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Fritz Springmeier Replies to Critics

May 10, 2014

Fritz Springmeier replies to accusations he retailed other peoples' work,
treats conspiracy as a business and is spreading Illuminati propaganda.

"Because the [Illuminati leaders] respected me, knew I knew them better perhaps than anyone, and that I have integrity, they finally decided to provide me with information on their activities so they can externalize themselves to the public." 

Reference:  Has Fritz Springmeier Been Turned?

By Fritz Springmeier


This is my reply to the false accusations posted about me on Henry's site yesterday. I have no desire to get into any mud throwing contest with Henry, so at some point, if people want to keep throwing mud I will just pray for their forgiveness & walk away. The whole point of all of what I am doing is to serve Christ, and he told us to love our enemies, even ones that were originally friends and stab you in the back.

First, accusation. I am out "on the Conspiracy Con circuit" hustling up money.  I have given nine talks to audiences since I was released from prison. At most of the talks, I brought no books to sell and at the others, I brought very few. Anyone who follows me knows this accusation is baseless and the opposite of the truth. No one has seen me beg for money. I am not out hustling money, and the very term "Conspiracy Con circuit" shows the bias of this article. I am surprised Henry would publish it.  I realize that the author of this slander does not appreciate my material, but I have been posting important info on the Illuminati and their plans and activities almost every day for free for over 2 years. I pass on valuable research that took me time, energy and money to acquire and it is passed on for free every day.

Second accusation. "His best material was actually the knowledge of his Illuminati defector contact Cisco Wheeler." This is an attempt to down play what I have contributed, as if I just used someone else's material. THE TRUTH is that I had done years of research on the Illuminati before meeting Cisco, and that is why she and her Illuminati friends were interested in meeting me. They were programmed multiples & under mind control, and they learned more from me than the other way around. I had already written my Be Wise As Serpents (800 pg. book) before Cisco, which many still continue to believe is my best work on the Illuminati.

 It was my hard work, and willingness to risk all that helped Cisco's system's deeper alters to the point where the parts which knew things could share. Without years of my hard work everyday none of what she shared with me would have seen the light of day. Not only that but I still had to weed out disinfo from her confused parts and improve on what I was learning; so this accuser (Richard Evans) either has no comprehension of what he is blathering about, or is trying to stir up trouble. 

Since putting out three books on Illuminati mind control in the mid '90s, I have continued (w/out Cisco) to come out with more information. I don't know where Evans has been all this time--and I continue to put out high level important information. Even in prison under extenuating circumstances, when the opportunity arose I sent out articles I'd written and cont. to do research. I had an entire yellow legal pad of notes on the connection between the Li Illum. family & the mafia, which a guard seized. Not everyone is as blind as Evans. I continually get thanked for the new high level info and hope that I am providing.

Third claim.
"Springmeier has gone from exposing the Illuminati to disseminating their propaganda." Then Evans & Makow quote materials from my recent posts. The entire answer to this falsehood can't be dealt with in a short article like this, but I will still address this slander. First, one has to take my recent posts & new info in their entire context.  I have recently written articles warning about the Illuminati population reduction, the RFID chip, how the Illum. created Bitcoins, why & how these bankers are being murdered, and the Belgium Dutreaux satanic-pedophile scandal.

When I wrote on this satanic scandal I named lots of names, names which are relatives of the Illuminati hierarchy I am in communication with. Rather than cuddling up to the Illuminati, I have held them accountable for what has been done. As a Christian I am called to love my enemies & do good to those who despitefully use us.

Cyrus the Great was a pagan king dedicated to ruling the known world...yet the Word of God calls him righteous. Non-Christian rulers can do good things, and if non-Christians do good things, just because we are Christians does not mean we should not fairly acknowledge what they have done.

But I note that many "Christians" are haters. As soon as I say anything good about someone in the hierarchy, I am accused of asking people to worship them & promoting their propaganda. I have never asked anyone to worship them. Several haters who call themselves Christians are now saying that.

