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Alex Jones: A Reader's Misgivings

June 13, 2014

alex-jones.jpg The Drudge Report has linked to 244 of his stories in the last two years alone. His Web sites get up to a million visitors a day.
 Last year he earned nearly $7 million, plowing all of it right back into his business.

Alex Jones deserves credit for reaching many people
who otherwise might not know about the conspiracy.
His position on most issues is usually right on.

But a real leader brings people under his tent.
Jones has alienated as many within
the Truth Movement as outside it.

by Sandeep Parwaga

In the past,
I rejected accusations that Jones is false opposition, a Jesuit, a Zionist shill, etc., But as I continued to watch him, I realized that some of the charges may have some validity.

1) Jack Blood worked for Alex Jones for many years. In an impassioned interview, Blood says Jones is a power driven control freak, "not the same an he used to be;""100% fake", a "fascist,"  a "centralizer," and a "wrecker." He says Jones worked with Glenn Beck to sabotage libertarian Debra Medina's campaign for governor in 2010 and helped Rick Perry get the nomination. Blood says Jones is a bully in business and in personal relations. He is disloyal to his associates and eats like a pig.  (See also "Deadline Live - Jack Blood and Callers Expose Alex Jones")  

cenk.jpg2) Alex Jones frequently claims there is 'evidence' to back up his claims when there isn't. For example, when the Young Turks show host Cenk Uygur claimed that he was the number one news show on the web, Alex Jones went ballistic, claiming he was the number one show on the web. In this case, the evidence didn't support his claims. After this embarrassment, he curried favor with the Young Turks.

3)  Alex Jones is a Zionist. Many suspect he is financed by Zionists to keep the focus off of Jews. His wife is Jewish. He calls those who criticize Israel 'weak-minded fools'. Compare him to Michael Rivero who chides Israel for their treatment of the Palestinians, and their espionage against the USA.  Alex Jones, on the contrary, has said Palestine belongs to Israel. Here is another video which proves that Jones is a Zionist shill. has hardly touched the Palestinian issue. In my opinion, it is traitorous for an American to support and defend Israel.

4) His former reporter-contest-winner David Ortiz had some interesting things to say about the Infowars' operation. According to Ortiz, the ironically-named Free Speech Systems LLC, which owns Infowars, is a secretive operation. The exact location of its studio is not known; and the shareholders are secret, like the Fed or Bank of England. Former workers are bound by 'air-tight, lifetime non-disclosure agreements. If anyone says anything unflattering about Jones, he or she risks getting sued. Is Jones hiding something? Ortiz suggests we listen to Jack Blood's comment and trust our intuition regarding Jones. He implies Jones is a fear-monger and warns he will "take the gloves off" if Jones threatens him.

TarpleyWebster110708.gif5) He belittles guests. For example, see his last Webster Tarpley interview. When Tarpley made his case on guns, Ron Paul (who Tarpley criticizes) and big-government, Jones showed his lack of respect for different opinions. Since then, Jones claims that Tarpley won't come on his show because of some issue, never saying what the issue is. To me, it seems quite obvious.

6) Jones' advocacy of questionable individuals, like Charlie Sheen and infomercial fraudster Kevin Trudeau (who was convicted of fraud recently), makes me question his reliability or judgment.

7) His continuous flip-flopping with complete loss of narrative makes me wonder what he is trying to do at times. A good example of this is the 2012 Presidential race. After having demonized the Ron and Rand Paul for their betrayal of the cause, he has become their acolyte again. It looks pretty ridiculous if one demonizes a particular person and then flips around and tells us how great they are.

8)  I listened to Jones' show for the news. Unfortunately, he often makes the show about himself and seems quite narcissistic. To claim he doesn't want to talk about some feud, with Glenn Beck for example, and then talk about it, sometimes for an entire hour, or longer. Who cares, seriously?

piers-morgan-alex-jones_510x280.jpg9) His wild man style of debate discredits the cause. Legendary for this are his appearances on Piers Morgan  and on the BBC where he went into screaming fits, and was extremely disrespectful towards the hosts and the other guest.

