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The Illuminati's Charm Offensive

May 12, 2014

david-de-rothschild.jpg(left, David de Rothschild sailed around the world in a catamaran
made of plastic bottles. The new generation of banksters are our friends and
want to save the planet.)

The Illuminati believe perception is reality.
Thus, they must take their Deception to the internet.

"There is an old fable about putting a goat in the living room. Soon, the stink will be so bad that people will pay you to remove the foul beast and forget you were the one who brought it in the first place."


We don't know for sure if Fritz Springmeier is being scammed, but his recent declarations that the Illuminati want to lead us to an age of peace and prosperity as Plato's philosopher kings may reflect a new strategy.

Since the advent of the web, millions of people who never knew about conspiracy theories have watched YouTube videos, read articles and forum posts about the heinous crimes of the Illuminati. A response was needed.

The answer is a marketing campaign: the old generation was greedy and materialist, the new generation is open and generous. Let's catch the flies with honey.

They have realized that they must get rid of the image of blood sucking satanic banker ​s and ​be seen as enlightened, spiritually developed gnostic beings who will pave the way to the reign of peace of the antichrist.

 Satan is working on many fronts to give us the impression that his antichrist will get rid of the evil banking system, imperialism, the industrial-military complex and all bogeymen he himself created, in order to enact a spiritual age of love and peace, guided by his enlightened beings of light, benevolent aliens or ascended masters.

Think about the ecology freak, baby Illuminati David de Rothschild and his media coups, like the use of a recycled plastic bottle boat as a public relations stunt to push his eco-warrior image.

The Rothschilds, narcissists by nature, have always loved the spotlight, in the way of fine wines from James Mayer or car races by Victor. They allegedly have given 50,000 works of art to museums. Their minions Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have surprised the world by giving away tens of billions of dollars. How not to love such benevolent rulers?

Since they believe in the gnostic concept of moral balance, they have no problem giving away US$ 10 MM to a Children's Hospital the day following a ritual with human sacrifice. Of course, the public will only hear about the good action. We should expect many more such deeds in the near future.


Alice Bailey, the head of the gnostic Theosophy, showed that the actions taken by the Illuminati today were never an idea of a new generation, as they want us to believe. They had been carefully planned and dictated by an ascended master (demonic fallen angel) in the book "Externalization of the Hierarchy" (1919), specifically in the section "Stages in the Externalization":

"The old rituals must be revived and brought up to date (in the esoteric sense of the word) and the religious students of the world must be graduated into a higher school, given the occult interpretations, and taught that, after all, the truth has been present all the time, but hidden and misinterpreted."

"It is surely easier to swing the masses into step and give them the newer light of truth if that light is poured on to familiar ground."

"...the truth must be stepped down and adapted in such a way that the advanced minds, the inquiring minds, and the reactionary masses may have opportunity proffered them, to the measure of their receptivity."

All these passages talk about bringing occultism from the inner secret circles to the mass culture and the common folk, in their own language and in a way that is appealing. That's why we see useful idiots like Madonna and Lady Gaga in the music industry displaying the Illuminati symbols and hand gestures openly in the last five years. Same in movies, always in a more open way, and even in the fashion industry. Illuminati is now a mainstream word.


There is an old fable about putting a goat in the living room. Soon, the stink will be so bad that people will pay you to remove the foul beast and forget you were the one who brought it in the first place. That's what the Illuminati are doing now. They brought the world to such a decadence that even the most optimist person realizes we are going downhill fast: immorality, gratuitous wars, economic disparity, environment problems...there is no hope in the current system.

Enter the new "Pepsi" generation with solutions for all these evils. Free energy, perhaps, or eternal health by DNA modification? Their solutions might work, if only we get rid of old notions like sovereignty, gun rights and organized religion. We must embrace the global gnostic faith, follow our leaders, and everything will be alright.


We know about the Illiminati's oaths of allegiance and stark retribution for betrayal. Members of occult families are often brainwashed and tortured in childhood in order to ensure acquiescence. The deep demonic and psychological strongholds make freedom, apart from divine intervention, almost impossible.

Just remember Amschel Rothschild, the non-compliant Illuminati heir who was conveniently suicided in 1996 in Paris, or names throughout history like Lincoln, Kennedy, Sadat, Bill Cooper and so many others, who died after becoming a nuisance for the group.

