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Jews - The Voodoo View

June 22, 2014

(left, Rabbi transfers sins to chicken)

Frankly, I don't know what to make of this information from a Voodoo initiate but it may be credible. I invite readers to help  us draw conclusions.

Voodoo:  "A Jew is anybody having had for mother, or better still for long-term mistress, a Jewess, or better still, ideally, a sorceress, a witch. "

Jewish store in NYC Sells 100 Voodoo Dolls a Week
"Jew Do Voodoo?"   (Influencing God)

by Francis

Due to the sensitive nature of the matter you are wont to discuss, I feel obliged to provide you with an essential piece of information.  I for one have been instructed from boyhood and initiated within the fold of the Haitian Yoruba religion, more commonly know under the name of Voodoo... 

Voodoo is a dual religion, comprising both a divine and a satanic form, both a religion proper, and a tradition of witchcraft, the latter alone having been generally presented to the modern Westerners through Hollywood movies about zombies and other like phenomena.  Voodoo considers light and darkness to be inseparable, you cannot be initiated into divine things without submitting to tribulations wrought by the sorcerers of the same fold; you cannot grow into a full-patched spiritual malefactor without sacrificing children begotten by luminous priests.  But that is not the matter I want to discuss with you.

The matter I want to inform you about is Jews, and Judaism.  What is a Jew?  We Voodoos have a definition, which happens to be also the very one acknowledged by the present state of Israel.  A Jew is anybody having had for mother, or better still for long-term mistress, a Jewess, or better still, ideally, a sorceress, a witch.  Please take heed : being a male Jew has nothing to do with circumcision, you don't get Jewish by the mere act of having your foreskin removed, however ritually well the Rabbi sucks your dick afterwards : this custom however venerable it is for certain persons is actually due to a late inroad (and travesty) of Christian sacraments (in their abusive forms of course), it entered Judaism at a quite late date.


Being a Jew has nothing to do with believing in one God having elected you and your fold; many Jews never believed in any God but used extensively their very power of being Jews. Being a Jew has nothing to do with practising the prescribed rituals of Judaism as supposedly outlined in the Talmud : this book contains everything and justifies everything and its opposite, and therefore cannot be used as any fulcrum for determining truth or righteousness of any doctrine.

You are born a Jew if your mother happened to be a Jewess, no matter she have cared for your proper circumcision or jewish instruction or not. You become a better Jew still if instead of a Jewish mother, you are under the occult dictatorship of a Jewish mistress you cannot escape from (conversion, or rather initiation to real orthodox Jewry is actually done by accepting a Jewess as a hard mistress despising you the more you consent to be possessed); you are born (or are becoming) an even better Jew if your mother (or mistress) happened to be a witch, no matter she be as white as milk or as black as jet, no matter she be instructed in all philosophies of the world or be so illiterate as not know of the existence of a country named Israel, no matter she be like many other grand witches of distinguished Jewish origin, or have never known of another religion than Voodoo.

 In the Haitian form of Voodoo, those who work on the light side and are eager to gain a knowledge of the kind even Internet will never provide, or get freedom from slavery of all kinds (especially witchcraft) generally undergo sacraments and initiation tests quite similar in name and form to those of medieval catholicism, except for the latin being replaced by African and creole sacred words and the only buildings allowed being huts or caves and the only musical instruments allowed being drums, and those who have received those sacraments consider they can go to a catholic Church too (at least it used to be so before Vatican II,)

Those who work on the dark side and are eager to develop malevolent occult powers such as remote thought control or human sacrifices performed for enrichment undergo initiation processes similar in name and form to those of Judaism.  They also study and speak Hebrew.  A witch, a bokor as we use to say, can beget only Jews, according to our culture at least, but it seems so also in many other ones, like Conrad Black though not a Jew in the ethnical sense was recognized as such by Israel for having occult powers inherited through his Scottish, spook-ridden mother.


But what is a witch?  This rather asks in turn "What is money?".  Money is not something glittering white or yellow and stocked in the tunnels of Fort Knox or elsewhere, the primary reason being that those tunnels are actually empty of any precious metal.  Money is the invisible occult fluid which acknowledged as a debt to a woman arouses her into orgasm.  Please take heed : money is not the fluid arousing the woman as it is given to her, but as it is promised as a debt to her.  A witch, a bokor, in the accurate meaning of the word, is she who having understood and put those facts into practice no longer needs a man in her bed nor to experience orgasm nor to have her material desires fulfilled.  Money is therefore dependent on sexual debt, not on gold, silver or paper or computer core for existence : in Benin, they used to use cowries, but only witches could turn the mere empty cowry shells into currency. 

