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Wedding Cake Ruling Persecutes Christians

June 3, 2014

Gay-Wedding-Cake-973x1024.jpgThe owner of Denver's Masterpiece Cakeshop said Monday he'll no longer sell wedding cakes after the Colorado Civil Rights Commission ruled he discriminated against a gay couple when he refused to sell them a cake. The owner said he feels he is "participating" in the weddings he bakes for.

Why do "gay rights" trump religious rights? "Human rights" are a ruse by Illuminati Jews and Masons to dismantle Christianity, and religion in general. Selectively applied, they are a higher form of discrimination.

Gays who want to marry represent less than a quarter of one percent of the population. The Illuminati Satanists have used this as a pretext to redefine the central institution of Western society.

Marriage is a heterosexual institution. Muslims can't say it's their "human right" to celebrate Passover. Homosexual marriage cannot be equated with heterosexual marriage. Treating different things (i.e. heterosexuals and homosexuals) as if they were the same is how Communists (i.e. Satanists) destroy society.

Just as the Masterpiece Cakeshop in Denver will no longer sell wedding cakes, so the Illuminati want to destroy the institution of marriage altogether.

This is my view. Below, John Stonestreet looks at the pros and cons. What is your view? 

Would Jesus Bake Cakes for Gay Wedding? (Mar 3 2014)

by John Stonestreet

The call for tolerating same-sex marriage has become a demand for compliance. Cases like Masterpiece Cake Shop in Colorado and Elane Huguenin's New Mexico photography business have shown us that "tolerance" ends exactly where the right to say "no" begins. And so people, businesses, and non-profits are forced to choose between their livelihoods and their convictions.

Some fellow Christians are giving this new state of affairs a thumbs-up, including Kirsten Powers, whose fearless stand against abortion I admire, and Skye Jethani, a friend I respect greatly.

They argue that Christians who won't participate in gay "weddings" are "applying Scripture selectively." If you object to baking a cake, shooting photographs or playing music for a ceremony for two men or two women, they say, you should also object to serving anyone with an unbiblical lifestyle. But since no business owner can do a background check on every client's personal life, Powers and Jethani conclude that any religious objections to doing business are illegitimate.

Plus, they say, baking a cake or providing floral arrangements doesn't mean that a Christian is participating in or affirming gay "marriage." They're only conducting business.

Now before I reply, it's important to understand how confused this whole conversation has become, especially with all the noise surrounding the anti-discrimination bills in Kansas and Arizona.

The Kansas bill was very problematic, and unfortunately created enough negative sentiment to defeat the Arizona bill, which did not give anyone the right to refuse to serve gays, members of other faiths or political parties, or even Yankees fans for that matter.

AZ-phillipscake.jpg(left, Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Philips)

And neither the baker in Denver, nor the photographer in New Mexico, nor the florist in Washington refused to serve customers because they were gay. They refused participation in a same-sex wedding.

Every good baker and photographer I know who take their work seriously see themselves as participating in the ceremonies they service, especially weddings. Their cakes adorn the celebration and their pictures document the story. And that's why they object to being forced to participate in same-sex weddings. It's not something they can do in good conscience.

A baker friend of mine told me he turns down cake business all the time because of convictions that have nothing to do with same-sex weddings, like if they're sexually explicit or crude. He wouldn't bake a wedding cake if he knew the couple to be abusive. His faith has shaped his business for over 15 years, so why should he be forced to disconnect his faith from his business now?

Again, if he refused to serve a gay person a cupcake, he's sinning. However, that's not the same as baking a rainbow cake to celebrate gay marriage. It just isn't.

Powers and Jethani are right that Jesus would serve, wash the feet of, and have dinner with a gay person. But that's different than saying that Jesus, the carpenter, would carve an altar for a same-sex wedding with a rainbow on it in place of a cross. He spent time with tax collectors, but He didn't help them steal more.

Theologian Russell Moore makes a strong case for avoiding any involvement with same-sex "weddings." But I'm with Eric Teetsel, there's much more to consider about what constitutes involvement and what doesn't. And there's also another question.