10) He has insulted callers on his show with vulgar terms like f*** you and calling them names like "punk,"" stupid twit," and "weakling." ( and ( (This, after he chided Henry Makow seven years ago for saying "the Illuminati don't give a shit." "You can't use that language on air," he scolded.)


I don't think Alex Jones is some sort of agent. Rather, he is a man who has some issues. I think that he has damaged the image of Infowars and the image of those that question the government in general.

We also need to keep in mind that despite his transparency claim, we don't know anything about his business and what is going on behind the scenes.

I was a long-time listener of the Alex Jones Show, but I have lost a lot of respect for him. I'm not saying that Alex Jones is a bad person. He has just gotten worse over the years.

I give him credit for waking me up and having done some good things overall, but I have parted ways with him.


Sandeep Parwaga, 26, is a graduate student in England.  He is also the author of "Diary of a Bilderberg Protester"

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First Comment from Chad:

As a person who hasn't missed not even one day of the Alex Jones show since somewhere around 2007, I'll tell you the show has transformed.  I'm not one of the guys who has listened since the 1990's, however, I've been tuned in long enough to understand his behavior and antics.
What I tell people is, the biggest problem with the "Alex Jones Show" is.. Alex Jones.  He's a hot head, an alpha male, and deathly concerned about his operation.  He's also got a self-made noose around his neck as a result of growing a burgeoning operation.  In order to support his media organization, he has to make the bills and payroll.  That means products must be sold.  You can't employ dozens of people and fly reporters at a moment's notice by setting up a few lemonade stands.  You've got to have satisfactory products and constantly plug them.  Oh well!  That's the nature of the beast.  Get over it!  Ignorant are the people who criticize Alex Jones for having the audacity of making one red cent.  I wish Alex Jones great success so he can keep blasting the megaphone.
Other than that, he's done some dastardly things over the years but again, it has largely to do with his attitude and ego (ref. interaction with Bill Cooper and gun rally).  As mentioned, Alex has done some shameful things in the past but we need to avoid infighting and dragging our brothers down while fighting the enemy.  I don't see him as an agent or shill.  People who make that claim haven't been around the block that long.  Unless, I'm blind to something.  I've been around the military and government long enough to see what's going on and Alex Jones is not off the mark.  He's got the trust of enough people to get good guests on his program.
If he was an NWO agent, he's a sloppy one.  His biggest problem is that he can't keep his mouth shut and lets out operational details while on the air.  Although he's familiar with the military (through friends and family) he hasn't learned the art of keeping a lid on future plans. In addition, a whistleblower could be risking his life while on the air with Alex.  Through sloppiness and hyperventilation, Alex may blow your cover before you even get on the broadcast.  Word of caution: Make sure you have all your statements written up and sent to friends and family before being interviewed on the AJ show.
All in all, I say we are blessed to have that battering ram against the globalists. If people have a problem with Alex Jones, don't complain.  Take him with a grain of salt.  Get out into the arena and do a better job.  It's easy to armchair quarterback and take pot shots.


Whatever anybody can say about Alex Jones®, he makes a strong impression whether on radio, or in person.   Like a Gorilla.

There's not space here to explain how Jones' career was staged from the start, or that he's really older than his Wiki says he is.  Some lost years there.

I lived in Austin Texas throughout the 1990's so I remember Jones' career from it's inception on Austin Public Access TV in 1993, and CIA KJFK radio. 

The best I can do here is refer readers who only learned of Jones since 2001, or from the Ron Paul distraction since 2007, to learn about William "Bill" Cooper (May 6, 1943 - November 5, 2001).  Bill Cooper's Wiki is disinformation.   Cooper originally became active because he believed he'd witnessed UFO's while in the Navy, and was given documents indicating a government coverup.  But by 1991, he realized he'd been hoodwinked.   For the rest of his life, he attacked the real conspiracy as best he could.

Forgotten but true, in July 2001, Cooper warned that a false flag operation was immanent, and Osama Bin Ladin would be scapegoated.* He denounced Alex Jones for doing the same to him as this article says Jones did to Webster Tarpley.

