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Worshiping Jews is Racist

June 9, 2014

bachman2bisrael.jpg(Left, Michele Bachmann. Politically Right or Left, our politicians all must be kosher-certified.) 

On Nov 28, 2002, the Norwegian daily newspaper Nationen (Oslo) published an op-ed piece by Christine Mohn attacking Israel Shamir for being an "anti Semite" for criticizing Israel. Shamir issued this 'form reply', "Philo Semitism is Racist," to all Jew worshipers.

The West has been colonized by the Masonic Jewish Central Banking cartel
which wants Israel to be headquarters of its veiled Communist world government. Thus, there's no shortage of Christian Zionist dupes, puppets and traitors who accept the racist "God's Chosen People" ruse and attack critics as "anti Semites." Here, Israel Shamir, a Jew who converted to Christianity, explains why in fact Philo Semitism ( worshiping Jews) is racist.

shamir9.jpgBy Israel Shamir

I do not like philo-Semites, i.e. people choosing to fight anti Semitism, of all ills.

In this world, so full of trouble and real suffering, there is something deeply perverted in persons preferring to protect and support - not the poor, not the refugees, not the oppressed, but the wealthy, influential and well-connected group actively engaged in ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

foxman.jpg(Left. Illuminati Jewish puppet Joseph Biden, who thanked Jewish leaders
for mainstreaming homosexuality, honors ADL's Abe Foxman.)

The chief proponent of this well-endowed movement is an American Jew, the head of ADL, Abe Foxman. Two years ago he was caught taking large sums of money from the super-thief Marc Rich, a crook who cheated American tax-payer and found refuge in Switzerland. For years, Foxman and his organization collected dossiers on people who objected to apartheid and sold them to Mossad and to South Africa of Forster.

They broke into houses, stole documents, run professional surveillance of the left activists in California. Last year, Foxman and ADL were found guilty in the US court of law, and paid millions of dollars to people they intimidated and smeared. Foxman's best chum is Ariel Sharon, the mass murderer of Sabra, Shatila, Kibie and Jenin.

A new book by Gordon Thomas and Martin Dillon, "The Assassination of Robert Maxwell: Israel's Super Spy" confirms the professional philo-Semites have permanent ties with Mossad, the long arm of Israeli apartheid, memorable to you by Lillehammer murders. In brief, the philo-Semites are sleazy guys taking money from sleazy crooks in order to cover up the creeping genocide of Palestinians.

kissmy.jpgIt is not strange, as the very emphasis on "anti-Semitism" is disgustingly racist, as if it were worse than racism against anyone else. People who decry "anti-Semitism," instead of "racism" or "ethnic-prejudice," are actually saying that there is something really special - and particularly bad - about discrimination against this one particular group. In other words, they are racists.

Your average Norwegian does not hesitate to say he dislikes Swedes. Sometimes he corrects himself and says he actually hates Swedes. Older Norwegians freely speak of their hatred to Germans. So do Jews: recent bestseller by a philo-Semite (Daniel) Goldhagen called all Germans 'willing executioners of Hitler'. '

Every Jew must maintain in his heart holy hatred to Germans', quoth Elie Wiesel, another professional philo-Semite. Somehow nobody is worried about these racist statements; Wiesel even received Nobel peace prize from the Norwegian Academy.

harpo.jpg(left, Canadian PM Stephen Harper)

Germans are not excluded. A Jewish scribe, Daniel Pipes, wrote a piece together with a Dane Lars Hedegaard in the Canadian daily National Post (August 27, 2002), published by the Jewish media lord, Israel Asper, a great friend of my country, saying:

"Predominantly Muslim immigrants constitute 5% of the population but consume upwards of 40% of the welfare spending. Muslims are only 4% of Denmark's 5.4 million people but make up a majority of the country's convicted rapists, an especially combustible issue given that practically all the female victims are non-Muslim".

I am not sure one can be more racist than that, even if one includes Der Sturmer. But somehow nobody is worried about it.


The racist talk of anti-Semitism is used to protect Israeli racism. It is amazing that some people still pay attention to it, and their crocodile tears drip into newspapers.

I wonder why the Third Reich did not try to stop the Allied forces by claiming they are led by 'anti-German prejudice'. One imagines Russian soldiers at Stalingrad listen to such a broadcast and drop their weapons in shame.

Or is it only anti-Jewish prejudice that is objectionable? Apparently, it is the case for philo-Semites: the Guardian wrote about the assassinated Dutch racist leader that though he hated Muslims and Arabs, he was not a bad guy, as he liked Jews. Can one be more racist than that?

