or academia.  In fact, they now supply me with information missed.  My great-grandchildren, as they reach school age, will also be home schooled.  And neither will they be fooled.

How about you?  Think of many more Edward Snowdens and many less constantly lying John Kerry's. 

Or any other establishment "leader" you wish to substitute.  There is no secret formula to home schooling.  With today's Internet it is beyond simple.  And as a happy plus, home schooled children are recognized everywhere as having proper attitudes for children, not bratty rebellion that comes universally within the government houses of horror.

Makow comment:
The only thing that makes me wonder about Snowden is his public acceptance of the official stories about 9-11 and the Boston Marathon "terror attacks" etc.  He must know they were US state terrorism. Does he pretend to accept them to make his point that NSA surveillance doesn't achieve its stated goal? Or is he part of some wider Illuminati agenda?

---I'd be interested in how the new "common core" curriculum fits into Tony's argument.

Jon Rappaport raises many unanswered questions about Snowden
First Comment from Peter:

Home-schooling is FAR more likely to produce a mental clone (value system) of a child's parent(s) than a public education is likely to produce a child "brainwashed" with Establishment deliberate misinformation and "negative" values. A parent can easily control what a child sees, hears, reads and learns through home-schooling, suppressing any information which is deemed "undesirable". Home-schooling is a clear preference of religious parents who want to indoctrinate their children with identical values (it usually only works until they grow up).

At least in a public school setting, there can be exposure to different, if contradictory and perhaps "undesirable" information, ideas and values. Most people develop a healthy skepticism of what has been drummed into them during childhood as they mature. Unfortunately, adults all-too-often fall victim to Establishment brainwashing and subliminal suggestions and submission to self-interest, materialism and hedonistic pleasures, often wrapped in the unwholesome cloth of blind "patriotism" and mindless submission to "authority".

The most dangerous mind (to society and self) is one which stops being inquisitive, objective and independent. Of course, once you find the 'treasure" of truth, you can stop searching for it!
Dan replies:
"Home-schooling is FAR more likely to produce a mental clone (value system) of a child's parents."
That's the point of home-schooling.   What's yours?

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Comments for "Edward Snowden Proves "Education" is Spiritual Suicide"

Mariel said (June 1, 2014):

My Ph.D. holding neighbors (His and Hers) home-schooled their kids to avoid them having Ritalin pressed upon them for hyperactivity, which neither child had. The kids then went to public high school and the elder is on her way to an Engineering degree at university.

Many genius-level people rejected college because they could do something more interesting without it. Bill Gates (who went to the same high school as my son) dropped out of college to do something more profitable and interesting. He, of course, became a questionable force in the world, so doing such dropping out is not a sure path to wisdom. I have known college drop outs who have more wisdom than Bill. Stan Deyo for one, several others.

Lots of unanswered surmises in this story. And unwarranted assumptions. But it makes one hell of a point.

Tom said (May 31, 2014):

Yes, John Taylor Gatto is a true American Patriot! The US GOVT INC and their school system is the reason why almost all of America doesn't see what is happening to them, and the one's that do, truly believe they can't lift a finger to do anything to stop it from continuing! When I was a kid in high school I started my research to discover why the overwhelming majority here, regardless of socio-economic status, had absolutely no clue their Constitution clearly stated that every one of us were slaves to, and property of, the US GOVT INC! I believed there had to be one event that almost the entire country has partaken in that was the reason for such ignorance!

If you believe everything this govt says to be true, If you believe we nominate and elect our President, if you believe there's nothing wrong with this school system, if you believe this govt borrows money to fund this country, if you believe this govt hasn't been behind every major war and takeover of countries in this modern era, if you believe it's ok for this govt to take over foreign countries and murder it's people, then you are definitely brainwashed by this very system! Many Succeed From The Depths Of The US GOVT INC school program, But Absolutely Nobody Escapes The Debilitating Affects Of It!

It's time we Declare our Independence from these devils Effective Immediately!! One million people in each state and DC must converge simultaneously on each capitol, kick doors in, remove every criminal posing as our employees, and take back our govts and our America!

Curtis said (May 30, 2014):

Great article! This article points out how the Jews use the Biblical stories of Abraham haggling with God in Genesis: and the “borrowing” of gold and other items by the Hebrews on the way out of Egypt (Exodus), as proof of being “the chosen” of God, superior and so on. It is used as the foundation and justification for the Jewish “acquisition” of possessions by any means especially from the goy.

