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Homosexuality: A White Voodoo View

June 28, 2014


  "Gay people don't need additional freedom any more than cocaine addicts do. "

Our resident Voodoo adept provides insights into the ailment
that our satanist (Judeo Masonic) ruling class is imposing on society in the
name of "Gay Pride."

(Editor's Note: I acknowledge and admire the small minority of gay men who have constructive, monogamous long-term relationships.
However, I think this article reflects the vast majority. Straights also have been re-engineered to behave like gays, i.e. sex addicts. )

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by Francis

"Gay Pride" is a power grab, and a very vicious one, not a freedom movement of oppressed people.

At best, gayness is an addiction.  Gay people don't need additional freedom any more freedom than cocaine addicts do.

There cannot be equality between straight sex and gay sex any more than there can be equality between health and sickness.  There can be no equality between a culture of life and a culture of death: any form of equality between both only will result in the destruction of the former... 

Lust, not hate is the antithesis of love. 

What you lust for as a sensuous object, you scorn as a whole being.

This rule admits no exception.  Lust is dependence-forming, love is freedom-giving. 

The very force of your lust is proportional to your constraining your partner into the fantasy of him or her your mind harbors. 

toronto-2006-nude-men.jpg(left, When a society is ruled by Satanists...)

The very force of your love is proportional to your marveling every new day at your partner's being quite different from what you first expected him or her to be in your fantasy.  In straight relationships so to speak, there is less and less lust and more and more constructive love as the time together goes by, when lust dies, love can rise at last.

In the numerous cases it doesn't, in the numerous cases the object of so-called love is thrown away for a newer one as it has outworn its use, it means the relationship had never been a love relationship; it means that God never had any work or say in it.

In gay relationships, there can be only lust, once the lust dies the relationship dies too; the former object of attraction always seems the most disgusting.


 "Gay pride", and even more so " gay marriage" is but a step towards the breaking of the ultimate taboo, that of pedophilia and incest. 

 Gay sex is a debauchery, and children, even as distant and abstract objects of attention in the framework of a compartmentalized life, cannot be but severely harmed by being included in any social entity where debauchery is at work, or by being cared for by a debauched person of any kind, even in the absence of physical contact or desire.

There is a clear hidden intention beneath "gay marriage"; it is putting children under the hands of persons that have less control over their lust than anyone else in society. 

When it comes to gay " married" couples, the constant lust between the partners precludes any child care taking mode of any kind by the mammalian biological clock : the children thus placed are more gravely deprived affectively than they would be in an orphanage of the worst kind.  Actually, gay couples have very little natural desire for adopting children.

The "gay marriage" thing is something so artificially contrived even by the sheer logic of lustful desire.  Most gay people want to change partners often and have chosen that orientation for the prospect of changing partners far more at will than with heterosexuality. In heterosexual sex, a built-in mechanism of nature revolts quite rapidly against the rapid changing of partners, whereas homosexuality unplugs the firewall.

Some hidden  intention must be behind the gay marriage project, which cannot be towards any aim but maximizing the probability that pedophile relationships ensue.


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Comments for "Homosexuality: A White Voodoo View"

Debra said (June 29, 2014):

Morality is at such an all-time low that people have forgotten how to take care of those with dysfunctional behaviour. It is now thought that more freedom is needed for a cure. Instead of love for one another, people are suffering from a grave case of codependency. That is not only the case for “homos”, but for misbehaving children and a host of others.

As nice as some “gay” people can be, tolerance of a deviant behaviour is not appropriate. Absolute intolerance sounds too strict to some, but consider the effects of their behaviour. THEIR BEHAVIOUR IS EXTREMELY SELFISH, besides being downright bad and evil. What it really is is a distortion of “free-will” as appropriated to the people by God Himself.

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