Even if we assume that Jesus would participate in a gay "wedding," does that mean we should force everyone to do it? Stamping out the freedom of those whose consciences differ is still unthinkable. I'd never want a judge to order a bakery owned by someone who identifies as gay or lesbian to be forced to bake a "God hates gays" cake for Westboro Baptist Church. I would defend that baker's right to say no every single time.

We can't shrug off conscientious objections as if religious liberty doesn't matter. As Os Guinness argues in his book "The Global Public Square," religious freedom is essential, not only for Christians or for religious people, but in this deeply polarized society, it's essential for maintaining peace, prosperity, maybe even civilization itself.

Part Two

Threats against religious liberty and freedom of conscience are no longer theoretical--they're real, and they're growing. Just ask Jack Phillips, the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop in Denver, who declined to make a wedding cake for two men who got "married" in Massachusetts.

Phillips said this would violate his Christian beliefs, and there are other shops who would make the cake. But Colorado's new law on civil unions does not provide religious protections for businesses, so Phillips is being hauled before Colorado's Civil Rights Commission. If he loses, he faces fines of up to $500 per case and a year in jail. Phillips' attorney says that forcing him to "choose between his conscience and a paycheck . . . is intolerable."

But that's a choice that same-sex "marriage" is forcing upon those of us with traditional religious beliefs. The once rhetorical question "how will gays getting married affect you?" is being answered all around us.

And the Obama administration is still requiring Catholic charities and other religious institutions to provide their employees with insurance for abortion inducing drugs--or face crippling fines.

Archbishop Charles J. Chaput of Philadelphia says, "The day when Americans could take the Founders' understanding of religious freedom as a given is over. We need to wake up." Chaput is responding to the latest revelations in the IRS scandal. It's not just conservative political groups that were targeted. The Alliance Defending Freedom has released a tape of an IRS agent telling a pro-life Texas group that they can't "force" their religious beliefs on others. How handing out brochures is forcing anything on anyone is not explained.

Also, an IRS employee may have leaked a confidential donor list from the National Organization for Marriage to the pro-"gay marriage" Human Rights Campaign, whose president was named a national co-chair of the Obama campaign.

These donors were subsequently "outed" and harassed by liberal activists. Chaput warns that "the latest IRS ugliness is a hint of the treatment disfavored religious groups may face in the future, if we sleep through the national discussion of religious liberty now."

Congressman Jim McDermott criticized the IRS targeting of conservative groups, but he also blamed the victims. "Each of your groups is highly political," he lectured. "From opposing the President's healthcare reform, to abortion restrictions, to gay marriage, you're all entrenched in some of the most controversial political issues in this country--and with your applications you are asking the American public to pay for that work."

What's the implied message? Think twice before entering the public square if you don't have the proper beliefs. Keep in mind that no so-called "gay-rights" groups have ever been lectured. Such open bigotry is scandalous, really.

The Department of Justice, meanwhile, has released a brochure encouraging its managers to ensure that the lifestyle choices of LGBT employees are not just tolerated, but affirmed. If an LGBT employee "comes out" to a manager, the manager is told: "DON'T [in capital red letters] judge or remain silent." Why? "Because silence will be interpreted as disapproval." Well, if employees can't express disagreement or be silent, the only remaining option is obvious.

So both political and social pressure is growing for Christians to shut up when it comes to public expressions of faith. We're told to "keep it in church."

Again, Makow - Human Rights - A Higher Form of Discrimination

First Comment from Dan:

The homintern is on a roll since their statutory formula achieved traction.  "Pride Month" just started in the States.  I noticed that the twinks that live down the street have put out their gay flag. Last night I had dinner with friends who argued because their daughter is spending all of her time with a 115 lb flamer.  They don't understand it.  The mother favors it because she's thinking "at least he won't make her pregnant".

The girl dropped in to ask for money, because she'd lost her purse. She said when she her gay guy were clubbing the night before, she let him carry her purse. She said he drank too much and kept having to go to the restroom to puke. Later, when she was dropping him off, she asked for her purse, and he said, "OMG! I must have lost it".

