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Universities' Totalitarian Agenda

June 19, 2014

(Tolerance-loving feminists shut down this event.)

A university that does not protect free speech and  opposing views
is not a university but a totalitarian instrument.

"Universities have been taken hostage by activists with totalitarian strategies... Talk about safe spaces almost always becomes a tool to enforce compliance, and silence those who disagree."

by Reality - Real Women of Canada
Volume XXXIII Issue No. 6 June 2014

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Universities today are very strange places. They were originally founded as centres for ideas and knowledge obtained from all sources. Not anymore. The windows and doors of universities have now been hermetically sealed against any idea or speech that is not politically correct. Any attempt to break through this barrier of political correctness is immediately treated with disapproval and is regarded as intolerance that requires vigorous silencing.

Universities are frightened by protests caused by the presence of politically incorrect speakers because that could lead to a loss of funding and bad publicity. As a result, universities seldom allow speakers with independent views. Even their own tenured professors cannot speak freely.


There is no university in Canada more restrictive of free speech than the University of Ottawa, known by inmates as the "U of Zero." Its President is Allan Rock, a former Liberal Minister of Health and Minister of Justice. In both these portfolios, he was a disaster and left behind him a long, sad trail of calamities: Canadians are still experiencing their effects. Mr. Rock is locked into a left- wing mind-set which contributes to his impulsive, mindless reaction to anyone or situation that doesn't adhere to his politically correct views. For example, Mr. Rock was the mastermind behind the banning of U.S. conservative speaker, Ann Coulter, from the sacred premises of Ottawa University in March, 2010.  Mr. Rock advised Ms. Coulter, "to avoid inciting hatred, not to single out individuals or identifiable groups for calumny or abuse, and to weigh words with respect and civility in mind". The letter to Ann Coulter stated that, "there is a strong tradition in Canada, including at this university, of restraint, respect, and consideration in expressing even provocative and controversial opinions and urge you to respect that Canadian tradition while on our campus". Most Canadians saw this letter for the hypocritical idiocy that it was.

Mr. Rock is currently enthusiastically reacting to the "appalling" (his words) problem of a "rape culture" at Ottawa University.
The entire men's hockey team and staff were suspended amid police investigation of an alleged sexual assault in Thunder Bay. No charges have yet been laid. One hockey player protested the "predetermined assumption of guilt" of all 26 players and the coaches with the Ottawa University hockey team. His several attempts to meet with President Allan Rock have not been successful.

As a result of all this talk of the unsubstantiated rape culture at Ottawa University, it seems that one is no longer permitted to question its presence. For example, a professor at Ottawa University, Janice Fiamengo, in a lecture, denied that there is a rape culture in Canada. The lecture was shut down by protesters on March 28, 2014. Security guards moved the speakers and the peaceful students to another room rather than ejecting the extremists, who claim to belong to the Revolutionary Student Movement.

The protestors banged desks, shouted, blew bullhorns and sang the Communist "Internationale" in order to silence the speaker. The noisy protestors followed the speaker, Dr Janice Fiamengo, to the new venue where her lecture was again shut down when disruptive students set off the fire alarm. The mainstream media ignored the entire event.

What could be so controversial that this Ottawa University professor had to be silenced? Simply, as an informed, former radical feminist, her perceptive critique of feminist injustice towards men threatened the dominance of the feminist ideology at the university.

drjanice.jpgShe has dared to claim there is no rape culture in Canada, that Canadians abhor rape, and that it is not in any way culturally acceptable. She stated that "feminists want a hegemony [dominance of subordinates] on campus and that the specter of a rape culture is an ideological tool to silence and shame their opponents and to silence anyone who wants to speak against their [false] statistics." She also stated that "Universities have been taken hostage by activists with totalitarian strategies... Talk about safe spaces almost always becomes a tool to enforce compliance, and silence those who disagree."

According to Professor Fiamengo, radical feminists claim that rape is in the nature of male sexuality, that feminists want to impose a collective guilt for rape on men, and that this is damaging to men's self-esteem and place in the world. There are feminist claims that one in four women is assaulted on campus, which is nonsensical she says. For example, in Detroit, the most violent city in North America, the rate of all violent crime is 2% and the rate of rape is 0.037%.


From 2011 to 2012, Status of Women Canada has provided over $5 million in grants to universities across Canada to combat sexual assault, to carry out "safety audits," education campaigns, public awareness of gender based violence on campus and violence prevention. This included $606,027 for the performance of the ballet "Ghosts of Violence", which would tour 40 communities across Canada. An initiative with the BC Lions football team, to reduce violence against women, aimed at youth from grades 8 to 12, received $541,900. Millions more in grants were provided by Status of Women for both the high school and elementary levels, and YWCA programs, specifically to raise awareness about gender violence. The "rape culture" is a magnificent fund raising tool.