Before you read anything else, listen to Cooper's broadcasts on Alex Jones, from January 4,5, and 6, 2000

Bill Cooper on Jones on Youtube

17754-Jan-00Alex Jones #1 
17765-Jan-00Alex Jones #2 
17776-Jan-00Alex Jones #3 

* the accuracy of Cooper's 2001 false flag warning is probably what got him killed.

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Comments for "Alex Jones: A Reader's Misgivings "

Mark said (June 18, 2014):

"Fritz" (below) in his uncharacteristically Fritz-like syntax and writing style, rakes anyone over the coals for calling Jones a shill? So vary strange, since he was the one in his own earlier videos who claimed that at least 96% percent of the leadership of the alternative media and patriot movements are "double-agents".

If Jones isn't in that 96%, I don't know who is. If Fritz wasn't himself in that 96% percent when he said it, he sure is now. If the mouth and hand behind the words belongs to the real Fritz, who the hell got to him, and how did they do it?

Fritz said (June 16, 2014):

I see pure jealousy in alt media.
Makow's patriot geezer club calling AJ
controlled just express sour grapes
about his success in the face of their
life failure. We're where we are today

AJ has caused a real mass awakening
to a point where MSM must now imitate
him to keep audience, or ridicule.
The one thing they can't do is ignore.

Of course you geezers had no Internet
back in the day, but still. You had
radio. You had magazines. Maybe you
had public access TV, where Alex started.

Tony B. is the worst. I wonder who
he thinks is NOT controlled. Is it
just Henry then? And all protestants
are satan's spawn, yes?

It may be worth mentioning Bob Fletcher,
another geezer patriot, still around,
who respects AJ. And Stan Monteith, and
others. Only Henry's little bitterness
club in the geezer gen calls AJ controlled.

I think AJ just knows how to promote
and run a business and fight the NWO
and friendly fire all at once. I think
a site like Henry's promoting male role
models is doing a disservice here.

Warts and all, Alex is a warrior and
survivor. What are you, geezers? Upon
what success can you reminisce? Fact is,
Alex is the clean-up / rebuild crew
after your patriot movement implosion.

Dick Powell said (June 16, 2014):

I’ve looked at Jones and have found that whoever are his controllers, they are well hidden. I only listen to his show for news not found elsewhere. The content seems to be carefully monitored. By Anderson in Minnesota? Can’t get beyond GCN ABC links.

I find Jones to be a very abrasive, rude person. He asks a question but rarely lets anyone finish before interrupting with his all knowing pseudo intellectual rants. And the constant daily attacks on Hitler make me doubt his way of thinking and opinions and what may or may not be a hidden agenda. Hitler isn’t the greatest criminal in history as Jones portrays. There is much Jones condemnation on the net but those who condemn Jones are condemnable by their own standards.

Maybe Sitchin is correct that Enki and his sister created homo sapien sapiens. If we are created in their “likeness and image”, they are really strange creatures. There’s enough proof that this experiment is a failure. Maybe global thermonuclear war, destroying every living thing would be a blessing for the whole of all universes. The ET/EBE DNA and our DNA is incomplete and defective with no known way to repair it.

The older I get, the more I know that I’ll never know much and neither will anyone else.

Tony B said (June 15, 2014):

Henry, catching up a bit. Been reading the Jones article and comments.

First, Jones is first water controlled opposition. No touch of a doubt. And I have been around long enough to know what constitutes it.

The luke warm commenter "Fred" is the kind of individual I utterly despise. His whole statement is that he would tell the truth except that it might endanger his nice, fat income. Self, self, self.

Then "Barry H" writes: "Of course he [Jones] does not mention the Jews by name. He avoids mentioning any particular factions because he understands the NWO Hegelian Dialectic strategy all too well."

What a crock! I remember one prominent twentieth century Jewish writer - can't remember which - who wrote that "unless you mention the word, Jew, you have said nothing about communism." The concept fits.

Of course he does not mention the Jews by name. He avoids mentioning any particular factions because he understands the NWO Hegelian Dialectic strategy all too well.