It is beyond the space limits to begin to explain a long process that has now evolved in a direction that is frankly a surprise to me. In 1991, I began to expose the Van Duyn Illum. family when no one had heard of it. I wrote about the current head of the Illuminati in 1992, but did not know his name. I gained their respect by not fearing them and dialing into focus who they were & what they were doing with greater accuracy than anyone else.

After years of working with such people & studying them, I think I know them better than those who slander me on Henry's site. My volumes of writing speak for themselves. But I am a man of peace & love. I don't hate my enemies.  In 2009, the older leaders of the hierarchy passed the power to the newer generation. The newer generation had a different view of things than the older generation.

They realized that in this age with the Internet, the idea of hiding in the shadows is silly. The agenda already called for an externalization of their hierarchy, and they decided over the last year to take it to new levels. Through a process, because they respected me, knew I knew them better perhaps than anyone, and that I have integrity, they finally decided to provide me with information on their activities so they can externalize themselves to the public.

That does not mean I am their propaganda piece. It means that I think it helps everyone involved for them to be more open. Rather than attacking me for providing important info about the Illuminati, sensible people will be grateful. The haters will cont. to hate. No foundation can be laid except Christ, whose life & teachings are based on love. This is my foundation & I pray yours too.


Fritz replies to my question:

How did he come in contact with Jacob Rothschild?
Henry, the Illuminati did indeed send me the Bilderberg Guest list, links to their official Bilderberg sites (the twitter site), their list of topics to discuss at the Bilderberg meeting, and a pdf file with a WHO book that will be available for attendees at the Bilderberg conference.  For years we had to spy to get this kind of information, and they in turn tried to keep us from getting it. Now, in what I call an Illuminati glasnost, they have elected to pass this information to the public through me.

 I am still the same person as I was before. I am still passing high level info as I have for years. The only difference is that they have elected to be more open. They realize that less secrecy only makes sense, and they have had "externalization of their hierarchy" on their agenda for years. They are just taking the externalization to levels we never thought would happen.
As to how I came to communicate with people at the top of the pyramid, it was a gradual process. It didn't happen at once. I got an email from the hierarchy saying they were watching me and that I really knew very little about them. I figured it was testing me to see my reaction. I agreed with them that I knew very little, and had a lot to learn. It was a test. They would then do things like say they were going to tell Obama such and such, and then I would watch television and realize, wow they are pulling his strings like a puppet.

People don't realize that the elite respect excellence and integrity. For various reasons, I gained their respect. In their second email to me, they said in regards to me that they like to keep their friends close and their enemies even closer. As a man of God, I should fear no evil, and love my enemies.

Why should I not communicate with them? I am not asking anyone to worship them, to trust them, or anything. People are free to evaluate and think for themselves. For me, my goal is to show love and to treat them with respect as everyone should be treated. Treating the top of the pyramid with respect and love seems strange to many people, who would rather I hated them. What will hating them achieve? We are already in deep trouble on this planet. There is plenty of hate directed towards them without me adding to it.  Let's try some positive communication and openness. I really believe that the more openness they have with us the better.
While I base my life on the Word of God, there are also secular writers that recognize the things I am saying. Steven Covey in his The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People says:

Habit 4: Think Win-Win

Genuine feelings for mutually beneficial solutions or agreements in your relationships. Value and respect people by understanding a "win" for all is ultimately a better long-term resolution than if only one person in the situation had got his way.

Habit 5: Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood

Use empathic listening to be genuinely influenced by a person, which compels them to reciprocate the listening and take an open mind to being influenced by you. This creates an atmosphere of caring, and positive problem solving.

When dealing with people in power, it makes sense to do a lot of listening. If people have a problem that I am treating people with power with respect & listening, then the problem is with them. I am fully cognizant of everything I have previously written about the hierarchy since 1990. I have not changed my allegiance or sold out. I have always been dedicated to helping humanity and still am.

