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What's Behind Van Duyn Hoax?

July 5, 2014

(left, Here Illuminati honcho claims to be on the tarmac at San Paolo Airport. In fact, the image was of a plane in Seattle taken from
the Internet)

Fritz Springmeier is part of
an Internet hoax that invites us to
believe the Illuminati have suddenly reformed.

You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies. (John 8:44)

by Richard

It was the most exciting news about the Illuminati in years. As described here last month, Fritz Springmeier claimed he had been contacted by the new leader of the globalist elite, a certain William Cornelius Van Duyn.
Supposedly, Van Duyn decided to provide Springmeier with information and updates about the Illuminati's plans and activities. The first updates were at least intriguing, including the text of Van Duyn's speech at the Bilderberg meeting and the whole list of attendees. Most of the information was posted on Springmeier's blog and Facebook account, but later Van Duyn started his own Facebook and Twitter profiles and posted a lot about himself, his gnostic beliefs and his plans.
Van Duyn's message can be summarized as: "We will get rid of the old greedy Illuminati and the Satanists, and introduce a benevolent dictatorship based on justice, meritocracy and philanthropy, built on the religion of gnosticism and objectivism (Ayn Rand). Life will be much better under our rule."

Could he be the real thing?

etienne.jpgTHE ILLUSION

At first, the story is appealing and credible. A carefully engineered tale of a brilliant man mentored by two of the highest Illuminati, Lord Jacob Rothschild (no introduction needed) and Etiénne Davignon, left, Viscount of Belgium, leader of the Bilderbergs and top dog in the European Union. William supposedly had a heart attack when he was 45, followed by a near death experience that changed his life and prepared him for his mission.
Van Duyn doesn't have many followers on Facebook and Twitter, but among them we find VIPs such as his two mentors, one Vanderbilt, the richest man in Belgium, a British Lord, etc.  Van Duyn also claims to hold a PhD in Philosophy, with a focus on Hermetic arts and Western occultism. His writing shows he knows a lot about these subjects.

Unfortunately for this hoax, inconsistencies were noticed by readers of Van Duyn's profiles:

serge1.jpg1) A reader noticed that the picture of Van Duyn matched the Linkedin profile of a Hungarian named Serge Deblock, left. The excuse: Van Duyn said that this Clark Kent-like identity allowed him to live a normal life, work on his philanthropy and complete his training.

2) Van Duyn claims to live in Crichel House, a traditional property with a history of nobility. However, the Daily Mail has an  article about the actual owner, American Wall Street mogul Richard Chilton. The property has an interesting past, including a previous owner who heard voices telling him to sell the estate. The excuse: Van Duyn swore (Je vous avoue!) that Chilton is his frontman and the guy who manages his properties. Good answer!

3) The third lie was part of a story about Van Duyn, Davignon and the Baron of Plaistow coming to Brazil to watch Belgium play in the World Cup. It was carefully executed, with posts about the trip, and fake meetings with the right people who are not in the public eye. However, Davignon claimed to be a guest in the Fasano Hotel. According to employees, he was never in the hotel.

4) The most blatant lie and the one that clearly shows this is a hoax was Van Duyn's post when he was leaving Brazil. He posted a picture in Facebook of a British Airways jet on the tarmac, claiming it was the one he was soon boarding. Davignon followed with a comment with a picture of Van Duyn in his First Class cabin, showing only the feet of a man, saying he was grumpy.

However, the first picture was lifted from the internet from 2013 and shows a plane in Seattle. The second comes from a promotional photo gallery showing details of the First Class in British Airlines planes. Van Duyn faked both.

His excuse: only despair. Van Duyn deleted the exposé and the profile of the person who found the deception.

There are many other hints about the falsehood of the campaign. For example, if Van Duyn is such a regenerated person, why does he associate with Davignon, who has been cited in court papers as a participant in a horrible case of pedophilia, satanism and murder known as the Dutroux affair, which involved most of the depraved Belgium elite? Why would a 78 year-old gentleman like Rothschild, educated in Eton, made grammar mistakes and engage in facebook fights and insults? Why not provide a simple proof, even a selfie with Rothschild?

The Illuminati's doctrine is Luciferianism. They believe that "might makes right", that kindness and humility are weaknesses for fools and losers. There is no good and evil, only power and will.  They emulate their master Lucifer, and try to be as ruthless as he is. Philanthropy for them is just public relations, like what Mafia bosses do when they give money for orphanages or when drug dealers sponsor Christmas gifts in the slums. The story about an open, benevolent new generation of Illuminati heirs is a lie.

We are then faced with the question of whom is sponsoring this very complex hoax. It requires lots of time and money, even considering its flaws.