BTW, Henry, when searching for that quote my computer brought up this (below URL) host of anti Jewish quotes, most of which should be common knowledge.

Debra said (June 15, 2014):

You do not fight the NWO and become a millionaire unless you are working for them. A comfortable or modest income, perhaps, but not a business that is at the corporation level.

Someone above him is pulling the strings. That in itself is usually a telltale sign of deceit.

Sura 2:76. Behold! when they meet the men of Faith, they say: "We believe": but when they meet each other in private, they say: "Shall you tell them what God hath revealed to you, that they may engage you in argument about it before your Lord?"- Do ye not understand (their aim)?
2:77. Know they not that God knoweth what they conceal and what they reveal?

2:78. And there are among them illiterates, who know not the Book, but (see therein their own) desires, and they do nothing but conjecture.

2:79. Then woe to those who write the Book with their own hands, and then say: "This is from God," to traffic with it for a miserable price! - Woe to them for what their hands do write, and for the gain they make thereby.

Barry H said (June 14, 2014):

I don’t believe for a second that Alex is the controlled opposition. And what about the hundreds of guests that appear on his show every year? Are they all controlled opposition too? The idea is too ridiculous for words.

I’ve heard what his detractors have to say about his Jewish connections etc. but I can tell you they are not listening hard enough. In one particular show he slammed the Israeli lobby in Congress and the UK Parliament as hard as anyone could. Of course he does not mention the Jews by name. He avoids mentioning any particular factions because he understands the NWO Hegelian Dialectic strategy all too well. I don’t care how much snake oil he sells to fund his operation so long as he remains independent and continues to speak the truth about those who rule over us.

I also don’t care about his occasional rants. It’s preferable to listening to a passive female BBC news presenter in orgasmic neuro linguistic tones designed to put people to sleep. Sure he has some issues like interrupting and occasionally losing his temper but that is the effect of having full situational awareness when everyone else is sleepwalking into oblivion. Another thought. I wonder how many of his detractors could walk a mile in his shoes?

Rosie said (June 14, 2014):

My little opinion of Alex Jones may not matter much, but it caused me to stop watching him a long time ago. Being the highly sensitive person that I am, watching Alex leaves me drained and totally exhausted. He says, he's a Christian, I find that hard to believe.

He is too uptight, intense, and overbearing. Christians, no matter how upsetting the situation, should strive to maintain a sense of calm and peace. His demeanor is downright offensive all too often. So I really don't believe he is a Christian, and if he is lying about that, what else is he lying about?

Fred said (June 14, 2014):

Jones could be a double agent, or even triple agent.

All spies must give-up some legitimate information that is of interest and can be verified.

This establishes his/her credibility.
However, this allows them to either omit other information or to downplay any contradictory information.

Reading several sites that attempt to inform the populous of the conspiracy against them, I find many suggesting or demanding that the truth be told at all costs.
That is an interesting proposition. If I would do that in my profession, I would be out of a job and who would support my family?
Jesus did not fall upon the cross of Calvary until it was time. He was able to minister to the unwashed masses and chide the religious rulers of his day and survive to fight another day.

This is what many of the truthers do not understand. You can stand on the outside and [as LBJ said] “pee in,” or be on the inside and “pee on them” [my take].

I choose my battles and when I can I slip into my professional dialogue truth that can be discussed, I do. But this is getting harder to do because of the jingoistic patriotism and militarism that is permeating education and religion in America.

I suspect in the very near future I’ll have to fall on my sword or leave my profession due to mounting moral and ethical considerations.

Keep up the good work.

As far as Alex Jones, I have my suspicions.

Tom said (June 14, 2014):

remember vividly when old Phalex Jones hit the internet circuit in the early to mid 1990's he was.very reminiscent of another shill who hit the scene abruptly in the mid 1980's when I was a teenager, The Honorable Ron Paul. Wow did I think Paul was the real deal! As a member of congress he was bluntly calling the US GOVT INC lying thieves for over 30 years! But, I waited for him to bring up the fact that the US Constitution, specifically the 13 & 14th Amendments to it, were the reason all American's were slaves and property to the fed govt,. the truth that the federal debt was fake, and how the US GOVT INC has been 100% behind every war and related murders of the modern era. It never happened!!!! Paul was the govt fool who appeared on prime time tv and told us that we all are allowing the govt do these bad things to us, and they will continue until we "Wake Up" and do something. Paul's party favors to his big money donors and sketchy voting record prove he was a shill!