Makow comment:

I thank Fritz for this reply but he has been duped. He has lost touch with the scope of the heinous crimes the Illuminati have perpetrated against humanity in the past (imperialism, world wars, cold war, Korea, Vietnam, etc.), a course they continue to follow. I'm thinking of the human cost of recent wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, and now threatening world war with Russia over the Ukraine. I'm thinking of the destruction of marriage and promotion of homosexuality to heterosexuals, promiscuity, satanism and decadence. I refer to their sponsorship of radical Islam worldwide and the fake terror attacks in Newtown and Boston. I'm thinking of NSA surveillance and the descent of Western nations into police states. I refer to the invasion of European-origin nations by migration and the destruction European Christian national heritages in general.

The Illuminati agenda -- Communist world enslavement- has not abated. It is naive to pretend they're good guys who have our interests at heart. This is always their ruse.
Their plan is centuries-old and will not change. There is nothing wrong with hating evil and inveterate evil doers.  "Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword." Matt 10:34 

Richard Evans replies:

"After years of working with such people & studying them, I think I know them better than those who slander me on Henry's site. My volumes of writing speak for themselves. But I am a man of peace & love. I don't hate my enemies.  In 2009, the older leaders of the hierarchy passed the power to the newer generation. The newer generation had a different view of things than the older generation."

Mr. Springmeier, my critique of your latest article has no malice toward you.  Please don't take it personally.   I've always said that 'The Illuminati Formula Used to Create a Total Mind Controlled Slave'  and 'Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula' remain the definitive introductory texts to understanding what the Illuminati and pervasiveness of Simulacra and mind control.   When those books came out America was still full of MKULTRA programming victims running around, nearly all of them still in the various cults and activities used to manage them.  These books enabled many to break their own programming.

We are eternally grateful, and we think of you as a brother.  But I was concerned when I read the article in question.  It's contradictory of all the work that prompted them to frame you and put you in the 'cooler' for eight years.    I think that means you were on the right track.

What about the mind control and Gnostic Luciferianism, Fritz?  Do they now think differently about that too? 

This paradigm they're promoting that the new generation of these families really do want to save the world is in error.   Fritz, their power comes from centuries of blood money.   They are the custodians of the ruined lives of well, billions of human souls.   Now you're telling us they've changed and they're going to do good now? 

I don't "hate" them.  I pray for their conversion.

First Comment from Texe Marrs:

I find the Fritz Springmeier article interesting, but pointless.
The Bible says that Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil.  He rebuked the Jews and He rebuked the devil.  He did not attempt coexistence or understanding.
I, too, have been contacted by the Rothschilds and also by the Knights of Malta.  I was told I had an erroneous conception of Rothschild, and the Knights leader stated that he thought we "could work together."
I did not respond to either party, but have continued to do the mission that God has laid in my heart---to expose their evil works and uphold Jesus as Lord.


Comment from Phil:

In a private email to me today, Fritz suggested that he is "not at liberty to say where " MA-370 is, but it was  "taken down by the Illuminati to prevent a war. The people on board had the ability to start a war and the intentions to start one." 

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Comments for "Fritz Springmeier Replies to Critics "

Sandeep said (May 29, 2014):

I am glad that Mr. Springmeier has written to you to clarify some things he mentioned recently. I am a great fan of his work. I think that people have to be careful how fast they go and make accusations about someone. People didn't even wait for an explanation as to why Mr. Springmeier made those comments on his website. He makes absolute sense from a Christian point of view that you have to love your enemy too.

I find the article from Mr. Evans to be an example of many of those semi-evidencial claims. Others, to me, are those that claim that Putin is a gofer for the NWO based on the premise that he said he 'liked' Kissinger. We simply don't know what is going on between the different camps that are involved. We know that they put a lot of fake smiles in front of us to suggest that everything is just cool between everyone. I personally think that Putin, from a geopolitical stand-point, is a legit leader who has a lot of problems just like any other leader and is (voluntarily or involuntarily) part of the political machine, but I think he is genuine in that he tries to avoid the catastrophe that may be coming soon. Of course he had to have been sugar-coated to get him to the NWOs side by people like Kissinger who, despite being a very evil individual, knows how to do diplomacy.

