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Confirmed - British Rescued Martin Bormann

June 27, 2014

shulman.jpg(left, Journalist Milton Shulman  advised John Ainsworth Davis on the book "Op JB." He left a 70-page account of this collaboration in his autobiography, Marilyn, Hitler & Me, published in 1998.)

Before "James Bond" became a household word, it was the name of the operation that rescued Martin Bormann from Berlin, May 2, 1945.
The mission was led by Ian Fleming and
John Ainsworth Davis, who inspired Fleming's novels.  Ainsworth Davis chronicled this mission in his book
"Op JB" (1996) written under the pseudonym Christopher Creighton. Its authenticity is supported by Milton Shulman's account of their seven-year collaboration.

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"The idea that Churchill should authorize such a preposterous operation simply beggars belief. I cannot believe Churchill would have risked alienating our allies by secretly protecting someone as senior as Bormann, while every effort was being made to apprehend other war criminals." - Richard Overy, Professor of Modern History, King's College, London

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Professor Overy's reaction was typical of the skepticism that greeted John Ainsworth-Davis' book, "Op JB" both before and after it was published in 1996.  Martin Bormann was not just a "senior" Nazi. He was second only to Hitler. He controlled the Nazi Party machine. He controlled the money. Moreover, he promoted the "Final Solution" that led to the deaths of millions of Jews.

The idea that this man could have been a British agent was more than many people could bear.

Even more puzzling, "Op JB" was released by a major establishment publisher, Simon and Schuster. How could this be?

Milton Shulman
(1913-2004) was the drama critic for the London Evening Standard for 38 years. During the war, he served with military intelligence profiling the Wehrmacht Order of Battle.  In 1989, after writing about his wartime experience, he received a letter from "Christopher Creighton." This began a seven-year collaboration which finally led to the publication of "Op JB" in 1996. Shulman's detailed 70-page account ("Martin Bormann and Nazi Gold") in his autobiography answers many questions about this, the most controversial and revealing book of World War Two.

At least three major publishers optioned the book and reneged before Simon and Schuster bought the rights at an auction for about $250,000. 

In 1983, the German Daily, Stern, had paid $6 million for Hitler's Diary, which turned out to be a hoax. The editors concerned were fired and Professor Hugh Trevor Roper, who had endorsed the Diary, was humiliated. Because of fear that Creighton was also a hoaxer, he was made to run a gauntlet of interrogations on numerous occasions by wary publishers. Shulman writes:

"Whatever Creighton described --whether it was a travelling route, a conversation... a piece of complex technical equipment like infra-red instruments...minute facts were provided to justify authenticity. In seven years of monitoring [Creighton's] accounts, I found an astonishing consistency about these myriad details, and under questioning by numerous experts, he rarely wavered." (p. 126)

Creighton produced letters from Churchill, Ian Fleming and Lord Mountbatten (all dead by then) confirming the authenticity of the operation. Mountbatten sent him a Memorandum listing all the personnel that took part and confirming Creighton and Fleming "escorted Martin Bormann out of the bunker and made your escape downstream on the rivers Spree and Havel, arriving on the West Bank of the Elbe to the safety of Allied forces there on May 11th..." (p.133) 

When the publishers questioned the authenticity of these letters, Creighton produced an affidavit from "Susan Kemp," the Third in Command of the Operation, and finally, she appeared before the publishers in person. "Not only had Susan Kemp been third in command in the kayaks bringing Bormann to Potsdam, but she was also Bormann's Intelligence Control when he arrived in England and eventually she took over Morton's position as head of M Section." (155) 

When the book finally appeared, the critical reception was "horrendous." No one could believe that "such a childish fantasy was fact" nor understand how a reputable publisher like Simon and Schuster could issue "such a farrago of nonsense." (160) Yet, when Creighton offered a reward of $30,000 to anyone who could debunk the story, no one tried.

