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Russian Sovereignty Under Attack- Putin

July 24, 2014

aaaPutin.jpg"The very notion of state sovereignty is being washed out."


A reader tipped me to an important statement made by Vladimir Putin Tuesday
to the Russian Security Council at the Kremlin. Russia is under attack
by the globalists who wish to exploit internal divisions to destabilize Russia and install a
puppet, as they have done in so many places. Russia cannot be expected to turn its back
on fellow Russians living in E. Ukraine. The ABM system installed by NATO in Poland and inevitably in Ukraine is an offensive system. Russia must be prepared for war. 
I think Putin's opposition to the Illuminati banker-controlled NWO (or "unipolar world" as he puts it) is credible. The Illuminati Jews and their Masonic proxies are sowing the seeds for WW3.  We in the West will get what we deserve for allowing them to subvert society.

Latest- False Flag- Kiev jets shot down MH-17 and blamed Russia

Here are key excerpts from his statement:

However, ever more frequently today we hear of ultimatums and sanctions. The very notion of state sovereignty is being washed out. Undesirable regimes, countries that conduct an independent policy or that simply stand in the way of somebody's interests get destabilized. Tools used for this purpose are the so-called colour revolutions, or, in simple terms - takeovers instigated and financed from the outside.

The focus is of course on internal problems. Any country always has plenty of problems, especially the more unstable states, or states with a complicated regime. Problems do exist, still it is not clear why they should be used to destabilize and break down a country - something we see rather frequently in various parts of the world.

Frequently the forces used here are radical, nationalist, often even neo-fascist, fundamental forces, as was the case, unfortunately, in many post-Soviet states, and as is the case with Ukraine now. What we see is practically the same thing.

People came to power through the use of armed force and by unconstitutional means. True, they held elections after the takeover, however, for some strange reason, power ended up again in the hands of those who either funded or carried out this takeover. Meanwhile, without any attempt at negotiations, they are trying to suppress by force that part of the population that does not agree with such a turn of events.

At the same time, they present Russia with an ultimatum: either you let us destroy the part of the population that is ethnically, culturally and historically close to Russia, or we introduce sanctions against you. This is a strange logic, and absolutely unacceptable, of course.

Undoubtedly, such methods will not work with Russia. The recipes used regarding weaker states fraught with internal conflict will not work with us. Our people, the citizens of Russia will not let this happen and will never accept this.

However, attempts are clearly being made to destabilize the social and economic situation, to weaken Russia in one way or another or to strike at our weaker spots, and they will continue primarily to make us more agreeable in resolving international issues.

So-called international competition mechanisms are being used as well (this applies to both politics and the economy); for this purpose, the special services' capabilities are used, along with modern information and communication technologies and dependent, puppet non-governmental organizations - so-called soft force mechanisms. [i.e. NGO's] This, obviously, is how some countries understand democracy.

We have to give an adequate response to such challenges, and, most importantly, to continue working in a systematic way to resolve the issues that carry a potential risk for the unity of our country and our society.

NATOexpansion (2).jpgI also feel that we must think about additional steps to decrease the dependence of the national economy and financial system on negative external factors. I am not just referring to instability in global markets, but possible political risks as well....

Fourth, our Armed Forces remain the most important guarantor of our sovereignty and Russia's territorial integrity. We will react appropriately and proportionately to the approach of NATO's military infrastructure toward our borders, and we will not fail to notice the expansion of global missile defence systems and increases in the reserves of strategic non-nuclear precision weaponry.

We are often told that the ABM system is a defence system. But that's not the case. This is an offensive system; it is part of the offensive defence system of the United States on the periphery. Regardless of what our foreign colleagues say, we can clearly see what is actually happening: groups of NATO troops are clearly being reinforced in Eastern European states, including in the Black and Baltic seas. And the scale and intensity of operational and combat training is growing. In this regard, it is imperative to implement all planned measures to strength our nation's defence capacity fully and on schedule, including, of course, in Crimea and Sevastopol, where essentially we need to fully recreate the military infrastructure.
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First Comment by Sandeep:

I think that it becomes more apparent that Putin is not a NWO puppet, but someone who seems to have a conscious left. You see it in his actions and his words. Though he cloaks what he really tries to say in 'code language', using terms like 'unipolar world' when he really means 'New World Order', people who are politically awake understand what he is trying to say. I have not seen any world leader here who has spoken so sincerely about national sovereignty, NATO aggression, etc. I understand why people say that Putin is just another puppet because he plays along with the game at times and certain institutions are part of the banking establishment, but to me it appears that all that is crumbling as well. As it was stated recently 'Putin betrayed the NWO'.

