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Has Fritz Springmeier Been Turned?

May 8, 2014

fritz1.jpg( Fritz Springmeier present, left, and past, right)
The question is inspired by a recent post
by Fritz which presents the Rothschilds
 in a favorable light and contradicts his previous writing. 
Springmeier has gone from exposing the Illuminati
to disseminating their propaganda.

Fritz quotes Illuminati honcho William C Van Duyn as combating terrorism.  The Illuminati organizes and finances terrorism.

by Richard Evans

Fritz Springmeier claims on his website that he has contact with Jacob Rothschild whom he makes sound reasonable and sweet. 

He writes:  This post shares some recent info discussed in communication between me & some Illuminati kingpins. We were all born with 2 ears & one mouth, suggesting that humans were designed to listen more than talk! There are two sides to a door, & two sides to a marriage. What did I learn when I communicated with these kingpins??

Jacob_Rothschild_2014-04-08_23-53.jpg(left, the fourth Baron Rothschild, Jacob Charles)

The head of the Rothschild family today is a Baron. He requested that I simply call him Charles or Jacob. I hear he has been a peacemaker within his family. While he prefers not to be addressed with his title, even without the title, he has a longer name than most of us: Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild. When I asked him what we can do to bring accountability to our leaders he basically answered that "sadly...power corrupts", and that "if you take a corrupt person in power & replace [him] with a fair & just person, sooner or later they also will become swallowed in corruption." In other words, accountability is an ongoing issue that can't be resolved once and for all. When asked what the Rothschild goals were for Israel, he said that neither he nor "my Family" involve themselves in Israeli politics. He also said, "Judaism is our religion, our belief, our life." I understand this to mean, that while Israel is important to him & his family, he is not involved in running the nation.

I don't trust Fritz Springmeier, especially since prison.   His best material was actually the knowledge of his Illuminati defector contact Cisco Wheeler.

He always came off as not above the occasional hustle if the money got tight.  I do believe he was framed - he's not a criminal.
However, he's come up with nothing new since his books with Wheeler back in the early 1990's.  A year after he was released from jail I saw Alex Jones gave him some publicity and Fritz was back on the "Conspiracy Con" circuit selling his books off a folding table.

What do you do when you lucked onto unprecedented insider information on the Cult that Hijacked the World, but can never get access to that level of information again?

Why is the most powerful Rothschild patriarch in the world even granting Fritz and interview?  

Fritz3 (1).jpg(left, 57 at the time. Is this the same man that went to jail?)

Here's a bit of the "old" Fritz from a 1990's interview:

"The Rothschild secret genealogy that they have secretly written down through the centuries, traces their genealogy back to Nimrod. These people were the ones that controlled the mystery religions. There was a supreme council that sat over all of these mystery religions of the ancient world. They were an extremely powerful priesthood, and they chose to go underground for many years and continue working behind the scenes. But they never left."

"Within the Illuminati the supreme goal is to balance their good deeds with their bad deeds, they are dualists. They are Luciferians at the highest level. That's why your greatest philanthropist will very often be your highest ranking satanist. What they are trying to do with their philanthropy is self serving when you actually look at it. It's not as generous as it appears. They are trying to do good deeds and balance those with their bad deeds, they believe in balance in their religion. It's a gnostic Luciferianism."

Does Fritz now expect us to believe the Rothschild elite are devoutly religious Judaics, that have no interest in Israeli politics?  That's an awfully loaded statement - and Fritz presents it at face value.  

I don't buy it.  Fritz sounds as ingenuous as Ben Fulford in this article.

supcourt.jpg(Left. There's the Baron - second from right. That's the Rothschild patriarchs with the maquet of the Israeli Supreme Court.)

The Rothschilds created the State of Israel.  They own it.  It's just a tool for them.

Thanks to Marcos for the tip!