I used to wonder why the hell, if Putin is legit, is he not exposing the entire drive for a NWO in its detail like you do. I started to reason that there is a mutual assured destruction type of relationship between the different camps, e.g. one dare not expose the other because then the other will be exposed as well. The wars that we see in Syria/Ukraine etc. are just a manifestation of this camp division in my opinion. On some level they are in cahoots (at least to protect their oligarchical power), in many they are not.

Dave said (May 12, 2014):

The rebuttal from Fritz was PC and New-Agey. He charges hate speech, calling "some Christians ... haters"; excerpts a positive-thinking book; and floats ecumenical interfaith peace talks with devil-worshiping war-mongering child-trafficking
mind-crushers in suits.

Mention of Cyrus was apropos, but not for reasons given. The Bible says God Almighty stirred Cyrus to enact a divine decree on Sabbath rest for the covenant land. Cyrus didn't think of it from intrinsic righteousness. 2 Chron 36:22
/ Jer 25:12

As Nehemiah rebuilt Jerusalem, he got an offer for political dialogue from foes. His reply: Why should our work stop to parley with you? (ch 6).

Nehemiah also rebuked his folk for practicing, um, Jewish usury (ch 5). Jesus later used force against Jewish money-changers. The more things change...

Do illuminists want to give us land like Cyrus? Which good deed of theirs compares?

We can dream. When they halt church persecution and forced abortions in China;
violence against Christ in Iraq, Libya, Syria, India, Indonesia, Kuwait, Saudi
Arabia, Israel, and everywhere else; use one accounting ledger, not two per; allow Ten Commandments in schools by parental vote; dismantle DHS;
disarm BLM; undo DEA; confess 9/11; bring the boys home; lift IRS 501(c)(3)
sermon censorship off pastors; and throttle unholywood sewage; why then, perhaps,
we may grow respect for self-appointed rulers.

I sense Fritz wearies of war. His answer is retirement. Fritz, everyone wants
peace. Take some: I grant honorable discharge. You fought long and hard. You saved many. You explained much. You won ground. We are grateful and we love you. Every public truther gets enemy offers. I've heard dozens. It's a playbook

Let illuminati use Obama, YouTube, or broadcast TV. Won't that be popcorn night?

"Hi, we're your secret ruling hierarchy having an externalization party and we propose dialogue. How shall we rule you?" And for sequel, think of UFO disclosure night. "Hi, we're the secret cabal that's lied about space aliens for 75 years.
Today we're telling the truth. Trust us. All we gotta do is rewrite human origins
and fix your religion."

There's hope for psychopaths, but not shy of rebirth, John 8:43-47.

The Rahnameh said (May 12, 2014):

While I have no qualms with you or your site, and indeed enjoy your own writing, one thing Springmeier vomited out in his reply to your first article really bothered me.

He called Cyrus the Great a pagan, fully revealing his lack of competency in worldly matters. Zoroastrianism was the major world religion of Kourosh-e Bozorg's time ("Cyrus" was a relative of his and a different Iranian name altogether. We'll get to that another time).

In addition, Zoroastrian pre-dates Christ, and Judaism, by several millennia. Indeed, it is the oldest monotheistic religion in the world, pre-dating also Akanhaten's one term emulation.

From Zoroastrianism, we get the concepts of good versus evil, the doctrine of free will, and various other artifacts/traditions that slowly morphed into the Abrahamic religions, and today, Western practices.

Finally, I can tell you that Fritz is full of it because I travel to DC and connect with the professionals in the military and intelligence circles, not just write fantasy books and mystify the child molesters, financial terrorists, and plain, disgusting Talmudic bunch that is doing all of this to us.

I hope to write you in a better mood the next time.

Joe said (May 12, 2014):

Henry, as I read Fritz' article, especially where he said: "I gained their respect by not fearing them and dialing into focus who they were & what they were doing with greater accuracy than anyone else."