In March, 2013, Professor Fiamengo was also shouted down at the University of Toronto where she stated the established fact that "many studies show that children do better with a traditional mother and father."

When the Men's Issues Awareness Society (MIAS) scheduled her for a lecture at  Queen's University, entitled "Feminism's Double Standards," one group tried to have MIAS de-ratified so that the group would be unable to rent space for the event. The anti-MIAS activists claimed that this men's group was creating a climate of opinion that it is OK to rape women, which is vehemently denied by this peaceful men's group. The de-ratification motion failed, the talk went ahead without disruption, and an exchange of views did take place on that occasion.

As she was being forced to leave the Ottawa University lecture hall on March 28 at Ottawa University, Professor Fiamengo, calmly stated to the Revolutionary Student Movement protestors: "It's a symptom of a totalitarian ideology to attempt to quash dissent. You are showing your oppressive tendencies. Why are you so afraid to hear an opinion different from yours?" The final shutting down of her talk can be viewed at: between 29:28 to 32:26 minutes.

The talk Dr. Fiamengo intended to give at Ottawa University, with links to evidence supporting her position, can be read at: feminism/why-call-it-rape-culture/q

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Comments for "Universities' Totalitarian Agenda "

Doug said (June 20, 2014):

If you are an engineering student then questions about 9 11 to your professors will not be discussed. The moon landings are another one. They are not topics to be breached.

Dan said (June 19, 2014):

"According to Professor Fiamengo, radical feminists claim that rape is in the nature of male sexuality, that feminists want to impose a collective guilt for rape on men."

Sounds strikingly like the definition of "antisemitism" - the irrational malicious phobia and hatred of all Jews inherent in non-Jewish people.

It's funny how we don't see feminists protest pornography at all anymore, which is extremely violent towards women, and has become ubiquitous in mainstream culture.

Marco said (June 19, 2014):

There has to be a reason so many young people believe that socialism will be the solution for many of the worlds problems, and that Communism continues to spread 'putting on a new face', as seen in Communist ideologies and Communist sympathizers. The reason perhaps is Universities, where instead of teaching and opening a mind, they attempt to close the mind and make the 'learner' a child of Hell. Although, I don't believe this to be universal, some universities, professors, courses, may simply be more subverted than others - while other universities may not be subverted at all yet.

JG said (June 19, 2014):

If there is no more freedom of academia left in the universities than they are no longer institutes of higher learning but are institutes of controlled learning.

In a controlled academic environment all hypothesis and understanding has a hidden agenda. This hidden agenda is called ATHEIST SECULAR HUMANISM.

This was a move created to divorce God from education and learning thereby creating a new generation of intelligence that is void of Christian morality and ethics.

And, to add to this calamity, these prestigious universities are being funded by the federal government through student loans to keep their careers alive at the cost of making a "debt slave" of the student.

There was a time when a degree really meant something and it was also a bridge to the outside world to make it a better place for society.
What has happened here? Why would you want to waste all that time and money to earn a degree that there is no guaranteed market for? And, worst of all why would you want to replace God with science or a computer?

LB said (June 19, 2014):

Thank you for your continuing efforts as a voice of fresh air to be heard in a politically-polluted and socially-engineered (K)anada of today; a country becoming defined as an ocean of rising totalitarianism. (K)anadians (especially university students) are fast becoming a motley crew of such blatant automatons who have literally adopted unending servitude to any politically-favored agenda instituted by their beloved Zionist infiltrated government. It only saddens me profoundly that such a beautiful country can harbor so many people that unconsciously/consciously police each other an a day to day basis. God, please intervene, even remotely enough to help shake-off the gross ignorance that festers within such people.

Robert K said (June 19, 2014):

The universities are held hostage? In reality, the whole country is held hostage. How many internationally prominent speakers Canada has striven to prevent Canadian audiences from hearing one can not even guess, but the list certainly includes Ann Coulter, British MP George Galloway, and author of dozens of books, often highly praised by reviewers and academic historians, on WWII David Irving.

The Canadian government does not trust Canadians to exercise their judgment in hearing certain points of view. The Canadian government has predetermined what is right and acceptable for the ears of its child citizens. Yet how many Canadians trust the Canadian government to be inspired by truth in all, or even most of, its pronouncements and actions? We are all living in an ideological prison whose wardens increasingly strive to forbid the free exchange of ideas. However, for a time, at least, the Internet has thrown a spanner into the plan to narrow the range of ideas people are allowed to consider.

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