The piece by Christine Mohn is true to its racist genre. She described me as 'an ethnic Jew who defines himself as a Christian'. Like Adolf Hitler, she thinks 'once a Jew, forever a Jew', baptism notwithstanding, he can only 'define himself as a Christian'. However, non-racists are of different opinion.

A philo-Semite is a potential Jew, as he considers Jews being more equal than other people. A Jew by birth can leave Jewry if he believes in equality of Man as did St Paul, Marx and Trotsky. Here the opinions of the Church and of the Communist party coincide.

Indeed, that was the vision of Abram Leon, a young follower of Trotsky, who perished in Auschwitz in 1944. In his important book, The Jewish Question: Marxist Interpretation. (I am grateful to Noam Chomsky who introduced me to this author), this communist of Jewish origin described the Jews, "people-class", historically attuned to exploitation of others. A man of Jewish origin always could leave 'the Jews' and join mankind, wrote Leon.

But Ms Mohn is totally ignorant of Judaism. She writes: "The phenomenon of "Chosen-ness", as understood in Jewish tradition, has nothing to do with closeness to God or superiority versus non-Jews".

kook.jpgWe can believe her, or we can believe the late Chief Rabbi of Israel, the greatest modern proponent of Judaism, Rabbi Kook, left, who wrote: "The difference between a Jewish soul and souls of non-Jews is greater and deeper than the difference between a human soul and the souls of cattle"

Philo-Semites would like us to speak 'good, or nothing' about Jewishness. But this is the prerogative of the dead. In modern discourse, we freely discuss shortcomings of Islam and Christianity, of capitalism and communism, and indeed, Jewishness should be discussed as well. It is not a racist discourse: leading modern debunkers of Jewishness are people of Jewish origin from Karl Marx to Israel Shahak. It is not a right-wing discourse either: The First International of Marx condemned, after long and lively debate, philo-Semites as well as anti-Semites.

Racists are often nasty and stupid. Indeed, Christine Mohn succeeded in concocting a nasty piece proving her inability to read and understand the text. For instance, she writes, "The most important content in Shamir's political agenda is that Jews are best characterized as Christ-murderers", while I write just an opposite: "There is no collective guilt over many generations. The Jews should not be blamed for killing Christ anymore than French blamed for sending Joan of Arc to the stake."[ii] Her other claims are equally wrong.

To conclude, I  quote an American socialist thinker Dave Kersting: "We should feel offended by this dramatic concern about anti-Semitism - at a time of OPENLY racist horrors against the NON-Jewish population of Palestine, who are suffering from the UNDISGUISED ethnic-supremacy of the Zionists. Disproportionate concern about "anti-Semitism" is a key weapon in the most brazen ACTUAL ethnic violence of our time and place".

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First Comment by JG

Philo-Semitism has been instilled in the hearts and minds of the American public for years by way of Hollywood, MSM, and the "Israel first" churches that are referred to as "Christian Zionists".

What amazes me about these apostate churches is that they will support, defend, and claim alliance to a "non believing" Jew and his nation over a Palestinian Christian and his sufferings. The brotherhood of Christianity is equality in Jesus Christ where racial superiority does not exist. The only ones that are superior are the ones most obedient to Jesus Christ for they are the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Christianity today has been moved backwards to the other side of the cross in an attempt to bring the Old Testament Law  front and center over Jesus Christ and God's plan for salvation to all.

The Law has been fulfilled by the blood of Jesus Christ and we are now under the New Covenant and NOT the Old Covenant.
The Kingdom of Heaven is still being offered for those who wish to have it. But, with the rapture of the Church soon approaching we don't for how long we'll have that chance because the Apocalyptic Age will follow.

It's time we study the designs of righteousness and NOT the designs of evil.

Michael writes:

Once one is on the other side of the fence, the deception surrounding Zionism, Jews and modern Israel, it's amazingly easy to see, that something major is amiss. For me it was the writings of historian Alfred Lilienthal that opened my eyes a few years before he died. A lot could be said, quoting from his revealing 1978 book, "The Zionist Connection" but he said, "the vast majority of Jews in the Diaspora do not believe in Zionist ideology, but out of mistaken religious duty, give it fullest support, bordering on worship to Israel." He quotes Dr. Arnold Toynbe in ,"A Study of History" -"..the prevalence of this worship of collective human power is a calamity, it is a bad religion, because it is the worship of a false god..."

He also refers to Rabbi Jacob Neusner who said: "... I am not devoted to the State of Israel or any other state...I am devoted to my ideals...speaking truth and in doing something for securing justice and equality for all human beings..."