When fear monger Phalex busted onto the scene I listened intently to hear if he planned on sharing some truth with us, it never happened!!! Perhaps shills like Beck, Phalex Jones, and Ronnie Paul were put out there because the govt knew the internet would be a potential catalyst for an authentic "truth movement" and they needed to draw the people to their cover stories that were looking to figure what's really going on! It's funny because I ask many, many, people if they're aware who Phalex Jones, Paul, and several more shills were, and the overwhelming majority of people say no to all of the names! The real question should be concerning why the internet was put into play for all of us sheeple?

Steve said (June 14, 2014):

I don't know whether Alex Jones is controlled opposition or not but I do disagree with many that have said he never brings up Israel. This fairly recent interview with Texe Marrs lays it all out there. starts at 1:01:30

Marti said (June 14, 2014):

Hi Henry. I know Jones was sponsored by Zionists because I saw their advertisements on his Paul Watson site. This was 6 or 7 years so I don`t remember what the ad was but when I called 'inquired' him out on it I never got a reply but the ad disappeared the very next day. It looked like he was bought and paid for.

Bear said (June 14, 2014):

I agree with Al's analysis. Conservative talk radio while informative and entertaining at times seems to play the role of a pressure valve. Very rarely is there a call to action or ideas for a solution. It is just an outlet to keep us complacent, the host blows their top and we blow off steam, then we can go back to sleep.

RR said (June 13, 2014):

I know that AJ was the ONLY one condemning the Waco murders, back in '93, when everyone else was quite content to take the politically correct low road. Since then I've seen many attempts to shut him down, some very crafty. It's getting to the point where everyone is suspect, to me, including any with the name "Sandeep".

As far as AJ's "gorilla" tactics are concerned, let's see the average Joe sit through a session with that Pillsbury dough-boy look-alike Piers Morgan WITHOUT resorting to strangling the arrogant SOB! Jones treated him a lot better than I would if I ever ran into him on the street!

Sorry... I don't care if Jones is married to one of the Rothschilds, there's going to have to be more than what's given here to convince me he's a shill. I think the resources available to the elitists enables them to employ pretty well anyone they want in disinformation, however, I see AJ as more of a pain in the ass to them than most. Hell, even I have often been so disgusted with the stupidity and complacency of the sheeple that I've sympathized with the Zionists for having to deal with us at all, certainly not blaming them for treating us like the herd animals we so markedly resemble.

It's been open season on Jones for quite some time, now. I think it's only natural that someone hitting so close to home would get the backlash he's getting.

Lance said (June 13, 2014):

First of all, one of Alex Jones' wife's grandfathers was Jewish. As far as I know, she is a Christian and was married to Alex by friend and Christian minister, Texe Marrs.

I've heard a Texe Marrs' radio show where he says something like he has a friend in broadcasting who is aware of what the Jews are doing but steers away from it or he 'would be off the air.' I'm assuming he was talking about Alex Jones. Texe Marrs very seldom comes on Jones' show (I heard him just twice during the three or so years I was a regular listener (2008-2011) and on neither of his rare appearances did he bring up Israel and the Jews though they are Marrs' favorite topics. Marrs, by the way, is also in Austin so he could be a regular in studio guest.

I was a regular listener of Bill Cooper's Hour Of The Time on shortwave during 1994-1995 and bought his book, seminar tapes, and other materials. I also subscribed to his Veritas newspaper. In his 1992 Atlanta Seminar tapes, which I re watched recently, he makes the statement that it "isn't the Jews" and in his book, Behold A Pale Horse, where I first saw The Protocols Of Zion published, he calls them a fake or forgery or something to that effect. Did these comments make Cooper a disinfo agent, as well?

Funny that on separate occasions, Alex Jones said the same thing about both Behold A Pale Horse and the Protocols Of Zion, that is, "It reads like a comic book."