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First Comment from Matt:

The author of this article is missing an essential piece of information: the fact that the whitewashing of the Illuminati occurred *right after* Fritz outed and exposed William Cornelius Van Duyn as the head of the Illuminati on Facebook (where the posts originate) to almost 10,000 followers. He had also been writing about power of Belgium and its scandals in the 90's. It was only after this that the nature of his posts changed to what the Illuminati would like us to believe and I sincerely believe Fritz was coerced into doing this as it totally is a 180 from his previous work. Fritz isn't out to deceive anyone; he's been persecuted throughout the years in different ways and he pissed them off again with this one.

I think they are feeding him their own info to disseminate to his readers.  Some of these people (including Jacob Rothschild) actually 'liked' one of his posts on facebook. They're watching the readers responses I assume.

This was the first time he mentioned Van Duyn.

This is the second time Fritz mentioned WC Van Duyn.

See Fritz's reply Saturday

Makow: On his website, Fritz seems to quote Rothschild who glorifies Van Duyn.

 VanDuyn.jpgCharles Jacobus Rothschild also commented on William C. Van Duyn, left, : "William is the most extraordinary man." Also he pointed out that he was born in Pauillac, France (1936). What I found interesting is that Hugh Trevor-Roper was his tutor growing up. One final thought from him, he said, "the most thought provoking thing in our time is that we are still not thinking."

William Van Duyn, who stays constantly busy, has been using the age-old tactic of the carrot-&-stick approach to influence the world. THE STICK. At times he has to meet with the head of "the Bureau" who runs about 50 assassins to insure that high level criminals will not walk free, even if they beat the court system. He does not mind that I report this. This limited vigilante system is in the process of expanding worldwide. My impression is that he'd like corrupt people in high places to think about how they act.

THE CARROT. On the carrot side, he has created the Van Duyn Foundation, based at 9490 Vaduz, Lichtenstein.

Here are excerpts from Mr. Van Duyn's recent speech at Interlaken, Switz. "Your Excellencies, Ladies & Gentlemen, I would like to thank the Swiss Foreign Minister & OSCE Chairperson... Officer Didier Burkhalter for inviting me to this important conference. I admire the hard work of the OSCE, with its comprehensive approach to security linking politico-military, economic and environmental and human rights objectives. It was well-placed to assist participating States in preventing and combating terrorism,....I say that terrorism represented [sic, in text sent me, he probably said "represents"] a threat common to all OSCE participating States. I also add that counter-terrorism strategies can only deliver sustainable results if they are implemented in legal, transparent, and accountable ways. Please let me reaffirm to you that the absolute respect of all obligations under international law is a priority in the World's fight against terrorism. I would like to put the topic of kidnapping for ransom on the agenda, as such kidnappings have become an important source of terrorist financing. Making the case for a no-ransom policy,

Therefore I like to provide you some information on its respective approach, based on three pillars:
1) prevention, in order to dissuade different citizens from travelling in areas with a high risk of kidnapping;
2) increasing the number of countries that adhere to a no-ransom payment policy;
3) intensifying international co-operation on specific kidnapping cases in order to obtain the safe and secure release of hostages.

....In 2013, 120 000 children disappeared or get kidnapped all around the world. ...children get kidnapped for prostitution... the terrorists are financing their evil attacks against American civilization. In Asia, more specific in the Philippines, children get kidnapped for financial reasons. South America and Mexico are using young kidnapped recruiters (age between 12 and 20) to fight for the Drug Barons and to activate a drug war....
Today, I wish to encourage a discussion on measures that should be taken to prevent and limit this phenomenon and on how the OSCE can support participating States in this regard. Thank you. May God bless you.

This has been a short report on what these leaders are saying & thinking. This is posted with the kind permission of Charles Rothschild. In a totally unrelated note, since I have been exposing the growing power of China, the Chinese have begun preliminary work to build another canal similar to the Panama Canal across Nicaragua. They have already have agreements w/ Nicaragua & Ortega. Have a great day.