The key to understanding the Illuminati is to know that they are more than a group interested in political and economic power. They have a spiritual demonic structure that is subordinated to Satan and his hierarchy.

Even if a generation were to change their thinking, Satan never changes. If they disobey their master, they would be eliminated and substituted by more compliant people.

We can be absolutely sure that the Illuminati are following Satan's directions to the letter, and their objective is to gain acceptance to their coming murderous and dictatorial world leader, called the antichrist by the Christians.

A coming short period of peace is possibly in the plan, and after that the knot in the rope will be tightened. Total crisis is not in their plans, because  suffering usually make people turn to God.

The Illuminati, like the snake they worship, may change its skin, but it is still the same old lying serpent inside.


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Comments for "The Illuminati's Charm Offensive "

Tom said (May 13, 2014):

I have seen many teenagers and young adults alike wearing Illuminati apparel and using the name brand as avatars and signatures all over the net! My 23 year old niece uses the name Illuminati as her Facebook moniker. When I asked her why she was using the name, and did she understand who the Illuminati were.Her Dad replied to me, stating that he didn't know I was one of "those"people!!!!


Thanks Tom,

"Those people" = not a lemming?


Magda said (May 12, 2014):

Marcos is correct we are facing a system that promotes immorality, casino capitalism, economic debt slavery, poverty and war. Its tenets are satanic and its means and goals are in obedience to an entity that is anti God and as such is anti human.

What we have learned from activists who have historically fought the system is that you cannot fight it using its means and ends. They realize as Marcos has highlighted the need for leadership and real change. They tapped into this with Mr. Hopey, Changey Obama but the people are onto the bankruptcy of the political system. Now they give us the “eco activists and the social activists that are promoting the wrong kind of medicine. The one that makes you sick when administered. The one that makes you fall into a spiral of embracing the illness and delving into greater immorality.

The truth is that we must alleviate our morals to fight this system.

Here are a few truths:

A) Rugged individualism has made us suffer because it has placed individual rights at the expense of societal/communal rights. There is no compassion for those who they are messing with whether it is the poor, the elderly, collateral damage or the killing of innocents among other casualties. The suffering begins in our homes and extends to the global community.
B) Drugs and alcohol will not help us in our activism, look at the result of the upright aboriginal and Afro-American communities and how they have been for the most part destroyed by the promotion of these methods. Moreover, those destructive lifestyles are currently being extended worldwide

C) Engaging in their debt bearing interest transaction and economic weapons of mass destruction will make us and our progeny SLAVES. Compound interest must be nullified.

We cannot emulate the enemy if we wish to fight them nor can we fall into their program. We need a new kind of activism, a spiritual activism.

JG said (May 12, 2014):

The key that can unlock so many of the mysteries of evil design might be found in the true identity of the Ashkenazi.

St. Paul speaks about a people that are " contray to all men" in the Book of Thessalonians 2:15.
In the Book of John 8:44 Jesus Christ identified a group of people, claiming to be the children of Abraham, as "of their father, the devil".

This might lead one to believe that the Ashkenazis had infiltrated Judaism long before 800 AD. If this was actually who they are referring to here we really don't know for sure.

If they are the reincarnate of the "fallen angels" than a study of DNA could hold some answers.

Don said (May 12, 2014):

the Illuminati "want to lead us as modern Plato philosopher-kings to an age of peace and prosperity...."

Right, with a world population of 500 million in perpetual balance with nature.

Joan said (May 12, 2014):

Thank you again and again Henry and Marcos, for your brilliant ability to find and write the truth. So many lies and deceptions coming from all angles, that it makes one wonder ‘what the hell is going on’, especially when those lies are clothed in goodness. Man though, I wish I had your ability to influence and convince society - when I try to tell family/friends/acquaintances about what really is going on they freak out and call me negative, or blow me off insinuating I have goofy, weird thoughts. I guess the energy and work it takes to change your belief system is too costly for these loved ones.


Thanks Joan

Don't try to convince them... wait for them to recognize the problem and come to you. Or, as Jesus said, don't throw pearls..


Tony B said (May 12, 2014):

Marcos nailed it on this one.

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