As for Charlie Sheen, Jones seems to have this thing about celebrities and knowing them -- actors, musicians and even Jesse Ventura to whom he seems to give the same kind of deference. He says many well-known people listen though he can't give names. He palled around with Sheen and had him on the show, but once the whole fiasco with Sheen hit the fan, he didn't mention him any more and seemed to have dropped him cold.

Since the Jesuits were also brought up in the article, let me say this. Both Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits and his successor as head of the order were Jews. Escapes from the Spanish Inquisition, perhaps? Think about it. The Church has been infiltrated by Illuminati Jews.

I credit Jones for the News organization he is building, though don't listen anymore except for select clips I find posted. He does wake people up. He re awakened me after I got away from Cooper, in times far more dangerous than the pre 911 Cooper shows. If he needs to keep his head down to stay alive and on the air, more power to him. Once people hear him and start looking, they can't help but find more. I certainly did.

Greg said (June 13, 2014):

AJ has…

Jewish wife.
+ Jewish advertisers.
+ Famous Jewish attorney.
= Gatekeeper, controlled opposition.

Case closed:

EJ said (June 13, 2014):

I thought about sending you an article about Alex Jones before. All you need to look at is his Stratford connection. The webpages had the almost identical setup. His claims that the Saudi Arabians own the media is idiotic. He said that Israelis are like Davy Crockett (that is cold!).

The fact that he showed up at a girls protest to pervert a pro gun rally  I also always hated it when he calls the New World Order an Anglo conspiracy and he points his finger at the "shadowy elite." What a joke. It is also very strange that he took his 911 section down.

Alex Jones tries his best to get around the ziojew question as with Jim Marrs William Cooper and Alex Jones both predicted a 911 terrorist attack to be blamed on Bin Laden (Tim Osman), however only one survived that year. I do not think he was controlled opposition to start with, because I found some early clips of him on torrents bashing people at a museum for not knowing that the holocaust myths about skin lampshades were proven false. I really doubt he ever "snuck" into the Bohemian Grove.

Al Thompson said (June 13, 2014):

I think that Alex Jones is there to make "conservatives" look bad, while at the same time he serves as a political pressure relief valve in duping people into thinking things are getting done. Thus, they put the moral people into a stupor of a false sense of security.

Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and the rest are serving the same purpose. While about 80% of the population is conservative, we have the most oppressive government on the planet. This produces that political pressure and people like Alex Jones serve as way to neutralize the negative political pressure.

Then, when he goes on other shows, he acts like an idiot, and gives "conservatives" a bad name. Limbaugh used to call people like me "conspiracy kooks." Any intelligent and well-researched opposition is taken in by Alex Jones. He runs with it for awhile, and then explodes into random idiocy helping his alleged opponents. I believe this is how it is with all "conservative" talk shows.

Alex Jones, in my opinion, is as phony as Barack Obama's birth certificate.

JG said (June 13, 2014):

Alex Jones is the internet version of Rush Limbaugh. His followers are not really "truthers" as much as they are a conspiracy version of the controlled Tea Party Movement.

The Occupy Wall Street protests a couple of years ago solved absolutely nothing because establishment friendly" controlled opposition always goes nowhere.

Alex Jones has become the MSM darling of the internet because he stays out of the danger zone on topics like 911, the Holocaust, and the NWO by not straying too far from the established narrative on these subjects.

Maybe he's no too bad for the beginner in the truth movement to give him some general knowledge of the issues at hand but don't expect to get to the bottom of things with this amusing "conspiracy jock".

Luke said (June 13, 2014):

Henry,I was a listener to Alex about 7 years ago. I think he's truly "controlled opposition" who's purpose is to make the general populace think that those who believe in the coming NWO are certified lunatic tin foil hat nut jobs. Most people that might have given him a chance are instantly put off by his wild man antics. He often makes wild claims without substantiation such as when he claimed Hasbro was getting kickbacks from the government for their GI Joe cartoons. Compare him to other "truth seekers" like Jordan Maxwell and Lenon Honor who are always calm and rational

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