The witch, when experiencing cold orgasm at the sight of a distant man, is having in her arms an invisible partner called Satan, and a spell ensues that brings financial ill luck to the man viewed with the money difference turning into the witch's invisible bank account.  Satan is also present in all female orgasms generally speaking : even though they are legitimate by the law of the land, they entail indebtedness by the very pleasure they give to the woman and partake of the advent of the march of the world to the new world order nevertheless.  In Africa, mass enslavement occurred by the mere power of unbridled female orgasm once sex was adored as a divine force about 13th century.  The conquest of India by the Moguls and then by the Brits happened thanks first to the planned wide spreading of tantric philosophies.


The Jewish (so to speak) conspiracy you are referring to does exist at a degree of magnitude [neither] you nor the author of the Protocols could imagine, but as long as you don't realize it is first and foremost a female, male-despising thing, you are mistaken, and the hags guffaw as they can move you into any direction of thought and action by their own will.  They are most expert at making good of antisemitism, the more hatred and mistrust they can elicit from you, the more energy they get.  What they like with antisemitism is that only Jewish males are there to bear the insults, generally either the useful idiots who believe in any such thing as a humanistic jewish religion (real jew-witchcraft is opposite to humanity, to faith in God of any kind, and to religion except as a tool to control masses), or the scoundrels that have lost their souls to witches to become billionnaires and walk as living corpses remotely controlled by them.  When things go messy, as they always do from time to time, both the poor useful idiots and the rich zombies are expendable like a snake's skin to be given to the raging populace and the populace falling under the trap is thus further enslaved by the same witches as by any poisonous fruit or drink they are wont to offer.


I have been noticing that with the months passing you are inveighing more and more against the Jews as such, instead of against the Illuminati : beware you might be falling under deeper mind-control through Jewitchcraft.  Never say judaism, the nature of the bond that glue the Jewish entity together is not religious, it is based on the practice of witchcraft for sheer egoistical purposes. 

Non-Jews make a great error in associating Jewry with faith : actually, the way expert Jewitches understand YWHW is an all-powerful but diffuse and will-less occult energy to be commanded to at will to perform operations of object-less seduction and invisible vengeance, quite like Grand Zombi as used by the Voodoo witches, or as described under the name of orgone by Wilhelm Reich, or the various impersonal occult energies referred to by Indian experts of tantra : YHWH is antithetic to the concept of God.  Whereas you surrender your being to God, you use YHWH as mere infinite life-force current to satisfy your whims and needs.  This is not a late deformation and heart-hardening of Judaism by stubborn rejection of Christ, as classical Christian theology implies.  Quite the contrary, Christian influence on the Jewish thing has been its humanistic and progressive facade and the honesty of most of its useful idiots so to speak (Lenin's expression for idealistic communists had been there for millennia to denote idealistic Jews).  This is Jewitchcraft in its original ancient and eternal form.  

You don't need to be circumcised to be Jewish, since women are more more akin to judaism than men.  It is nevertheless your interest to be cut as a male once you have a Jewess above your life, for by cutting your foreskin you start cutting the occult sexual bond you have with your all-devouring Jewish mother : otherwise, without performing something equivalent in pain, you may lose your soul and turn into a mere toy in her hands for the rest of your life, as are most business beasts who turn into money-making or power-grabbing machines for the invisible mothers and witches that agitate them from behind the screen.


Another very big mistake most non-jewish theologians do is likening all Jews, genetically or philosophically, to the ones that crossed the Red Sea and received God's words under Moses' guidance.  Actually, and it is known among many Jews themselves, most Jews of that time never crossed the Red Sea : the ambition of the most part was not to get free but to get rich as scribes and to succeed further in the Egyptian administration they had built from scratch and controlled right from the start : from the point of view of Voodoo, this makes sense. 

As always happens, they had had a period of relative disfavour with a certain regime, and most were just expecting for the return of their halcyon days.  Among the Northern African Jewry, Jews are still traditionally squabbling among themselves : idealists incapable of making money are accused of being mere converts from Northern Europe, not real semites, whereas those idealists retort that the materialists never made it to Sinai.

 In the Memphis Mitzraim Masonic lodge (for Jews and very Jewish-friendly sorcerers) the neophyte is made to unlearn his religion so as to interpret it as mere symbols for practical dealings, and that his best ancestors were cunning enough to remain in Memphis and remotely controlling the idiot ones who crossed the sea.  I have never been among the B'nai B'rith, but they say they have a similar secret teaching regarding their origin and nature.

Our definition of the fact of being Jewish is as far as we can think much more useful : most Jews who succeed in life through chutzpah actually dispose of a kind of acquired momentum of unconscious but vert strong witchcraft powers acquired on the distaff side. 