" But devoted to the State? I can well imagine Amos or Isaiah splitting their sides with laughter if somebody had demanded of them to be 'devoted' to the kingdoms of Israel or the Kingdoms of Judah. Hate evil and love good and establish judgment in the gate" (Amos 5:15)....this new doctrine preached as a Jewish duty, is nothing but Jewish seems to me that the majority of my people has left God, and has established an idol in its place, exactly as happened when they were so devoted to the Golden Calf in the desert and they gave away their gold to make it. The name of the modern idol is State of Israel."

Lilienthal goes on to indict Christian leaders in their worship of modern Israel. There is no question the segment of Christian leaders who unquestioningly support modern Zionist Israel are deceived, and need a revelation of the deception upon them.

Comments for "Worshiping Jews is Racist "

Chetsy said (June 10, 2014):

It is never easy to have a discussion on such a touchy subject, but I will try as I think I see some errors (to my way of thinking anyway).

In the passage concerning salvation being from the Jews, Jesus was talking about His very Self as the Messiah and the long years of preparing mankind for His arrival through the Jews. Jesus was not saying to the woman that she would be worshiping the wrong God—what would be the point of that? He was saying that He, the Messiah, would make people free of that.

Since He was talking to a Samaritan woman who worshiped at Mt. Bethel, He was telling her that it wouldn’t matter where the worship would take place: at the Jerusalem temple or anywhere else. God would be worshiped in spirit and truth.
Jesus never let the discussion devolve into anything political. The Palestinians are very poorly treated, but that doesn’t mean it is okay.

In the Old Testament, the lowest of the low were treated better than they by Jewish law.
Mr. Shamir is correct. We are under the New Covenant now. The fact that so many Christians refuse to act like that is to their shame not Christianity.

There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

Mark P said (June 10, 2014):

I read the article and the comment left by Seth (below) and am writing to rebuke his comment. Seth quoted John 4:22, and said that Jesus said 'Salvation is of the Jews', and somehow misconstrued this as exalting the Jews as higher than all others.

He couldn't be more wrong. John 4:22 in most other bible translations is written as 'Salvation is from the Jews". This is also the context intended as it is written in the King James version.

In the surrounding versus (included below), Jesus was telling the woman that she does not understand what she worships, and the hour would come when she would worship the wrong God. That's pretty much the case today.

Seth replies:

Nothing was 'misconstrued'. Whether the verse is translated as
'salvation is of or from the Jews', the point is that Jews are being
designated as having some special superior purpose not found in other
peoples & that non-Jews must perceive this to be 'saved'...thus the
real historical origin & meaning of philo-Semitism..

Marcos said (June 10, 2014):

When the Arabs attacked Israel after the UN mandate, they validated a principle of international law called right of conquest. Had they won, they would have kept all the land for themselves. But since Israel won, they complain. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Carving up Israel makes less sense than giving independence to the Navajos. Palestinians should be assimilated by Israel, with equal rights as citizens. The map in the article makes it look like the land was crawling with Palestinians, when in reality it was a forsaken desert owned by the Ottomans.

Only the naive fail to see that the Palestinians have always been cannon fodder for Israel's neighbors, manipulated in order to destroy the country and used by the globalists as the most blatant example of artificial permanent tension in history.

Seth said (June 9, 2014):

It appears that Christianity itself is the root of philo-Semitism, since the whole foundation of the religion is worshiping a Jew. In
John 4:22, Jesus is recorded as stating that 'salvation is of the Jews'; thus exalting Jews above everyone else.

From studying history it seems Christianity was a devious scheme devised to supplant the autochthonous ethnocentric 'pagan' religions &
supplant them with an alien cosmopolitan creed to facilitate the psycho-social subjection of the gentile masses to the Judeo-cabal oligarchs.

Robert K said (June 9, 2014):

"...leading modern debunkers of Jewishness are people of Jewish origin from Karl Marx to Israel Shahak." Perhaps Zionism is the most extreme and exclusive, and therefore most intractable, form of the "Chosen People" myth, but it exists in many cultures and is pure poison in human relations. It's a common tendency because we naturally incline to think that what is familiar to us is best. It has served as the rationale behind oppression and abuse throughout history.

The empires, the colonialism, the various ethnic mafias, political and economic insiders have all been contaminated by it--as have now, thanks to financing and incitement through the big foundations and secret services, even the formerly "oppressed" groups! The spirit Christ exhibited and taught is the antidote and therefore truly the hope of the world, but even "Christianity" has proven to be susceptible to power-serving myths of superiority and the strife they inevitably generate in the world.

Marxism is patently a variant, the "chosen people" being for Marx "the proletariat", the only class of society meriting rights, in whose purported interests any horror can be theoretically rationalized. Thankfully, robotic production is remedying this particular version of the poison by rapidly rendering obsolete the concept of "the workers", "the proletariat", as the keystone of the economy.

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