In spite of the critical reaction, the book sold about a million copies worldwide, but no film was made. It seems likely that MI-6 orchestrated the campaign to discredit the book. Another book claiming Bormann had died in Berlin appeared at exactly the same time, and before that, MI-6 had produced a Bormann who was then exposed as a hoax.


Churchill had given Creighton permission to write this story after his death,
"omitting, of course, those matters which you know can never be revealed." 

Churchill may have had a sentimental attachment to someone he, Mountbatten and Morton had sexually exploited as a youth. They may have wanted Creighton to receive his due recognition and reward for his illustrious service to the Illuminati. But mainly, I think they had confidence in the way the story had been spun. Bormann had supposedly agreed to hand over all Nazi assets abroad so they could be returned to their rightful owners in exchange for safe escort to England and protection and security as a British immigrant. (133)

We know in reality that the loot was not returned, as Creighton and Fleming had been promised. It was kept by the Illuminati, including many Nazis. Shulman writes: "Millions if not billions of German funds were creamed off by the Morton Section (MI-6) and the CIA, with very little left over for the looted victims..." (167)

In England, Bormann was given plastic surgery and a new identity and continued to be what he had always been, an Illuminati agent. He made several trips to South America between 1945 and 1956 where he advanced the Nazi cause. When things got too hot in England in 1956, his alias conveniently died and he moved permanently to Argentina. His health began to fail and he died in Paraguay in February 1959, at age 59.   
"omitting of course those matters which you know can never be revealed." - See more at:

Ainsworth-Davis, who died last November, later wrote a prequel to Op JB which Greg Hallett published in 2012. I read it and found little new insight into the Illuminati.


Although the Nazis didn't know it, they were controlled at the top by the London-based Illuminati Jewish banking cartel. Both Hitler and Bormann were traitors -- the real reason they were rescued after the war. 
It is nonsense to think the Allies needed Bormann's signature to recover treasures looted by the Nazis and stowed in Swiss Banks.

Martin Bormann and Hitler were Illuminati agents. The purpose of the war was to kill the "best of the goyim,"  slaughter enough Jews to justify Israel, destroy German nationalism, and create the UN.

Wars are contrived and orchestrated by the Illuminati to advance the rule of Satan on planet earth. We are literally satanically possessed.

First Comment from CF:

While people may fret over the details, your conclusion fits in perfectly with what Albert Pike stated in a letter to Mazzini, dated August 15, 1871. ~

"The Second World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences between the Fascists and the political Zionists. This war must be brought about so that Nazism is destroyed and that the political Zionism be strong enough to institute a sovereign state of Israel in Palestine. During the Second World War, International Communism must become strong enough in order to balance Christendom, which would be then restrained and held in check until the time when we would need it for the final social cataclysm."

[All this relates to what Pike wrote, also to Mazzini, concerning the set-up and execution of the THIRD global conflict; the one we are entering NOW!}

"The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the "agentur" of the "Illuminati" between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other... ... We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm... "

- [Source: Cmdr. William Guy Carr: Quoted in Satan: Prince of This World.]

Analyze, extrapolate, and the real weapons of these wars (used even before the wars) become clear. Everything and everyone responsible is hidden in plain sight. Believe it, or not.

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Comments for " Confirmed - British Rescued Martin Bormann "

William said (June 29, 2014):

Baloney! The Soviets didn't allow anyone else in Berlin for a long time after the end of the war. Bormann got out with help from "Odessa" and did not go to work for the Brits.

Harry Cooper of Sharkhunters is an expert and he does not agree with your account.

Branko said (June 29, 2014):

So, now we read that the British also rescued Martin Bormann. Some years back I read that British commando troops also rescued Adolf Hitler. I am not sure what to think. Did Bormann and Hitler really need to be rescued by the British side, when in 1945 they had at their disposal the whole of Norway and Denmark, still held by German troops, not to mention Spain and Switzerland, also at their disposal ? In 1945 Germany still had more than 200 operational submarines, using ports both in Germany and Norway.