According to us Voodoos, witches, by practising de-vitalizing disciplines of thought-control, tend to grow pale by comparison with their native hue, and have paler and paler offspring if they get one.  They say that after three generations the offspring is perfectly white, and as a matter of fact many Black women in Haiti go into witchcraft in the hope of passing into the white (and jewish) camp. 

The North African Jews I happened to talk with had similar theories ans stories, except of course for them to be rewarded by their whiteness and the Blacks to be punished for their idolatrous and amorous ways by blackness.  This may sound ludicrous and exaggerated, but I have photographs of perfectly white-blond boys being born out of off-black or brown Haitian families (of the dark side of voodoo) ... and who one adult migrate to the US as Jews.  It must be said that we Voodoos believe in many phenomena, especially as regards bodily transformation, that in other futures exist only for children's fairy tales.  I know of a woman who mastered apnea so well as to live under water for indefinite time like a dolphin. 

You may laugh at those facts as at mere curiosities of life proving nothing, you may likewise laugh at my definition of what is a Jew, but the fact is that the Haitian Jews born by our definition of practising witches and without having had any other formal contact with mainstream judaism (though they are generally interested in cabalistic magic and know some hebrew words for spells) never had any great difficulty in getting accepted as Jews in the world of American coloured Jews or making their Aliya to Israel (generally with the intention of re-migrating as non-Haitians to other western countries).  According to our definitions, the whole white race was formed that way, by witchcraft through the formation of Jews as the most perfect white type.


Is it that the Jews are a wicked sort?  No.  Same thing as voodoo.  Wickedness and goodness are given to them in equal parts for both parts to be played by the same people.  The difference is that in voodoo, the guys on the light side act on a collective, communal basis, as happens in carefree primitive communities generally, and the evil ones take their decisions and perform their misdeeds on an individual, capitalistic basis (generally up high rises in town or in isolated mansions) ; among Jews, the situation is just opposite : remarkably good Jews are non-conformist and never trust too much their community institutions, they prefer to criticize them copiously as prophets, whereas bad ones, for having never severed the umbilical chord from their over-possessive mother, develop no individuality and turn into power and money grabbing appendages of the females controlling them, hence among others the very morbid kind of feminism those kind of Jews have always fostered in
all societies they had taken control of.

First Comment from East LA:

Great article Henry! It has the VERY discomforting ring of truth to it. I would add that I agree with it's author on identifying Judaism (true Judaism) as spiritual condition akin to possession rather than a specific religion or race. I can also bring some third-world knowledge of my own to this discussion . . . .
Basically it originates with Satan's ownership of the earth, as admitted by Christ numerous times. Given that, the patterns of behavior he initiates are very similar throughout his dominion; it is this phenomenon that gave birth, by the process of inductive logic, to the creation of various philosophies about "cycles of time"
Allow me to tell you a story. There was once a desert tribe that was hard on it's luck. They had no status or currency among the civilizations that surrounded them and found themsleves as wanderers without a home. They then received religion and law from a noble warrior-magician who lead them out of their humiliation and in to a promised land where by means of deceit and violence they came to dominance and declared themselves the "chosen people" and reduced their neighbors to perpetually indebted human cattle.
This dominance of others by a hostile minority elite ended with the invasion of countless foreign aliens who destroyed both the chosen people and their world forever. The end.
Now, this story isn't about the Jews; it is about the other chosen people: the Aztec, aka Mexica or "people of the sun" - and the way their history played out in the centuries before the Spanish conquest. My point is that were all the Ashkenazim and Sephardim to be gone forever tomorrow, the Devil still can and will summon a new "Chosen People"  to do his bidding unless and until Christ reclaims this world either through Divine intervention or a truely global awakening in the hearts of men.
PS: The creation and spreading of "American Exceptionalism", a product of anglo-masonic deists, is another example of Satan birthing the "Jewish Impulse" in to a part of the world with few, if any, actual jews in it.

From Dan:

I knew the question "who is a Jew?" is a riddle within an enigma and volumes have been written about it, this article is the most original answer I've seen yet.  I really didn't see this one coming.   I'd like to know a little bit more about the writer - Francis - to put it in context.    There are a number of black groups that claim to be the 'real' Jews.  Francis may belong to a Voodoo sect version of that.   I don't know.  I can't tell.

I've heard lots of stories about voodoo, but nothing like this.  I don't have sufficient knowledge to comment much.   Except to say the link checks out:  the Voodoo High Priestess (Mambo) of New Orleans is an American Jewess of Ukrainian descent, Sallie Ann Glassman.

Certainly the blood sacrifice ritual performed by Mambos and Hasidim look identical.    Voodoo practitioners believe the life force in the blood of the chickens they sacrifice is consumed by spirits they draw down.  They hope in return the spirits (demons) will possess them and give them something in return:  clairvoyance, prophecy, cure an ailment, or give them power.  