1) The first alternative is that the Illuminati themselves are behind it, in a public relations campaign to make them look nice and promote gnosticism, preparing the world for their world leader and his religion, while hiding their true intentions and atrocities. This also creates confusion and taints the credibility of conspiracy researchers. The fact that they use VIP profiles without problems reinforces this idea.

2) A deranged person, intelligent and involved with occultism, may be the author. The occultists are working on the Externalization of the Hierarchy in many fronts, promoting gnosticism and occult beliefs. The level of complex information suggests this might be a group instead of a single person.

3) I would hate the last alternative to be true, but we have to consider that Springmeier himself may be using the hoax to get back on the conspiracy circles. He certainly has the knowledge and intelligence for such a task. Personally, I believe he is being duped. He has been warned about the lies, but keeps stubbornly ignoring them. Maybe it is hard for him to let go of such a great opportunity. If he persists after this evidence, his credibility will suffer.

Satan will never retire nor change his nature. What he can do is try to change his public image. We should expect to see more and more attempts in this direction, a false Hegelian choice involving gnosticism and an evolution to godhood in order to lure people who are perplexed with the sad situation of world affairs that the Illuminati themselves created. Let's keep standing firm, for God wins in the end.

The_Millennium_Hippies_-_Wanted_Man_-_YouTube.pngRelated -A video clip from 2013 from a strange band,The Millennium Hippies, showing a picture of Van Duyn as a kind of Big Brother. What did they know?

He actually in the clip himself! See below left.
Is this failed actor the king of the world? and gold teeth 

Hoaxer Takes the High Road:

William Cornelis Van Duyn replies: 1) All my life I have been taught to take the high road and never to dignify salacious or false accusations and I have been taught never ever to lie. 2) I have been warned by my advisers about me going public. I still have a choice: I close my Facebook account and continue my activities behind curtains. 3) I really do not care what the "alternative"media is writing about me/us. Certainly when this article comes Millennium_Hippies_-_Wanted_Man_-_YouTube (1).pngfrom an antisemist, anti-feminist and a homophobic website. Do me the favor and read several of his articles: It is absurd! 4) In the last few weeks, I met nice people here on Facebook. I read your comments, I understand your concerns, I feel your frustrations. I personally would love to meet some of you, I would enjoy to sit with you at my table, having a nice dinner with you guys, sharing our thought even if we wouldn't agree ( you may even shout at me and be angry at me) but we would talk. I am convinced we would like each other and perhaps great friendships would grow between us. 5) My private life is restricted in movement and in public appearences.(sic) I want to be free like you guys but I can't. I am never alone, I have always someone behind me, and my daily life is regulated like a metronome.

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Comments for "What's Behind Van Duyn Hoax? "

James T said (July 6, 2014):

First Comment from James T:

Regarding the recent article by Richard on the supposed "illuminati" head wanting to have a different order, does whoever this faker that Springmeier supports really expect us to believe that gnosticism, objectivism (randian luciferianism) and satanism are not exactly the same thing, from the same source? Perhaps so, as the "research" movement in recent years has been spiked by a wash of neo-gnosticism and satanic thought, people like les visible, jeff rense, zen gardener and the rest are openly espousing gnosticism and various new age Luciferianism, which is just the "new boss same as the old boss" scenario, the puppets of evil will do anything to try to steer people away from proper Christianity... even if it means selling them on "ancient aliens from nibiru" or "hollow earth" theory, and of course the pop cult (emphasis on the Cult term here) and intellectually dishonest "astrotheology" espoused by shills like d.m. mudock and jordan maxwell for the express purpose of trying to nullify all religious belief as "alien worship". All of this is part and parcel of the disinformation campaign active within the "research" community, ensuring that if people learn some truth, they're going to get big packs of lies tagged onto them, if they aren't careful.

RR said (July 5, 2014):

I like the photo of the IDF faggots strolling through town... draws one back to old Sodom and Gomorrah, where the fags ran wild through the streets, banging any and all unfortunate enough to be caught out alone after hours. Ironic, too, they're doing something that would have gotten them stoned in the old society.

They don't seem to comprehend how ridiculous they look. Even the gay pride weirdo's don't realize how absolutely stupid they look, parading naked down city streets... blatantly doing things that would get a decent and normal citizen busted. But, then, we're talking about the NWO's darlings, those hairy, misshapen blobs of undulating blubber called the LGBT. Their lobby has virtually guaranteed that only perverse freaks like themselves and ass-kissing heterosexual toadies can apply to and operate in public office.

On one hand, you have to hand it to the oligarchs, they really do understand the perverse human psyche. The inroads they have made into society have been remarkable. Granted, each generation is becoming less able to distinguish right from wrong, due to incessant dumbing down and propagandizing by the common sense-bereft that pass for 'leaders' in our society. Still, one would think that such public displays should look a little odd...

However, when there is no longer any right or wrong, everything simply being a matter of perception... there's no depth one cannot sink to.

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