Respect? Seriously? I admire Christians who love their enemies and would love to see them repent. That statement is based on sheer ego! That he is admired by them, and they decided to bring him into the fold as part of their plan to "externalize" their agenda? Fritz needs to go back to his library and read "The Protocols" again. My first reaction was the famous line by Caesar when he was being stabbed in the back:

Et tu, Brute “Even you, Brutus?” from the play Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare. Caesar utters these words as he is being stabbed to death, having recognized his friend Brutus among the assassins.

Mark said (May 12, 2014):

Baron Rothschild not getting involved in Israeli politics?? Hell, the bloody God-forsaken place is a prepackaged product of their own crisis creation to advance the N.W.O. and make the damned thing the seat of it. They are past masters of using "love thy enemies" and "turn the other cheek" to soften up and neutralize tribes and nations for conquest. And the old Fritz would have known all too well that any supposed "good" to come out of the Father of Lies and the Devil's tricks (like their charitable foundations) can't fail to have a dark and hideous underbelly. Can the Devil be even given a hearing without risking being beguiled by him?

That the bankster Big Wigs are even stooping to engage with the likes of Ben Fulford, Alex Jones, Fritz, ect., is a measure of just how much of a threat they fear the opposition poses. It should be considered a victory of sorts, but no more than theater.

Remember, some of the best controlled opposition factions got to be that way only after doing jail time -- in what's also known as brain washing and mind control facilities.. Take Ghandi and Hitler for example. Even Alex Jones was "roughed up" by cops and "arrested". Also, it's an old con's trick to "get religion" or be even more zealous than they started out. Heck, the guy's scared for his life. Who could blame him for cutting a deal?

BW said (May 12, 2014):

It's just speculation but what if Fritz were microchipped in prison.

This would certainly account for his "change."

Then he asserts the Christian NLP double bind sayinghe loves his enemies which in essence means
he loves Lucifer as much as he loves Christ
hence his new found buddies the Illuminati.

A mind control survivor once said
"Christian programming is the last to go."

Rosie said (May 11, 2014):

We certainly cannot afford to be fooled by this guy, Fritz Springmeier. The very fact that he says, He is respected by the Illuminati and they find him to be a person of integrity, simply means, that he is low down and dirty and not one to be trusted. I mean, aren't we speaking of the devils minions here?

The word of God says, Love our enemies, but it also says, Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. The least trustworthy person is the one that attempts to play both sides of the fence, which is impossible. You cannot serve two masters. He is basically saying that God gave him favor with the enemy to expose them? The bible also says, God does not tempt anyone with evil, nor can God be tempted.

Anyone working so closely with them, is one of them. They are not stupid, but this guy is counting on us to be. Thank you so much for exposing him. I have attempted to learn from him several times. And we all know that Alex Jones is a mess. One really needs discernment while doing this kind of research. If he were really smart, he would realize that saying that Illuminati respects him, says nothing good about him at all. They are pure evil.

Debra said (May 11, 2014):

The problem I have with Springmeier’s position when he states: “… so they can externalize themselves to the public" is that the “Illumined not he” have already been exposed (and rather well) by those seeking Truth, so, why should we listen to them / the un-illumined?

Jesus said know them by their fruits with Matthew 7.

7:16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

7:17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.

Mike P said (May 11, 2014):

The Fritz Springmeier situation can be summed up in two words: Stockholm Syndrome.

The poor guy is just another Patty Hearst.

Michael C said (May 11, 2014):

I was surprised by the story on Fritz. Reading his reply, I thought it was good, but also your comment too. From Fritz, there may be still room for some of these to repent and turn to the living God. Depending on the degree their
allegiance to the devil, they cannot be trusted completely, but Jesus met with Pharisees at times, even dined in their homes, but at other times denounced their sin and behavior. If Fritz stands his ground, and challenges the ones he
has contact with about Christ and the sad fate of their souls, if they do not repent, I do not see it as a bad thing where he stands. But the contact could be deception to lure him, soften him, and paint themselves in a better light,
with no change of heart.