That may be sheer coincidence.  Still, I do have a few decades experience with witches in America, and was surprised 30 years ago to notice how many of the prime movers of promotion of Wicca and the feminist occult were and are Jewish, though everybody assumes they're "Celts".  An example is "Starhawk" , famous for 40 years for her leading role in popularizing the Wicca cult and her books on "Celtic Witchcraft".   I was stunned to learn only this year when I looked up her Wiki: "Her mother, Bertha Claire Goldfarb Simos, was a professor of Social work at UCLA. Both her parents were the children of Jewish immigrants from Russia.  In high school she and fellow feminist Christina Hoff Sommers were best friends."  Her real name is Miriam Simos.

Finally, I'll mention that this article brings to mind the novel Falling Angel by William Hjortsberg, (Film adaptation, 'Angelheart', 1985).    It's the most accessible primer on how real Satanism works that I've seen.  Hjortsberg's story seamlessly mixed the occult worlds or New Orleans Voodoo, 'Charismatic' revival, Brooklyn and Manhattan, 1940's and 50's.

If you watch 'Angelheart', be sure to notice how many times Micky Rourke says, "I have a thing about chickens"...


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Comments for " Jews - The Voodoo View"

John said (June 23, 2014):

Dear Henry, that article does not need to be needs to be flushed where it belongs. The guy who wrote it should get a vial of zoloft and a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken. There is plenty such lunatics around every bus depot in America willing to tell you all sorts of crazy stuff. What poppy-cock! Haiti badly needs mental health professionals....lots of them.

Anthony Migchels said (June 23, 2014):

Nice article today.........and I feel quite interesting. I can go a long way with a number of important items that Francis brings up.

Clearly he sees Judaism as a 'spirituality' aimed at ego. And this is a fundamental truth, that Jesus referred to by calling them a Synagogue of Satan. Viewing Judaism as a religion is no good, that's just a total front that explains nothing. To see them as a nation (or race, for those who insist) is already much better. But I think Satanism (magick for ego ends) is really the bottom line.

A major point is his analysis of the Jewish mistress that controls the males. This rings a clear bell: late last year you posted about Jewish men being the most pussy whipped around. The idea of Lloyd Blankfein cowering for his Jewish wife/mom is very telling and I believe in it with a passion.

Matriarchy and Babylon (remember that Babylon is ruled by a whore, not a tyrant) have a clear alliance: the women side with the state to control their men and to gain 'independence' from them (in effect submitting to the State instead of their lawful master). The brutal struggle for power that is going on behind closed doors and which finds most men on the receiving end is real and truly foundational for our current predicament. This is also very close to the story of Lynch and 'the making of a slave', which, to my mind, is a fundamental ingredient of the whole story.

Women represent the earthly force, which is dominant. Men represent the heavenly force, which is in the process of asserting its will, manifesting through more and more God fearing people ('the awakening').

This is yet another nice Orwellian example: the last thing we need is 'women's lib'. What we really need is emanipation of the male, rising above enslavenment through his groin and mother complex.

Joseph said (June 23, 2014):

Since the left hand path has always been around, because the Divine couple Siva and Durga are immortal, it is not so surprising that this left hand path is known all over the world, among many races. So I’m sure the people who were later to be known as ‘Jews’ also had amongst them quite a few who were more interested in worldly desires and the left hand path than to become truly liberated.

I think the way one would define ‘a Jew’ depends on one’s own identity. If you were brought up as a Christian, reading the bible, you would think a Jew is a descendent of Abraham, follows the Ten Commandments and other rules given in the Old Testament / Tenach and seeks liberation, just as they sought liberation out of Egypt and liberation from all sorts of trials, and conquer one’s self.

If one were a Khazarian one would think a Jew should conquer the world. If one were a Zionist one would think a Jew should rule the world (and maybe so by using the left hand path) and certainly not leave it behind.

So discussions about ‘Jews’ actually is futile because different individuals have different definitions of what a ‘Jew’ is. A discussion is only valid if all the parties involved use the same definition.

G said (June 22, 2014):

Holy Shite!! In all my life I don't think I've EVER read anything quite like this. It's earth-shaking, and it feels like a perspective from the very depths of the earth, a place where primitive energies mix with angelic forces and dish up a dose of everything. Reading it, I was at first intrigued, then annoyed, then confused, then outraged. Would elaborate more but I first have to reread it many times. A lot to take in. The calculation of this contrivance is so ancient; it feels like it matured before time itself. And Love was not mentioned, unless you count its stepchild, goodness. Much to consider here, much to consider.

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