The irony of this event (of the borrowing of gold and silver and such from the Egyptians) carries this caveat. A short time later the Israelites arrived at Mt. Sinai and Moses went up to talk to God. He was gone for 40 days and the people became restless. In Moses absence the people demanded that Aaron make them a golden calf so they could worship it. The idol was made from the very gold they “borrowed” from the Egyptians! When Moses returned he ordered the calf burnt in the fire, ground it into powder, threw it in the water and made the people drink! Many were killed because of this grave error!

By the time of Christ this thinking was solidly ingrained into the Jewish psyche. By then—possessions—had developed into the measure of a man’s approval before God. The more one had the more right and favor one had with God. The need for “things” had so warped the Jewish thinking that Jesus spent a great deal of time discrediting and demystifying this erroneous belief. Unfortunately he was unsuccessful yet his teaching stands. The Apostle Paul even warned that the love of money is the root of all evil and many people have been destroyed because of this error.

Historically from that time until today the Jews continue to follow the same error by breaking the commandment of thou shalt not covet! Sadly they do not see that if they hadn’t “acquired” the gold from the Egyptians there would have been no golden calf, no idol, no deaths, no displeasure from God, Moses and so on. Riches are most often a curse. To give equal admonition many Christians suffer from the same folly; covetousness is not exclusively a Jewish sin.

JG said (May 30, 2014):

How embarrassing it was a few years ago for the American educational system when the National Spelling Bee champion turned out to be a child from India who was home schooled.

Also, an increasingly number of newly college graduates from our prestigious universities are geographically illiterate. They can't find certain countries on a map let alone some of their own states in America.

A lot of them also don't have a clue when it comes to history either. Can they name you much more than a dozen US Presidents? They can tell you all about the behavioral sciences but they don't have a moral compass to gauge it by.
The 'Massachusetts School of Law Act' from 1647 was implemented in the colonies so that young kids could be taught to read scripture and not be denied a religious education. Also, the universities back then with their cathedral structures were religious educational institutions as well as worldly institutes of higher learning.

Today, very sadly, our new college graduates are "debt slaves" to a degree that there is little or no market for.

Randolph said (May 30, 2014):

Pure evil is introduced to young minds through the school system. Drugs, sex, evolution, materialism, in other words, Satanism. The schools are prisons for the mind. They do not encourage independent thinking. They reward conformity. Look at how rabid they make these kids with their sports programs.

I think getting kids to do exercise is good, but they create levels of unhealthy competitiveness, to the point of arrogance or severe insecurity.
The school pride some of these kids and parents have is sickening.

I would trust Snowden over Kerry any day. I can see the evil oozing from Kerry's pores.

I read a book called "Lies My Teacher Told Me" when I was about 19. It really opened my eyes as to how much the system lies to us. I think the school system exists to extinguish any humanity we have left; the entertainment industry will snuff out another big chunk of it. Thanks for the great articles Henry!

Robert K said (May 30, 2014):

The goal of public education is homogenization of thought, with the ultimate aim of having all selves compromised and lost within collectives.

To provided the illusion of choice, a range of "options" is provided--more or less comprehended by the popular "isms" (anarchism, feminism, socialism, capitalism, positivism, communism, populism, patriotism, etc.)--but they all have the same feature of distorting personality to a collective purpose.

This is very clever psychology, as it is built into human nature to serve a higher purpose, although such idealism usually fades as a result of contact with the "real" (i.e., banker-designed) world.

The true higher purpose is God's will (not someone else's interpretation of that will0, but in this case the service is personal and leads to the emergence of one's unique personality. It should be obvious that I am not referring here to the nostrums of "organized religion".

Integral to this drive for homogenization is the constant MSM portrayal of the unsubmerged personality, the "loner", as inherently a danger to others. Consider the stress placed on the alleged anti-social behavior of the various young people accused of multiple killings in the US and Canada, even when this doesn't accord with the testimony of acquaintances or is likely the result of medical "care"..

John said (May 30, 2014):

Over the last 40 years I have attended college to take courses that were related to my job, but not enough to get a degree. I am reaching 70 and read a book or two a week, mostly history, nonfiction, self help or nature.

Over the years the people who I related to the best were self taught, or were self made in business or readers with a open mind who thought about life. I notice that in the 1960s the media started changing big time; they all kept repeating the same story line, the subject didn’t matter but the message was always the same. It was like living in Germany in the early 1930s, or today, is like living in the USSR in the 1920s or show trials of the 1930s.

My grandmother told me several times as I was growing up that nothing Good goes on forever, or nothing BAD goes on forever. She also said it is the darkest before the morning light shines each day. I know she was right, so we all should help each other every day in whatever way we can. Thank you for your site, it sheds light .


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