He should communicate that to them. Jesus was not
hateful to those who crucified him, as he hung on the cross, "Father forgive them, they know not what they do." Anyone serving Satan, is deceived, and will suffer a terrible fate, that includes the hierarchy of the Illuminati.
They will live in eternal regret and suffering, hell, as the Bible describes it, " a place of weeping and gnashing of teeth, where the worm dies not."

Everything good is from God, Hell, Satan's place is separated from God, and thus all good, and the Illuminati will find that to be so, if they continue on their chosen path. Their fate, and Satan's plan for the earth is trashed by
God. They can read it in Revelation. It will happen as prophesied.

CG said (May 11, 2014):

Wow! Fritz has sympathy for the devil?

He's a sweet kid. Remember Christ rebuked Satan and his followers the Pharisees at every turn.


p3 ...Out of each 100 gentiles 99 will surely shout "CHRIST ordered us to love even our worst foes ."

Precisely ; that is why we are obliged to prevent the Jews from "doing their lust of murder."* The more we love somebody, the more must we endeavor to cure his criminality.

"I must be cruel only to be kind," Hamlet said.
love and connivance with crimes are different matters.

Would you tell your beloved child : "Go and murder?"

Love the foes of CHRIST, but check their "lust of murder ."...

p4...Why are the Aryans so stupidly blind?
"Whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad ."

And do we not see the mass-madness of the Aryans in the question of the "League of Nations," "World Court," "War on War,"and so forth? Indeed, millions of well-meaning persons in every
Aryan country are working hopelessly, as if pouring water into bottomless barrels, or like squirrels turning their endless wheels .

They imagine that the quantity of their work would recompense for the miserably poor quality . They all ignore CHRIST'S warnings.

Only by checking the Jews' lusts could peace be kept ....

James T said (May 11, 2014):

I personally think, and have thought from the first encounter with his material, that springmeier was "on the wrong side", and this recent turn of events just confirms my original suspicion. I would also be wary of his "work", as frankly, I think it is compromised, and has
been so from the start. I am a person who likes to dig to prove things, and I think folks need to take steps to personally verify what they find, has anyone actually bothered to verify the assertions made in springmeier's books, cover-to-cover? This is not to say that I "hate" springmeier, by the way, but I simply don't trust him or his material. Perhaps someone should quiz him on theology & cosmology and see how much he matches up with the old processian standpoint? Lest we forget, the processians did identify as "christian" most of the time, even to the point of wearing crosses etc.

Doug said (May 11, 2014):

I see nothing wrong with Springmeier collecting a buck for his work. He is probably wrong about most things - he goes deep down into a dark hole. How could anyone be right about most things doing that kind of research ?. I think he is genuine. Sometimes it could be that he is being fooled and he isn't above criticism. I don't think he is being slandered by Henry. The phrase "trust but verify" comes to mind.

I'm glad there are guys like Springmeier out there, and if they can make a buck, good. Their services are valuable even if they do nothing but make people think. There is nothing wrong with making a buck for honest work.

Making people more aware that these dope dealing pedophiles are running the world is a good service. Spread the news to cops and CRA agents so they know who's side they are on.

Tony said (May 11, 2014):

Fritz is constantly quoting love, but Jesus held truth above love, and when dealing with unrepentant satanists like the money changers in the temple....Jesus had nothing but rejection. Fritz has either been fooled (not likely) or he has been beaten into submission...

God, Truth, Liberty, and Peace in that order for any of them to be true and lasting....but according to the bible, Satan will have his time first before being cast into the pit and looking there any doubt it is true ?

CF said (May 11, 2014):

I was not surprised when, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, Springmeier cites Steven Covey.

Covey was a Mormon, who, as a government promoted «top selling author», skilfully mixed truths in with half-truths and outright lies. Along with a handful of other self-help «top selling authors», Covey met with then President Clinton, in the White House. These meetings were extremely utilitarian, as they served both men's agendas.

Clinton's speeches were chock full of Covey-speak, with «Interdependence» (see: globalization via centralized controls) and «Begin with end in mind» (see: the end justifies the means) «liberally» peppered throughout the Slick Willy speeches. The gut wrenchingly bad, made up word, «Proactive», even became the PC word of the decade... Bleech!