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Comments for "Has Fritz Springmeier Been Turned? "

Mike said (May 9, 2014):

Hello Mr. Makow . I do believe " SOMEONE MADE HIM AN OFFER HE COULD NOT REFUSE !!! "

Jim Perloff said (May 9, 2014):

Oh, come on, Henry, nobody’s getting “turned.” Me, I would NEVER stoop to that.

By the way, Henry, I think we’ve been too hard on David Rockefeller—I think it’s time we started toning it down. After all, boys will be boys, right? And what’s all this fuss about these so-called “chemtrails”? And by the way, Henry, isn’t that Miley Cyrus a real doll? Hubba-hubba!



I knew we could count on you.


Marcos said (May 9, 2014):

It is terribly difficult for anyone who is inside a satanic cult to defect. Remember their own Amschel Rothschild, who was "suicided". Add to their pacts of solidarity the persecution from evil spirits, who can easily turn a person crazy, create diseases and accidents. If W. C. Van Duyn really were a nice guy who wanted to change things against the will of his master Satan, he would be dead by now.

Fritz is a person who has been through a lot. He is obsessed with the subject, has been locked up for years and is surrounded by weird people. Check his new friend, the woman who manages his website and tell me she is not creepy. Even though she is a Christian, her message is totally anti-biblical. ​Is she an influence on him? Mercy is not applied to people who are still sacrificing children. They should get justice instead.​

The claims that this is not Fritz are outrageous. I have watched his video and it is him.

Fritz is a vulnerable person and has been against very powerful forces. Let's try to bring him to his senses.

The Illuminati, like the snake they worship, may change its skin, but is the same old serpent inside.

Richard said (May 9, 2014):

Fritz may be a victim of MK himself. I feel he's a mixed bag or double-agent.
He may be sincere but also used.

His info is off. Fritz wrote a book on bloodlines but Doc Marquis says he got
many wrong.

Direct contact from scumlords is a warning light. Nobody just chats with Rockefeller
or Rothschild. Since they OWN publishing, why would they use someone like Fritz
or Fulford? Because we're onto them and our influence grows. They need a con
tailored just for us. Other fronts like Zeitgeist, Thrive, and Occupy trap
the half-awake.

Politeness is a weapon for Luciferians. Psychopaths play your hope like a violin
and see naivete as weakness. It took Carolyn Hamlett some moments to grasp
the visage of Lucifer before her was unholy.

A common trick of psychopaths is a pretense of moral high ground. One of Frtiz's
'fans' -- minders? -- offers the same forgiveness shtick as Benjamin Fulford.

Her vid shows her by the mouth of a garbage can -- inside joke? Here's my forgiveness
offer to Rothschild: forgive national debts. You love Judaism, you say? Then give the world a Torah jubilee write off.

Satanist and masonic rituals incorporate denial of Jesus Christ. Doc Marquis
was a generational Illuminist witch who now wastes no words proclaiming Jesus
Christ. He exhorts Christians to fight with all their might. Fritz is too PC.

Fritz isn't tracking down targets in good investigative style like Barry Chamish
or Constance Cumbey. They tell you who's doing what to whom. You can download "Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow" from Cumbey unmasks all the fronts and phonies.

By his own story, Fritz was not inside. His data comes second-hand from mind-wiped victims. Doc's info is first-hand. Inter alia, Doc recently told how illuminists plan to cover up the Rapture of the Church. He said emphatically that they
can and will do it.

Bruce said (May 8, 2014):

I’ll begin with what I think I know. Fritz has never been seen or photographed without a beard. He has used multiple aliases. He professes to be a devout Christian who has made it his life’s work to expose the evil Illuminati.

He shares large amounts of esoteric information with anyone who will give him an audience. Much of the information he has published was plagiarized from dead authors, and much of it is fiction. He is a convincing speaker with a good memory. He has demonstrated a keen ability to gain people’s trust. He has infiltrated a number of Christian identity groups, including the Army of God. Key members of these groups who have associated with Fritz were arrested and sentenced to lengthy prison sentences. The FBI has a long history of successfully placing undercover agents in organized gangs.