I'm streetwise, so I told the parents the truth.  "He's her drug connection. That's the attraction."
The mother said, "well, she did say he used to do a lot of drugs".
I said "ALL the young twinks use drugs when they're clubbing. I shouldn't have to tell you why he spent so much time in the restroom.  Somebody stole her purse while he was giving blow jobs in the stalls."

The mother got mad and left the table.  She's been conditioned by TV shows like "Will and Grace" to think little gay guys are asexual, harmless clowns.

But I digress.  The new battery of 'anti-discrimination' statues caught the cake shop owner off guard.  Score "One" to "Zero" for normal society.

Now it's our turn.  We'll beat this with the same weapon - with statutes that can circumvent theirs.   The baker is entitled to require a non-refundable deposit.  Then make a cake which meets the requirements of a good cake by law, but make it unacceptable to them in some way so that they reject it, and don't get their money back. Maybe have one of the grooms on top of the cake in "the position". If they LIKE the cake and take it, spread the story and photos all over the internet.  We need to draw attention to the BEHAVIORS that the 'anti-discrimination' statutes mean to force us to 'bend over' for.

Comments for " Wedding Cake Ruling Persecutes Christians "

Barry said (June 5, 2014):

I think the word we are looking for is facilitate. As others have pointed out, Jesus would mix with sinners, but would not do anything to facilitate their lifestyle.

Likewise, a confectioner may sell cupcakes to a homosexual couple, but refuse to facilitate their lifestyle by baking a wedding cake. Refusal to bake a cake is called discrimination when in reality it is a refusal to participate. This crucial difference is conveniently glossed over by lawmakers who are deliberately distorting the language to advance the agenda.

Incidentally, family court operatives use the same devious strategy to separate children from loving families, or more commonly, fathers from their children. They are beating us with words, which is why people need to pay a lot more attention to the actual meaning of individual words.

Regarding the homosexual agenda, it appears that an attempt is being made to normalize this perversion and acclimatise the population to the sight of homosexuals making out in public. The promotion of homosexuality also facilitates the depopulation agenda.

Eventually there may be a backlash as society becomes weary of attempts to turn evil into good, and good into evil. Then we will have chaos, another item on the Illuminati agenda which I feel is more important to them.

When civilization becomes chaotic, the masses will demand that something is done, and the elites will offer the solution.

Debra said (June 4, 2014):

What would Jesus do?

He would do like he did with the adulterous woman. If the sodomite/s repented sincerely to stop doing what God described as an abomination (which it is) and never do that again, then his life would be spared. Otherwise, the sodomite would be stoned to death by those in the community like the adulterous woman would have been had she not truly repented.

The story of the adulterous woman did not appear in the original New Testament. It was added much later by powerful people who wanted to get away with committing adultery. If it had happened, Jesus was reported to have said in that story, “Go, and sin no more.”

No ands, ifs, or buts. I really do believe if The Law were in effect (enforced), few if any would be executed because the Deterrence would outweigh the perversion of sodomizing.

As far as washing their feet, I have no doubt he would have after their sincere repentance. Washing the feet though was a demonstration; how we ought to be (to be like him/Jesus).

By the way, the story of the adulterous woman was also about religious leaders that were more interested in trapping Jesus. I suppose he became used to that and even expected it.

Peter G said (June 4, 2014):

I think that there is a big backlash coming for all these deviants and arse bandits from the mainstream of society. The revulsion felt by people generally when these devos start getting on their high horse is becoming palpable. The corrupt judges involved in this ruling should be impaled.

Wade said (June 3, 2014):

I am a white, European, male, heterosexual, conservative, Christian. This puts me at the top of the list of the most discriminated against individuals.

In a free society all citizens should have the freedom of association as is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. This freedom of association is very freely exercised by numerous groups who, for example, only admit black people.

So any intellectually honest person must agree that we have a radiantly glowing double standard all throughout
American society. A person who owns a business or conducts an independent contractor business does not give up his or her right of association under our laws. However judges rule according to political correctness not according to law, and this travesty of justice is even alive and well in the U.S. Supreme Court.

I have seen signs in businesses that say "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone". This is a right...not a privilege that can be taken away by a court. Unfortunately we live in a society that is stunningly corrupt, with runaway lawlessness throughout our courts, our legislatures, our executive branch of government, and our government agencies.