Since Covey's death, it seems that the somewhat incriminating details of Presidential Directive-esque meetings (with avidly promoted self-help authors) has been removed from Wikipedia and other sources, and is now harder to dig up. Yet, nothing can really escape capture on the Internet (wink-wink, nod-nod). That fact works both ways. I am sure the details are still somewhere to be found, again.

Anyone who knows the FranklinCovey and Covey published materials thoroughly will EVENTUALLY learn three basic FACTS: 1. Those specific time/life management techniques actually make MOST people LESS effective. 2. It is just one more vehicle to get the «paradigm shift» shifted to where «they» want it. And 3. Underneath it all, it is based on the old satanic, error filled philosophy of 'You too can become God!'

Here is what Covey said (from his own writings) about Evangelicals and Christians outside the Mormon organization:

« To them, the potential is not to become like God, not to have eternal life — that is, to have the kind of life and character that God has, to become perfected as he is — but instead to become his eternal robots, worshipping him in a saved condition throughout all eternity. This rules out the celestial family stewardship, the opportunity to become eternal co-inheritors of all that the Father has, and the eventual opportunity to become like the Father, a god, capable of eternal increase, of spiritual procreation.

The true map, on the other hand, tells us what Elder Lorenzo Snow summarized in his couplet:

‘As man now is, God once was; As God now is, man may become.’


Can you really trust people who put « ® » (for profit) on EVERY commonly used phrase (like, «First things first.»), that have been in common usage since before the Ancient Greeks, or even the Ice Age?

In sum, Springmeier is using government sponsored, NWO minion(s), pop culture, mind controlling authors («influencers») - and their lingo - to spin this new line of BS. Or, perhaps he just wants to join the «Become a god» club. In a world run by such psychopathic megalomaniacs, everything natural and good is inverted, retrograded, and reversed. Thus, their god spells «dog.»

Therefore, I ain't buying.

Steven said (May 11, 2014):

Hi Henry, hope you are well. Perhaps I can "frame" the situation here...

Fritz who has been persecuted for real and not just in (his mind) should now be condemned for speaking to the enemy?

Why stop there.

We should consider Joseph, Governor of all Egypt.
Working for Pharaoh, this Egyptian fellow who has caused so much death and he thinks very highly of him!

MUCH LOVED of God? Minor details, it is just wrong in the eyes of us learned MEN. Crucify him (preferably upside down)

Elijah? Well we know that he spoke to God's enemy the King of Samaria. He also ministered to King Ahab. Communicated with high Priests. Deliver his head up on a platter?

Saul who became Paul? Obvious satanic/Illuminati bloodline, documented homicidal maniac. How should we kill him Lord?

Then there is the ONE who should be crucified for all eternity... JESUS. Because we all know that he ministered to the Pharisees, Chief priests; this one was even in direct contact with SATAN.

We could write many pages of God using His people to deal directly with His enemy. Though it appears that the spirit that killed the Prophets is very much alive. No surprise. But throw in Moses for good measure...I heard a rumor that he is speaking directly to Pharoah..

I would only warn Fritz to ignore the "old man" (EGO) as the Devil is a one trick pony; always working to make YOU feel important. It is God within Fritz that has the integrity they are speaking of. Never forget. God speed.

Tracy said (May 10, 2014):

Just a couple of thoughts on Fritz Springmeier. I read the initial article questioning whether Springmeier had turned, and then today (Saturday) I read his response to it. I found his answers reasonable, and his tone and even his choice of words reminded me of the Fritz that I am so used to.

I have read, and am a huge fan of the "13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati". I could be missing something, but if the families have begun to talk with Fritz and openly seek him out, should he not respond, in order to learn more and share it?

You'll remember that Madame Helena Blavatsky talked again and again about the ' externalization of the heirarchy." I don't think they're seeking to communicate because they want to. I think they are compelled to. They have to tell what they're going to do to us before they do it. All powerful Satanists have to obey this rule ( this also of course, makes them slaves. ) So I guess they figure they should do it through Fritz.