To take a different approach, I recently found out that Putin was a great admirer of Alexander Solzhenitsyn who criticised Communism as a complete evil failure and even criticised Gorbachov and Yeltsin as weak leaders (Gorbachov was probably a banker agent who gets a lot of speech time in the West to promote the New World Order, and Yeltsin was just a complete drunk) who sold out Russia to the West and only continued Russia's misery from the Communist times. On the other hand, he praised Putin shortly before his death as someone who was 'helping nation rediscover what it was to be Russian'

Solzhenitsyn foresaw that the US was going to collapse due to moral decadence in a speech he gave in front of a Harvard class when he lived in the US. He believed that Communism wasn't what Russia really represented, suggesting that a real Russia would be revealed in the future, where the Russian Orthodox faith with its spirituality, rituals, etc would be in the centre of society (he was a deeply religious, Russian Orthodox due to his experiences during the Communist reign). He also said that the government should control the markets and not the other way around and guarantee wealth and well-being to its citizens. For more detailed information read this very interesting article 'Solzhenitsyn and the Struggle for Russia's Soul':

Does this look like what Putin did and tries to do coincidentally? Yes, because under him Russian Orthodoxy saw a massive reemergence in Russia, the state controls the market and not the other way around, and I believe from what I am observing that Putin tries to help the people in his country. Of course Russia has a lot of problems, in big part due to the banker imposed Communist horror, but also due to natural problems every nations has, like Putin points out in his speech correctly, but the essential thing is he is trying to do something about it. Solzhenitsyn was a great mind, and I think Putin was influenced by him.

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Comments for "Russian Sovereignty Under Attack- Putin "

CF said (July 25, 2014):

Putin is not only former, top level KGB, but he constantly waxes nostalgic, to his inner circle, over the good 'ole Soviet days. He hypes the strong man image as part of his new hero role (possibly also cover for less acceptable sexual proclivities). There are also reports Putin is a high ranking Mason.

His military have been preparing seriously for global conflict for a very long time. When asked by his generals, a few years ago, «What should we prepare for?» Putin replied, «Armageddon!» Russian and China now run joint military exercises with increasing frequency. Meanwhile, the U. S. Military has never been so messed up, and spread so thin... all by design.

The collapse of the former Soviet Union was a ruse, a giant, slick slight of hand trick. What solid evidence did Americans have? What did they really see?... Just a handful of old, rotting Soviet ships, in some old ship junkyard - on the MSM, and some fancy speeches. Like gullible dopes, most people bought it.

Look up the video of Bush and Putin, giving each other signals, at the Birds Nest Stadium, in China, during the Olympics. Look up the video of Obama promising (directly to the top echelon) something good for the Soviets, oops, I mean Russians. «Please tell Vlad, I'll be able to do a LOT more after I WIN the (re)election.» The West has been deeply, horrifically betrayed.

What is happening now is ALL part of a very slick, dark script. Only this time, America is playing the role of «bad guy», and the Soviet Union,... er, I mean, Russia plays «savior.» The corporations already know the USSR, er, Russia, will be part of and controlling the entire EU. They even put it on their corporate (business zones) maps! And it doesn't stop there.

Anyone who thinks they are witnessing someone who is not part of «The Club», who is not deeply invested in this new Great (END) Game, is seriously not paying attention.

BW said (July 25, 2014):

Stop with the Putin our savior against the NWO nonsense already...

Putin is a former KGB mafia punk who is worth an estimated $40 billion

because he stole large from ex soviet state assets

and is also a pedophile according to the dead Russian-British spy Litvinenko

Search for the picture of Putin kissing the tummy of an unknown boy.

This idolization of Putin makes me sick

How stupid are you people?