It is well known that Ian Fleming was a World War Two intelligence officer. One of his operatives was Dushko Popov, a highly capable Serbian national, who worked for British Intelligence. It was in fact Dushko Popovs exploits who gave the basis for Ian Fleming's books on James Bond. As for the actual name 'James Bond', I believe that its the name of an American national, who proposed to Ian Fleming that his name should be used for his 'fictional' hero. Apparently Ian Fleming accepted the offer.

Historians, writers and journalists have always speculated if Adolf Hitler really committed suicide in Berlin in 1945 and if Martin Borman really got killed during the Russian offensive against Berlin. Also, there is the question of Herman Goring, who apparently committed suicide (?) in Nuremberg by, ostensibly, taking poison. Yet many claim that there are reports that all three have been seen in South America.

A time will come when the real truth of what happened between 1933 and 1945 will surface, but that time has not yet arrived. One of the chief questions that needs to be answered is the real identity of Adolf Hitler. Many have noted that Adolf Hitler from the First World War is not the same Adolf Hitler from the Second World War, as there are differences in their facial characteristics. At any rate, I enjoy reading your articles, although I do not always believe what is written.

Debra said (June 29, 2014):

Title should read: “Confirmed - “Traitorous British Jews Rescued Martin Bormann”

Thanks Debra

I would amend that slightly to Illuminati Jews. I'm sure many British Jews would have reservations about rescuing the architect of the holocaust.


Ken Adachi said (June 28, 2014):

Paul Manning's 1981 book, Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile (, made it painfully clear that Bormann was very much alive and wheeling and dealing around the globe. Here's a quote from the book where he's writing checks in 1967::

" Relating information from the FBI’s file on Bormann, Manning writes: “ . . .The file revealed that he had been banking under his own name from his office in Germany in Deutsche Bank of Buenos Aires since 1941; that he held one joint account with the Argentinian dictator Juan Peron, and on August 4, 5 and 14, 1967, had written checks on demand accounts in first National City Bank (Overseas Division) of New York, The Chase Manhattan Bank, and Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co., all cleared through Deutsche Bank of Buenos Aires. . . .”
(Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile, p. 205.).

Bormann didn't need to be rescued by the British. He had more than enough power and resources of his own. Bormann was the number 2 man in Germany. He was far more powerful that SS General Heinrich Mueller who had no trouble at all flying out from the Berlin bunker at night on May 1, 1945 taking off in a small plane from the street and flew directly into Switzerland where he was living comfortably when the OSS/CIA came to him in 1948 and hired in to work for them.

Hitler and Eva Braun didn't die in the bunker either. They both left the bunker on April 22, 1945 and were replaced with stand in doubles. It was the doubles who got married in the bunker on April 30, and not Hitler and Braun. The unburned body that the Russians dug up from the chancellery garden was that of Herr Sillip, a convincing looking double discovered by Heinrich Mueller in 1941. He was first drugged into unconsciousness and then shot square between the eyes (look at the photo). The British Intelligence myth maker Hugh Trevor-Roper said Hitler was shot in the right temple by his own hand.

Here are more details of the Berlin Bunker Snow Job:

Dan said (June 28, 2014):

There's a fallacy in the notion that Bormann and Hitler were 'rescued' for a job well done. Satanist cults don't give gold watches and a pension - They glorify (and expect) their members to commit suicide when they lose power. The high public profile Nazis - Hitler, Goering, Bormann, Himmler, and Goebbels were useless by 1945. Why would Churchill have MI6 murder Himmler, and reward Bormann?

Skull and bone fragments found during city worker excavation of railway near where a witness said Bormann was shot dead by Russians
were tested for DNA against Bormann's living relatives in 1998. The remains were an undeniable match with the family code.
Since then all that's left is 'DNA test denial'.

DNA test closes book on mystery of Martin Bormann.


Thanks Dan

According to Shulman, they dug up Bormann's body in Paraguay and buried it in Berlin.


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