This doesn't mean he or we have to buy any of their baloney about not being wicked, because we know they are. But a conduit of information from them might be helpful for us. We don't have to accept their spin on it.

Finally, I believe we have to remember the enormous contributions Fritz has made to all of us. Most of us would still just be guessing and sputtering in the dark about these families, if it weren't for Fritz and his work. We are wiser and better informed because of the risks he's taken and the sacrifices he's made. We always have to be wary of these illuminists. But Fritz is treading a very difficult path here, and I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt. I owe him that much.

Tyson said (May 10, 2014):

Scriptures advises believers not to slander angels. Since these illuminati may be fallen angels (at least some) in human form, and even if they weren't but beneath them doing their bidding, Fritz is bound to treat even evil with respect. Remember, there is only one that is good (as in the very definition of it) and that is the multiple oneness, the prime creator/savior- "I am that I am".

As a believer in Jesus who admits he still has sin not expelled from him yet, I see absolutely nothing wrong with what Fritz is doing. He has condoned none of their evil actions. When and/or if the time comes (and I am sure it will) when the prime Creator will direct his elect, his people, to stand and do his ultimate judging, then is the time to do so. But one cannot rightly judge correctly until one hears both sides of any story.

JG said (May 10, 2014):

t was believed by some that John McCain's trip to England shortly before the 2008 presidential election was to solicit the House of Rothschild backing for his presidential bid.

If true, how naive it was of McCain to think that the "Obama Psy Op", that had been in the making for years, would suddenly be abandoned by them in favor of their already publicly known stooge. The sad truth of it all is that there are a slew of US politicians waiting in line to do their bidding for them. The "useful idiot" line now forms to the rear.

The American Revolution and the War of 1812 was fought against the House of Rothschild by way of England's military forces. America's Constitution was drawn up to protect itself from being a Rothschild " debt slave state" by reserving the right to coin it's own currency.

How sad and tragic it is that all of this has been lost now and replaced by a patriotism that no longer has a clue what it's fighting or standing for.

Tony B said (May 10, 2014):

If Springmeyer was a Catholic he would not be so biblically confused because a priest, with the knowledge gained from years of studying in the Church Christ created, would have clued him in. These "Illuminati" people are in bed with Satan. Springmeyer needs to understand that Christ had nothing to do with Satan or his followers except to condemn them. After all, what can Satan offer anyone other than what he offered Christ; the whole world. For a real Christian, a follower of Christ, that's not enough. It may satisfy the body but never the soul.

Protestantism, where everyone is his own self-important pope.

Edward said (May 10, 2014):

Wow, interesting to see Fritz Springmeier say the illuminati "respect excellence and integrity". That sounds like someone getting duped. My
experience is that evil always tries to find a weak spot in which to gain entrance into our lives, to gain our trust.... Otherwise I respect Mr. Springmeier's past work.

Personally I try to love my enemies from a distance, but I'm not advanced enough to love them up close. The saying "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer" is a very advanced way to operate which is potentially dangerous or risky for anyone who has blind spots.


Dear Edward

"respect excellence and integrity"

This is why they have fostered mediocre opportunists for centuries. Look at our politicians, writers, etc.


Bert said (May 10, 2014):

I agree with you -- Like most Illuminati "reporters" Springmeyer is being used and doesn't even know it. He calls it "integrity." What a joke. In his response, it's all about himself, without the first thought about the children whose lives and families are being destroyed, let alone the other life forms, which I believe may be equally sentient (if not more).

Springmeyer is right about one thing, if only indirectly. Their lower level agentura have become so desperately incompetent, they may as well throw open the history books, while they send out "Christian" proselytizers barking "love your enemies."

That may be good advice -- it's ok for ME to love MY enemies. But Springmeyer asks me to believe we should stand still and love the criminals who are trafficking in drugs while they are raping and murdering the children in our neighborhoods -- in fact children, families and animals all around the world.

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