Our Country today would be totally unrecognizable to our founding fathers. I am 69 years old and it is unrecognizable to me also.

Al Thompson said (June 3, 2014):

I don't know why these people take this shit from the "government." Every man and woman as a right to do business even to do business within one's religious beliefs. Just keep baking the wedding cakes, then when they sue again, file a cross-complaint and demand millions of dollars for religious persecution.

Learn how to manipulate the legal system to your own advantage. You don't need to hire expensive lawyers. Learn how to defend yourself against this nonsense. Religious freedom must be vigorously fought for sometimes, so rather than complain about it, people should learn how to fight their own battles effectively.

JG said (June 3, 2014):

This is flat out ACLU court ordered suspension of private business's right to reserve whom they may serve.

Under Marxism there is no more distinction between the state and privately owned entity for they both answer to the Atheist Cheka Courts.
What still is trivial to me remains the question as to why the Gay/Lesbian rights movement has not fallen officially under the umbrella of the Civil Rights Act. It was the Marxists themselves that controlled the Civil Rights Organizations and their leaders and they are also much involved in this one behind the scenes as well. Maybe they feel it would offend the dignity of the Civil Rights movement as a whole but then again this one is not about dignity at all.

Only these demented cultural Marxists have the illogical answers for these questions and it is always entertaining to hear their irrational philosophy. I'm sure they won't let us down.

Richard E said (June 3, 2014):

If homosexuals are refuse service in one store why do they not go to another?? It is very simple but they have an agenda and they want to shove it into everyone's face.

Thanks Richard

Indeed the Illuminati agenda is to make society homo-normative.


Jim said (June 3, 2014):

The opinion piece by John Stonestreet was interesting and I tend to agree with what he says. Forcing people to violate their religious beliefs just because they own a business, in my view, is unconstitutional. But it appears that this thought is losing in courts of law.

Personally, I believe that government should get out of the marriage business. The only thing that the government should do is charge a small fee for recording the marriage for legal reasons such as divorce, inheritance issues, etc. Other than that there is really no reason why a person shouldn't be allowed to marry whomever they wish barring parent/child unions.

That being said, if gays want to solemnize their relationship and pretend that it's on the same level as heterosexual marriages, why not let them live their life of delusion? Most homosexual "marriages" don't last more than five years anyways.

James said (June 3, 2014):

The article on freemasonry is certainly needed, I am suspecting they're "going public" with their recruiting campaigns via the splashing of their occult symbols and whatnot in pop culture etc.
these days. I recall one time I met a mason who seemed to be of some high rank, one of the sorts that wore fancy clothing etc. sure he was
cordial until I shook his hand without the "special shake", he had a complete change of demeanor, recoiled with a look and manner of
disgust as if he had just touched something filthy, and subsequently made haste to leave, without saying anything further. I have only ever
seen such hatred in the eyes of drug abusers and similarly spiritually afflcited people, since that time, which was very telling.

As a side note, you may want to tell commenter Christine that it might be wise to check her memories for missing time etc, there is every
possibility she could have been abused as a "jobie". On the off-chance that there are no discrepancies therein, then she is a part of a
family that are "porch masons", "window dressing" to keep up the reputation of the organization, in two words, "Public Relations".

Also I would like to let other readers know that the royal order of jesters has been caught red handed participating in child sex tourism
in brazil... with the usual canvas that "they're rogue". (see here:
) Also Commenter Christopher may find the relation between romney and a shady group for "trobuled teens" called Aspen Education Group to be particularly interesting, all the stuff that "tranquility bay" and WWASP did (child abuse, sex abuse, etc.), Aspen Education Group
continues to do, and was doing when Romney was with bain capital and giving them cash (See here: ) Of course, I shouldn't have to point out the connection of mormonism to freemasonry. In Reponse to those apologetic commenters saying the
internet tells people the whole story, far from it, just because people can read some select censored "rituals" from places, with the
passwords and secret works excised, does not mean people know the full gamut of what is going on, it is like saying a 50%-80% redacted govt.
document is full disclosure, common sense says it is decidedly not so. (continues)

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