This is what I believe. Fritz is an undercover agent whose specialty is infiltrating Christian identity “domestic terrorist” groups. He has never spent time in prison, and it would be a simple ruse for prison officials to post his name and photo on a prison website and collect his fan mail. He has never talked to a member of the Rothschild family. His has recently changed his cover somewhat to infiltrate some group on the FBI’s target list.

M said (May 8, 2014):

Here's an old interview from ron patton
he interviews marion knox who deprograms mk surviors:


RP: What do you think of _______ (name of individual intentionally withheld), who is regarded as one of the foremost authorities on the Illuminati and mind control and has written several books on the subject matter?

MK: I think he's a double-agent working for the other side [the Illuminati]. ______ never gets to the bottom line of what it takes to get people free of this stuff. He tells a lot of truth but complicates it and leaves a lot of people feeling hopeless and confused... I saw a video of when he spoke at the Prophecy Club about the CIA programming Amish boys for assassinations. He slipped up and almost said, "we" do this and quickly changed it to, "they" referring to the CIA. It seemed to un-nerve him a little bit... He says he's a Christian yet leaves his family and moves in with a MONARCH woman, who he says he's deprogrammed but the reality is she's still being controlled. And this is not just my opinion but also therapists who specialize in MPD or what they now call, DID [Dissociative Identity Disorder]. Some of these experts in the field who have evaluated him during his presentations say that he has the characteristics of a programmer and someone under mind control... He and ______ had gone to a church near Portland [Oregon] telling the pastor they have an Illuminati family in their congregation and would like to talk to them about it. My question is, "How did they know they were Illuminati without even knowing them?". What I think they are trying to do is gain trust by exposing the secrets but even in his book he says the Illuminati put out their secrets and plans up front.

[back when, kathleen sullivan (another mk victim & author of the excellent book 'unshackled') confirmed for me that they were talking about fritz]


i got email from robin de ruiter in 2009 i have his book 'worldwide evil & misery' said he's been working with fritz since early 80s said he did investigations that FS used in his books

also, in book 'behold a white horse' by cisco wheeler she sez (page 219) that she & three other women (mothers of darkness?) provided fritz with detailed histories of the 13 Illuminati families

JG said (May 8, 2014):

Regardless of the source, this article makes a lot of sense.

I really do believe the House of Rothschild maybe only indirectly involved in the affairs of Israel. Also, I don't believe they have any plans of leaving England and setting up shop in Israel either.

The Rothschild Syndicate rules with money more than dialogue or ideology and this is why we often have trouble making sense of it. This would also explain why they fund both sides in war.
Money, power, and control has always been their "end game".

As far as their philanthropy goes it's mostly always institutional with a subdued political motive.

DL said (May 8, 2014):

I noticed the article you had posted today about Fritz Springmeier. I have been in contact for the past two years (in person, by phone and e-mail) with a woman who was satanically ritually abused by Oral Robert’s and a number of other false christian leaders back in the 60’s and early 70’s. She told me of another woman whom she knew that was used in satanic rituals by the most famous evangelist that is still living today.

I wanted to contact her because of my families past association with that evangelist. I talked with the woman on the phone once for about three hours but she was not too free with giving out information. What she did mention to me was that she remembered being in a ritual with F.S. and she was not sure if he was there as a victim or a victimizer. He could have been trained by the illuminati as a programmer and reprogrammer. His knowledge about the whole topic is a little suspect as to the real reason behind his knowledge.

His IQ seems to be off the charts and he also has a military background. This woman was also supposedly in a satanic ritual with Rick Warren’s father. (Purpose Driven Church / Saddleback churches). Rick is on the CFR and his son recently committed suicide at 27 (Hmmm? the 27 club???). The whole organized church or any 501C3 institutional church is a sham.

They are all wolves in sheeps clothing - hirelings. The real LAMBS are hidden and not connected. Enjoy reading many of your articles - especially the ones confronting the synagogue of satan Jews.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at