Marcos said (July 25, 2014):

It may be true that Putin is part of a Eastern Marxist group with China in opposition to the Western Illuminati. However, this doesn't make him a good guy.

Last week, before he came to the BRICS meeting, he made a visit to Raul Castro in Cuba. Cuba has been the main sponsor of a Marxist Latin America for 50 years, and now is close to achieving total success, always with the support and training from the KGB. Putin himself has been a good help in selling guns to murderer dictator Chavez in Venezuela and now is in talks with populist Marxist Argentina in order to build a nuclear plant and a jet fighter factory in the country.
Remember that all BRICS countries are Marxist, oppressive regimes.

Putin is also a disciple of Alexander Dugin, a crazy Marxist/fascist who aims to achieve a new Eurasian Empire led by Russia, who has openly defended the killing of Ukrainians and take over of the country and who absolutely hates the United States.

OR said (July 25, 2014):

Just an advice to,the Illuminati Jews and their Masonic proxies & the Illuminati banker-controlled NWO.

Get a OUIJA board & ask Napoleon & Adolph, if an attack upon Russia is a good idea???

Anonymous said (July 25, 2014):

Part of me thinks it's all theater for the deluded masses. I truly hope Putin is indeed genuine. It seems this is all a diversion from other things. He, himself, is removing rights from his citizens as our government continues to do.

Revelation does speak of "The Bear" sweeping in from the north. And it looks like there is growing disdain across the globe for Israel. I am no advocate of their actions, but it is plausible they'll be surrounded as is prophesied soon.

Who knows what the truth is anymore? Did we ever?

C said (July 25, 2014):

I notice that he is giving some sort of cryptic hand gesture here

Look here the USA takes orders from the UN which takes orders from the global power brokers . It is written in the document that founds the UN

the US is made to look the enemy so the UN can be the "good cop " , when it falls apart . NATO is an offshoot of the UN

99% is already done without our consent

pray that the ETERNAL Father does not allow mr Albert pikes now "prophecy" come to pass about ww3 . Pray He revokes and dismantles any mans' wisdom for that attempts to steal glory from the Eternal I AM

Mike B said (July 24, 2014):

The post by Maciek (below) says that Putin should have nationalized the banks, if he really stands against the New World Order. The question is weather this would be possible without severe economic repercussions from the international bank syndicate that effectively has control of the worlds currencies. Likewise getting rid of the oligarchs, whose capital is attached to the banks, would seem to invite reprisal. Even refusing IMF loans and all the controlling economic stipulations that come with the loans seems to be a risky venture. Operating as gangsters, the bankers and their BIS, WTO, IMF etc would be 'making you an offer that you can't refuse.' There should be a few good economists out there who can verify and elaborate on my contention, or correct me.

Maciek said (July 24, 2014):

Henry I'd like to believe how you look at it; that the BRICS countries are a real opposition to the Western Judeo-Masonic Cabal but unfortunately the facts seem to prove otherwise...

Putin has been in control of Russia for about 15 years and if he would be a really genuine opposition the first thing he would have done is Nationalized the Russian Banks but he has not done that so Russian banks are just as much owned and controlled by the International Banksters (Russia’s central bank is a member of the Bank of International Settlements)

This article goes into the details:!bk535R

JG said (July 24, 2014):

I really feel for Vladimir Putin. He is trying to resolve this western backed Ukrainian coup that robbed the people of Kiev of their gold and their democratic elected government.The end game here is to establish a Ukraine that is purged from all pro-Russian allegiance.

Lies, bombs, and debt enslavement is the NWO Foreign Policy and in that order.There is no alternative with these people because they do not seek a peaceful resolve to anything other than a complete surrender of wealth, independence, and national identity. And once this is achieved the nation becomes a slave state forever.This is that same plan that John Kennedy threatened he would expose shortly before he was assassinated.

Putin must realize that he is no longer dealing with an America that is still a sovereign Constitutional Republic. He is now dealing with the same type of Communist controlled government that Russia has recently purged itself from. There is no more reason or diplomacy with this American government, it is now controlled and occupied by an international foreign entity that seeks world hegemony through tyranny.

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